Colaiste Clavin, Co.Meath.


I walk on silver lining
Balancing my will
My fate is intertwining
With this cloud of endless still
The expectations they left
The harsh words they sent
Do nothing but push me ahead
I look high through the clouds
The utopia above
If only I could fly there, free as a dove
But what does freedom mean
To somebody like me?
Someone alone on this thread
Just an everlasting dread
I cannot feel ardor
It truly is a bore
This cycle they adore, the one that hurts me more
They say these years are great
I stand high in rebate
But what’s the point of thriving in this world that’s only dying?


Flowers never know how pretty they are
The only reflective surface they’ll ever see is rain
Even if you were to put a mirror in front of them they wouldn’t know
Because flowers can’t see
If you tell a flower it’s pretty, it won’t know
Flowers can’t hear either
But flowers are lovely
Not just the stem, but every petal
I’ve never disliked a flower just upon seeing them
I hope flowers grow some eyes

True Love

It was just a second
To lost my love
And without respond
I swear that was true love.
I lost my star,
Searching for a universe,
And I lost myself in a black hole.
We were just freaks,
And we end with heartbreak


Everyday I think of you.
Hoping i will see you again someday.
Stressing out everyday to find you.
Been looking since may.
Got a little phone call hoping its him.
A voice i haven’t recognised came through
He told me that
I will never see again

We all Matter.

There’s this thing called matter, we all know matter and
we are all made of matter since it’s everywhere and it’s everything.
Your parents matter, your children matter, your siblings matter and your friends matter.
I say this since not only we know and love matter but we are also made of matter.
No matter how you feel or do things. At the end of the day, we all matter.

Blind Love

Someone told me that if i could go back 5 years, what would i tell myself?
I’d tell myself that love is not worth it,
Certain things can blind a man or a woman
But I’ve never met a man that has never been blinded by love.
Just forget about it for a few years.

Day in the Life

Every morning when they wake up,
They get changed into their uniform.
The food they have is sandwiches,
They drink apple juice at lunchtime.
They go to work at 8:30 in the morning,
And go home at 6 o’clock in the evening.
After dinner they rest on their couch,
And they go to bed and have a big deep sleep.