Coláiste Pobail Setanta College, Clonsilla, Co. Dublin



My head is empty but full all the same

My psychiatrist says there’s something wrong with my brain

My thoughts move so fast I can barely keep up

So why is schoolwork and education so tough?


Everyone else seems to get on just fine

While I struggled with getting work submitted on time

Online school is a pain in the ass

But at least I’m not failing to focus in class


As long as I care, it’s easy to focus

Otherwise my concentration’s atrocious

When I get overwhelmed, I give up and stop trying

Not to be dramatic, but it can feel like I’m dying


The Snow had Fallen


The snow had fallen in my back garden,

It offered opportunities large,

It had a certain pretty charm,

And I knew it would give the kids an alarm.

They would spread their joy around,

And play around with snow so grand,

I had a great time in the snow,

But mainly because of the kids that I love.


Welcome to the K


Welcome to the K,

Where young lads walk around in their designer every day,

Where they go down the alleys to smoke their problems away,

Where they cause havoc and think that’s it’s okay,

They now have brawls and beer in the same place they used to play,

This is their life every day,

Welcome to the K.




Playing sports is my passion

Don’t really care about fashion

Hurling and Gaelic bring out the best in me

Hoping to make 1 day on the Dublin team

My mates keep me going

My family too

I’m just trying to make it somewhere its true




When I’m down you switch up

Like what happened to you

Cause when I’m up you down to run into

But not when I’m feeling blue

But it’s alright stick to my path

But I ain’t messing with glue

I ain’t moving I be solid guess

You weren’t with the truth


This Class


I’m lying at home

Trying to write a poem

Fighting the urge to text on my phone.

I enjoyed this class but poetry is still a pass

And will most likely leave this class very fast.

I only liked this class because the teacher was gas

And I like the humour he has.




I seem depressed always being bothered never less

Keeping me out of prison and putting me to the test

They ask me what is happiness

Well your write it on a cheque