Clifden Community School, Clifden, Co. Galway

Forever Be a Part of Me


As I lay in bed one March night

I woke to such a horrid sight

My daddy spread out on the floor

Right beside the sliding door

Wait for the ambulance I was told

So I stood outside in the cold

They said they knew from the start

That they couldn’t help revive his heart

He’s now been gone for two years

But I’m able to cope with all these tears

Because I know although I can’t see

He will forever be a part of me


New School


It wasn’t supposed to be like this,

It was supposed to be okay.

I thought I’d get a fresh start,

But old problems don’t go away.

If you can be strong,

You can get through the day.

Hope is but a trivial comfort,

Just hope your friends stay.


My Life is the Ocean


My life is like the sea

It’s calm and warm

It’s blue and bright

This is mostly the norm.


But it can be scary

With waves crashing hard

Changing currents and bashing rocks

Leaving the cliffs and beaches scarred


It can be exciting

It has parts that haven’t been explored

It can be fast paced

Like the waves that carry a surfboard


But in the end

It comes back to being calm and warm

Waiting and waiting

To be hit by another storm.




Life is unfair.

You try everything,

Just to fail.

You try to get motivation,

But it just goes down the drain.

There is nice people,

But are they really?

There’s deadlines coming from everywhere,

That you can’t get behind.

There’s hate and death and sadness,

And you can’t change a thing.

But there is also good things.

Real friends, be it only one

Your family, that’s always there for you

And even without those,

There’s always someone

Looking out for you.

You just gotta let them.




Is this tape for measuring me or is it measuring me up?

Putting it around me to see am I small enough?

Fitting into that perfect size

Short skinny girls make perfect wives

Always distracting the lads eyes


I look in the mirror

Who is that girl?

She’s changing.

Before my eyes her body switches

From skinny to fat, its the stuff of witches.

Suck it in, poke it out, be like the other …


Eat up, you’re too small!

Too much! You’re going to eat that all?

Sit straight and proper

You’re a lady

But I hate me.

It makes no sense in this “perfect world”

My insecurities amplified by a prettier girl


Do I beat her in this beauty competition called life

Or do I want to be





This is to all those who have a hard time

Fitting in school for what they believe

So to cope they just spit out a rhyme

And then all there problems just leave

That’s the power of music

When you learn to drive it

You take it anywhere it’s your pick

You let the world go and get lit

It’s hypnotic

Your lyrics flow at every clock tick

It takes you all over the world

And in other dimensions too

As it twirls and whirls

It’s so personal to you

It is also what brings us together

No matter the discord, we are closer than ever

Nothing can tear us apart

Its a feeling in our heart

It cannot be broken

It’s sealed in our minds, like a magical token

It cant be taken

Just learn to drive it as it barges in

Now do you feel awaken

Do you feel it in your head, that spin

As it makes your skin shiver

It’s like you discover

A new hidden power

That makes your enemies shatter

That almost every one can access

With training, endurance and skill, you will find success

It’s that simple

And it opens the door to life’s temple

So with real




And hard core training

Then you will start scoring

Only then, not before

Then people will start to hear you roar

Screaming you’ve won

But don’t claim victory before the run

Cause there will be other dogs on your tail

Here you are not the only greyhound

You are not the first to run this trail

You may be victory bound

But others have already been crowned

So just don’t fade in the background

Just look around

It is easy to become obsolete

Just make just to stand firm on your feet

Because in this world, you need to be flawless

It might be hard to over come the stress

So just stay up beat

And let no one break your flawed yet perfect feat

And you’ll be sure to make it

As every flawless lyric you’ll spit

If you follow these instructions

You’ll survive any musical distractions

And destruction

And show this generation

Just exactly what is a rhyme

And give confidence to people without a dime

That if you try

There is no limit to your ability

Not even the sky

Just drive your life, and choose who you want to be


These Times


This is a Lockdown,

We sit at home with a frown,

Trying to find things to pass the time,

Maybe pick up a new skills, like mime.


