Cross and Passion College, Kilcullen, Co. Kildare

Silhouettes of Trees

As silhouettes of trees swayed by the brink
And brisk air stained my cheeks a subtle shade of pink
The howling wind built up a strong wall of fear
Black birds sang but nobody could hear

The dazzling moon lit up the street
I could have stayed there all day, on repeat
Going for strolls during the night
Life has never felt so right



Screwed up girl in a top notch world.
Lonely, addicted and depressed,
But always trying to look her best.

Gunshots left her undisturbed,
Never seeming to make her turn.
Help from others she continuously curbed,
Always leaving them with concern.

Abbie and Rachel


As a hollow person, I see myself through others,
I am what people want me to be and I like it that way,
Don’t get me wrong I do have a personality and a pretty good one
But I like to bend and flex myself to fit others ideas of me,
It’s what I enjoy to do and I am a pretty submissive person by nature.
I also like to help others out with their problems,
Even if sometimes I get bummed because of it,
Seeing others happy and laughing makes me feel happy,
That’s part of the reason I am looking at acting/comedy as my future career.

Jordan Green


They say a mask is to hide identities
They say masks are used by criminals
They say those who wear masks have something to hide
They say masks are used by cowards
The mask that’s criticized for adorning my face
Is a mask they created with their standards


Little Baby

Just a tiny little baby
Not an hour you did survive
Your heart just couldn’t hold it
You had no strength to thrive

We held you for a just moment
We didn’t know you’d go
The doctors didn’t notice
That this would happen so

The pain I felt the day
That you were taken away
Still has never left me
It won’t ever stray

I hurt each time I think of you
The pain too much to hold
The family, you left behind
Will never forget you

Abigail Finnegan


Life is so strange
Nothing stays the same
Everything will change
But who to blame

Life is like a game
Where you have to lose
Before you can gain
To win you have to face the fearful rain
Swallow up the pain

In Life. They always say
Don’t use your heart
Only use your brain

In life, there is love
But the more is hate
No one decide
They all hesitate
And who knows the fate

The closest people you need go away
When you need them the most
You find them lost

Day after day
Days go by
People are born
And other die
I will not lie

Year after year
No one understands
Nothing is clear
Nothing in our hearts except fear

Sean Furlong

I Walk Through

I walk through the hall
No one knows me at all,
They say they do
But they don’t.

Nowhere to go,
No emotions to show,
Only people to follow,
Who are too shallow to know.

So I walk on home,
To a family who loves me,
And puts a roof above me.

But, my guard is up
And will never fall,
This is why they don’t know me at all.

Hannah, Joan and Rachel

Navy Skies Above

Clear skies, nothing but sparkling stars,
And a big silver moon too,
Reflection of the moon on the ocean,
Was like the reflection of a mirror,
And there’s nothing clearer,
The crashing of the waves,
Made me think I was lost in a maze,
Out in my own world,
As the ocean, well it swirled.

Sarah Dunne


Life is good
Life is fun
Life isn’t fighting
Life is being stupid
Life is having fun
Life is having friends, family
Life is enjoying the easy things
Life isn’t being sad
Life is worth it
So try and try hard
To be happy
Or your life will slip away!

Theo Kavanagh

She Said, He Said

She said, he said
My face to their backs, a boulder
Words weighing me down like lead
Constantly glancing over my shoulder.

I know how it makes others feel
I’ve learned to not care what they think
What’s most important is to just be real
And you’ll meet others who are in sync

Hannah Crowley

See Me

See me skip
See me run
I’m going to like everyone
See me smile
See me grin
When then teacher calls me in
We me work
See me play
I’m in school
Thank god for this day

Jack Wiseman

Not Myself

I’m not myself in school
I feel like I can’t
Without being slagged
Just for being me
Get called ‘soft’
But I don’t take it
I don’t sulk about
I understand that this is what people do
To cover up their insecurities
I understand

Charlie Swan


We were left there standing all alone,
Stranded on the side of the road,
Hopeful for someone to pick up the phone,
And come to relieve us at this crossroad.

He drives past us, window open,
Fingers in my ears trying to block out the sound,
Shouting left right and center,
Finally, we are found.
Home at last,
Thankful it’s all in the past.

Vicky Maher


Beaming down on us from a distance;
Stars are like headlights for instance.
Twinkling like glitter,
These little stars are far from bitter

Staring down on us all from afar,
They are like the terrified eyes of a deer caught by a car.
Not sure whether to stay or hide;
The eyes of a deer who can’t decide

Like glowsticks in a room of darkness;
Or like golden polka dots in a sea of starkness.
Every once in a while they shoot across the sky,
So fast it can’t be seen by the naked eye.

