Featured Poet: Kollete, Davitt College


The heartbeat determines if a person’s alive,
Or dead.

Death happens all the time,
So why do some matter more than others?

It’s one of seven billion,
Why sadden over one?

That person has had an impact on you-
Maybe they helped you.

Saved you,
Spoke to you,

Made you feel loved,
Maybe that’s why.

So when their heartbeat stops
So does yours.

You had just lost someone who has saved you before.


Drugs can ruin a person’s life,
Even if they haven’t had any in their time.

He dealt drugs,
He got caught,
He got kicked out,
Parents found out.

His little sister won’t see him,
For who knows how long,
Already gone from most of her life,
Came back and gone yet again.

A father told his daughter
‘If you ever do drugs, I will hang myself from the ceiling’
That wasn’t the worst part.
What came next, however, she will remember.

‘So if you ever want me to die, you’ll know what to do’

She could never do that to the person she loved so much,
No matter how many times he’s shouted at her,
She would never dream of killing him.

Yet that image resides in her mind.

You don’t have to consume drugs to ruin your life.


The moon is so beautiful,
It has a dark side and a light side.

The moon is never fully light, nor never fully dark.
But the moon always has more darkness than light.

You never see it fully bright,
The bright hides the dark.

It reminds me of humans,
How we show our bright side to hide the dark.

Some have a darker side,
Like a crescent

Everyone is some stage of the moon.


When I was one, we met
Our parents introduced us
Not friends quite yet.

When I was six, you were eight
Best friends forever
I took the bait.

When I was ten, it hit
We weren’t what we were
So that’s when we split.

I was twelve, if I’m correct
Tried to fix us again
Didn’t work last I checked.

I’m fifteen now,
But I always ask myself

How did I lose, my best friend?


What are you afraid of?

Some of you would scoff,
Saying to yourself ‘nothing’

That’s not true however,
Everyone has a fear.

Even the darkness is running

My fear is strange. . .
To me at least.

Have you ever had the feeling that someone is right behind you
But there was just emptiness.

Or a feeling that something bad was going to happen
To the people you care about as they become ceased.

That’s my fear by twenty.

What lurks in the dark and night,
Afraid to look out the window
Fearing someone will pop up.

Checking every room,
Making sure every single door and window is locked.
Blinds and curtains are closed.
Triple checking the doors.
Opening the curtains just a smidge.

What for though?

Going back to your room, checking the closet and the bed
The desk and behind the door

Shouting out ‘anyone there!’ hoping it’s nothing but the wind outside.

What’s more terrifying and why?

The echo. . .
Or the reply?


Such a positive word,
Yet, at the same time so negative
I almost lived.
I almost saved him.
I almost…
Yet almost is such a beautiful word.
I almost killed myself.
I almost broke my promise.
I almost…
Almost is such a powerful word,
It can make or break a sentence.