Edmund Rice College, Carrigaline, Co. Cork

The Mirror


I stare into the mirror

And a single tear rolls down my cheek

I wilt in the gaze of something contorted, something wretched

Marred by disfigurements that run deeper than the superficial,

My eyes cavernous, unblinking, weeping

I stand a hollow shell.


I stare into the mirror

And without fully knowing why,

I am abhorred by the sight of myself.

I can neither describe nor illustrate what meets my eyes at the mirror’s scornful screen;

Unknowable and ever-present it hangs above my head,

I stand too petrified to speak.


The mirror stares into me

And refuses to comply

To my self-perception, my self-pity, my self portrait.

The solace granted in closed eyes and daydreams is nowhere to be found

Leaving only myself and my reflection

I stand solemn and alone.


The mirror stares into me

And in that moment my greatest fears and I become one

And in that moment no words can console me

And in that moment no salvation can repair me

And in that moment, my whole life is laying before me

I stand, still, because I cannot run.


Deep Breaths


Deep breaths in and out

Oxidize those drowned lungs

Quick! Compress those metallic eyes into your skull

Maybe not seeing will make the world less dull

Maybe you’ll fade out of existence

Oblivion has its comforts

You squeeze yourself into a little ball

Do you feel better now that you’re so small?

Rocking back and forth in rhythm with the shrinking room

Do you feel better now that your hands have stopped trembling?

Do you feel better now that your breath has returned?

It will pass they say,

So you convince yourself that it won’t come back the next day


I Don’t Know


I don’t know where to go,

I don’t know why they stare,

I don’t know why they decide to look me up and down and follow me everywhere.


I don’t know why they manipulate,

I don’t know why they control,

I don’t know who gave them the power to make me feel down and alone.


I don’t know where to go,

I don’t know where to hide,

I don’t know where I’m going to find that one thing that will make me feel alright.


I don’t know where it went,

I don’t know if it’ll come back

I don’t know why it’s rare to feel safe and normal to be under attack.


I don’t know what to do

I don’t know what to say

I don’t know if I should stand my ground or if I should just walk away.


Likes & Expectations


My likes are my only value,

My clicks, views and shares.

They are all that matter to me,

All I need to tend my cares.


My feed is filled with pictures

Of stunning models galore.

Of sweat pants in the gym

Or tan lines by the shore.

They live these lives of luxury,

On their high horses of fame.

Making all the others wonder

“Why can’t I be the same?”


But these perfect lives you see,

Are built from illusions and lies.

They starve and endure pain,

To please their viewers eyes.


They are idols of the unachievable.

Gods of the absurd!

Yet, we follow them with hopes and dreams

That we too, can someday be heard.


Now my blindfold has been lifted

And I can see clearly once more.

I now know that likes aren’t what matter in life,

But the path you choose to explore.




Eyes glazed over, reflecting today’s tragedy

As foreign cities cry to me, we marvel at the spectacle.

The climate is in crisis, we are bleeding on the streets

News just in: I find it hard to care.


Leo and Mícheál telling us to take action

When their emails are clogged with young people

Begging them to change.


Why should I listen to you when you don’t listen to me?

Why should I go on as normal, when it’s anything but?


We are so burnt out, and it’s here that we rot.




I long for the day I can walk home alone,

Not fearing for my safety while gripping my phone,

“Don’t stay out late, don’t be on your own”,

Fake phone-calls and longer routes is all we have ever known.

Headlights grow brighter and closer in the distant,

That anxiety and worry ringing through your mind stays persistent.

As you walk, another lady passes by,

That’s only an extra ten seconds of safety from the bad guy.

The car drives past, you let out a sigh of relief,

But you know this feeling will only be brief,

All we want is the warmth and safety of our beds,

But the tragedies of the women before us stay implanted in our heads.




I am Stuck

I cannot get out

Keep being told I need to go

But there is no clear route


Bound by shackles

Tying me down

The weight of the water

I think I might drown


The crashing of stormy waves

Yet i’m still stuck at sea

Locked in a cage

And I’ve thrown away the key


I call out for help

But there is no rescue in sight

I’m staving in the famine

In the midst of a blight


I’m not sure how long I will last here

The air is running thin

The lashing of my loneliness

Is like whips on bare skin


The Run


I run through the streets and down the paths

Full of excitement. I see the hill and I start

My ascent. Panting I am determent to succeed

But suddenly I freeze. They stalk me like sharks,

There eyes strip me down and refuse to let me pass.

