De La Salle College, Newtown Road Lower, Co. Waterford

The Concrete Skyline


As I gaze out on the concrete skyline,

The confines of the sandbox from which

My childhood has sprawled with flailing arms,

I think to myself: is this it?


I sit atop the apartment building

The home of the memories,

The laughter,

The pain.

The horizon taunts me like prison bars,

As I wonder to myself when my sentence will end.


All of a sudden the first drop of sunlight

Filling the sky like a hug of warmth

Wrapping its arms around the city

With loving compassion, the likes of which

Seemed more unfamiliar to me

Than most of my life thus far.


And just like that it fills me with hope

The border of my dreams

Begins to broaden at the untameable rate of my imagination

As the horizon fills with the noise of morning


Mystery View


There’s nothing more in life

Than what I just perceived

Where sunrise meets sunset

Theres so much to believe


If one was lucky enough to get a sight

Of this magical view with tremendous light

They would capture all that they need

And be free of all misdeed


Your Beliefs


Your attitude

Your thoughts

Your perspective

How honest you are

Who your friends are

What books you read

How often you exercise

The type of food you eat

How many risks you take

How you interpret the situation

How kind you are to others

How kind you are to yourself

How often you say “I love you.”

How often you say “thank you.”

How you express your feelings

Whether or not you ask for help

How often you practice gratitude

How many times you smile today

The amount of effort you put forth

How you spend / invest your money

How much time you spend worrying

How often you think about your past

Whether or not you judge other people

Whether or not you try again after a setback

How much you appreciate the things you have


My Window


Outside my window, there are many things

Though I see none of them

Because that world is not the world I live in

My true window is not a window

It is a screen

With my window, I choose what I see

This is my world, one that I want

But some people don’t see my window as a window

They see it as an illusion

They think I’m fooling myself

But I know that it is real

And I know that there is a world outside of it that I must face

I just choose not to face it, when I can choose

For my world is mine, and I am happiest there

I fit in there.


My Horizon


I believe in myself

I recognise the reality

I understand the truth of humanity

But when I open my eyes wider

I can see another coin

Completely different to negativity

More like positivity and creativity

As well as life, family and opportunity


Red Sky


In the distance a red light burning

But within, a longing churning

Deep inside the ocean sea

The heartbeat of a sleeping key

To unlock the unfound mystery


Deep inside a soul to be

Arise and become a power to be




I look outside my window and see a glistening sun shining down on top of the sky blue water.

Children running and screaming whilst playing with the water.

The fishermen’s boats looking like ants out in the distance.

People strolling along the beach staring out at the sun that is slowly fading behind the sea.

As the sun fades the sky gets darker and the people start to disappear and once everyone is gone.

There is no other sound except for the waves crashing against the rocks.


I Feel


I feel alone

But have no reason to moan

Because I feel I am not yet fully grown

My family do not always want to see me

But there is no problem that I can see

As I am at best within me

And as I look out at a bed of frost

I feel lost

But know that there is always a cost


“One of Them”


You dream, dream of being one of them,

Living their lifestyle, dying their death,

Not one of the others, the ones with social norms, you want to breathe your last breath,

As a fiangóloch, a warrior, one of them,

They protect us, the thoughts of socialising are,

In the back of their heads as they fight for us, they die for us, they are warriors.




I’m not the greatest poet’s,

My rhymes are kinda stuck.

But maybe you will listen

Of how I see my life.

I seek for no attention

And nothing material.

I only look for freedom

My place in this big world.




A stretch of water with a rising figure behind it lives in my mind.

Physically I am here, in bed, in the bathroom, in school,

At dinner, sitting on the couch or even taking a walk.

But mentally I am there. A world like I’ve never known.

The city lights guide me as I explore the never-ending possibilities this place has to offer.

A single cup of coffee and all of the caffeine it encompasses fuel me,

As I hustle through the day, working my way through my goals.

As I begin to make my dreams come true and immerse myself in my passion,

I climb even further up the ladder of life that leads to even bigger and better things.

As I sit in my apartment after a productive days work, I look out over the horizon.

I remember a time where this rising figure behind a stretch of water was only a dream.

I remember all of the people who never believed in me and said it wasn’t possible.

But I knew that I could do it. I knew how hard I pushed myself and that New York City,

The City of dreams is where I would inevitably end up.




All I see is beautiful people,

They pop up on my timeline,

I worry, why is that body not like mine,

Self-centered pressurisation,

Push me past the edge of realization,

Realization that how they see me,

Its not me.

