Glenart College, Arklow, Co. Wicklow


Day after day she glides through the daunting social cliques of the school,
She converses effortlessly, like angelic whispers,
Her laugh is a record, playing endlessly throughout the tiresome hours of school
Everyone adores her,
Her confidence radiates like that of a warm ray of sunshine,
When she smiles, the room fills with fireflies
Her beauty is beyond comparison,
But not just her outer beauty,
Inside, she is compassionate, nurturing,
She is perfection.

But, I don’t compare to someone like her,
I sputter and scramble,
I am blunt yet subtle,
I am a dough too lumpy to fit into the cookie cutter shape
That is society’s beauty standards
I am reserved, holding myself back constantly
In fear of saying too much, or even too little,
I am paranoid, insecure, and alone.
In a world so judgmental, I do not belong.

She is all I aspire to be,
But a world of comparison is a world of misery.
When self-worth is measured in Instagram likes and how popular you are,
There’s nowhere to hide,
You can’t outrun the tsunami that is adolescence

Gemma Copeland

Walk the Halls

You walk the halls it’s the same everyday,
And no one hears what you really have to say.
You try to talk, you scream and shout,
And all the voices you try and block out.
Being a teenager it comes with troubles,
Then you go to school and it makes it double.
Sit down, be quiet, get your grade,
But slowly we are all going to fade.
Teachers make us look the same,
our peers make us act the same,
They strip away our imagination,
And it fills us with frustration.
So what will they do when go can’t go on,
Just singing and dancing to their song.
So damn your grade,
And damn this charade.
Because I will no longer be afraid.
To be exactly who I want to be,
To love myself, my looks and my sexuality.
I am who I am and thats okay,
And now people are going to hear what I want to say.

You are beautiful and you’re valid,
So its time you take control of this ballad.
Whether you’re gay, straight, black or white,
Muslim, Catholic, We are all alike.
We are all people who live in the planet,
And too many people die because they just can’t stand it.
So be a nice person and don’t be a fool
Cause then this life it’s gonna be great.



Inspiration a hard word to give a meaning to
Everyone has someone or something that inspires them
Inspiration to us to all
Those who are different just because we are different
Doesn’t mean we aren’t human
Man or woman we are human
We experience fear probably a hundred times a year
At the age of one to your time of death
You have emotion
It’s not a notion
It’s what keeps us intact
And sometimes it is what keeps us in contact with those around us
Strength comes from those who know and care for you
And that’s what goes the length not strength
Fear you get a hundred times a year
Fear of insecurity
But positivity combats the insecurity
With an inspiration
Starts with us the people of earth

Shane Russell


Football is war,
Never a bore.
From crunching sliding tackles,
To the cackles of the crowd,
I will forever be in love with the game,
Nothing will ever be the same,
As a wet Saturday afternoon,
With the want to win in my heart.

Niall Myler


Fear is good and fear is bad,
If you let it in it can make you sad,
Make you overthink and not understand,
But if you come around, and let it in,
Take a deep breath and take a min,
Understand what drives you and makes you work,
Understand how you can turn this bad into good,
Turn it into motivation and let it help you pursuit,
Your happiness, your future and most importantly you.

Millie McBride


The stage lights shine down on you,
Your heart is jumping in your chest,
Everything that has went wrong today,
Whats left is you,
The stage,
And the music,
Drifting away in your thoughts,
You let your emotions run loose,
You dance.

Allie Joe Martin

Sticks and Stones

Sticks and stone may break your bones,
But words cut sharper than a knife,
Things people say may ruin your day,
But don’t let them ruin your life,
Its just another word,
From the herd,
Of people that want to ruin your day.

Jamie Byrne

Flying Away

School Days are the best days of your life
But really nearly every thing people say is like an cheeky little bite
From the gossip to the comments that people do say
All I really want is just for that one day
To just to sit and watch the time fly away
And have not a bad thing to say
The beauty of the silence
And not an ounce of dismay
The school days are just like any ordinary day
Where I just wait for the time to fly away.

Katie Long

Thank You

I can’t thank you enough for holding me close
For being there for me when I felt alone
For being the friends that I sometimes lack in school
For being the person who sided me even when I was acting the fool.

I can’t thank you for teaching me things
Like loving myself to loving Eastenders with a cup of tea and biscuits
Like being myself and accepting the flaws
Like to leave the friends that don’t know my worth.

There is no words to describe the love for you
No words but to say you are my favourite person ever
Thank you for bringing me into this world
And thank you for making me the girl who loves cats and knows her worth.

Aimee Walsh

You Were

You were my forever,
You were my heart,
You filled my days with smiles and hearth warmth,
But I was yet know that i was sharing you with her,
You were cruel,
You were fierce,
You were a player and i was you game bored,
Now the game is over for you,
I am folded in a box,
Ripped and tore at the corners,
Damaged beyond the next persons repair.

