FCJ Secondary School, Bunclody, Co. Wexford

The Knot in your Chest


That knot in your chest

That lump in your throat,

When the teacher asks a question,

To the silent sullen class,

With their legs spread across each other over two seats,

All she can see is eyes looking back at her.

That knot in your chest is your voice

And that lump in your throat is it trying to escape.

For a word to formulate

Because you know the answer

And you’ve got so much shit to say

But you’re not going to say it.


Not today.

You didn’t yesterday.

But you might tomorrow.


Your voice will stay behind those eyes

Because silence is the classes only unity.

And you’re not going to break it,

Until one day, everyone’s going to start talking at once,

And nobody is going to be able to hear

What anybody is saying.




I feel it…

I feel the wind chill that hits me in the open sided shed

And as the sheep lay in the straw

I say to myself I would much rather be in my bed


I pull a second lamb from the ewe cold and stiff as could be.

I lay it down beside its other dead twin. It’s such a pity to see.

And as I stepped away from the ewe I look up to the night skies

I see thick white snowflakes nestle in front of my eyes.


I sigh, the ewes and lambs can’t go out yet.

It’s far too cold and last week it was too wet.


And as I step back towards my bed, I feel hopeless.

The weather has been terrible but I have to focus.

The lambing is not yet done, there are more to come

Now that I think of it lambing has barely begun.


Lambing is hard for farmers far and near

The weather makes it a very tough career

And as the cold wind hit me again I thought

That’s why you shouldn’t lamb early in the new year.


“Lockdown Kicks”


We run into the darkness,

Hair flying behind us we beam with happiness.


Screaming with exhilaration,

White lines whip by,

The world is a blur of streetlights and stars,

This when you truly feel alive


Here Again


I’m sitting here again

On the floor

With the light creeping in

Staring at the dust floating in the air

Watching it swim gracefully in the air


The light is blinding but I still watch

Much like with you,

It hurt but I kept you around


Is it you who changed?

Or was it me?

I think it was both, most definitely


Who are We? Really?


“I am what I am, and I am proud!”

A phrase that they throw around and makes us say loud,

Although we might not believe it we shout it to the crowd.


We shout to the so called “God’s” we think we must appease,

The ones if we satisfy, we think we might get some release.

How come the ones we look to, on their pedestals, are so hard to please.


They fake acceptance, trying to make us feel a certain way.

They try to makes us happy every single day,

As if they even cared anyways.


If instead of controlling us they tried listening with their ears,

We’d all be able to say “I AM WHO I AM!” without any fears.

We wouldn’t have to hide our true selves or our silent tears.




As a stoic

There is no need to be heroic

Although gods might not exist

Living a life of virtue should be on your bucket list

Caring about things our of your control

Is like trying to move the planet as a whole

Being betrayed is the worst thing in the world

Never retaliate to keep your heart pure in gold

Memento Mori Remember Death



In this Room


In this room full of students,

Silence surrounds

A class that barely speaks giving the task to write

But with no words to put to paper seems a challenge.


Blank minds look round this hall,

Looking for ideas something. Anything.

Suddenly ideas hit,

And now,

Relief surrounds.


Society’s Demands


They call him violent now,

But they’re the ones who said boys should be boys.

They call her anorexic now,

But they’re the ones that told her to be skinny is to be beautiful.

They call him weak now,

For crying when he’s upset.

They call her bitchy now,

For not allowing herself to be degraded.

The generations before us have set the pace,

For little boys to be tough bullies,

And little girls to be soft princesses.

When they grow up and try to break the pattern,

Let their nature override the ‘nurturing’ that has taken place,

They get beat back down to society’s demands.


We Are


We are masked

We are hidden

We are controlled by the system

We are told what to think and say

Are own thoughts are getting washed away

We are young

We are foolish

We have got a big scary life ahead of us

And We are told these are the best days of our lives


The Sad Truth


Wake up, eat, sleep and repeat;

The essential ingredients to survive,

But yet much more is expected of us,

they wonder why the system is failing,

but it’s so evidently clear that people are broken,

We give our lives away to labour and work,

We unreasonably punish ourselves from the things we love,

And by the time this Sad Truth comes to realisation it is too late.


This Generation’s Hand


People say that these are the best years of your life,

All I see is constant criticism and ridicule,

You have to achieve and get the points,

While you maintain a perfect image and social status,

The pressure put on you feels as if it’s a knife

There is no room for mistakes but you are still meant to thrive,

Your parents say how lucky you are,

That you have went through life with not as much as a scar,

But they will never understand,

What it’s like to live in this generations hand.