Is it to pay respect to me? No!

It is to assert your dominance in your pack

To try get into my pants!

What a world us girls must face




When nobody stays with you,

When it’s not physical harm,

But it’s more destructive,

When you pass your nights crying in your bed,

Under your sheets at 2.00 am and nobody it’s there for you.

Only you, alone.

In the dark.

Stand up by yourself.

Find the light.

All it matters is you.

Your life.



Unrequited Love


I catch your eye looking in my direction,

Waves pounding the rocky wooden platform,

Was this love or friendship?

Teenage romance is confusing,

Was I too afraid or too in love that I was afriad?

Too many months went by,

You called,

I ignored,

You cried,

I swore, if only I had tried


Shallow Souls


Why must you judge others and be so critical

You decide how you feel about them in less than a minute

Truth be told looks are not everything

Yes I’m talking to you all of ye shallow souls

If you truly want happiness you must look within

Personality is permeant, looks are only temporary

A pretty face is destroyed by an ugly attitude

Stop judging, get to know people first


Growing Up


Growing up feeling alone

Going on walks just to be on my own

Everyday imagining a different life

Hiding my emotions good or bad

Just so people around me

Don’t have to worry

Having my walls up all the time

So scared to let people in

Fear of what could happen




I’m a young man, sixteen years of age.

People always tell me treasure my youth days.

That I these shouldn’t be forsaken,

That I shouldn’t be mistaken.

Being prepared for the workforce,

That this should set my life on the right course.

Pressured into doing things by the people around me

But little do they see,

I got more on my shoulders than you could ever imagine,

Its like wondering around dark scary dungeon.

The light always there,

But never within reach, its not fair.

These days are said to be the best,

I don’t even want to get thinking about the rest.

So as I leave my home for a new life,

I hope I’m ready, I hope I just might.




I come from a place where the trees are green and kids are playing but I was always shy

It was hard for me to ask and join in.

The words get caught in my throat, my face goes red and my palms start to sweat.

I try to build up the courage but always overthink.

I think they are staring or laughing at me and end up walking away.




You judge them,

You make comments,

You don’t support them.

And now I’m scared,

How will you judge me? Will you?

Will you comment behind my back too?

All I want is your support,

To make you proud.




All those lost hours of craic and fun,

All those hours of zoom calls and staring at screens,

Not really knowing what any of it means,

All those signs telling you to #HoldFirm,

Just waiting and waiting for our day to come,

But where something is lost there’s always something to be found,

A beauty in the struggle,

A voice amongst the crowd,

And one day when life returns back to normal,

We’ll remember with pride,

The days that we saved lives.




The thing I like about identity,

Is that it’s so inherent,

We are who we are,

So why should anyone tell us different,

To find who you are is not easy,

But as they say it’s all about the journey,

So be, however you want to be,

For it’s not labels,

But what you feel is your Identity.


We are All in Waiting


We are all in waiting,

Waiting for the liberation of freedom and fun,

Waiting for the day people can shake hands

And not worry,

Waiting for the this limbo to end and

New beginnings to begin,

We are all in waiting no matter who you are,

But someday we’ll all meet in a bar

And laugh and smile and travel in the same car.


We are all in waiting


The River


The life you live is that of a river,

It flows through the course,

It might hit a beaver dam that blocks its way,

Or rain will pound it down.

They will make you feel as if it’s done for or small,

But no matter how long it takes the river breaks them down,

The river breaks through the dam,

Some beavers will drown but if they exist only to stop the river,

Do they belong in it at all?

No matter how much rain there is,

After it clears the river is bigger and stronger than ever before,

Stronger than the next beaver dam.

The new river is relied upon for life,

Deer’s and foxes need it to exist.

No matter what the river feels,

No matter how much the river wants to stop flowing and give in to the beavers and rain,

The river will always be needed for someone,



The Rays of Sun


The rays off the sun beam off the glass window,

Coffee turns to ice tea,

Hoodies turn to bikinis,

Stew turns to an evening bbq,

8am turns to 1pm,

Summer has begun another year has flown by,


‘Stop the clocks’ she says, another year can’t have passed,

Slow down!


