Featured Poet: Lemo Neyn, Dunshaughlin Community College, Co. Meath

We’re Growing Back

For the dying world –
An endless war.
Forgotten word,
A healed scar,
Passage of light,
Our last hope,
The sun is bright,
But isn’t warm.
So many problems
Won’t be solved.
So many stories
Won’t be told.

We kill the humans in ourselves
To fit the roles that we were given.
The freedom calls
The unforgiven.
And, in this circus,
Where we were found,
They asked us to leave our seats,
They killed us, covered us with ground,
But they didn’t know we were the seeds.

I Lost You

Your words hurt more than shots,
I dropped, again, a quiet scream,
I couldn’t find you in my thoughts,
After I lost you in my dream.

I’ll throw at you my empty, heavy look,
Like a worker that throws coal into the ovens,
I kept looking for you in my book,
After I lost you in my poems.

I started being really scared,
But barely broke a sweat,
I think that I just made you up
Or we’ve just never met.

So Many

A silent song without lyrics,
For the apathetic crowd without feelings,
They eyes will laugh at you and glisten,
So many hear, but never listen.

For them you’re as clear as a window,
Forgotten, resting in the limbo,
You’re doomed forever, human being,
You’re doomed to look without seeing.

Chained together with one chain,
One per cage and one per frame,
We’re not living, we’re just existing,
We only think that we are thinking.