Cross and Passion College, Kilcullen, Co.Kildare

Beware Social Teens

You know what it’s gonna say
Refresh. Reread. Repeat.
It’s probably true anyway
Refresh .Reread. Repeat.
I thought these people were my friends
Refresh .Reread. Repeat.
Is it because I don’t follow all their trends?
Refresh .Reread. Repeat.
How did I get involves in this mess?
Refresh .Reread. Repeat.
Refresh .Reread. Repeat.

Abigail O’Leary


Differences, uniqueness
These are things make you strong.
Failures and screw ups
These don’t make you wrong

Depression and anxiety
These don’t make you weak
Search and find inside of you
The thing that makes you unique

Power, money, fame
These aren’t what we need
Live and love and learn
Don’t focus on hate and greed

People will want to break you
Hurt you and take you down
They want to screw your life up
And they want to take your crown

I say don’t let them
Don’t let them take your joy
Don’t let them take your smile, your laugh
Because all the say is lies

Your strength is in the love you give
The people you cherish and help
But there is no way you can help them
If you don’t help yourself

Jamie Leonard

Out of Fashion

“Why are you so obsessed?” they say
As they judge, analyse and survey
Every word, every action,
Struggling to decipher opinion from reaction,
Giving rise to a conflict,
Their own words contradict.
See they themselves don’t convey a passion,
“Confidence is out of a fashion”
And for every soul that lacks a drive
The world becomes deprived
Because every soul that has a passion,
Beneath the opinion, the harsh reaction,
Has a voice, has a point
That’ll put the world out of joint
And with our world constantly breaking, constantly in pain,
To all of us what’s one more break,
What’s one more sprain?

Rhiannon Murray

Being a Teen

What it means to be a teen,
To get stuck in between,
Between fight, while lying awake at night,
Looking out the window up to see the moonlight
And the sunlight, then having to go to school
And follow someone’s rules, being called tool,
And hearing that you look like a fool
By people that are called “cool”.
Hearing that kids can be cruel
When you are not a tool and you don’t look like a fool.
You are a jewel, so don’t listen to the kids at school.
They are the fools for not calling you cool
Because you are no matter what
Someone will have the answer.

Alexander McDonald

A Big House

I live in a big house,
With only two rooms I genuinely use,
I tend not to peruse.
Though no-one would hear me I remain quiet as a mouse,
My family is kind as they are resemble the image of a common louse,
My own company is that I abuse,
The reason for my solitude I cannot deduce,
I have tried and failed but shall continue to dowse.

Some time has passed and I have grown rather weary.
The solution to my social dilution is this,
Be myself and risk sticking out like a sore thumb.
This answer is daunting and to me seems quite dreary,
Though I know it must be done and can only result in the purest bliss,
If I am myself, my friends will come.


A Lie

The mirror,
A deadly weapon we use to pick ourselves apart
We diminish ourselves to nothing, breaking our hearts
We compare, continue to stare at our reflection being left in despair
We think that surgery and being skinny will make us pretty
Some deprive themselves of food, and others do unimaginable things
We feel sorry for ourselves and bully ourselves because we are not
But perfect is boring, perfect is a lie
The amount of boys we get or the amount of jealousy upon us does not
Measure our beauty
Our confidence and comfort in our own skin does
And the lie of being perfect is pure fiction

Olivia Crawford

A Cold Winter Morning

A cold winter morning
A fist full of snow,
The sun is crawling
On the horizon slow

As the night recedes
To a gentle glow
And the snow bleeds
We all will know

The cold days are over
The springtime has come
Some finally closure
The winter is done

Sean Downey

My Sunflower

My sunflower
Growing every year
You tower
My pretty sunflower

My sunflower
Your petals bright, thriving
My strong sunflower

My sunflower
Your mind a hundred miles an hour
But why do you cower?
My lonely sunflower

My sunflower
Your petals have fallen and turned black
Will they ever come back?
My insecure sunflower

My sunflower
Banish your selfish pain
So we can meet again
My pretty sunflower

Sometimes, I feel invisible
As if, I don’t exist
I feel my presence doesn’t matter
That no one cares if I am around or not

I try to stay positive
Telling myself when I am noticed, it goes well
But those are rare times
What will happen if I’m alone
Will anyone notice?



You’ve been outbid
So we forbid
For you to get rid
Of your pet squid
So we can go to Madrid
Has he disappeared?
Or has his death finally neared
For if he did live
We can forgive
You want to get rid of him
But murder is a sin

Emma Stuart

My Group of Friends

We went exploring behind a field
Found an abandoned shed
We made a little house
Because there was chairs and tables
Scattered all over the place
Behind a pub
That was the cool place to go after school.

Adam Murphy Mckenna


Turf is what I like but I hate surf
I go to the bog even in the fog
We foot turf for living and we give it to people
Even in the rain we go though the pain
After I get shower and plant a few flowers

Ian Fleming


Myself, I would prefer to go to a football match or play sports,
Than go to what men presumes is girls always getting
Their hair and makeup done.
People saying what I have to become because I’m a girl
“Oh I say you would go into fashion or makeup”.
Stereotyping girls saying they can’t play sports or they can’t fight,
And if lads think they’re so class and strong then say that
To all the amazing women in sports,
And see how strong you are cause women will beat the crap out of you!

Emma Doherty

A Dance

We like to dance,
But only given a chance
To fly to France.

We sit on the swing
As we sing
And drink some gin.