Get Along


I live in a place where by the age of thirteen knuckles are bloody

Nothing to worry about its just our daily life

Take a smoke and a drink to seem cool

No point for books none of us are in school

Walk on the right side of the path and leave them alone

Dont look up and smile keep your head in your phone

Trynna grow up too fast and trying to move on

When in reality we all need to just get along




I’m living in a lockdown

It feels like I’m living a nightmare

I’m bound to wake up, is what I tell myself

Living in the now is scary as hell

And not knowing when it is going to end

Is driving my mad


My anxiety is here too

Scaring me more by saying this war

I can’t fend it off

And it keeps telling me

That the world is ending

Whether I like it or not


I am scared of corona

Everyone is.

I feel like I’m going crazy

Everyday in my house

Being bound to my home

Makes this feel too real

The government telling me

Do not see your friends


The lack of socialisation

Is what drives me mad

Doing the same thing day over day


It will end soon

I am hopeful

I need it to end

To be back to normal.


We Are


We are the forgotten and unseen,

We witness wars through the dim screen,

We question our meaning and big dreams,

We are put down by those in the high seat,

We look at the suffering and ask “if that were me”,

We know that this must change but where to start,

Is a drop that much in a desert vast?


My Time


How much time do I waste

When I spend the extra five minutes in bed

Or scroll aimlessly through a twitter thread

What if I’m braindead

Should every second have a pupose

What could I have done

With that time

If I hadn’t been so obsessed with that rhyme

If I hadn’t tried to perfect every line

How much could I achieve

If the opinions of others didn’t matter to me

My time

Isn’t even mine


Love Instead Of Hate


I love to love.

I love the smell of old books or your looks.

I love looking too long in the sun, or to run, not holding on.

I love the rain and the first ray of sun.

I love being awake when everyone else is asleep or seeing others succeed.

I love your bad habits and freckles and scars.

Spending nights looking at stars.

All these things I love and keep, do they make me weak?

What do I get?

Makes me wonder is there love for me?

Not yet.

Makes me wonder if I ever gonna find something to love about myself




Loyalty is a big issue for me

It’s hard to find as far as I can see

It seems easy for people to talk behind backs

And thats just facts


People are summed up by what they say

But frankly it’s a disgrace

It should be by the actions they do

They isn’t anything more true


Outside my Window


I look outside my window every morning, at the trees, the birds and the bees.

I go for walks, stop for talks, but when I start thinking,

I feel like I’m sinking deeper and deeper until I see the light

Which shines so bright and pulls me away,

Just so I have a reason to stay and keep my worries at bay.


What If


What if?

What if I embarrass myself

What if I miss a lot of assignments

What if I get sick

What if I overthink

I’m sick of my thoughts they’re wrecking my head




I don t like to complain

So I won’t it like it’s giving me any gain

So I won’t

But I’m going tell one thing though

Staying positive has helped through the boredom

So stay happy and you won’t get out alone




The world isn’t fair, we’re in despair

Some not heard, some mistreated

Some people feeling cheated

If you’re alone pick up the phone

Because in the end we stand together


Life is a Game


Life is a game, that’s causes a lot of pain

You live, have fun but sometimes it drives you insane.

Good days, bad days come and go but it wouldn’t be any fun, if you couldn’t put on a show.

Wake up in the morning be grateful for what you have

Instead of sitting there moaning about the lad who made you sad.

Why try so hard to fit in, it’s funnier standing out,

Give people a chance to see what there about.

Life is a test, so try your best it’s all we got so why don’t you give it one shot


Covid 19


What a year its been

When it started, I was 14 now I’m 16


Mask are everywhere to be seen

U have to make sure your hands are clean


14 days in quarantine

In front of the TV is where you’ve been




I’m annoyed, I’m pissed, I can’t put up with this crap

Why is it most things in the mainstream never seems to fit


Either my support for trump, or thinking a certain game is boring

It seems every time the media, telling me I must act according


Stop it, stop it, its pushing me away

Making me feel as if no one wants me to stay




Teaching during Covid and our schools have exploded

Google meet is our only way to greet

The students that we have tried to engage

Are bored and feel like they are in a cage.


Tune in, turn on your cameras and submit on time.

These teenagers are in their prime.

Trapped at home without friends or contact

How can they be told to not over react.




Men are living

Men are alive

One day men will die

This is sad not going to lie

But we live so on forever more

Men can be idiots

But I am man

Man am I