Comeragh College, Carrick on Suir, Co. Tipperary

Climb the Ladder


Climb the ladder so the spider climbs the wall

Even if it can be tall

Up the tower to ring the bell

To watch the swirl the spins so well

Yet stopping will only make you weak

And falling down will make you shriek

Where the dragon awakens, you will rise

to send you up to claim your prize




Now, every time I witness a strong person,

I want to know what dark did you conquer in your story?

Mountain do not rise without earthquakes,

We don’t last without each other we count on each other


Things Need to Change


Why is it when you play video games

All that happens is getting called names

If you lose the round

The slagging is bound

If your LGBTQ, I pray for you

For the slurs thrown by dudes

Things need to change

People need think

Or the online community will sink


Get Back Up


Up in the pitch, getting in the practice,

Kick the ball now it’s in a ditch,

Like the next part of life,

I know that this is gonna take me longer than tonight,

I put my hand in, just my wrist,

I take it out and it’s covered in cuts and slits,

All the haters around saying shut up,

But I know that every time, I’ll just get back up


An Evening Breeze


An evening breeze

Leaves cold air

Alongside the fallen brown leaves


I was away with my friends

To go find all the tens

We thought it wasn’t working

Until some birds started chirping




I love my life, sports my goal

Biggest of dreams like making it to the super bowl

Working day and night stuff people don’t see

When I say I’ll make it they tend to disagree

Been overlooked because I’m not 6 foot 3

But when my day comes

I’m gonna float like a butterfly and sting like a bee.