Dunshaughlin Community College, Dunshaughlin, Co. Meath



It may be quiet but the last thing I hear is silence,

I will use anything I can to cancel out the noise,

Headphones don’t work and neither do pillows,

I try to run and I try escape,

But it’s hard when the voices are inside myself.


Thoughts echo every chance they get,

They will do what they can to take over,

I work hard to fight them and sometimes it works,

But often they hold me in their grasp,

And trap me in their silence.




I reach out my hand,

I can see you,

But no matter how far I stretch, I can’t feel you.


All I need is a comforting brush of your fingers,

A simple gesture to reassure me you’re there,

But a force pushes me further.


We are the same ends of two magnets,

We can’t fight the repelling force,

It hurts but we let go,

Giving way to the inevitable distance between us.


Broken Promises


Broken promises of freedom and life,

Of holidays and parties,

Almost a year of level 3 to level 5

No end date,

No finish line,

No cure,

No reason

Blame governments and organisations

But this isn’t a war against nations,

It’s worse.

A war against ourselves

A war of immunity

Of reliance and patience

A never-ending cycle of thinking and repentance.




We’re still stuck in lockdown

My brain feels like it’s about to shut down

My thoughts have been spinning around in my head all day

In our houses all we get to do is stay

We sit on our laptops listening to our teachers ramble on

All I want to do is have fun

But instead we do pointless assignments with no meaning

Leaving the inside of my head screaming


All Lives Matter


I see what other kids might feel like when they are hurt,

The way they get surrounded and pushed into dirt.

I know how this feels because I know people who have gotten this,

But I know how to make it better, to make it greater, happier, stronger,

And healthier to do with how they feel.

Everyone wants to be successful, it can be sports, fixing things, teaching etc…

But it’s just how we grow up makes us feel,

If it was hard for us in our early years we find a way to heal,

Everyone can do this, we just need to know like how the people who inspire us know.

And if something gets in our way, we say no.


The Unnatural Cycle


We used to have days of freedom

Days of joy, sadness, anger and boredom

Now all we have is boredom

Our days are the same as the last

Breakfast, work, lunch, work, dinner, sleep

Breakfast, work, lunch, work, dinner, sleep

No more meet ups

No more holidays

The new morn is the same as the last

An endless cycle


Shadows of my Mind


Shadows of my mind coming from all directions

They have no reason no convection

They scream over my own voice

I have to listen I have no choice


The Mask


As the mask settles on your face

You put on the mask that keeps you safe in this place


Like an infiltration

Into a mass and masked organization


Where your ideas must be hidden

Like any thought is forbidden


A land ruled by fear

Only enforced by a peer


Where what you say

Cant seem to stay


But this is school

You have to be cool


If you even try to ask for help

You are called a massive whelp


And when the day comes to an end

You may see someone walk out with a friend


People think you have a dedication

But you feel your mind needs emancipation


But though we no longer go

Our minds still dance to and fro


Even sat before the mirroring screen

We still feel we need to scream


Because while we wore the mask at school

Its fallowed us back

It seems the mask will never crack


Have you Heard?


Have you heard about sadness?

The Darkness, that sneaks up from behind you

The one keeps you warm and yet so cold

So broken and so fed up

Have you ever heard about pain?

The one that comes from the soul

And leaves scars in your mind

I can’t shake off the bruises

Will people understand

The pain that can’t be seen?

I’m looking up

At the cloudy sky above

The raindrops and tears on my face

Fused together long ago

I’m looking up

Hoping I won’t shed anymore tears

But I’m tired

And I don’t think I can take it anymore

Have you ever heard about sadness?

We became friends long ago

I’m not sure it’s good for me

But I don’t think I can let go




The moment they said ‘stay at home’

That’s when my head decide to roam.

From the brightest moments to the darkest hours,

I was lost and I had no powers.

I was low, lonesome and long-faced

And a glimmer of happiness is all I chased

I could look in a mirror and wish it was empty

Because being skinny, pretty and popular was everything and trendy.

But beauty is from within and can be found all round,

Like a flower, baby or even just a day fooling around.

As I look to the future with hope and anticipation,

I will always remember the lockdown full of frustration




Nowadays I’m put down for being smart,

Thats not a brag I’m crap at things like art,

But when I try and do my best

Other people saying things that I want to address,

Whats this idea for bullying the smart,

We are not weak so don’t try me,

Because I swear to god you wont beat me,

If you are jealous of my intellect, don’t take it out on me,

I’m a good person and will help you study,

I’m not your casual “nerd” I do well in sports,

In fact, my favourite things to wear are basketball shorts,

I don’t care what you think of me keep it to yourself,

Don’t take your anger out on someone else.




Treading on the beach with cheetahs between our legs,

Fighting for the things we gifted ourselves and then took away.