We take a few courses
To ride some horses
Taught by sources

We bought a ticket
And drank some blue wicked
As we only had a one way ticket
We needed a tickle

Nicole Delaney

Nothing Compared

When something tragic happens,
People hurt
But what do you do
When you’re hurting badly
But others hurt more?
You can’t compare to them
You can’t show how hurt you are
Because compared to them
It’s nothing
“You didn’t know them”
“Imagine if you were me”
So you sit there
Comforting them
Ignoring your own pain.
Because compared to others your pain is irrelevant.
But what happens when
Because of this
You’re left alone?
You’re feelings eating you from inside out
The pain,
The mourning,
The despair,
The loss,
No one comforts you
Because you’re the one comforting them.
You’re pain doesn’t matter
It is nothing compared to theirs.


When I was Young

When I was young, I thought I was weak
Surrounded by horrible words
Such as weird and freak
And it made me hate the world

Lived in a hospital half my life
Being different, cursed
It makes a young kid wonder
Is there anything worse

Sam Quinn

Oh Lad

Oh lad he said would you look at that
Oh man he said imagine one like that
Oh lad she said can I help you?
Oh … no he said as her eyes blinked down her face blue
Oh lad he said why’s it so upset
Oh man he said here it comes again,
Because I’m not an object!!!

Hannah O’Grady


Followed universities carefully
Itched surprisingly
Fatally rambled
Admired fat colleagues

Gramzy Downey Jr

Lesson Learned

We found out deodorant was flammable
About 4 years ago
We cycled to the bog to test it out
We lit fires that got bigger by the day
After about a year of lighting fires
There was one day were we stopped for good
We went to the bog and grabbed the dried sticks
We found a tire and just threw it in
The fire got bigger and the smoke got denser
We started to run when the fire got taller than us
We didn’t stop running until we were at the house
I thought going to jail
But no one seemed to notice the black plume of smoke
Coming from the forest
That was the end of fires for us

James O’Halloran


Green yet xanthic
Roasted ninjas around musty mid-wives
Ancient and xylophonic
Melted surprisingly
Zested crunchy dragons
Yellow and elderly

Aaron Gramzy

The Titanic

I was on the titanic and I had a panic
So I punched a Hispanic
I ran for the exit and screamed brexit means brexit


For a Minute or Two

For a minute or two if felt weightless in his company.
Not knowing what to say or even what to think.

For a minute or two, I actually thought we were good.
Reminiscing about his hand in mine.
His warm, soft jumper tickling my cheek.

For a minute or two, I could even picture us together until the end of time.
Through thick and thin.

For a minute or two, I really didn’t know why we lost contact.
For a minute or two, I never found out why he did what he did.
For a minute or two, I thought he loved me.

Daniel Kelly


As I strolled up at 7
To the council estate
The girls looked like heaven
But I was about to be in a state

We met with the boys
With cans and pink juans to spare
As I grooved to the speakers noise
It was a decent buzz I swear

As I entered Jenna’s gaf
The alcohol began to hit me
Meeting her mother was a laugh
I wouldn’t be able to go home to Marie

The bus went badly
As I lost the run of myself
But what I was unaware of
Was that my night would end sadly

After getting kicked out by bouncers
The sick wouldn’t stop
Soaked to my boxers
My head was spinning nonstop

My sick was pure lager
And as my dad arrived
I told him “I’m waiting for my father”
He said the next morning, he was horrified

Joel Kavanagh

Four Hours

9:30 bouncers at the door,
There’s only one Madeline but we got four.
10:30 said we wouldn’t drink,
So much for that now we’re throwing up in the sink.
11:30 the guards are in town,
Next thing we know the party is shut down.
12:30 I stumbled out of the spout
And only hoped my mam wouldn’t find out

Saoirse and Love

The Beam

You mount it and pray you don’t fall off in that minute and a half
When I land a skill, I smile and laugh
It gives me bruises, sore bones and muscles
And as I struggle
To keep my focus
I glance over at my coaches
They smile and give me the thumbs up
I prepare to backup
And as I flip off the beam
And land with my head held high
I walk off knowing
I bet the beam

Rachel Ward


When I arrived home from school
One Thursday afternoon
I had a rugby match that evening
Unsure what time I’ll be leaving
When the ref blew the whistle
The boys were hitting them like a missile
Blood, sweat and tears
They were only some of my fears
Five minutes to go down by a try
All the lads were about to cry
But when my friend got the ball
Under the posts he crawl
Time for me to win the game
Over the bar I will aim
I kicked the ball, up the flags went
All the lads considered me a gent.
I will never forget this game
The winner I can proudly claim.

Daragh Burke

My Dog

She is a bit stupid
But I still love her
She eats dog food
And has long fur
She likes to run
And always has fun
She might not understand
But she’s a great companion
And she might be a dog
But she’s definitely part of my family

Odhrán Healy

The Spout

An over 18’s event for a girl that’s 17
This is definitely going to quiet a scene
For all the lads in school
Fake ids is what all the bouncer sees
I’m sure it will all be a breeze



As I walk into the school battered and bruised,
Still tired from the energy I have used,
Cuts from the game still stinging, but still in my step I will be springing,
We won the battle and were going to win the war,
With every last drop of blood and sweat to be ahead on the score.

Shane Penrose

To Impress

I do this to impress
Blood sweat and tears just to be a success
The pain, the loneliness, and the hunger
Just to be seen as a lad with power
I am a lad who always believed
Worked hard, sacrificed then achieved
By punching hard then feeling the best
I love it



Up, down and the
Sky above
I’ve always wondered
What might fall from above



I think to myself “what have I done”
It all came from nowhere I stopped having fun
I’d sit on my bed not knowing what to do
Stuck here for days its acting like a glue
A small time past and I started to see a change
My pal texted me he had something to arrange
We went to the shop on a cold Christmas day
And I finally realised I was on my way



Where I live, we have the craic,
The boys are smoking out the back,
The lads are kings,
Because they wear rings,
Our estate is class,
Beware of glass,
Don’t come here,
Unless you’re on the beer.

Ben Corcoran