Coláiste Chroí Mhuire, An Spidéal, Contae na Gaillimhe

Over your Shoulder

Watching over your shoulder
Judging you silently
Note how they get colder
And verbally abuse you, violently
They think all that matters
Is their popularity
But in truth all it does
Is hide all their insecurity

MIke Mac Dubhghaill

Days go By

As the days go by times tend
To get harder and harder people
Become more judgmental
And unaware of your existence.
Its times like this when people
Become more dependent on others opinions
Its then that others voices
Become the power and gradually take over mentally
It is then when we realize we are stronger than
Those who judge us and call us by those nasty names
And pick on us by the way we look.
It’s now that we shall stand together and fight against
The hatred the names and the jealousy we have encountered
It is with our vulnerability that we are united

Ben Curran

Things Never Change

It’s funny how things never change,
It’s strange,
New life new me they say,
But it’s all lies,
Deep down the same nasty person still lies,
I can see it in your eyes,
And you don’t think to apologise,
It’s funny how things never change.


Morning Crawl

0700 Hours marks the start of the morning crawl
Pain in my head from the neon lights
Which pierce the brain deeper than rapiers
The annoying buzz of an alarm clock
Brings my conscience back into motion

Bread and butter fills the gullet
A gallon of tea suppresses my thirst
A minty brush to prepare myself
For the endurance test about to commence:

School. Here we go again.



Ctrl Alt Delete
Signed out.
It has been deleted…

Seán Ó Gallchobhair

Where I Come From

I come from Claddagh rings
And ponytails
Silver earrings and freckles
I come from insecurities
And haters
But where I come from
Doesn’t matter
Because I am
I am
Because of the people who love me

Liadan Canny

I won’t say Sorry

Its wasn’t my fault
And I won’t say sorry
Its written on your face
And you’re losing the race
It’s a world of worry
And an uphill struggle
That you have to bury
Under the rubble
It all piles up
And gets too much
But don’t give up
And stay in touch


In the Morning

In the morning I face
A bland boring place
Where I work hard but nothing pays
Where thoughts are lost in a maze
Some laugh and cry
Others wonder why
We’re all stuck here
Competing against our peers
Empty minds with bags that are full
But everyone knows that it’s all bull

Ciara Taaffe


Confidence can be a benefit
We have no choice in it
We don’t believe this crap
But we say it so we somewhat fit in a society
Where being humble is a crime
And you will have a hard time
If you don’t say that you’re prime
Or you can drop like a dime
It will not always be fair
Hearing this crap can be hard to bare
A lot of people will not share
Their opinion to help you fare.
It’s because these kids are sheep
Talk Crap like you’re just a garbage heap
Cos to follow the sheep is just dirt cheap
They just don’t care that words can cut deep.
My confidence is a lie
Use it as a face to get by
I don’t feel I need to cry
Fake confidence is an inconvenience
Don’t be afraid that you’re dry

Cian Whelan


School makes you tired
School makes you sad
School makes you wired
School makes you mad
School piles on stress
Makes life a mess
School is rundown
I have meltdowns
I think it’s useless
It makes my life worse
I hate school

Fódhla Ní Bhraonáin


Feck them
Rants ab friends
Is stupid
Everyone knows nobody
Does like not like you

Micheal O’Curraoin