I worry for my family,

That I won’t make them live happily,

That the world won’t recognise me,

As how I want to be.

Inhuman expectation,

Modern day civilization,

I can’t live with this anymore.

These people look down upon you if you are poor,

Stop judging people,

I beg you, I implore.

So I’m sending this message,

It will go straight to your head,

People need to change,

Before everyone wants to be dead.


Wasted Days


Wasting these days

At a TV watching movies,

Playing these games

Like we’ll care when they’re complete,

Wasting these days

All alone in the daylight,

Going out once or twice a week

Cause we’re incomplete.


Running Forwards


I drew in my breath; I pulled down my sleeve,

I took the first step, starting my journey.

Running forwards, I took my leave,

Huffing and puffing like a man who belongs on a gurney.


Down the lane I go, towards my horizon,

Passing houses, passing fields, passing neighbours who say hello,

I love running, the pain and the glory, in the rain or the sun,

Through the good and the bad, during the high and the low.


Forwards and forwards I run, taking in all that I see,

A car, some potholes, a puddle, a farm

Pass them I go, silently letting them be,

For I want to go forwards, not do any harm.


No matter how far I go, the horizon eludes me

My breathing grows weary and my legs turn week,

A stab in the shin, a shot in the lungs, ouch, there goes me knee,

I stop my watch and the journey ends, yet it is the horizon I seek.


Tomorrow I will go farther, farther than before,

But now I’m happy, I’ve done something good.

Some people think my dream to run is unrealistic and a bore,

But I think reaching that horizon is one thing I could


This Generation


I hate this generation is that okay?

Only posting awful videos so they can get some praise,

Because they don’t get enough attention in each and every day,

Because their parents ignore them for their own selfish ways.


Nobody can go and take a joke on the phone,

Making fun of other people for just being alone,

All because they made mistakes and you didn’t laugh,

So you hurt and abuse them all because of their past.


Everything now seems to be battle from gender on gender,

And everyone will bully people until they do surrender.

We’ve got fake news always right in front of our door,

And most people will believe them because they weren’t taught more.


Oh god please give me enough strength on this earth,

Because it seems that everyday all this shit just gets worse.

Nobody knows all the harm they make with one mean word.

Oh holy God please help us fix this messed up world.


All I See


All I see are leaf less trees

Cars and vans different colours and different shapes

Houses with different styles

Green healthy grass

And bushes with bright green leafs


View Point


I just want to play my game

My parents think its lame

But what I see is a place so competitive

It will never get repetitive

I just want them to know

That to me it feels like home

I want them to change their view

But I don’t know if there is anything I can do


Plane Window in Bed


I sit in my seat

Looking out the window

Staring at the horizon

Over the plane wing

I wake up again

Still in my bead

In Lockdown again

Wanting to go up there again


Sitting Here


Sitting here trying to write a poem,

And nothing comes to mind

Looking at nothing as if I’m blind

Digging down deep as if I’m Steve

I got nothing up my sleeve


When I think I have something

I end up judging

Just sitting here thinking about nothing

And it takes forever to find something


Hope of a New Horizon


A new horizon has dawned upon me

I once again feel complete

She has changed me into feeling happy

Life seems a lot easier since I’ve seen her

She made me believe in love

I once again feel hopeful

A person to cherish, a person to adore

A new horizon has dawned upon me


Sky is the Limit


People always tell us the sky is the limit

I tell them no, I want to go further than that

I want to push towards Venus or Mars

People can’t limit your spirit

Every person has his own horizon

Don’t let people limit you

You are a star, you are a diamond

Every person has a lion inside of them

So live your life to the fullest

Be free and be wild

Always choose your own horizons




I look inside my mind

I see my doubts of failure, yet spirit of hope

The thoughts of mine of which are unkind

I know I must have a go

But I can’t tell my friends from my foe

For I am my own worst enemy

The things I want to do are in reach

But my mind is polluted with internet dope

A lack of work and desire

Makes me believe I am dire

My thoughts of liars and cheats

Makes me remember I am neat

I’ll be okay

My dark thoughts I will not obey




Dream it

If you can dream it then you can

Make it

And if you can’t make you’ll have to

Fake it

If you can’t fake it you should

Take it

If you can take it then look to the horizon and

Enjoy it


The Stage is Set


Yes, we can

I have a dream

That’s one small step for man

It’s to carpe diem


What does this mean

To get busy living

But I’m just a teen

That attitude is unforgiving


Every night before you lay down

Think to yourself

Am I better now

Than this morning’s myself


If so you’re doing great

Keep it up

Live, love, laugh and create

Every day just keep getting up


We’re running out of time

We’ve got to act now

The stage is set

We must not fret

We can do this


It will all Pay Off


Envy and jealously, these are things my worst enemies wish upon me.