Cora Shannon

Pressure on the People

Sitting in school, feeling like crap,
But Willy Shakespeare ain’t got time for it.
Cramming for exams,
Rehearsing line after line,
Why are you asking me,
Why I feel like I don’t have time?
Writing on the page, writing’s on the wall,
Trying not to fall,
Into a cycle.
A cycle of madness, a cycle of anxiety,
That returns, and repeats,
And there’s not a care in society.

For the person.
For the boy.
Dealing with the pressure.
It may not seem like much to you, but to me,
It may mean the world.
It IS my world.

Relieve the pressure.
Stop driving people forward,
When they need a rest,
A break,
From this slavery,
This heartache.
Because who needs sonnets and geology,
When you’re a doctor, a chef, an entrepreneur?
If it’s not useful for life, then what is point?

Teach us something we can use,
Taxes, social skills, creativity.
Things that are interesting, and do not confuse,
The people. Because they are what matters.


My Puppy

My puppy called Sally
Isn’t very young
She is actually eleven
But has a young soul
She is kinda very sick
Her back legs are going
But she is still as happy as ever
I love her very so.

Amy Bermudez

In School

Being in school
Is almost like drowning in a pool
All the smart people make you feel like a muppet
And the teachers treat you like a puppet
Wish I could sit at home and watch tv
But you can’t get a job without a cv
Sometimes I wonder what I’ll be doing in a few years
Will I ever meet my peers

Nathan Fanning


Turtle in my bedroom
Turtle in my life
Turtle in my soul,
Turtle is my sight
Turtle lives in inside me
Turtle awakes at night
Turtle is a metaphor
Turtle is for life

Louise Ward

In the Ring

In the ring
He heard the bell cling
His six foot foe
Tucked his head low
He stabbed him with a jab
Slapping his flab
Dancing around the ring
Smiling with glee
His motto fly like a butterfly sting like a bee.

Alex Newman


I went to school today
It was very fun I must say
Just kidding that was a joke
School is worse than a sloppy egg yoke
I hate school so very much
Sometimes I just want to give the teachers a punch
Although school isn’t so bad
It just isn’t for me which is quite sad

Adam Condon


Liverpool is my favourite team
I love to watch them play
In the league and champions league
Every Saturday
Henderson is the skipper
Klopp is the gaffer
He gives out the rolls
And Salah scores the goals

Adam Downes


My dad is a DJ
He gets big money pay
Goes by the name Basher Murphy
Then crashed his car and turned to Crasher Murphy
Sad when your dad goes to festivals you go too
And djs with his crew
We’re in touch
But I never see him much
Always going on dates
But always stay mates
When will he find the one
So he can have more fun
Now he’s in college
Hopefully he’ll get some knowledge


Spider in my Bathroom

Spider in my bathroom, he gave me a big fright
Spider in my bathroom, he came in at night
Spider in my bathroom, he didn’t know my name
Spider in my bathroom, surprisingly he was tame
Spider in my bathroom, i will never be the same
Spider in my bathroom, he kept me up all night
Spider in my bathroom, sadly it had to be his last fight

Ava Cronin


Rain and hail
Cold and snow
Are good excuses
Not to go

Jack Wiseman


We used to play boring football,
Now we play better than a baby can crawl,
The atmosphere is electric now with Frank at the wheel,
We cut through your defence like an orange peel.

Tammy cannot stop scoring,
Our football will never be boring,
When we the ball lands at our feet,
You know you are about to get beat.

Alex Siska


Imagine feeling like nothing being like nothing
And doing nothing but knowing you’re something
But trying to find out what that and who that is

Rory Johnston


Constantly minding little annoying brats,
Pulling and tugging on their cat,
Always singing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,”
This is the most annoying song by far.

They’re pretty adorable when they sleep,
With the little toys that they keep,
They have a cute little button nose,
And curled up little toes.


In Class

Siting in the class with all the side eyed looks
Trying to distract myself in the books
Waiting for the next reptilian move and comment to be said
Just so, it can sit in my head
Just giving them the benefit of the doubt
Always knowing it’s you there on about
Day in day out just wanting to scream and shout to let it all out
Feeling all alone with no one about
But knowing I’m stronger than that


Match Day

Walking up Walton lane
Looking into to the club shop, nothing’s changed
Men calling out, “match day scarves and badges”
People selling programmes from past matches
Walking up the stairs and seeing the main stand
Thousands of people, the best fans in the land
Half time in the concourse getting a pie
If there’s a last minute goal you’d jump so high
Concede one and you feel like you want to die
After the match rushing to meet the players
Hope you see them, saying your prayers
Taking a selfie and getting an autograph
Getting to talk to them or having a laugh
Getting back home and watching Match of the Day
That’s the story of an Everton match day.



