Colaiste Na Mi, Johnstown, Meath

Fountains of Lies


Stubborn children in suits and ties,

Will spout crap like fountains of lies,

Lies that kill, lies that steal the lives away,

Of those who conform and obey,

To their dogmas of hate,

Sacrificing lives for the economy’s growth rate.


Being a Girl


Being a girl is exhausting

Being a girl is scary

Living in a misogynistic world

Where we are told to cover up

Act more mature than boys

Told to cook and clean

Told we can’t act this way because we come off as bitches or stubborn

We can’t speak our mind or else we are called annoying

Told we can’t play a sport because it’s for boys

We can’t wear what we want because we are sluts or “asking for it”

Being told we have to wear skirts and ‘feminine’ clothing or else boys won’t like us

Guys see us as objects that can only cook and clean

Being called bossy and stubborn but I only want to be heard

“Boys will be Boys” they all say

“Girls are more mature than boys”

Is it because we are taught to act more mature at a younger age?

Or is it because guys aren’t educated

Making excuses for guys and blaming us girls

But I guess this is the world we live in

And it hurts




In world where you are a try hard if you try

But you’re an idiot if you don’t.

If you have an opinion that’s not the same

You’re never seen in the same way

If you speak up your told to shut up

If you prefer to sit alone rather than hear the lads moan

It’s not just you,

You see it’s the pressure to be perfect

Who said we had to be perfect?

You need to let go, let go of other people’s opinions

Why care? Because society tells us it’s not there,

The judgement is there but may only the one place you cannot walk away from,

Your head,

You see we’re hardwired to care.


The Irish Nation


This Irish nation, this Irish mutilation.

Rotting from the inside, enemies at all side.

Politicians, AKA professional thieves, runnin’ schemes

Playing the nation like some game, they all the same

Giant lies, massive bribes.

Stomping on the common people, like beatles

Journalists, purposeless

Distracting the nation, creating frustration

Nothing more than pawns, begging outside the Taoiseach’s lawn

Greed, flows through nation, like an incantation, convincing the many, to serve the few


Slanted Pavements and Overgrown Grass


I come from slanted pavements and overgrown grass,

Grass as tall as my ankle, reaching deep into my mind.

Earthy aromas encasing me, slowly, slowly devoured.

These feelings and smells, even touch and tastes,

Make me feel alive as so long as I believe.

I come from knitted hammocks weighing in the balance of two trees,

Two to make me safe such as two personalities I switch between the day.

I come from chilly feet scraping on the floor,

Searching for something but not entirely sure.

A little boy with hair quite scruff,

Chopped by his dad but the memory makes me blush.

No hardships I can recall so I have no place to complain,

All I have is me and exactly where “we” have come.

‘We’ are my family, strong but sometimes distant.

However I will never let my love be resistant, to anybody, anything.

I come from love, unconditional and nowhere to be faded,

However my heart has not even been remotely waded.


Back on Track


I don’t know much about poems

But I want to make a point

I can’t help but feel like I’m missing out on life

Began the year with a plan, but started losing focus

But I’ll get back on track and back to work, I know it

This year is going the same way, won’t let it get to my head,

I’ll put the work in and get back on the track

Enough said




I can’t stop running

My heart is pumping

I’m trapped in this never ending forest

Feeling I can’t be honest


I’m screaming

My lungs are aching

No one can hear me

I’m lost in a sea of trees


I don’t know where I’m going

Time is slowing

This music in my ears

Is flowing my tears


I’ve reached a land of beauty

Feeling like a movie

The past was a horror

I hope to leave this corner


I have reached my place

This must be the end of my chase

My life has been like a flower

Holding too much power




Being popular is weird

We always hear your voices

Getting really boring

You really are the only one talking


Homophobia and your racist remarks

Truly a work of art

Must be coming from your heart

It really sets you apart


As if I don’t hear it from 20 people everyday

You’re just a genius for calling that thing you didn’t like “gay”


Here’s the jist of it

I’m really getting sick of it

You’re constant whining

Always completing the circuit




I’d rather have loyalty than love

‘Cause love really don’t mean jack

See love is just a feeling

You can love somebody and still stab them in the back

It don’t take much to love

You can love somebody just by being attached

See loyalty is an action

You can love or hate me and still have my back


My Future


What my future holds,

No one will know.

Will a live a life of constant fear,

Will I live a life of rules

Will I live a life with freedom

Will I live a life with my own rules


No one will know.

Yet I imagine the dreams,

Of the endless possibilities,

In the future beyond




We are back in quarantine

I think I’m going to go insane

With schools online,

And no friends around

I think I’m going to lose my mind


Living in constant fear

Of getting sick with COVID-19

We sit around at home

Hoping for something better to come


But I know this is for the best

We have to stick together

I hope this will be over soon

So we can have a normal life again


Generation Z


They say that these are the best years of your life,

But what they don’t realise is they are full of terror and strife,

Walking down the road terrified for your life,

You look around all you see are tracksuits and a mask holding a knife,


Our generation was born with a boom,

All you can see are red stained eyes darting around the room,


And then came the economic crash,

Teens grew up without money,

Thinking that to be cool, you had to sell hash


And then came the worst of all,

Teens stuck staring down an empty hall,

Waiting on news like a servant at beck and call

Stay home stay safe,

But what about our mental state


I Feel


I feel lonely I feel scared

I feel like nobody around me really cares


I feel useless I feel spared

I think that people stare at me and don’t care

But that’s just my mind


I am loved I am cared

I just put myself down

Because I am not who I want to be

People say it’s okay

But it’s not to me

I want to be a better me,

A different me but my motivation doesn’t seem to be there


I can think but I can’t execute.


