Coláiste de hÍde, Dublin.

Art by Rob Stears:

Could Love Last

We come from a place of love
Yet that love never lasts
When you try find that love again
You go down the wrong path
The laughter, the fun, the affection
But is it replacing
The tears, the screaming, the fighting
But it wasn’t like that in the past
Can we go just go back to were the time our love could actually last


I’d rather have loyalty than love
Cause love really don’t mean jack
See love is just a feeling
You can love somebody and still stab them in the back
It don’t take much to love
You can love somebody just by being attached
See loyalty is an action
You can love or hate me and still have my back

The Smart Kid

I come from a family where I’m the smartest
The thing about being the smartest is that I can’t ever be less
The smart kid always has to be the best
I have to grow up and be successful and rich
But there’s no room to be anything else
If I succeed its what was expected
But if i fail I’m a disappointment
What a waste they’d say if I failed
All that potential they’d complain if I dared to be less than perfect
I hate being “The Smart Kid”
But what am I if I’m not


Fatima fever
Oh how I need her
She swarms my mind
Raids my heart
Oh Fatima fever,
I sit behind her
Oh how I need her
Fatima fever


Listening to this guy waffle
My head is about to topple
We’re talking through a cable
But it’s like your at my table
Though here we’re learning
But what I’m really yearning
Is to leave Steve
Pen in my sleeve
I thought we would need paper
Laptops better
I love cheddar

Bieber Fever

I like Justin Bieber
I have Bieber fever
He lives in my head
I wanna make him bread
He sings on the stage
I make minimum wage
He has the life i dream
It makes me want to scream

The Best

Oh they said
Were gonna play him in centre mid
Words cant describe
When we see him in the green and white
He is divine
He scores belters all the time
Thats why he is the best

Knocked Down

From knocked down then stabbed ,ye grand
Rats that walk around with weapons
To going to rovers matches
Getting kicked out the gaff
To living in five different areas

The Place

A place  full of stacked shops and crack rocks,
A place were you’ll get stroked for your laces and a load of guard chases
Its a place of court cases and covered faces
That’ll bang u up and make u sit it for ages

Champions Again

Champions once
Champions again
Never mind Bohs
Never mind Dundalk
We will once again
Then again
And again