But I take no notice just sit and watch the horizon

A beautiful sunrise while bad memories left in the sunset

Another day dawns with new hopes on the horizon

I strive for greatness each day

Hoping that one day, it will all pay off


Thoughts of Time Passed


In the horizon, all I see a shell of a man;

Scarred by the radiant sun

Gazing upon my once called have

Encaged by this contagious disease that tore this man apart

Left all by his lonesome, isolated from the outside world

Plagued by hatred,

Of his past life

He cared for so much

Now all he sees, a life he can never

Have again.


All these Years


All these years

I hide my fears

From reality

To utter brutality


I hope one day I can exceed my imagination

And follow my dreams


The Sun Blazes


Over the horizon the sun blazes

The loud screech of the gulls filling my ears

All the worry goes along with my fears.

The natural sounds are calming and make me feel safe.

The horizon is the barrier between safe and emptiness.

Past the barrier is the unknown land where man won’t dare to venture.

Some want to explore to see what the world has to offer.

However mother nature’s secrets are staying with her.

Over the horizon…


From my Window


From my window I see

Dull dark clouds,

I see green grass

And trees covered in leaves,

I see a white car

Parked on the side of the road,

I see a tall fence

That splits two fields in half.

Broaden my Limits


Here in this bed I lay

Thinking of things to say

To broaden my horizons


I don’t want to think

But school brings me to brink

Of insanity


They say it has a benefit

And it will all pay off

But I just have to suffer for a bit


Everyday I dread

But I have to lift my head

To broaden my horizons

So I can make bread




I wake up too early,

For school you see,

It’s always a struggle I want to be free,

But not from school but from the routine,


When I finally wake, I have a thousand things to do,

It’s like all these things line up in a queue,

Once I finally finish all these thing to do

There is always one thing I forgot to ensue.


Have a Nice Day


Have a nice day

I know that you will have a good day

With my bright cheer today

So go out there with a smile

And go out there a while

Because it such a blessed day

Good morning my love for today

Have a nice day!


The Sun Blazes


Over the horizon the sun blazes

The loud screech of the gulls filling my ears

All the worry goes along with my fears.

The natural sounds are calming and make me feel safe.

The horizon is the barrier between safe and emptiness.

Past the barrier is the unknown land where man won’t dare to venture.

Some want to explore to see what the world has to offer.

However mother nature’s secrets are staying with her.

Over the horizon…




Outside the window is

Quite empty streets not a soul to be seen

Trapped inside this house

Alone with only my thoughts

Outside the window is

Busy streets full of life and wonder

Surrounded by friends and family

Back to normal




From my window I can see

A world full of wonders,

The beach, the sky, the sea

And the faint sound of thunder


I think as I begin supper

One day I wish to explore,

Discover and to recover

The beauty of Tramore




Covid is here change is not near.

People are growing tired, no one is getting hired.

People are fed up it’s time to wake up change is not near it’s time to realize it.

People want to return to normal not me though

People have nowhere to go I enjoy it.

I’m safe inside just me and my thoughts

Time to reflect on life, times are changing

The world is becoming stranger, more and more technology

I don’t know if I can keep up, I find myself living in the past

Missing my childhood where I had no worries.

The world seemed kinder then what will it be like in the future.

What does the horizon hold I do not know

But I fear for the world society is changing.

It’s not one I want to be a part of.


Hope on the Skyline


With the vaccine on the horizon,

And a new American president named Joe Biden,

The world seems to be getting back to normal,

After masks have become formal,

Let’s just hope we don’t have another pandemic,

Because I might just get a cardiogenic.




From the pitch I see,

Thousand there to spectate

Being the person I want to be

Playing against the ones, we hate


Battle is a term for war

Fifteen soldiers step foot on the field

You could be hit hard but fair

Yet no one will heal




Life is so different than before

We can’t even leave our own front doors.

Without getting asked about our trip

These Garda checkpoints are making me sick.

Before if you had a mask you were in a minority

Now having a mask is a priority.

I used to go outside and make the most of the day

And now I can’t even leave my 5k.

At the start lockdown felt so fake

And now we can’t even catch a break.

I suppose we should look on the bright side

Strap in and enjoy the ride.