I am no poet but I want to rhyme
I am no speaker but I want to speak
I am no politician but I want to change policy’s
I am no fortune teller but I know how this journey ends
I am a student and I am shackled for now…
I just hope I am not too late to make a change


Every Day

Every day I feel desperate ache of the pain piercing through my stomach,
Everyday getting worse, many hospital visits, many surgeries but nothing solved.
The days drag out as I spend hours waiting to see my much dreaded doctor,
Just to get the same old news,
“We’ll solve this soon, you’ll be okay” yet nothing has ever changed.

Moll Morgan

Now a Stranger

Once my best friend, now a stranger
Once a daily conversation, now only frustration
When I speak he does not listen, all I get is a dictation
People ask about him everyday
But I have nothing left to say.
Once my brother, now a stranger.

Erin O’Neill

Every Morning

Every morning I wake up in a good mood,
For one reason, for one person.
It’s a very special person who always makes me smile
Who makes me happy both inside and outside
and who is always on my mind
Her laugh, her smile, her looks, and her personality it’s all just perfect…
She’s just perfect

She always makes sure I’m fine
This girl named Katelyn I’m proud to call her mine.

Jack Reddy

When I was Young

When I was young, everything was OK
When I was young, I was happy
When I was young, I had things that make me happy
When I was young, I didn’t have a care in the world
But now that has all changed
Now everything is not OK
Now I am not happy
Now I don’t have things that make me happy
Now I care about what people think
Sadly the world isn’t made to be happy


My Sheep

My sheep don’t eat hay around May
But they might eat hay on a winter’s day
In a field with a lack of grass where the rain lies.

Dean Kelly

A Man with no Remorse

The little girl did not know what was going on
Her dad had been away for so long
Nobody explain and she didn’t understand
All her mam told her was it wasn’t what she planned
Things began to change and her routine was broken
The girls feelings were left unspoken
Her dad moved on with the world of well
When the family he broke stays under a very dark spell
A family of divorce
And a man with no remorse


The Toon King

DeAndre Yedlin, the Toon king
His pace leaves opponents with a sting.
Standing at 5’8 showing height doesn’t matter.

Ruairí Brown


They think they are always right
Well that’s a load of crap
They`re always on my case
And shouting in my face.
I tidy the whole house but leave my bed not made
They tell me I do no jobs
And that I am such a slob.
They give you lifts to training and complain you get too much
Yet when you say you`re not feeling the best and need some rest
They say you are not trying half your best
Although i`ve spent all this poem complaining
I love my parents very much and to that there is no explaining.

Mia Whelan

True Love

She’s my true love,
A special bond that cannot be broken,
Is our love forever…
Our hearts beating together…..
Our love holds us together,

So take my hands sweetheart
Gently feeling me touching
Your heart,


Happiness and joy
Will never be apart….

You’re my everything in life,
Every morning I wake
You bring joy to my heart,
Our bond is forever and strong
In a magical world,

This is where our hearts truly belong…

David P Carroll

The League

Liverpool is red
Everton is blue
Man City are crap
And so are Man U
Man u fans are so naive
They can’t perceive
That Liverpool will win the premier league

Conn Killeen


A time for everyone to be together
And children hoping for snowy weather
Sitting by the fire, decorating the tree
All my family around me
Nobody sleeps at the thought of Santa coming
In the background, Christmas music is constantly humming

Laura McCann

House on the Corner

The walls sit like thick masks
Not a movement but still no one asks
The windows reveal split second views of its occupants
From outside it was like a doll house, set in place
Only the long grass and bushes overly grown
Family dead long ago buried and mourned
She sits permanently thrown on the stairs
But still no one comes no one cares
Died three weeks ago
Heart attack yet no one will know
A sad lonely life ends the same way
Leaving her last memory awfully grey
And still no one comes no one knows
That the old woman on the corner died three weeks ago.

