FCJ Secondary School, Bunclody, Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford


Go to the kitchen they say,
For that’s where you belong.
Well if I told you, “you belong at war”
I wonder how many of you cowards would go?
Is it fair that I am belittled for something that is a basic human right?
All I want to have is some equality, Right?

Faith Holmes


I’m 16 now with my whole life ahead,
Can’t wait to see what’s to come.
But I have so many obstacles to overcome still,
I’ll have to keep my head down,
And try my best that’s all I can do.
Life is based on scores and ratings,
But that’s all nonsense,
A good personality will get you much further,
So I think i’ll try and keep that in mind anyway.
It’s a long way to go so I guess I should begin now.

Ethan O’Sullivan

It Doesn’t Matter

It doesn’t matter how I look
How I dress.
What I wear, or who I impress
Doesn’t matter.

Haters will hate anyway
What did my mother say?
What people think of me is none of my business.
The strongest gift I can give is forgiveness.

So I will walk away
Just for today
Let you say what you want to say
Because it’s not about me

Your insecurity and self-questioning
Low self-esteem and everything in between
My mother said it’s none of my business
It’s more about you than it is about me

Abby Egan Green

We Are Told

We are told that you must act a certain way
We are told that you must look a certain way
We are told that you must do as you’re told
We are told that you are only young
We are told that “I know better”
But really who is telling us?
Who can tell us how to live OUR life?
Just remember that it’s YOUR life!
Society has ruined enough lives



Before long we won’t have long left,
The stress of exams won’t matter a crap.
Saying to my homework “ahh I’m stuck”.
I want nothing more than to be elsewhere.
Getting frustrated, pulling out my hair.
The result, nothing more than ink on a page.
My conquest is to do no more than my best.
Don’t compare me, screw the rest.

Sean Power

Eyes Lie

Even eyes lie
Blue, green, brown
They are an opening, a window
Behind the eyes your spirit lies
These eyes may show your spirit

But they hide the truth
The truth of who you are
Of who you want to be
Don’t let your eyes lie
Be true to you

Nicole and Louise


As a person, I’m quite shy
I’m not that sort of social butterfly.
I’ve lots of friends
to whom I can talk
But I just can’t seem to walk that walk.

I like to play a lot of sport
I’m a bit crafty, well more of that sort
I’ve lots of hobbies
And multiple traits
So I can understand what’s with all the hates

When all it is, is a few words I can’t make.

John Milne


Afraid to budge
In case you are judged
When we can’t pretend
We never follow the trend
If I didn’t act cool
I’d look like a fool
But what is cool

Eilish O’Rourke


My shoes are too loose
My socks are too loose
My ponytail is too loose
I want to live in Toulouse
Because if I was in France
Around the fields I’d prance
Like a pony, and dance
With no shoes or no socks
Cause that’s how I rock

Eimear Donohoe


I’m tired
Staying awake is exhausting
And boring
I want to sleep
Bring Keogh’s sea salt and clover crisps
Shut up

Emer Bowe


I am far too tired
To make a decent haiku
Here is my attempt

Muireann Deegan


Sandal wearing
Ice cream sharing
Music blaring
Swimsuit baring
Less caring
More daring
Summers here
Raise a cheer

Aoife Wheeler


I come from school,
Lookin like a fool,
Pizza for dinner,
Nothing better,
Hopped on the phone,
Listening to annoying scones,
Started doing homework,
Getting fed up,
Went to bed,
Man I’m dead…


My Doggy

The waggle of your tail
The barks you let out
The paw marks you leave
The twitch of your snout
You shed hairs everywhere
The carpet is brown and white
But I love how we snuggle together
On a cold winters night

You lighten up my days
In so many different ways

Olivia Brywczynska


Ronan is so beautiful
He makes my heart ignite
I just want to give him the biggest hug
And squeeze his big cheeks tight
I love Ronan with all my heart
We buy the cattle at the mart
Together forever in Glendalough
He makes my heart go tick tock

Emma Mulvihill


Love is stupid,
Love is blind,
What is beauty,
Controlling our mind ,

We say I love you
But what does that mean
a world that’s not Keen
On beauty that’s not in between.

Ciara Ashton

Broken System

School is a pain in the head,
Some people go all the way through it,
But still end up on the dole,
It’s a broken system,
There’s certain things they’ve just missed em.
From Wexford to Galway from Cork to Donegal,
It’s all the same there’s no change at all.
Students all have strengths and weaknesses,
Seems like schools focus on the later,
There’s a reason kids are getting fatter.

Alan Murphy

The Summer

The sun was shining
The music was booming
My tan was glistening
Highlighter popping
The cans were in the bag
The bus was on the way
The girls tried to source a fag
I told them they’d be wishing their life away
Off we went
Into the night
Money was spent
The boys started a fight
Back home again
Back in the bed
Head touched the pillow
Then up in the morn
To tell the goss
Which boy we had been with
And who did the floss



Having a brick trembling in my hand
Knowing well where it needs to land.
While I’m quivering my lips,
The boys in the back are itching to unload their clips.
Through all the hardship everyone faced
Would this rebellious act leave us in disgrace?
Even though this might not give us retribution,
This will start the revolution.

Daire O’Gorman


Poetry is hard,
I have to fill out these lines,
But I’m running out of time,
I have all the rhyming skills of a mime.
Man, this sucks,
I’m starting to not give a crap.
But still I try,
Poetry is hard.

Thomas Nolan