Clongowes Wood College, Clane, Co. Kildare

The Lurking Demon

The demons lurk inside the person
As he sat in front of the fire
With no reason or no one to kill
Except his heart´s desire

That rancid beast lay waiting
Anticipating his prey
And in the gruesome silence
Death had nothing left to say

Slaughter in the butcher’s yard
Slaughter in every place
Slaughter in the killer´s heart
That spat in slaughter´s face

Heartbreak in the corridors
And in the halls of grief
Heartbreak in the cemetery
Swathed in your beliefs

As a silent mother lays
Her broken child to rest
She breathes the empty air
That swallowed her child’s last breath

Rory Morrin

The Place

Nothing matters
I don’t know what’s happening.
I walk alone among shadows
I feel cool air around me
There is solitude in nothingness
I see the end
In the lack of everything
I keep going and see
There is something
Snatching at me
In the dark

Ruben Stark


Love comes to die in a fiery mess
I can be here in loneliness
Visions are made and hope is found.
Its quiet conspicuous absence of sound
The urge to explore and escape roars
A raging storm to settle scores
Like a universal engulfing flame
Burning stairs to climb to fame

Flynn Pether

To Go

To go,
To sleep,
To clear my mind,
To see the way
And lead the blind
To find an answer,
To seek advice,
To empathize,
To learn,
To think,
To seek and find,
The paradise I left behind.

Jack Moroney


The lads run riot and the teachers give chase
To them were all the same in every case
There is conflict daily in every field
It’s all about how much confidence you wield
The best offence always wins no matter what the competition
They don’t care about our feelings
Those bullies they just want demolition
Those conflicts are thought out over and over
All alone in the spirals of night
If we had said this or done that instead
It would’ve been better, right?
No signal in these walls means we have no family to talk to
My feeling are suppressed I just wish someone I trusted knew
The fight is a lonely fight and only the strong survive
In this jungle of the thickest, it is the ignorant who thrive

Harry O´Neill

The Place

Nothing matters and I don’t know what’s happening.
I walk alone and I feel cool air around me
There is solitude and lack of nothingness
I see the end
I keep going and see
There is something

Ruben Stark


Home is where his insecurities
Asphyxiate his soul
This world into which he was spat
Left him sore and cold
Till the rhythm of the spinning globe
Picked him up from the ground
And took him to a safer place
At twice the speed of sound

Michael Spillane


The drug dealers hang around the corner,
Drug mule crossing country borders.
Teenage boys smoking all kinds of crack
Stay away or they will attack.

All the needles on the ground,
Scattered out around and round.
Drugs with youth just don’t go,
It makes our brains develop slow.

People take pills for a buzz,
It’s stupid because that’s all it does.
People don’t understand the danger,
And you begin to be seen as a stranger.

It is an addiction,
Not fiction.
Ask for help
Don’t be shy,
You know that if this continues,
You will die.

Niall McGeady

The City

The city that never sleeps
I spent all my life doing what I want
And watch the light break through
The clouds of the city that never sleeps
Where hearts are broken, dreams come true
We do what we want without restraint
We drink and dance and sing
They try to chain us to their rules
But they can’t do a single thing

Daniel Rock


He goes there just to be alone
Where his face remains unknown

He was abandoned because his soul was bad
By his broken deadbeat dad

He learned his tricks at gangster school
The dark arts of how to be cruel

And was killed by a falling tree
Struck by lightning in the breeze

Brian MacHale

I Fear

I fear losing interests
In the things that I love
Gaming and sports
Losing my mates
My family
Not having a job
Or a home
I fear failure
And what it’s made of
I fear the outside
Of my comfort zone
I fear losing it all
Being left on my own

Jack Cahill

World War Two

WW2 reaped a storm and everyone lost something
Grief became the opiate and left us not believing

Everything good and bad like black ash has ascended
However, conflict and genocide would eventually be mended

People came from nothing and blossomed something
People had the desire and came out like fire erupting

During this time people would fear until they could then finally cheer
This conflict however would echo for much longer than 6 years.

Patrick Martin

A Day at the Vet

This is where I watch pets lives come to an end,
I see the grief their demises rend,
This is where I comfort grown men and women,
Who won’t know what to say to their young children,
This is where we preserve the cadavers for cremation,
Sickness and death being the foundation,
Of the way that our food is put on the table,
We minimize their pain if we are able.
This is where dogs and cats come to stay,
We accept death as just a part of the day.

Daniel Groome

Splintered Shard

I became independent and it made me hard,
Sharper than a splintered shard.

Had some fun with the all the lads,
Made a pack of likely nomads.

Felt like sometimes, life was a prison,
A cage for the mind, a constant religion.

Got forced to do things I did not want to do,
Forced to say things I knew were not true.

All I got was into tangles of trouble,
I should have had one, but made it a double.

Frank Tang

The Destructor

I broke my arm off the couch
I chewed some gum
And broke my mouth
I broke my nose
With my first smell
A juicy number two from hell
I rode a brand new motorbike
And broke a hairpin bend
I turned a brand new page in life
But broke the happy end

Jay O’Leary

In the Dark

In the dark I was born
To the horn-blowers horn
I grew up in the suffering cold
I lived as I died
Days left without pride
Petrified by winter
Chilled to the bone

Daniel O’Donohoe

Time Disappears

Boring is fun and sadness is joy
Time disappears and always destroys
Anger and sadness
Is passion and care.
Emotions are heightened
Sorrow, despair
Personalities changed
In a blink of an eye.
Life is not real
Till the moment you die.

