Clifden Community School, Clifden, Co. Galway


I just want the world to be kind
But the problem I find
Is that a person’s mind
Can be blind
It hurts
Sometimes it goes so far that you feel like dirt
And then you look into the mirror
And you see things so much clearer
But it was never you
And it was only their view
And that doesn’t define you


Can you see how he slowly changes?
Becoming different colours
Opening his wings, ready to fly
But staying in the warm
With all the others
Going for flights, trying out
But always coming back
How long will it take?
How long until it changes?

Land Meets the Sea

I come from a place where the land meets the sea.
And the rain falls heavy and fast
And the wind blows strong
And the sun shines rarely
I come from a place where nature meets the fields
And the birds sing loud in the spring
And the lambs bleat loudly in the summer sun
That is where I come from


Robots in line throughout the hall,
Problems big and problems small.
Exactly the same it’s genuinely insane,
No point in chasing tears, they’ve fallen down the drain.
You can’t be different or so I’ve been told,
Seeing you as nothing, like damp corner mould.
Clones and copies, we cannot be unique,
And if we do we must only sneak.
Be judged and stared at and thrown away,
Follow the rules and you can stay.
Pretending and following is the only way,
Follow the rules and you can stay.


I complain when my parents control me.
But it would be worse if they didn’t want to. We can all see.
Study, sleep, eat some of the things my parents make me do.
But really I know I mean let.
When I’m successful, happy and healthy.
Streets ahead of loads I’ve met
I still complain.
Ignorance is bliss when you hear yourself
Wanting someone to leave you alone.


Though today I stand tall
Tomorrow I’ll feel small
As I watch the rainfall like I’m trapped
Inside cell walls
People feel like they can tell
What hell I’m going through
But above all
I am me and that’s all

They Think They Know

They all think they know you

They all think you’re okay

Yet they don’t notice the differences

All the tell-tale signs

When you live every day

Being told you have to be a man

Stop crying, man up, grow a pair

So you just say the classic

The normal, the everyday

The two words you’re so used to saying

The two words that you’ll never forget

The two words that have ended so many conversations that really should have continued

The two words that even though we here so much about

We never question

The two words

𝙄’𝙢 𝙛𝙞𝙣𝙚

Dear Teachers

Have you ever looked around the corridors,
And see the chaos you’ve helped create.
I sometimes wonder,
Were you ever a student
And why you don’t relate.
You say we have it ‘easy’
I’d say it’s more ‘breezy’
Our country has one of the highest rates of suicide in Europe,
But of course you’re more concerned about that A I didn’t get,
Or the homework I didn’t do
Are you running a military camp
Or a secondary school?

Everybody Thinks

Everybody thinks I am small
But then again I can’t say I’m tall
But after all I am brown
That doesn’t mean I look like a clown
At least I have four limbs
So I can go to church and listen to stupid hymns
At least I have two eyes
So I can see other peoples headlice
At least I have a mother and father
That cares for me like no other


People called me names
It cause me pain
I stop talking
And started walking

Mental Health

My mental health is depleting
Because living feels more like competing
And I think it’s defeating
The point
That living is worth more than that joint
That’ll lead you to disappoint
Your family and friends
So please don’t pretend
That you’re ok when you’re not
Just tell me if you’ve lost the plot
Cause I’m here to cheer you on
Who cares if you don’t belong
But I can’t lose someone else to demons
So please share your feelings


Why only eight line poems?
What about writing haikus?
Please allow for less lines.

I’ll just write three poems,
Just as I am doing now,
Just one more to go.

Is it not cool,
You can write so many words,
None with much meaning?


Run, hit, ruck, scrum, tackle
And we’re still weak
You don’t see the torrential rain and winter night’s we train,
You don’t see the cuts & bruises we hide for the teams sake,
That concussion that brings anxiety banging on the door,
You don’t see the pressure to perform to make that team,
To play your best, to kick well,

All you see is that knocked on ball, that forward pass,
That missed tackle that makes us,
Let me guess “weak”


Results came out,
We passed them all
Except for Finn,
He failed metall.
We got on the bus
They played some tunes
On the way home
The bus driver went zoom


I come from Bofin
I will return in a coffin
I come from Worthing
I didn’t do much learning
Life is hard
Especially when you’re scarred
But amazing views and amazing sites
Now that’ll be all I bid you goodnight


Turn your frown upside down
And make your way into town
Loving life and going strong
And nothing in life is going wrong
Being happy is the best
And getting all of my needed rest
And has boring as this poem can be
I hope it makes others more happy
So have good day and head to the shack
Because it was a great laugh and a good bit of craic

The Man with a Mouth

A man came into our school,
Started cursing, started mouthing,
Adults would be frowning,
But to us he was just so cool.

He took us by our mind,
Made us rethink how we think,
He spoke about drugs, he spoke about drink,
Before this, I was blind.

Day One

On day one, everyone is your friend
As the years carry on there’s always a slight bend.
Boys then become a huge part
Only to leave you months later with nothing but a broken heart
No one seems to understand
But sure look it’ll be grand
You begin to realise your mind is not as clear
You long for change and to start a new year
You begin to think there is no point at all
Your mind starts to run and you hit a brick wall
Is anyone even there? Anyone at all
Everyone claims they are “always here”
But when you reach out for help not one person is near
For girls one big issue is that figure of joy
Makes you feel like no other, yes that boy
At the moment nothing seems to bright
But we all hope in a while everything turns out alright

The Rugby Pitch

The rugby pitch is like the world
But all messed up and swirled
It’s like the purge and it gives you the urge
To fight like you never have before
You drag down and you fight,
Fake left and run right,
Go hard and go fast,
Go quick give the pass
But there’s never a feeling so fine,
As slamming that ball down over the line.

Man United

Sometimes I just want to screen and shout,
And chant all game Glazers out,
Ole is out savour
Please do me a favour
With Ed Woodward calling the shots
Our team form is just not hot
We need a change to fix my team
I want to see them reign supreme