As when it wraps up and it’s all done

We will look back on lockdown and say it was fun




Hurling isn’t just a game,

Its what makes me who I am,

Its nearly like a religion,

Although some people might call it a scam


Its the late night January training,

It makes it all worthwhile,

Getting sick after running laps,

And the smell is absolutely vile.




The trials were on today

I woke up raring to go

It was a summer’s day in early May

My mam offered me McDonalds

And I thought about it but I had to say no.

“It’s the day if the trials mam” I said,

“And anyway I need to go.”


I Wake Up


I wake up in the morning to mam calling my name

And it’s the same old same schoolwork and zoom

And I’m wording will the world ever go back to the way it was before

I look out my window to the same view


It’s not just a Game


It’s not just a game

It’s not just a hobby

We don’t do it for fame

And not for the money


And after 30 years

The Liverpool boys were in tears

After winning the Prem

Cause it meant so much to them.


They called them the bottlers

They told them to give up

But after years of trying

They won again in Europe


In the setting of Madrid

They showed there tricks

They bet the spurs

To make it number six


It’s what every kid dreams of

Since they were ten

We just wanted to be part of

The eleven men

Who go to lift the cup

After years of dreaming

Cause they never gave up.


As I Look Outside


As I look outside my window, all I can see is a wonderful view of a snowy roads and paths.

But then I come think about the things that we can be excited for after the lockdown.

It is currently just a dream but one day it will become a reality.

The days when will be able to see all of our families

And be able to go out without have to be worried in these difficult times.

We may not know when this lockdown is over

But we know that the day it will all be over so we must be optimistic and patient.




I have a special ability

A x-ray vision only some people can see

Everyone’s acting rough and tough

But deep inside they are scared of scruffs

I look across the horizon

Peoples mouth filled with poison

If only people could see the things I see

They would all agree with me


When I Look out My Window


When I look out my window

I see endless horizons,

I see unlimited options

I see the people from my community

I can hear the buzz of the city

I can imagine my future.


The Game


E4 E5, my opponent plays,

The Jerome Gambit,

King E2,the Bongcloud,

My time has come,

As I use the intercontinental ballistic missile,

To develop a Naroditsky Super on g2

My opponents resigns,

the game is won


The Dragon’s Horde


Thor’s hammer, Skofnung’s sword

Raiding the dragons horde

Reading this book not getting bored

Raging against the Lord’s

Trying to get this damned sword

Belonging to no lord




I’m stuck in quarantine

Living on a machine

Life is hell

Till they ring the bell

Normality will return

Like a bad burn

But it will we strange

Due to the change


Locked Up and Locked In


All of us are locked up and locked in

Looking though blinders like there bars on a jail cell

As the ice is melting and the temperature rise

And were forced to listen to the politicians lies

We start realize all the problems in the world

I know we all wanted change and things to get better

But now that were all locked up all we can do is watch




I just bumped into my friend Jerome

Walking through the streets of Rome

He told me something quite topical

He says that Trump had gone to the Hospital

He got covid while on his plane

I guess he really has no brain

Thank god Biden won this years election

America needed to begin to avoid infection


Everyone Loves Green


The ocean splashes like the cash,

Once everyone’s got cash

All they can think is going on the lash.

Money is hypnotising and all you want is it to keep on rising,

Money is only hypnotising


Down the Street


I wondered down the street

On a dark night

I stubbed to a beat

Until I saw a gloomy sight



I wake up and see the mountains but there is no close fountains.

There’s kids playing and other people paying.

I can get smell the weeds but there is really no need.

There’s big groups on their bikes they should really pick up mics.




I hate from nothing to do,

Sitting in front of a screen

Looking at school work all day

While you’d rather be on the PlayStation

Waiting to get back to normal times

The only thing keeping you motivated is seeing your friends

And family cheering you on.


Winter and Summer


I do not copy and paste

Steak is what I love to taste

By the sun with a beer

By the beach we are near

Sad in winter

Happy in summer

When winter comes, it’s such a bummer

Life goes downhill but I deal with it

Because summer will come around and I’m excited


The Risk


When the risk

To remain tight

In a bud

Was more painful

Than the risk

It took

To blossom.




One thing I know,

Is that chicken is lovely,

Chicken can be sweet,

And it’s definitely not ugly,

My favourite type of chicken,

Is chicken wings of course,

Something that I’ll be eating in my kitchen,

Or for my main course.




I hate school I don’t think it’s cool

Homework is hard work