The Say


“You’re too young” they say as they enjoy themselves

“You’re too old they say” as they watch the children play

“You’re old enough to know” something that we were never taught


Expected to know something we were never taught

“Weren’t you young once?” Drifts hopelessly to unhearing ears

A different time apparently

Where you were expected to know something

That can only be taught

“You’re old enough to know”


I Am


I am the darkness that keeps you up at night,

I am the fear during an exam,

I am the laughter that puts you down,

I am the voice that says, “You can’t”,

I am the regret after messaging,

I am the loneliness after a breakup,

I am the thing we all wish we were without,

I am anxiety.


Open your Eyes


I am white, you are black

What difference does it make?

All the lives they take,

Just because you are a different race

Why is there so much hate?


The protectors fail to protect them,

But they would protect me.

The colour of their skin makes a white woman clutch her purse when she walks by,

And all they wanted to say was hi!


Black lives do matter more than your opinions,

No more blood should be spilled when all they’re asking for is our union.

Their humans just like all of us and should be treated that way,

Not convicted of crimes that are full of lies.


Black lives do matter. Open your eyes.


Another Day


Another day in Dublin passes

Young kids expelled from classes

Propelled home by dreams of exotic grasses

Decked out in Goose and Nike

That swoosh so hypnotic

By night they’re standing on street corners

Abusing foreigners

All of a sudden hands are landing

Its escalates but its too late

See these kids have no understanding

Once used, a knife can’t be taken back

It all goes black and just like that

Another kid in Dublin passes




A word we heard a lot this year

It’s how we live it’s all we hear

Stuck in a bubble with nowhere to go

When will it end we don’t know

We all feel restricted we all feel alone

Just want to go back to what we’ve always known

Sometimes all we want is cry

Hopefully soon enough we will wave goodbye




Beaches are near

And Covid is out of fear,

This is the year we will have a sense of normality

Friends and family

With sunshine and happiness

The year was a mess but never the less

This summer will be the best

Friends are here and the beach is near

This school year just may go


The Universe


The universe is massive,

And we are but a tiny speck

It goes for trillions of miles

To get across it would be quite a trek

It has so many wonderful and beautiful sights

An infinite amount we cant imagine

To see just one would be an absolute delight

But to do this we’ll have to hope and hope

As it’s so far above us yet all around us




I am just an average teenager in school

Where everybody thinks they’re so cool

From people thinking they’re rock solid

To people doing drugs until they vomit

Rolling from house to house

Trying to catch the cat and mouse

But after all I’m just an average teenager in school


The Morning it Happened


I woke up quick

To the weeping lions roar

To race the incline

To see what I was summoned for

The keepers of the land

Stood side by side

And a chill went down

My cub hide

The poachers had

Gotten lioness as I slept

And brought her to

The land of death

The pack all arrived to the den

Forever in our hearts

I love and will see you again


Our Generation


Guns and violence is all we see,

Police shoot there, police shoot here,

Another human to be gone so near,

To when they were born, it’s so unfair,

If only everyone could get along,

And end racism once and for all.




Why am I expected to do so well all the time

To not have one struggle and just get on with life

Because that’s life, so everyone says,

To stop complaining you don’t always get your way.

But I do have struggles, some every day,

I worry about what I look like, if my friends even like me, my weight.

Why do I have to be compared to others?

I’m not good all the time but how do you know they aren’t either.


Countryside Mornings


Early wake up calls,

The cows are waiting,

The birds are singing,

Silence all around.


Tired eyes,

All wrapped up,

A moo in the distance,

Pure happiness.


I Am


I am the light that fights against the dark

I am the hope that brings you happiness

I am that feeling you can’t describe

I am the love that’s unbreakable

I am attainable but impossible to attain

I am something you can’t see but you can feel

I am something that I can’t even explain myself


Hide, Hide


Hide, hide,

Hide away.

Do not see the light of day,

Cause people do not know what you’re like

And you don’t know what to say.

Hide, hide,

Hide away.

Put on your mask and you’ll be fine,

But do not show your other side,

Cause people won’t get what you are like.


Space and a Ball


Why is football the beautiful game?

It’s because out on the pitch we are all the same,

No matter your race, age, sex, ethnicity

The best part is the game’s simplicity,

The reason it’s the most beautiful game of all

Is all you need is some space and a ball.

From Rice to Beckham

Manchester to Birmingham

The thing that unites us all

is that we all started with just space and a ball.