Twirling on dimensions we do not understand.

Fighting, laughing, screaming crying.

We are a crazy bunch.

Sisters and brothers, friends and lovers.

We all want the same thing,

Love and to never know the whole story




Recently turned sixteen

Life’s as confusing as has ever been

A deadly virus and crazy world

What to do has been unfurled

Staying home and online school

Things are so far from cool

No sport to play only to watch

This whole situation is completely botched

Social life is only online

No face to face which isn’t fine

Girls still as confusing as ever

I’m made feel not feel very clever

When will this all end?

It’s driving me around the bend

Music kinda helps to get through

Bull when normal will return I’ve no clue


Teen Lockdown


As a teen lockdown has erupted my confidence

To try and pick up the pieces for me to only fall apart

It’s a cycle that never stops

I hate looking at a screen on my laptop

These are the years I want to remember with freedom and

Excitement but they are the days of the past

I want them to go by so fast


The World


Out in the country

Friends far away

Voices made of wifi

Wasting the day

No work

World is burning

World is sick

World is dying

Keep complying


Not Right


There once was a girl with short brown hair,

Who was caring and kind and wanted everything to be fair.

She used to mind little kids and had lots of fun, until one day her friends told her she was wrong.

They made fun of her as she cried, until one day she did decide.

She wasn’t gonna listen, because she knew that she would glisten.

And she knew that one day she would grow, and be better than these kids would know.

And she was right, now our girl is all grown up, she has friends who love her very very much.

She moved on from the hate and made her own easy in life,

Because our girl knew that’s the kids weren’t going to be right!




The kids we were are wanted back

Theyre gone

So far away they might as well have hit the sack

Forever gone found a different home

But their shells remain stuck and bound they foam

At the mouth from the pressure the be as their ghost

Their best not enough no more a host

But empty


If Only


If only she knew how her smile deepens mine,

If only she knew how her words affect time,

If only she knew how she makes my sleep wear,

If only she knew how the dreams can’t compare,

If only she knew how I whisper her name,

If only she knew how I feel so profane,

If only she knew how I longed for her touch,

If only she knew how her hugs meant so much,

If only she knew how I’ve waited to kiss her.


Here in the Room


Here in the room I sit,

Exploring the chasms of my mind,

Searching for ink to find,

Laying down as I see fit,

Illustrating the spirit that flies,

With the cavern walls of eyes,

Crying out past events of the malevolent,

With the lungs screaming out the evident,

As they fade out in the abyss,

Where the mass dismiss,

The words of the eclipse.




Just a young local lad whose home isn’t even a town,

Who feels like at the moment his shadows a clown.

From playing on pitches and chatting with friends to praying

And hoping that all this would end.

Although I seem sad, tormented and petty

I’m just really fed up of eating homemade spaghetti.

The glimmer of hope on the other side is what drives us together

As a country to stand tall with unity and pride.




Maybe its your smile, your laugh or your eyes

Or maybe its just being in your presence


You’re painfully perfect. You make me forget of my troubles and pain only you.

It aches my heart knowing the feeling may not be returned.

The pain I feel writing this leaves me a reminder

That I still and always will love



The Sound of your Voice


Sometimes when i think of you,

I remember your eyes of topaz blue.

Your hair as soft as summer rain,

Your eyes whose gaze that kept me sane.

Your touch was light but kept me snug,

Your mouth which was my favourite drug.


But now I’m feeling quite bereft,

Even though it was I who left,

For I know it wouldn’t have been your choice,

That I forget the sound of your voice.




She’s scared.


To show them the fear,

The tears behind her eyes.

The thoughts in her head.

The sadness behind her smile.

They can’t know.

She won’t let them know.




Sport is seen as entertainment,

I see it as warfare,

The only sort of control present,

Fragile rules, and idea to perceive as fair,

Some days I do everything I can,

Believe nothing can stop me,

All it takes is one small doubt, the dreaded “what-if?”,

I then think negatively,

Everyday I try to shake it,

Reassure myself and improve,

But that feeling is like a ten ton rock,

The bloody thing won’t move,

I wonder sometimes why I’m here,

Do I deserve this chance?

Am I just working from fear of failure,

It leaves me in a trance,

But when I stand back and look at what i’ve achieved,

It suddenly becomes more clear,

I’ve worked and fought and bled and cried,

That is why I am here,

I am here from the fruits of my labor,

The days and nights of of obsession,

My very character and soul fights for the goal,

It will be in my possession,

Will I reach my goal,

Will I feel the satisfaction?

Deep down I know I will,

I just take action,

No matter what state the world is in,

No matter how it will alter,

I will carry on to be the best,

I will never falter,

I will return a new man,

Improved and robust and strong,

In this team of friends who are opponents,

I will surely belong,

And though I have clearly improved,

I still wonder will it suffice,

I know it will because it won’t stop there,

I’ll be the best no matter the price,

And though I know there’ll be days,

Where i’ll feel unsure and unsteady,

I’ll remember my worth, my fight, my cause,

And then I will be ready.


