Coláiste Clavin, Clonguiffin, Co. Meath

To the Moon


I always found myself drawn to the moon.

No explanation, I just was.

There was something about it that reminded me of myself.

I pondered on this idea for a year or so and eventually I came to a conclusion.

The moon was always a she, the sun was always a he.

She sits in silence but her presence is always felt by so many no matter your location.

When the moon went down, I found I did to like a connection I had never felt before.

Even when she’s incomplete she is still breath-taking.

The moon always continues to prosper, that is something I’ve always found beautiful.

She is often under appreciated.

My battle with mental health and the moon had similarities, as sappy as it may sound.

But you know that even when she falls she must rise again soon.


Why Are You so Cruel?


It’s Monday morning again.

The alarm goes off at eight,

It’s online school I really hate.

I try to get dressed,

But I can’t, I’m too stressed.

Ten assignments due,

I’m feeling kind of blue.

I want to go back to school,

Corona why are you so cruel?