Being a teenager is hard

School is always creeping behind you

That essay isn’t being written

And you have other stuff to worry about too


When you arrive home

You go to bed and count sheep

But as you toss and turn

You know you should be asleep


Sometimes when we’re tired in school

We are always given out to

It’s not our fault that we are tired

Hours of sleep, the majority, only have a few


Every Morning


Every morning starts the same,

Get up get dressed get out of the house

Eat the breakfast so your mam won’t kill ya

Make small talk just to appear happy


Go to school say hello to your friends

Knowing right we’ll youd rather be in bed

Get on with the day it’ll b okay

Well that’s what they say anyway.




Covid-19 it drives us mad

I can’t lie in some ways it makes me sad

At the very start, I thought it was cool

Because it got us months off school

I was very wrong though with all the people dying

I couldn’t help think of all them poor people crying


A Mask


There was a guy

He was a funny

Everyone was friends with him

But they didn’t see

The pain in his eyes

Having to put up a mask

So they could be happy

When he wasn’t


Pay Day/Final Day


The economy is boomin

Global extinction is looming.

Carbon is released to the air

Not a polar bear to spare.

Life is on its knees

Jesus Christ where are the bees?

All because of humanity

So obsessed with prosperity.




There was a lad

He was one

Of the lads

He was pressured

Until he snapped

It was under

The pressure of society

That he gave up on


Poetry Skills


I have wrote five paragraphs here and deleted them all

My poetry skills are acc quite shockingly good but that will stay

I mean the words I say but I don’t say the words I mean

I let my feelings out when I step foot on the playing field

Not on a page

Not in a paragraph

Not in my sentences

Not in my words


Lush Green Fields


The lush green fields surround my home,

I wake up each morning to the birds grown,

Work is always plentiful; there is never time for the phone,

But the countryside is an amazing place and I proud to call it my home.




Greed is taking over the world,

Girls are scared of boys and boys are fed up with girls,

COVID is still ruining our lives,

Meanwhile people are casually walking around with knives,

Global warming is taking a turn for the worst,

And animals are wrongly getting tested first,

When will people feel the remorse?

And when will our world change its current course.




Someone great

Someone fair

Someone who will always be there

Something sweet

Something kind

Something that’s not too hard to find

Is a friend that will always be by your side


From the First Day


From the first day, I met you

I knew right away

With your blue silver eyes you blew me away

Bit by bit I started to fall

Only to realise I’d crash Into a wall

A year went by but I couldn’t move on

But she was there to catch me when I fall

This is goodbye at least I think for now

Hopefully we’ll meet some time around


Nowhere to Go


I come from a land riddled with COVID

Nowhere to go

5 km here 5 km there

2 meters here 6 foot there

Sanitise this disinfect that

I am the soul of the COVID party

Keep it going

It will never stop


My Best Friend


You arrived only young and I was four

Little did you know how much you were adored

From then until now has been a whole 12 years

By my side with your cute floppy ears.


I hope you know your impact on me

Making me laugh attacking the bees

Your my best friend and always will be

I love you forever and always my lil baby




Everyone fighting

Everyone shouting

People sad

people mad

Makes me depressed

Mams not impressed

When I’m happy

I’m very yappy

You can’t achieve

If you don’t believe




I come from a small towns-land,

It is quite peaceful there,

The neighbours are grand,

Hearing noisy cars is quite rare.


My sister is a pain, my brother a delight,

We own a lovely farm just down the road,

Fishing in the river, the midgets might bite,

Walking alone at night, you might get a small fright!




Cut was paper thin,

Blood flowed down

Like red velvet snakes,

All I felt was ecstasy

Hearing his agonising screams,

Vengeance and violence is all I knew,

Oh the regret I felt watching him from my pew




Live like a student

Be up at seven in school by eight,

Never get a break at this rate,

Covids here, which means masks and a lot more,

You never know what’s next in store.


A Tree


I can see a tree

And its the most wonderful thing to be

The outstretched green field overlooks the wood

Where its density marked by thick mud

The sun comes up over the hill

Nothing only but to give you will


A Chore


I wake up to the birds chirping

To find out it’s my mam calling me for school

I dread walking into the regular rule

School for me is a chore

It is really quite a bore


The Rose


The rose the rose

Look how it grows

The way it hangs

Oh look how it hangs it’s head

Oh look

The rose is dead




Whether he’s 19 or 61, he’ll be mine,

Whether he’s good for me or not, he’ll be mine,

Whether he has a receding hairline or no hair at all, he’ll be mine,

Whether he’s a school dropout or a roofer, he’ll be mine,

Even if he can’t stand me and my obnoxious sense of humour, he’ll be mine.

