Coláiste Mhuire, Askeaton, Co. Limerick

Better than Ever


I try not to talk about men abusing woman

Because I realise we are all human

Why are we talking about just females

Why are we not talking about males

A Victim is a victim

We should join together and beat the system

We should show the oppressors

And teach are predecessors

That speaking up together

Will makes us better than ever.


Gone are the Days


Gone are the the days where our physical boundaries were as limitless as the stars above us,

As if the greatest fears of the ambitious began bleeding into all of our lives.

The wild animals and birds left in solidarity,

Wondering where their perky human friends have vanished to,

When behind the curtains all of us loom beneath a deadly curse, forced to be locked up in our hives.

The day where freedom returns to us starts to become more and more distant,

Like a balloon after a young child lost their grip.

Yet still all of us keep our own grips tight on faith,

Faith that we can look back and say “man, what a wild trip”.




“Not all men”, but most woman are victims,

Men get away with it because of corrupt systems,

Her dress was too short,

Why didn’t she report?

With that high of present,

Teach all men to learn consent.


In a World


I live in a world where disease runs rampant.

A mask is your best friend and confidence is dampened.


I live in a world where rapists serve less time than drug dealers.

How does that make us healers?


I live in a world that not only needs a cure for the virus.

But a cure for the society that is viewed through a tainted iris.




Not all men but 75% do

And yes they get sexually assaulted too

They think they have to look big and strong

And through many generations it’s been carried on

It’s hard to show pain, or suffering

And it’s hard to show that you’re really struggling

Cause we’re afraid that we’ll be put to shame

So tell me are all men really the same?


We Live


We live in a world

Where it was there fault because of what they were wearing

We live in a world

Where you are shut down when you try to speak out

We live in a world

Where people thinks it’s okay after they said no

We live in a world

A cruel world


‘Not All Men’


I hate men,

Well, most of them


When 97% of women

Is ‘not all men’


I hate men,

When our harassment,

Is an ‘attack’ on them


The World


The world is falling apart

You can’t even get on the dart

The pandemic is hectic

And we might as well play dead

Until the world gets a chance to restart

Staying insides like a knife to the heart

You stay inside to protect your loved ones

While being pressured to go outside

And tell the gardai to shove one

The pandemic put my life on hold

And I fear by the time this is over we’ll have all grown old


Rip Horse


I was there when my grandad foaled you,

I was there when you galloped for the first time,

I was there when you got the ride for the first time ,

And I was there when you died,

RIP horse you will be in my heart.


The Old Days


I miss the old days,

When there was no beauty standards,

And now all the boys look at Ann Landers,

Men judge all shapes and sizes,

But some look at us as prizes,

Some men just like to break the heart,

Which really shows they’re not smart


These Four Walls


To the window I look out

To the four walls I write in

You have seen a whole life been brought in these four walls


It’s scary its frightening but most of all its exciting

You have been keeping me up from falling straight beneath me

Thankful for not letting me fall to Satan straight beneath me




Love will cook his cat and feed it to my dog,

Love will knock him out and leave him sleeping like a log,


Love will rob his granny’s handbag and knock over her walker,

Love will leave him paranoid when I’m his personal stalker,


Love will kill his family and leave him there to suffer,

Love will make him fight back but I’m a little tougher.




Mia oh Mia

You are the most beautiful girl alive

Your smile is so lovely and you are so stunning

You are the sun in the world

I want you everyday

Even when I’m pissed off at you

And you are at me

You are the one person i would lose sleep over

Or stay up all night for


Life is Crazy


Did we ever think we’d be in these times no,

Covid is stopping us from living our lives how we want to,

But that can’t bring us down,

So don’t put on a frown,

We must all stick together,

So we can be happy forever.




Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

Women are being sexualised,

But men have been too,