Glenart College, Arklow, Co. Wicklow



Love is beautiful when you find it

Love becomes the new light in your life,

Love shows you there is more to life than just work,

Love shows you the appreciation you never received.


But love has its own twists and turns,

That take your heart and make it two,

Love makes impacts on your heart,

That can hurt for more than a lifetime.


Love can turn sour and ruin your day,

It can ruin your week, your year. Every day,

Love can make you go crazy,

And not in the good way you would have dreamed of,


Love will start wars,

That kind that can leave scars,

Love will harm you in far more ways than one.


You can pour your heart into loving one thing for the rest of your life,

But love will leave you broken,

With no one to hold but yourself.




Women are strong

Which can lead to being right or wrong,

When God created these people

He meant not to treat them,

That they don’t belong in this world

And trying to weaken them

And also not good enough to be heard

You were born with wisdom, no wound you can heal,

You were born with a tale

That no one else would have the same

Remember that women are powerful with grace

Nothing that no one can judge or say

Never forget that you are a women




Angles and flair, filters and scares,

From family and friends to gangs and there “ends”

A picture can tell a thousand words.

From the fastest cars to the deepest scar’s,

A picture can show the world.

The dark’s the lights,

The focus on what’s right,

From life to the display, it’s a fraction of time,

Of every day.

Someday it’s all that’s left,

A photo of a life well kept.


They Said


We will be off for 2 weeks they said

Shutting all the doors

We will be back to normal in 2 weeks they said

I was happy because school was such a bore

We are a year in lock down now

I can’t see this ending

Online classes all day

The world needs mending


The Gaming World


The gaming world is a pretty great place

We all come together and play games we think are great,

But there is something that will always confuse me

Why do women who play games get so much hate?


All the guys say “I want a gamer girlfriend to play COD with me”

But when girls play games, they usually hear these three,

“You’re fat, you’re ugly, go back to the kitchen!”

You’re logic is flawed but you never listen.


They always complain, “all women are the same”

But when a women is different, all they get is shame,

So lads, if you want to get a “gamer girlfriend”

Treat them better and put this misogyny to an end.


Lockdown 3


We are stuck at home

All I have is my phone

In Lockdown 3

Just my family and me

Away from my friends

Is this how it ends?

We must keep our distance

To build our resistance

From covid-19

Soon it will be a dream.




I like to mine

It’s a fun past time

I’ve a talent to rhyme

I’ll break your spine

You smell


I like to craft

The wind makes a draft

Londis is understaffed

My missile is antiaircraft

You are daft

You can’t spell


Woke Up


I woke up

And I went Tesco’s

Saw an old bloke

And I broke his nose


Got a meal deal, that I did not steal

Did a cartwheel and made a cat squeal

Played Fortnite, you’re my mind’s plight

The potatoes have blight the sun is bright I like sprite


I love women

I like to go swimming

Your hair, I am trimming

I am not kidding

I am so willing


To go to the counter and get the sausage rolls

Don’t forget to close your buttonholes


The end