Cross & Passion College, Kilcullenbridge, Kilcullen, Co. Kildare


Drifting through days that never shall end,
Forcing out smiles awaiting descent.
Days all the same, twisted in one
Missing the dreams that sleep never spun.
Lacking the will to extinguish the past,
No motivation and reasons are vast.
Time has been wasted, lies have been told,
Fighting alone, not trusting a soul.
Tears run down her face approaching the door,
Just standing, breathing and thinking is a chore.
Forcing a stride again and again
Panting so quick one breath contains ten.
Needing a pause, holding a thought,
About to break, life is a lot.

Erika Doyle


Fist meets wall
Cracks the only evidence
Of what happens
When a man faces his irrelevance
What is his nemesis?
The struggles he’s facing, erasing, creating?
Why does it matter, be it the early or latter
Why does he matter, why should he matter?
“Self-existence’s a buggar”
He mutters, he shudders
Adrenaline wears away, much like its owner
He’s weary, he’s clearly barely a shell
Of whatever he’s supposed to be
In life, his inner strife, he wants to thrive
But how is someone supposed survive?
Confined. By walls that read failure
Think now, consider your happiness later
A deep inhale, a soft exhale
He shakes his fist, the pain, he lifts
His head and turns,
Away from the wall
Pretending that nothing ever happened at all.


My Brother

He was amazing
The fire of his heart was always blazing
He fought so hard
But it caught him of guard
The disease raged his body
Soon he was unable to study
The end was coming
These moments were his last
I will cherish them forever
Till the end of time
He was a brother
A brother of mine

Kez Ferrari

Solitary Confinement.

I’m in a cell. A phone screen staring at me.
Blinding. I see pictures of others compared to myself,
Who are they?
Why am I not like them?

This is hell.
My mind runs wild as I see monsters typing on the screen,
Never once thinking of what they’re doing.
Unaware of that maybe just maybe these words could ruin someone’s lives.

The monster in people,
Viciously tearing down their dreams and hopes,
Not thinking that one day
People would no longer be able to cope.

The cell walls feels as if they are closing in on me.
These monsters viciously coming after me.
Knowing well.
Knowing well they were ripping apart the dreams of a young girl.
Knowing well it’s their fault that she is unable express her feelings.

Now she sits in her prison cell,
Unable to step outside, she cries. Unheard.
No one has heard nor noticed her tears.

In solitary confinement, where she has been now for four years.
She has lost her dream, her hope,
Now she fears she no longer will be able to cope.

Paige Murphy

Another Day

It’s like a cloud around your head,
In fact you might as well be dead.

But when suicide screams your name,
Don’t feel any shame.

Talk to someone,
Because the battle has just begun.

And you may feel hostile,
Maybe lost for a little while.

But do not dismay,
Because you get to live another day.


The Rivalry

The weather was warm and the sun in our eyes
I put on my boots they were the perfect size
We marched out onto the field with thoughts of the prize
We lined out on the pitch
And the excitement was too much I began to itch

Its half time we are in the lead
We were more dominant and had more speed
We started the second half with a great score
We were not getting bet we wanted it more

Then we heard it the sound of the whistle blowing
We were so happy with the outcome
The celebrations that night were very fun

Alex Mackey

Our Generation

My generation is lost,
And we will pay the cost,
Social media is the cause,
The past cannot be corrected
But the future can directed

Brian, Daniel, and Dylan


They play in the meadows
They always get apposed
No matter how hard they try
They never success to gratify
The world and their expectations
Its the same in every nation
You will always get talked about for being different
Whether its good or bad, talk you will always be shivering

Conor Glynn

The Evil Hands of Humanity

The hot concrete road she feels
Right in the heart of Summer
The mother rabbit stands on her heels,
Her young aspiring to become her

She stands in await
At her fate
As the car comes screeching past

She has but a glance
Breaking her stance…
The car screams an inch too fast

Another one bites the dust,
And her young…
Fight alone they must

For another wonder of the world
Falls victim to fatality
Her corpse lies dead on the side of a road…curled,
By the evil hands of humanity

Cian Hennessy


He looked so sad
For he was going to change the world
But as he looked around
Everything burned

I laugh at God for he can’t laugh back
The words in my head mean nothing on paper
For my vocabularies lack
My past is privileged
And have no controversial thought
That hasn’t already been convicted
By a more miraculous mind
I can’t rhyme.