Old Friend Lost


An old friend lost

A new friend gained

And though it so many years ago

Sometimes my emotions cannot be contained

Oh old friend

What would you do?

If you could see me know

I wish I knew

My old friend

I miss you dearly

But you have been lost to time

But I still love you, sincerely


The Days


The days are long and endless,

The nights are weary and cold,

Can Corona end already

Everyone is so ready

Teenage years are wasted

Because of what covid created

They say it’s going to be over soon

They have been saying it for ages

It feels like we are all in cages


I wish I wasn’t so Insecure


I wish I wasn’t so insecure,

I wish I wasn’t lazy,

I wish I have the courage to talk to my parents more,

I don’t like begin treated like an infant

But how can I change anything if I have an infant’s mind-set


I have goals but I can’t find the motivation,

I’m stuck day by day with my hesitation,

I promise I’m trying,

I don’t want to be stuck

I promise my future self that I’ll wake up someday.


The Regime


Cream shooting beams

Picked on the first team

I’m not part of a regime

Going upstream

Seeing things I want to unsee

Going into the mainstream

Cant take up this American dream

I just want to eat some cream




‘Your teenage years are the best ones of your life’ ..

Yeah right, when we’re putting each other down and crying ourselves to sleep at night.

I come from sleepless night; I come from insecurity and a constant need to feel worth it.

I come from a world locked down, it’s lonely and full of crap.

‘We’re apart of the greatest generation’ that’s a big fat lie,

When kids as young as 12 want to give up.

I come from mobile phones and social media,

Where self-hatred and doubt has become the norm.

I come from a dysfunctional family,

Where issues older than me have been sprouted and take form.

‘Look at how far we’ve come’.

It’s not far enough when innocent people have been murdered for such minute unjustifiable stuff.

I come from judge mentalism and ‘not being good enough’ .

‘Don’t be so dramatic, you’ve got it pretty good, since ‘back in my day’,

Back in your day you faced trials, inequalities and rejection,

But our generation sees that too, in the mirror in our reflections.

We are helpless, selfish, one of a kind.

We walk around the streets with no life in our eyes.

I come from late night calls and aimlessly wandering through town.

I come from a Bluetooth speaker and a good time with friends.

I come from contentment.

But being content isn’t enough anymore, is it?


The World has Turned


Oh how the world has turned

The government and teachers try to teach us new way to learn

Lies, broken trust we don’t know what to do

Can’t see family, friends or go anywhere

We are lost in this world, hiding behind these masks that are a mare

Oh when will we be told to gather around again

and get back to living life without having to worry about this time

It seems that nothing is ever going to be back in line




Footy is the game

Footy is full of aggression

Get in my way you are going to feel the pressure

Get past me that’s ok just know it won’t happen again

Next time I’ll be ten times better

Controlling the game it’s just what I do

Just leave me to it

It will all be over soon




The way they looked,

The Tongue

The bubble, the tick,

The sound that they made in school

They were so cool

I knew that I couldn’t crease them

The haters couldn’t afford them




I’m sick of this school

I hate having to wait and stare at this brown grime

Just so the clock will chime

I hate getting spoken down to

Just so they make me frown

I hate it when I can’t even talk to my friends

When will this meeting ever end?

I just wanna be myself

Not get good grades so my picture will be put on a shelf

But if I am myself I just get dirty looks

Come on man keep your head in the books

Im sick of being different it’s better than

Being the sheep who are indifferent


Were Did you Come From


I come from a ginger ma and a bald da

I come from football on the streets

And days all I want is na

I come from happiness but most of all pain

Pain I don’t know why it is there

I come from late night tossing and turning scared I’ll never make it

I come from passion to make what I want happen

I come from comedy to have a 1 or 2 of just laughter

I come from somewhere it’s just

Nobody knows


I Come From


I come from gaming pc’s and comfy beds

I come from lego and clothes

I come from empty club cans

I come from old tv’s and sweet wrappers

I come from a family tragedy

I come from shin guards and football

I come from a new car

I come from dirty plates




School is so boring

I can’t be bothered

Wasting my time

Thinkin bout life




Got me locked up in the house

Feeling trapped like a mouse

Wishing I could be free

To go visit the sea




Bruno Bruno Bruno

He came from sporting like Cristiano

He goes left

He goes right

He makes defenders look shite

He’s our Portuguese magnifico

Bruno Bruno Bruno


On a Normal Day


Go around the johnner on a normal day

Head up to the park where the boys are at

And get on the session all night

Ring in a dominos and go to the delivery man

And we’re getting a free munch for the night

Then back to the lads gaff and we’re chilling on the couch

Then I’m on a groovey one with foy

Only I’m teaching him how to dance