My hubby


Nothing to Do


School is boring nothing to do

Learning pointless information

For jobs that don’t require this useless stuff

Just for the sake of getting points to go to a course

Even though learning poetry has nothing to do

With treating patients in a nursing home




The dog walks

The cat climbs

The bird flies

The fish swim

The bees make honey

The wasps are murderous beings of hate

The bears are grizzly

And the humans always find a new way to kill each other


Straight White Male


The “straight white male”

Is the most discriminated person

On the planet

Everyone assumes there narrow minded

They’re not easily offended

This makes them easy to insult

They are accepting

So stop getting on to them


School is Tough


School is tough and that’s no lie,

And sometimes you may worry over a boy,

Friends can be fake,

It’s not a piece of cake,

They make say things that’s not the case,

So you find out they are two faced,

But something I always like to remember,

Is life is hard but it can only get better.


Curled Up


Curled up on somebody else’s couch

Is a place I don’t wanna be

Is like a uniform to me

Wreck less at breakfast

Is a common theme in their house

The cat meows and dog barks

And the wife screams and the husband shouts


Home is where I must go

Where she makes a pot of tea

Oh mom put on the fire

And turn up mtv

Hold me close and tell me it’ll be alright

And that dad, will come home tonight


A Dance


There once was a lad called Lance

And he really enjoyed to dance

So he went to a competition in France

He went on to the stage with a strong stance

And he was hoping to advance

But the judges said he hadn’t a chance




With school back alas

Tis a shame as I’l miss the grass

Restrictions everywhere you look

Real world isnt found in a book

With a break around the corner

The rake is my real earner


A Place


I come from a home in the countryside.

Where it is wet and cold

I come from a farm that has some sheds

I come from a place that has cows

I grew up around fields and trees




School is fun

School is cool

I’m going so I don’t end up like a fool.


I like to learn

I like to write

And pray I will end up alright


The Life


4th year has really flown by

Leaving cert incoming I think I might cry

Engineering is the job I want to have

School is nearly over and by god, I’m glad

Once I’m out it will all be over

But then I’ll have taxes and bills and I may try stay sober


My Dog


My dog is my everything,

Everywhere I go she is always beside me

My dog is very funny,

Because every time I mention the word walk,

She is jumping up and down with excitement,

My dog is my defender,

Because every time someone walks by, she barks to protect me,

My dog is very special to me,

Because I wouldn’t know what to do without her.




There was a boy named Jason

And he was amazin’

One day he met a magician

And got turned into a raisin

And asked him once he asked him twice

The magician said fine

And turned him into a grain of rice




School is sad

School is boring

School makes me mad

And leaves me snoring


I like my friends

So I have to go

Can’t wait till it ends

And I can go


A Guy


A guy was walking

He stepped in

A puddle

It was deep

But he

Was tall

It turns

Out it was

A lake

Of slurry




The grass is green

The sky is blue

My hair is blond

The flowers bloom

It all happens Saturday afternoon


What is School?


What is school?

It’s so uncool

It makes me drool

Until I fill up a pool


Teachers are demanding

And not understanding

They like to go ranting

And give me a spanking

But it’s me they should be thanking

For saving their job as they get a banking


The People


The people

Are people

When people









I ran

With a fan

Beside a van

Eating a can

With a man

Called Dan

Cooking with a pan

While trying to visit my nan


The Big Dog


The big dog

Sat on a log

Way out in the forest,

The dog is the strongest

To have ever lived in these forests

And will live forevermore…


Let me Go


He won’t let us go

All I want to do

Is go play golf

But he won’t let me go



Wet and Cold


I come from a home in the countryside.

Where it is wet and cold

I come from a farm that has some sheds

I come from a place that has cows

I grew up around fields and trees




There was a man

He drank a can of beer

Then he ran

Away from a deer

That he had tricked

The deer was mad

The man got kicked

The deer no longer felt bad


Up and Down


Up and down pegs lane

Only got myself to blame

Down towards the Clody river

Just because I seem to differ




I go to school everyday

Where I see my friends and play,

The classes are long and the breaks are short,

It is all worth it in the end,

When you finally get around the bend

And you are free to go once again.


My Cat


He was born last summer in the warm night

Who knew he’d be such a fight

He’s the cheekiest cat I’ve ever came across

I’ll never forget him meowing at the moss


He tends to growl and sit like a dog

He even comes on walks in the fog

He is a very cool cat and means the very most to me

Even when the drives the crazy out of me


The Wasp


The wasp came

The wasp stayed

It came near

I ran in fear

I came back

With a flammenwerfer

The wasp died

And so did my family


In the Press


Hanging in the press was a long red dress

It was in such a mess after been wore by my sister Tess

That went to a party in Lough ness to meet a friend or two I guess.




Ferns gas is the game,

We’re the best in the game,

We’re back after COVID

And we’re gonna win,

C’mon ferns on the Bois