Kerry Louise Heaney

You Treated Me

You treated me like a therapist for your problems
You treated me like a messenger so you wouldn’t have to speak to her
You treated me like I didn’t know my place
You treated me like I didn’t know who I was
I didn’t get to know who you were
I didn’t get to what it was like for you to be there
I didn’t want to be your messenger
I didn’t want to be your therapist,
I wanted to be what you cared about


I Know

I know I’m not the best looking
I know I’m not the best person
But my goal is not to make myself happy
But to make the people around me happy
Because making the people around me happy
Makes me happy
Because I am who I am
And I can’t be changed

Jack Hurley


This is a man, what is a man a man is glorified for their wrongs,
Persecuted for the being right called sexist and a homophobe,
Suspected being a predator in a cyber-war
Falsely accused till suicide is a the only option, that’s a man.
This is a woman, a woman lives but they’re not alive
Looking for a place and identify,
Trying to be the best Gucci designer product,
That covers true beauty but used in and out like a dog in a fair.
One by one, we live a life with a no meaning, it’s is a life without feeling.
Society today is failing.
I’m just tired and want to sleep.


All the Boys

All the boys think there strong
But when they walk in the gym
They’re like a baby in a snakes den
All they do is look and judge
Trying to be like the big guy
But they will never understand
The mindset and the goal in your head
Not just to show off
Be able to say you can lift this to act hard
But in the end they will just quite or get hurt

Sean Walker

Working Hard

I had been working very hard,
This moment is going to be one of the most important moments of my life,
I spent more than 5 hours at day metalizing for this moment,
I couldn’t sleep this last week very good because I was very nervous,
All my family is supporting,
They believe in me,
Finally it’s time to do it,
12 o’clock of the night,
I’m still nervous but I have to do it.
I’m going to sleep all this night without my teddy bear


My First Day

It was my first day playing this sport,
I didn’t even knew what was a try or a rock,
I just saw two or three videos in the internet
About people running evading the enemy team.
Being honest, that day I was smashed multiple times by my teammates.
I went back to home, thinking about how bad I was at rugby.
I laughed at myself about how fast I was giving up.
The following workouts were similar until I decided to try making friends on the team.
That actually worked, in a single day I learned more than in the last two weeks.
I played my first match the same week.
I was by far the worst player on the team,
But was different than that first time,
Because I had friends that lifted me up, and made me stand still.
Now, three months later I’m playing the same team,
As my teammates and I can say that I’m at the level of the team.
I still fail, but now I see fails as opportunities to learn something new
And share it with my teammates


Young Man

There was a young man who sat in a van,
Who sold the good carpets,
He always had a target,
He sold the aul hurleys,
But he also sold jerseys,
But he didn’t make racks,
Good man Johnny Cash.

Sam Walker


You’re wrong.
You are a worthless, you should die.
My friends agree with me, so you are wrong.
If you disagree with me, you are offending me.
We are of opposite genders. You are sexist.
We come from different countries. You are racist.
Nobody should ever like this person again,
Because look at what they believe.
Look at what they said.
Butter doesn’t belong on bread;
An opinions reception.

Louis Ware


After school I normally go home and play games
And on Sunday I go horse riding
It really is a lot of
Because I get to see all my friends in school and at horse riding
And I love every minute of it
I am lazy but not that lazy
I used to help out in a place called Lookout
But the riding school part moved to Annacurragh
And now the riding school is called ls Equestrian
And if you want to find it you can only find it by using this y14 wf72
And I love what I do and I going to
Be doing it until can’t do it no more

Margaret Rose Newsome

I Am

I am, playing football on the streets till 11’o’clock at night
Banging a ball against a wall cause there’s nothing else to do
I am, building myself in the gym and at home cause I don’t think I’m big enough
Not allowing myself to see progress.
I am, stressing about matches and training because
I cant let myself perform at a low level
Always pushing myself I don’t let myself rest
I am, never giving myself the credit I deserve
Because I’m never true to myself and my abilities
I am a footballer, I can’t see it any other way



I go to petits everyday.
To get a pack of chewys (chewing gum).
It’s not addiction,
It’s more like a habbit.
I walk to school.
I slide past the bell.
I’ll get more tomorrow,
And walk to school.



Makes me cry
Always late
Never stay in
Treated like “scumbags” “the boss”
Or get a job
Rather than set foot in this absolute dragoons den



I’d be a vegetarian,
If it wasn’t for chicken.
There’s so many types and it’s just so nice.
There is chicken nuggets, chicken strips, roast chicken and chicken wings
It comes and saves me in my dreams
Chicken is nice you have can’t deny
If I didn’t have it, I think I’d die!!!

I’d be a vegetarian
If it wasn’t for chicken
I feel bad for cows and pigs and sheep
So being a vegetarian would seem like a good idea
But. Alas. There’s chicken

It’s nice to eat, cold or hot.
In a roast dinner or McDonalds.
It’s my favourite meat and I love it so
Being a vegetarian… It’s a no



From sitting in a classroom and being told 4 pages or more.
Being told “you fail these exams you’ll be poor”.
To sitting on the floor wondering has the door of your future shut.
But running to the exam hall looking like a wreck.
Having to stop and check if you have a pen.
Arriving then at ten to ten.
Remembering every doubt they had about the lack of brains you had.
Back in the car looking at a star through the rain hoping for a miracle instead of moping.


My Life

I’m Aaron I’m 15
I live I Arklow
I go to school at Glenart College
I like playing football Xbox and PlayStation
But I’d like going out to my friends after school


Junior Cert

Junior cert night was fire
From people we see that we inspire
The celebration is something that I won’t forget
Just leaving us all in buckets of sweat
From even getting lost to ringing chipers
And other lads just filling up on the chicken dippers
All the lads going home getting in trouble
While the rest of us are scoring a double

Adam Vanderheijden