Sitting around not doing much
Wishing that I was good enough
This time in life makes you question things
Like what’s the point of human beings
I came to the conclusion there wasn’t a point
When I was out with my friends and offered a joint
I wished for myself to be worth much more
But the doubt in my mind made me insecure
I hope in the future, maybe not anytime soon
That these flaws will die and life can bloom
Hopefully this bud will shows its good
And I can live my life the way I think I should

Hannah Newman


When I won medals of gold, silver and bronze,
You were there to bask in the glory with me.
When the skies opened up and rained relentless bullets on us,
We danced in the rain, strong and free.
But were you there, when girls tugged my hair and twisted it to please?
Or when I was told I wouldn’t pass as a pretty girl
And would have to compensate through other means?
No. I didn’t think so.
And they were your friends, not mine.
Through it all you would sit and sigh,
“Stop overacting, I agree with them.
Come on, I’m your friend, you’re really upsetting me. I just want to help.”
You helped by making me doubt myself,
She’s my friend, why do I complain to her when she is right?
I couldn’t pass as a pretty girl, not with all my might,
And the power of a thousand suns, not through ‘other means’,
Or hairstyles designed to please,
I was just me.
And no one but you could take that away from me.
“Come on, trust me”
I did.
Despite all the harmful words, glowers and grief,
I trusted you so much I could do it in my sleep.
But most importantly, when all was assumed swell,
I trusted myself to trust you and all your ‘helpful’ acts as well.

Alice O’Mahoney


The feeling of being lost, now familiar
Anxiety of not showing who I am, growing bigger
Being a fraud, feeling alone,
Not wanting to go to school, not wanting to go home
Slowly watching the day tick by,
Another day putting my feelings aside,
Wanting to change, to finally be unique
To be happy, in my own physique.

Abby Phelan

Those Good Old Days

Young and free running like a breeze
Not going to a certain place but running at a high pace
You can hear the trees and the buzzing bees

Not a care in the world just have a twirl
Playing in the hot sun with your friends is great fun
But now I’m old it isn’t gold
I’ve lost my imagination got no creation

Clodagh Sweeney


We are made choose the rest of our life
We choose what subjects to learn
So we may be better prepared for our future jobs
When we haven’t even experienced twenty percent of life
But it also seems idiotic
That we learn so much useless information to begin with
I may not know what I want from life
But I know it won’t involve speaking a dead language
I may not know what I want from life
But however will I cope with my shopping if I don’t know mathematics
It’s not like I have a calculator in my pocket
Why are we even thought cursive?
When nobody can understand it
I’m fed up with this crap

Benjamin Farrell

In the End of Time

I wanna walk slowly through my little life
In a shocking revelation I may come to find
All the things I tried didn’t work out right

And I’ll stare at all the consolations in the sky
And identify the ones that give me light and power
And mark them with a marker and pinpoint it to the FBI
And they’ll hook it to a plant and then into the ground
My disappointment can be measured on a Ritcher scale
Because I don’t know what the result entails. If I claim it, will I go to jail?

Where’s the time travel machine, I need it now, because all I have is time
Can I go back in time, and try warn all the crimes
If I don’t then I’ll stay and realise
That I’m at fault too.

Josh Reidy

My Generation

My generation is the broken redeemer
It is the reckoning of mistakes past
Beckoning those out of the dark
From medieval times lighting the spark
Revealing those lost and hidden
Guilt ridden because of those who bark names
Destroying us with pain filling us with shame
Making us vain as we feel powerless slain
Stuck under this bullies reign as we wain in strength

My generation is the broken redeemer

By people who stunt creativity with pills
Breaking our will
Telling us to chill
As our pain spills out
And we stomp and shout about
While they wonder why we’re freaking out
What is it all about
We don’t have anything to worry about
Because to these brutes were mute
Just kids having a laugh and a hoot
Cute little kids who don’t know pain
Isn’t it a shame that those who it happened to
And saddened through and through
Flatten you as they ignore you

John Healy

Maiden Voyage

She sailed far and wide, but tragically deep,
The captain remained, with his dignity to keep,
On her maiden voyage, our maiden drowned,
With many souls to hear her sounds.

Fathers, mothers, children died,
The elders wept, those younger cried,
Sank beneath the murky depths,
Their ocean grave is where they slept.

Jonny Whelan

What to Do

You’re telling your boys you want it for a night
But you’re in my texts trying to make me your wife
You say you want me but you only want a little taste
Now you have me here feeling like a waste
You told me you won’t treat me like the other boys
But all you do is play me like a toy
Say you love me, say you love me not
But you really don’t you just think in hot
You won’t talk to me unless you’ve had a drink
I do not even know what to think
But I’m still crazy about you
And I just don’t know what to do


Parents Say

Parents say grow up
But they don’t know,
We cry about life
Every night
People putting things in our heads
Making us wishing we were dead
We cant think anymore so
We sink lower than before.

Emily Rooney

Looking up to the Sky

Looking up to the sky,
Wondering why.
How did I end up here?
With another beer.
A problem in my head
All I want is my bed,
No one knows
And that kind of blows.

Caoimhe Doyle


We hear the whispers traveling through the halls
And read we’re sluts on the bathroom walls
No one can see our emotions in these prison stalls
Our 6-year sentences can make the strongest bawl

Although these years are the best of our life
Some things here can make you reach for the knife
This cage of animals is the definition of strife
And constantly makes me dream of the afterlife

This poem might give you an awful fright
And although school days may feel like shite
I still see the future to be bright
And that’s the thought I go to sleep with at night

Even though the rest of our lives are out of sight
Just keep on going and hold on tight

Kate Browne and Zelie Dunne and Ali Grimes

Krispy Kreme

Few days ago, my life changed
Had a Krispy Kreme doughnut,
Never in my life had I had one before
But when I took my first bite I wanted more.