We could go out and run the rolling hills,

But we watch Netflix and get some chills,

We could talk about the weather and complain,

But we discuss life like we are on a runaway train.


Lockdown maybe Miserable,

But these times are Memorable.


Staring Out


Staring out my bedroom window longing to go out,

I could go for a walk around only 5k about.

Haven’t seen my friends in ages,

No one is getting their usual wages.

Waking up same day on repeat,

Only bit of excitement is thinking what to eat.

Which way should I walk today?

Left or right, know it off by heart by this point.


So Marvellous


So marvellous how the seasons oppose

Like a fine delicate rose

From hurtful thorns to rose petals

From finding them close to the grave to the wide wedding halls

From the dazzling summer blazing

To the spent summers freezing

From the door to death to the marvellous rebirth

Where people appreciate the wonderful earth

That gives us every strong emotion

So I write in appreciation

For all the gifts that we get every day

So I thank all by letting these words lay




Love is like the sun shimmering through on a cloudy day,

When only the flowers have colour and everything else is grey,

When your favourite ice-cream lasts until May,

But at any time can be taken away.

Like crystals shinning, love is oh so blinding,

It lasts forever, until forever is the end.


Loneliness, Sadness


To me it’s the biggest killer of people,

Not that it can kill people physically,

But it can make someone feel empty, worthless, useless, kill their personality,

And for me that’s death,

Not being content with life, not being you,

Parents asking why are you sad and depressed,

Well I haven’t gotten out with my mates in about a year not even a sesh,

Just to meet up to see them in person,

Instead of being stuck in a virtual lesson,

Learning about Pythagoras and physics,

It’s not us, it’s the education system they should fix,

Teach us taxes, happiness, sex ed

Not algebra, Irish and how to make bread,

Modernise schools it’s not rocket science,

Our generation will stand in defiance


All I Hear


We’re told that skinny is the only way,

Controlled by the media everyday.

I look in the mirror, and scream and shout,

I’m scared that I might stand out.

I come from a house that may look like gold,

But behind the walls the secrets unfold.

I’m not all this and I’m not all that,

But all I hear chanting is fat, fat, fat.




Why do we have to be teenagers?

Why do people tell us not to be under pressure?

When the same people put us under pressure

Why do we have to go to school why can’t we just enjoy life

Why are we treated like children?

And other times treated like adults

Is there a point in asking why?




I was made to keep his head above water.

Everything he did I had to alter,

Keep myself in check

Keep my mind on the deck

And I can’t let these thoughts creep in

Because my parents don’t have another

They only have me and my brother


Climate Change


The oceans are rising and so is my anxiety,

Will it ever end?

The forests are on fire and so is my heart,

Will it ever end?

Climate change is happening but nothing is changing




Life is like weather in Ireland

When the sun shines down we’re on top of the world,

But it can get foggy, the sun barely visible

The rain might start and not stop for a while,

Yet it clears and the light peeks out from the grey sky.


What’s the Point?


Someone once said to me, “what’s the point?”

What’s the point in waking up in the morning and putting clothes on.

What’s the point of going through the stress of school?

Just wondering if that person behind you is talking about you.

The worry of not fitting in.

Looking at yourself in the mirror

Pointing out the things you hate about you,

What’s the point? I once said.


Light in the Dark


A light in the dark,

Standing out in a crowd,

Brings peace onto earth

From high above all clouds




I like playing football

And FIFA all the time

When I score goals

The oppositions cry


My team is villa

They will win the league

They beat Liverpool 7-2

They will win the league




My name is the Lorax I speak for the trees

For some strange reason they’re Vietnamese

If the Lorax is armed

The trees can’t be harmed

If you touch my trees

I’ll break your knees


Man City


Man City are the best

The will beat the rest

They will beat Sheffield

And win the cup




I hate wars.

Wars multiply wars.

I love football.