This House


This house I know,

Holds my bed,

My kitchen, hall and my shed.

I’m held here with a fancy bow


One more thing this house contains,

Is my life wrapped up and bound in chains.

It has my roots

My first winnings.


But I don’t mind

‘Cause it has one more thing

And that is each and every one

Of my beginnings




I am fire.

I burn bright through the darkness,

Baring a light for those who ask.

But be warned,

One touch, one lick of my flames

Might aswell be one of a deadly cobra,


There wouldn’t be enough light in the world

To guide you through the darkness.

And then, as all fires do,

I burn out.

Leaving but a pile of ashes and charred sticks,

Waiting to be set ablaze once more,

To know the light I used to.

But until then I sit and wait,

Without meaning or purpose,

The temptation to just let the darkness to consume me

Becomes the only thing worth thinking about,

Everything else just seems to fall away

Until one day I spark back to life,

With no reason or warning.

This is my life,

This is who I am,

I am not like fire,

I am fire.

Until one day,

When the darkness wholly consumes me,

I’m not

Because then,

I’m nothing




The masks are on

And the people are in

No one is out and the streets are clean

Taoiseach is talking but no one listens

Protests are on and people are killing

School is on line and people not showing

Leaving cert is off and people are fuming




I’m not trying hard enough

For things that I love the most

As I play my PlayStation

Instead of working on my education

I’m worried.

I should read more!

Try and care more

Because sooner or later

The things I love the most will be out of my reach

And I’ll never live life

The way it should be.




I overthink.

Over things

That’s are stupid

Eating soup

thinking “why did I say this?”

That, and the other.

I’d say it to my mother

I’m stupid, I’m a loser

I am my own accuser.

Of things,

That happened ages ago and don’t matter

And I’m shattered.




I’m 16 years old and I love making music. it’s how I express myself that’s why I choose it.

I’m 16 years old and I’m not going to stop. I’m gonna push, punch, power all the way to the top.

I’m 16 years old and nothing can stop me. Winning my wins and knocking down all ten pins.

I’m 16 years old and by the time I am twenty. I’ll be sitting back relaxing in my money aplenty




I am me,

One plus three

Broken home

All on our own

Full family

What we want to be

Parents divorced

Choose between them

I am forced


The End


The Taoiseach takes to the airways,

‘All adults have been vaccinated’,

The Oireachtas are taking to the fairways,

Pints are flowing like Niagra Falls,

Everyone takes to the streets,

No more zoom calls,

Athletes playing on the summer grass,

Holidays abroad,

House parties are a touch of class.




Days are dying,

Like a b c’s,

People are fighting like lighting,

All the hate flying,

Because of being frightened.


As I Walk


As I walk through the fields of green

Nothing for miles nothing to be seen

I try to remember what was once there

Messing about in the fresh air

I see the two trees where

There used to be fair

Where we used to play for

Days and days

Until the cows came and

Told us to go away

Until one day that

Fun was no more

We didn’t play into the night

Or start at dawn

That was the day when

Both grew old

I think back to the days of gold

Now the fair has disappeared

And the cows have gone home

And all that is left

Are the two trees alone




Sand is bland while and where I wear my armband,

I try to float like a boat,

the sea is like a bee that stings,

I think shells are like bells that tell stories,

Surfers are like workers that enjoy what they are doing.

Ice cream is like my bloodstream that is as cool as ice.

The gleam on my face is like a beam of sunshine.

this is my speech on the beach.


Summer Nights


Summer nights are bliss

Unless they draw the sword and swing

I hope they miss

But what if they don’t miss do you try to dodge

Or be cut down like the many trees that lived

It’s true words can be sharp like a sword

But I wonder what happens when you take out a shield.




Oh I sit here bored and tired, wired by video games and claiming to be the best at call of duty. Exhausted by schoolwork and frosted by the winter breeze. You could say im a sprinter when I go out. Covid-19 has placed fear in our hearts so hear me out and have a beer handy for the news I tell shall bring you no cheer. We are indoors until the Easter holidays. So keep your keester inside your house and stop the spread of the virus for we will dread the outcome. So stay indoors or go out and pick some iris’s in the gardens of our homes. Keep the gnomes safe and warn them of the storm that comes. The house you stay in is warm and unharmfull. We all shout out in pain at being locked indoors. But use your brain and gain the immunity of staying inside against the deadly virus. We don’t want the reign of terror that a stupid virus can bring.




I am rhyming with my timing

While lying about flying.

I like to gaze at the blaze in my days

I am like a slege in a hedge on their edge