Grace Wright


I came from Latvia I can’t spell
I bought a bell I couldn’t sell
I tried chess but I had no successes
I was a mess it was stress
My family is Russian it was no discussion
That I’m Russian cause I rush to much.
TrI baloskI is not too much for a local Russian on the sash
While smoking pringles while he sprinkles
Giggles and wriggles while he eats skittles with a pickle



Hon the rags
The black and white flags
Are full forward smokes fags
His mams name is probably mags
His body always sags
He runs down to the other junkie and asks for a drag
He got home and played FIFA and got speed lag
He walked out when he lost and started to play with clay
He walked into the other room
And I was riding a sleigh

Cormac Barker


The first person I knew was mammy
Feel like I don’t even know my daddy
All the conversations you don’t remember are the conversations that keep us together
But they don’t matter to you whatsoever
Never had a family dinner, maybe that’s why your getting thinner
My birthdays tomorrow, I know I’ll be left in sorrow
Your alcohol will call through the wall
And it will lead to one more missed dinner, missed call, missed birthday
Dad please come home for one conversation we both remember


The Life of a Modern Day Teen

It’ll be fun they said,
Getting all dressed up,
Some sort of alcohol in a cup,
Someone yelling “lets get messed up.”

It’ll be fun they said,
Early morning training,
Pouring and raining,
Running till your legs are paining.

It’ll be fun they said,
Staying up late,
Snapping your mates,
Dreaming of boyfriends and dates.

It’ll be fun they said,
Being a teen,
Going out on the scene,
Playing for a team,
But it’s not what it seems.

Jill O’Toole


The sun is blaring
The heiniger is hanging
The sheep are standing
The icon is waiting
The wool is peeling
The blades are heating
The sweat is dripping
And John is staring

Benen Lynch

The Match

The match starts in Old Trafford
Marcus Rashford scores a banger
When the halftime whistle blew
Jamie Carragher calls him a langer
The match ends 2-1
The city has turned red
Just like Gerrards slip in 2014
Liverpool’s hopes in winning the league
Are dead

Lee Ryan


Liverpool is red
Everton is blue
One of them is the best in Merseyside the other is shit
Can you guess who
OrigI is a god
Salah is a king
We had the best year
Champions of Europe bring the fans a cheer

Jamie Kenny


You can grow up with somebody,
You can think you know them,
But how can you know someone,
If they don’t even know themselves.

You can call them names,
You can give them labels,
But how can they argue,
When they don’t know if they disagree.

A person that you call your BFF,
That you say you know inside out,
Could be going home to bed to cry,
And contradict what they’ve been telling you.

The word ‘Fake’ is a label,
Placed upon the person who doesn’t know who they are.

Emma Barrett

Bush Celtic FC

Bush Celtic is a wonderful team
All together we have a dream
To be the worst team in the league
All of us are very keen
What a journey it has been
So come on you boys in green
Because we’re by far the greatest team
The world has ever seen

Adam Finnegan

Waiting for the Beat

Stepping into the studio, preparing for the buffalo
Waiting for the music to hear the beat.
Five, six, seven, eight, here we go!

Starting with the shuffle on the eighth,
I’m doing the time step and it’s going great!

Just when I think it’s all going well, I was wrong,
I must come out of my shell
The teacher calls for some strengthening time.
It’s the dreaded wall sit, all must be fit.

Finishing off the class with wings
Oh what joy for me it brings!


A Team

In the middle of nowhere, there lies a team
And God almighty they have no steam
The worst team in county Kildare
But to you it would seem like we don’t care
Because it’s not about trophies or goals galore
It’s about having fun, or so we swore
There is hope, we have a Scottish coach
Who offers something new with his own approach
We might improve, we might not
But we will stand a chance, unless we rot
But we can do this, lets give it a push.
Come on lads, ON THE BUSH.

Matthew Brennan


Two men one belt
Heart pumping legs shaking
Wondering if your opponents emotion is faking
Right hand left hand uppercut left hook
The medic trying to keep his cut shut
Bloods going your running out of energy
Boy when I’m done with you your gonna look elderly
Mouths bleeding broken nose
He’s after taking some nasty blows
Come on one more
There we go he’s on the floor

Brandon Mcnamee


Raisins are nice
But not as good as rice
Rice would be nice
I don’t like mice
I’d like some sprite with my rice

Elle Mills


Now I know
Why you would never hold me tight
Because why hold onto to someone
You’re just going to let go

Aoife Skerritt


We were just humans
Drunk on the idea
That love could heal
Our brokenness

Zoe O’Toole


28 minutes left in class,
I want this to pass.
So I can go home,
And just be alone.

I want to make food
Cause I’m in the mood
I need a dude,
To make me food
Cause I’m never in the mood,
To make my own food.

I’m so tired,
And food is required.

Rachel Bermingham


Rashford destroying Fernandihno and Stones
So easy he can do it while eating scones
Another goal for tony
That makes it 4
that’s only a few of many more
The beastly right back that goes by Aaron
Nobody can get passed, not even Karren
José thought he could stop us
I call that raucus
There’s nowhere but up
If someone tells me otherwise, I say shcups
Ole lost control but he’s back
We’re on the attack.