I will admit they were sweet
Probably going to rot my teeth,
My heart was going scarily fast
But it was a flavoursome blast.

Grace Coyne


One camp we had dad hats
The next we were bitchy and tired
The third we were harassed
The fourth we got smurfies
The fifth we were too cold
The sixth we fell out of the tent
The seventh we were too hot
The last we met cupcake


A School

What is in a school but hopes and dreams?
Filled with harmful words that “nobody means”
Just as new wishes are built and created
Facts and opinions have to be stated

“You’re not that fun”, “You’re not that fit”
One person’s confidence severely hit

But where are we now?
And what will we do?
The only way to change this
Is up to you

Lorcan Greaves

You Have in Now

You have him now,
You always ignore me… wow,
We’ve known each-other our whole life,
But now you gaze could cut me like a knife,
You two,
I don’t know what to do,
Attached at the hips,
Will ya ever get a grip,
Sister please,
Its not just him in your life,
There’s also me.



I dislike all schools,
Why are there so many rules.
School is never fun,
I can’t wait till 6th year when I’m done.
I’ll take with me all this useless knowledge,
When I finally get to move on to college.



I was on the Titanic
Everybody was in panic.
The boat cracked down the middle
While the band played their fiddle.
Everyone scrambled to the deck
And the scene became a wreck.
There was a hole in the hull
But the lifeboats were full.
As the boat went down
And all were about to drown.
My family and my friends
About to meet their ends.
Then there was just me
Alone, dying in the sea



The school is quiet
Until the riot
The teachers don’t care
All they do is stare
They give out and shout
Until everyone backs out
Goes around town to roam
Then they all flee home
The school is quiet



We’re in distress
Require immediate assistance

Come quick as you can
Tell your captain, old man
And pardon my insistence

She’s sinking fast
Our ship won’t last
Despite our best resistance

But as long as she floats
Get ready your boats
To salvage our existence



When I was six, I screamed in rage to discover nothing but the old
Another cold darkness
When I was nine I came to the dark again when a fight in the night broke more than glass
When I was twelve I went to the place with a lot of cross and not much passion
To be bossed and told to ration
But I continue for scars are not bars but badges of time gone by

Kai Ryan


Begotten amongst the cotton that held her hostage, her roots were strong.
Strong like the chains of persecution that strained her.
Strong like the weight of being taken straight from the motherland, taken to another land.
Her roots were strong.


The Say

They say, “well this is life”,
That you should deal with it if you wanna be a wife.
They yell abuse at the schoolyards and bus stops,
And blame us for our choice of tops.
We stand up and protest, use our voices,
But they still blamed us for our choices.
Don’t go out wearing that, you should have known better,
Maybe you should just let her,
Live her life and wear what she wants,
And please for god sake stop with the taunts.

Grainne Connolly

Those Friday Nights

Those Friday nights
Under the lights
Looking at the long balls
While your freezing your own off
Chanting as passionate as you can
But its just to keep you warm
But no matter where they may be you travel because life
Is nothing without football
You feel safe while with your own
Because you know you’re not alone
And when rival fans meet
Anything is allowed to be said bar racism
90 minutes of tribal war
But at the end of it all
Football is never a bore

Ross O’Brien

Rose are Red

Roses are red
You love your bed
You live for the rave
Party till you concave.
Get that henny into you
We here till half two.
Wake up head spinning
Nonetheless, you’re still grinning.



Feathers ruffling, feet steady on the branch.
Staring intently on the ground below.
Leaping through the air, wings out and gliding
Beak down, ready for attack.
Scooped up in the beak was lunch.
Down in one.
The worm didn’t stand a chance.

Lona Lee-Parnell

Results Night

As I started to sip on my vodka and coke,
I came to realize my life was a joke,
Results night was becoming a disaster,
I was downing the cans faster and faster,
As the night went on, and the more drunk I got,
My memory of the night will always be forgot,
I wish I could repeat results with my friends,
Not the exams, never again.

Megan McGann


Hit after hit after hit
They kept fighting
Spitting out blood and bits
The quick number 11 made a break
Like lightning
The stands erupted, with Neanderthal roars
As the hard driven rain continued to pour
They huffed and puffed
But the rival team just weren’t quick enough
He slid across the line
Scoring that try made it thirteen points to nine
The referee blew his whistle
We all leapt into the air as if we were missiles

Finbarr O’Brien

Sweet Sixteen

The sweet sixteen,
Those sixteen candles.
Spending our nights
Mimicking vandals.

We drink too much,
And get home too late.
But we’re just having fun
So why grant us hate?

We don’t do all our homework,
Cause we’d get a bitta slaggin’.
But at least we know how to party,
Now pass us that naggin!

Kate Dooley