Dunmore Community College, Dunmore, Galway


Shattered mind, broken heart.
Struggling to find meaning and identity.
They all say life will change,
Yet so many changes only add fuel to the self hatred.
Putting on a mask for society just for validation.
compliments feel like a knife through the chest
as this persona is all that is seen.
waking up thinking no one will see me for me is the worst thing of all,
Everything I am internally is everything I’m not externally.



Floating there,
This quiet place,
Sinking down,
Beneath the waters,
Blue water I see
Breathe by breathe I take


Light as day, dark as night.
Boring as paint drying, fun as a good final.
Hard as steel, soft as a kitten.
Good as Christmas, bad as a Monday
Delicious tea? Or deadly poison?
It’s heaven, or it’s hell.
It’s torture, or it’s relieving.
All you’ve ever dreamed? Or your worst nightmare?
Slice of cake? Or like biting a cactus?
Could be anything, it’s up to you.
You decide.

Spring Time

Spring is Time for doing gardens
Garden time Garden Time
Everybody out picking weeds

Spring time is planting time
Planting time planting time
Get your seeds and come outdoors
Spring time is here

Sunny weather, how wonderful
All the family out helping
Family time Family time

Everyone gardening with there shorts on
And mam preparing the lunch to have outside on the garden table
And dad giving out that your not doing it right

I long to be in spring.
Where the pink cherry blossoms and daffodils shall greet me.
No tears, fears or sneers.
Simply me, content.
The smell of freshly cut grass will be in the air
as the clear blue sky and shining sun shall greet me in the morn.
When my time comes. I will arise and leave this earth
and go to spring where the daffodils shall greet me.
And I shall rest for eternity beneath the cherry blossom tree.


Love will kill any one who witnesses that wont keep quite
Love will kill you with kindness
Love will kill any animal who receives it

Love will make you do stupid things like buy new animals ,move in together and give out your money
Love will burn like a flame of a candle
Love will consume all your brain to buy that ring and propose love forever

Love will give you a sence of freedom from all your worries
Love will done two people for life

As I stop to rest
I let my thoughts be my guest,
My mind is having a test
Without me being it’s nest,

My time of thought is coming to an end
As if my hope is about to hit a bend,

I worry about my troubles
As it could all come down in rouble,

As I think in a hurry
I stop and realise what’s my worry

If I stick to my head and chest
I can be the very best .

If life was a poem
i wish i could spend
eternity listening end to end

this song would bring hope to all kind
motivate us as a positive mind
would it be ooo, rap or r & b,
i don’t know i guess we’ll have to see

if life was a song
i’m sure it would be fun,
as it is different to everyone

Existential Crisis

I’m from a farm in Dunmore
but don’t like farming
I’m from a religious household
but I’m not that religious
Im bad at poems
so I can’t think of anything else


Pure Genius

Jaffa cakes are nice
They taste like life

Life tastes like ice
Life tastes alright