Oisin O’Neill

Weird Tricks

I do some weird tricks with my toes
And this fact, everybody knows
I measure the length toddler’s ears
To hide my many many tears

I go outside to laugh and play
I do this nonsense everyday
I take care of all the things that matter
And whisper madness to the hatter

Harry McGrath


Ruff rugby tackles
Ugly bone crushing injuries
Goal kicking
Ball flying high through the sky
Ref open your eyes.

Louis Murray

The Best Thing

The best thing you can ever do
Is get close to your family when you fell wrong
Enjoy the little things
And get out of the world

Joaquin Castillo


I’ve been moved, shoved and thrown,
Into further places that you’d ever know,
Once I’m settled in a place,
They move and feels like I’m getting laughed in my face.

But I’ve got school,
I might not be cool,
But at least I’ve got grounding,
But some find it astounding
That I’m shameful,
“Oh he’s so ungrateful”

Moved, shoved and thrown,
You have no idea how much I’d love to go home.


Out of Breathe

Out of Breathe, sprinting fast to him down
Out of breathe, trying to hit over that gain line
Out of Breathe, skid marks on my knees and concussions deep within my brain
Out of Breathe, kicking the points, name being called from the sideline
Out of Breathe, popped shoulder missed tackles
Out of Breathe, angry parents team mates disappointed
Out of Breathe, best friend turned worst enemy
Out of Breathe, my life’s worthless if I miss, first thing I notice I’m
Out of Breathe

John Carroll


I’m from the bottom of stars, you got to be somebody
You ain’t crap unless you be somebody
You have to be somebody
Either you rapping or you hustling
Go to school or you thugging
You got to get up and do something
Cause they don’t love you when you bumming

Jose Brujo


I come from the best streets and schools
I come from nice houses with pools
I come from a world where plenty is normal
Where having less than 4 cars is poverty
It’s the only life I know
The life seems like a show
People say it’s easy, cause they focus on the numbers
I cry so often when my dad is with his new wife in the summers
My life is all about keeping up with your peers
I am meeting sons of premiers and emirs
The expectations of your family are high
I have to become an investment manager high in the sky
I have to behave a certain way to make them proud
I have to neglect my mind in these circles to be allowed
In the end I didn’t chose this life
I’ll live this life like if I chose it
I come from a world where this is normal even though it hurts a bit


Young Gun

Just a young gun with a quick fuse
I was uptight, wanna let loose
I was dreaming of bigger things
And wanna leave my own life behind
But there’s someone who won’t let me go

Mateo Silva

I Come From

I come from the Country
Where the grass is green
And the air is clean
The world is changing
Machines and power
Producing fumes by the hour
Sea levels rising
Famous place getting struck by natural disaster
Showing climate change is coming even faster
It scares me for my future
As the sun is dying
The beautiful land and people frying
Change is too late
The damage is done
And there’s no time to run

Charlie Reilly


That very first step
Into the unknown
A dormitory.
Felt more like a prison.
Fear raced like molten lava
Through my pulsing veins.
That shattering goodbye.
That feeling of falling.
Waiting for the crash
That never comes.

Barry D’Arcy


Football, not GAA; real football.
Not just any football, Irish football.
There’s just something about it,
Something they’ll never get,
A Friday night in Inchicore,
Something I’ll never forget.
To be part of something special,
Something you can feel
Not the premier league,
Something real.
There’s no big money,
Or huge crowds,
Just a few lads,
Passionate and proud.


I am Declan

Nobody else
Passionate about my impression on others
Sometimes a little too concerned about it
Wild for sport.
Fierce for my family.
Loyal to the end
To my people and friends.
Here to make those who are close to me
Feel better when they’re sad or down.
The hand that will lift them
Up from the ground.
Ambitious and driven
In most that I do.
I find passion in drawing
The gift from the stars
That I have been given.
Hooked to the music
Living in the beat.
All words in my head
Like fists on the street.



A game for the mental
Or perhaps for the brave
A clashing of bodies
Straight from the cave
It feels like a truck
Every time you get smashed
The creak in your bones
The day after the match
A game that the faint of heart cannot play
When all of your brain cells have seen their last day

Sam Arkwright

Backseat Driver

We all know one of them
Sitting behind you while
On your journey of life.
Every move you make
Behind you like a snake
Hissing to every mistake.

When you want to accelerate,
They remind you of the speed limit
When really you want to jump right in it.

They’re a like a wire in your tyre
Slowly releasing the air out
Stopping your moving on
Until you tell them to get out
They say they’re helping
But really there the ones yelping

When you go to accelerate
There is no weight
You decide the limit
And can jump right in it.

Andrew Matthews


I hate it
What a waste of time
Why are we doing this
I just want to doss
I don’t give a toss
Yeats and Heaney
Went Wilde with dreariness

Tadhg O Ceallaigh


I got beaten up by my sister
When I got up I had a blister
I got called Mrs not Mr
It’s not a game, this ain’t twister
When she left, I actually missed her
I found out this bad deal
It’s my life, the struggle is real

Daniel Stokes