Sean O’Sullivan

The Air Ripples

The air ripples with every breath,
Hunger in their eyes, ready to strike.
Noise cascades onto the battleground,
Every man is still, refusing to blink.

The fear of showing weakness,
Outweighs that of the task ahead.
Grown men cry passionately,
As the anthem rings out.

But it’s only a game…

Fred O’Sullivan


Slice across the glistening wave
and your soaring, completely free
Power only some people have it but
You have power in that moment, because you can control where to turn
The ice cold water makes you feel alive



The best team in the world,
Free flowing attack,
United are shite,
Virgil in the back.

The Kop going wild,
Sancho’s contract filed,
We’re going to win the league,
Ending the 29 year wait.

Eoin Brien


You always know just what to say
Even talking to you makes my day,
But my head is full of your lies
And it brings tears to my eyes.

You say you love me
I say you hate me
I try to hide these feelings
Maybe because you’re leaving.

Elaine Birchall


You’re calling me baby
For your safety
Don’t tell your girlfriend
That you’re after me
You must think I’m stupid
She on your snapchat
Don’t give me your backchat
I know your lies
And I hate you
I still probably go back to you
Sure what’s new
There more to the world then you


You Wanted

You wanted to be my friend
And I didn’t even mind it
You told me bad things about guys and I knew they weren’t true
But you told me what girls said about me
And it wasn’t in the slightest truth
You told me you had my back but when I turned around you weren’t there
You were telling my old friends to give me some stares
And now I’m so overwhelmed about this crap I’ve been giving
But now I got to tell you
You gave me bad vibes and now I’m sick of your lies
Cant hold it anymore
My old friends won’t even talk to me and I don’t know where I’m supposed to be
In the middle of your lies



They call it ‘Fut Champs’, but by the end of those 30 games,
I don’t feel like a champ, I feel kinda lame.
Only getting 13 wins, missing out on Gold,
That crap is a sin, I feel like my hands are mold.
All this jealousy and agony, like John Lennon.
I feel like i’m running a race but not winning,
All games are the same,
They’re ruining my brain.
Always feel depressed,
And my heads a mess.
10 minutes, I told mam it would take ten minutes,
Scored a banger, oh no he didn’t.
Top bins, green timed finesse,
It’s finally happened, my heads a mess.
Go to my man Bateson87
For some motivation, send straight from heaven
Go to Mevin,
See NikI G’s boy, what a man.
He gets me over my troubles.
Hooks me up with the good bubbles.

Harry Mallon


Being a tall smart man with glasses it’s obvious I am bad at sports.
It’s not because I don’t try but because it hurts inside.
When I was young, I was tall and big, people assumed I would be strong but they were wrong.
It isn’t because I didn’t try but because my heart touches my chest.
I have a problem where there is a hole in my chest.
If my heart beats to fast, it hits the hole and hurts.

Sean Connor

Waking Up

Waking up on a cold Sunday morning to your mams voice saying
“Get up your going to play great”
Knowing that I’m going to have to run on a cold pitch at a very fast rate
When you catch the ball and it stings your chest
Giving your all to represent the crest
Getting hard hits and receiving knocks
Just hoping you can get a free shot inside the penalty box
Last few minutes tired as ever
Knowing I want to play GAA forever

Rossa Howard

Our School

Our School is like a war zone
The chaos never ends
Of people always on their phones
And chatting with their friends

The sounds of broken teachers
Screaming at their students
The students acting like creatures
And the teachers all loosened.

Calum Finglas

The Boys

The boys on the field ready to fight
Ready to go to war with each other
Willing to do whatever it takes to get the victory
Putting blood sweat and tears in
To get the victory
Willing to die for every person you know

Gary Willis

I Saw

I saw a nice feen, I was quite keen
I walked up fast, her right arm was in a cast
I asked her what happened, she said she got flattened
I said oh no, She said I know
I asked her to go for a drink, she said I may think
I went oh no, she said lets go.

Jack Tierney


Constantly barking in my ear
Even when you’re not there your voice still pounds around my brain
‘You think you have it hard, my life is the worst’
Drawing fake bruises for sympathy from others,
A cry for help, but she isn’t shouting.
The one time she is silent.
She stands on the other side of the door wondering what’s going on in there,
Behind closed doors, she wonders, never to know.

Realta O’Mahony

My Surroundings

There’s a green apple
Red house
Blue shop
Black fence
Brown tree
And a white car