Coolmine Community School, Coolmine, Clonsilla, Blanchardstown, Co. Dublin

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Girls are expected to look and act a certain way,
Skirt too short that looks better in grey.
They are judged for every wrong they make,
Don’t be yourself, just be fake.
Their bodies become cheaply objectified,
That innocent girl can’t be identified.
It’s better to comment than to commit,
It’s better to hide then to submit.

Sophie Inglis


This is where men and women
Are judged by appearance
We sold all our morals in
Half price clearance

People cannot express true
Emotions, they cry through
The night their tears fill
The ocean

Everybody pretends to be
Someone they’re not
The life you dreamed
Is the life you forgot

Andrew Shakanungu


We buy overpriced products due to convenience
And in schools there is plenty of lenience
The weather can change every ten minutes
And we all have restrictive limits
We put in hours into games with no return in real life
And end up with no success in life
People can be made examples to enforce rules
But we know that those that make the rules are fools


Down Here

All the big fat junkies standing around dealing,
Scumbag maggots always stealing
Fancy BMW’s getting nicked,
This town has addicts and it’s sick.
Going to Yu-Hong for a slap up meal,
Down here feels so surreal.
All the girls here get slut shamed,
But the boys don’t take the blame.

Sophie O’Beirne


No basketball net hangs from the rim,
Like a skeleton ghoul without a skin.

This is where emotions calm as we test our skills,
When the crowd roars with all the thrills.

The roof leaks more than the internet,
Like a world class gambler without a bet.



Teams come to meet their fate,
Home teams ultimately annihilate.

Men, women and children fallen short,
As the stadium has become a fort.

Past prodigies have come and gone,
Failing to realise sports a marathon.

All-time greats soon become villains,
Finally succumbing to reality among millions.

Seán Curtis


Thoughts go and darkness works on levers
Nothing happens but somethings going on
Life fades however light can shine forever
Time stays frozen yet big cogs keep on turning

Knowledge is gained yet never to be used
Memories can die but cannot be lost

Daniel Keane

Half Wind Children

Half wind children roaming free
Flowers blooming in the tree,
The rising sun will always shine
The brand new day is yours and mine.

But we are stuck with no place to go
Nowhere to hide no room to grow,
Half dead Junkies all around
It’s hard to live with or without.

Vanessa Mut


This is where you try to live but die
Where everyone you meet is the same bad guy.
A shrinking circle can decide your fate
Alone or with friends the enemy will await.
There is more guns in a school than at a shooting range,
At any moment there could be a bullet exchange.
An iron pan can stop bullets better than an armoured vest,
a place where your skills are put to the test.
Race, religion and gender don’t matter,
Winner gets chicken dinner on a platter.
Military crates get dropped from planes,
Occupants of this land no longer remain.
This is a place you can be in all day and all night,
Player unknown’s battlegrounds, is better than FortNite.

Sean McCulllagh

A Junkie

In this society a helpless junkie lies in the gutter waiting to die
Fearless, careless, out of breath, running from life, running from death
Drugs, pills, syringes too, in the canal death is due
His body quivers, his body shakes, his heart locks up, his body breaks
Not long left before he dies, the blood stops circulating around his eyes
Everything is dark, his body is shaken, it’s the end of the road, the road he had taken

Ben Magee

No Trace

The night hawks are coming to finish the mess
As they roam through the dark garden through the deep abyss
And through the thickest and heaviest fog which covered
Half of the huge garden, you could walk through
The other half when the fog disappeared and it was
Just the night as we closed in we killed everything that made
A noise who was human we killed every target and got out fast
In less than 30 minutes with no mess no trace

Jack O’Brien

One Wrong Look

If you look at someone wrong, you will get beaten.
Giving someone the wrong look will be an instant regret.
Junkies hanging around, over at the shops.
People scared to walk passed in fear of getting hopped.

Rubbish on the ground, left, right and centre.
Council have given up because it would take them forever,
To clean this kip up and make things better.

Sarah Russell

Real Fake World

The Guards come running, searching for drink,
It’s hidden in their purses, ready to be clinked.
Kids in school, who refuse to learn,
With their future they choose to burn.
She washes her face down the drain,
Inglot and Sephora, it must be a pain.
His head is hurting, he needs a shrink,
His dad’s not here, he’s in the precinct.
Our biggest problems, are on their way,
Our real fake world, what a cliché.

Jack Molloy