Christian Brothers College, Wellington Rd, Montenotte, Co. Cork

Hell on Earth

The crushing of men’s hearts
The sundering of their minds
The tearing of their parts
The sealing of their binds

The fallen grace of trust
The mouths that spit out lies
Choking full of rust
The pyre in the skies

Brother against brother
Brandishing their knives
The hatred for one another
Ripping apart their lives

The metal of man
Leavings scores across the Earth
Doing all they can
To ravage all their worth

Brought about by greed
And the selfishness of all
Not knowing what they need
Not understanding we will fall

Seán O’Connell


I can feel the weight of pressure
Constantly present
Being compared
But that’s not fair
Because we’re not the same
I’m just not your favourite
They do well in school
But I can write
And that’s my power

Tom Hourihane


Apollo couldn’t help but see,
That my eyes had lingered,
And his artwork fingered.
The sun was shining on me.

My hands had shaken,
His lips by my ears hummed,
While his golden lute strummed.
My heavenly harmonies awaken.

I basked in his warm radiant glow,
Alas my voice went mute
When I played his fiery flute.
Playing my fleeting flow.

Be his muse I must,
While he beats my drum,
Joy is bound to come.
Whether it’s love or lust.

Hyacinth and Ganymede,
The men that came before,
But deep down at my core.
His people I shall lead.

For my devotion,
Is the strongest emotion.

Ben Cudmore

A City Sleeps

A city sleeps
Beneath your feet
But these simply great feats
Remain unrecognized

These small town minds
Breaking down individuality
Putting pride in conformity
Stopping dead creativity

Don’t care about your star sign
Or the words you make rhyme
You allow them to reign
Always in pain

When you break from conformity
Revel in your individuality
Rebel in creativity
Just leave the words keep flowing
The minds will keep blowing

Eoin O Donnell

The Winter

The winter has finally come, to reinforce the dark lake,
But the snow has descended, it always keeps me awake,
My lungs fill with envy, my skin shivers with the ice,
The tundra always covers, but he never thinks twice,
My door is always locked, my chimney is always clean,
My stove is never heated, my fear is forever seen,
The blanket of the winter, has frozen all my heart,
He was taken her from me, and tore my love apart.

Conor Sullivan

They Say

They say to boys grow up strong,
They say to boys never cry,
They say to kids never drink or do drugs
As they look back at their memories of those very things.
They say we lack creativity
Yet we are stripped of that as we grow up.
They say never curse and to be polite
As they utter those curses behind closed doors.
They say you are stupid and dumb
As they test you in things you hate.
They say to grow up
As they treat you as a kid.
They say a lot of things.

Eoghan Sheehan


No drugs, good grades, 10 As,
Struggles I can’t convey.

They think no worries, no stress,
Problems coalesce.

They enlighten our lives,
With knowledge that exists only on lines.

Life, my world, my time.
Only defy with rhyme.

I know nothing, only what they teach,
With a system I’m ready to impeach

I fit the criteria.

Stephen Hayden


The hurt I’ve caused does it matter at all
How would I know being forced to go
Standing weary persevering
When the sun comes down
I’m done for now
Scars fade in time
But memories stay in mind


A Slight Remark

A slight remark
A turn of the shoulder
You may think your time is over
But you have courage
And you have hope
And you can prove the whole world over
Think who you are
What you can be
And combine it all
To rule it all

Charlie Dwyer


Emotions rush over me,
I can’t remember what to think,
This feeling stays endlessly,
It makes me feel as if I’m to sink.

It lingers but lessens,
As time continues forth.
I see them at our sessions
This only makes the feeling worse.

They don’t even have a clue,
They act as just my friend
Even though they don’t know it
I wish my time with them would never end


Day after Day

Day after day, I’m always tired,
My emotions like stone,
Next to evening fire,
I try to confine my demon inside,
But hidden emotions fly outside
I try and study, write and read,
But I feel so tired to even breathe
I don’t know if I should,
I think I finally say,
I’m tired of being tired.



Constant pressure
Little pleasure
Bad methods
Wrong ideas
Yet authority is never questioned
And an adults word apparently should be law

Constant boredom
Little life skills
Bad experiences
Wrong influences
Yet no change is made
And the students suffer as a result

Yet “your school years are the greatest years of your life”?
Where everyone is expected to be someone they’re not
And teachers reign supreme
While everyone else suffers
Because our blind obedience to authority
Will always be present

Why aren’t we involved
Why do us students never get a say
Why do we suffer
Why do the people the subject of discussion is about
Never get a say?

Colm O’Sullivan

Let Out

Let out my creativity
In an art form
Now I call them
Experiencing happiness
Of intense proportions
Until the end of the match or training
Total happiness

Owen Chandler


From the joys to the pain
From happiness to sadness
Sport keeps me happy
School frustrates me
From winning to losing
From anticipating to fearing
Life is tough
But life is good

Shane Buckley

Wake up

I wake up in the morning
Hoping to finish school
I arrive in the door
Wanting to leave before it starts
Class starts
The minds drop
Wanting to head home
Nine classes pass
And i’m out the door
Until I realise it’s not the end of the day
Still with hours of homework
Make my way home
Going to bed to relax only to realise
I have to do it all again the next day

Billy Cremen


School is very boring
Coming in at 7:20 in the morning
Staying up too all hours watching tv
But I can barely stay awake in school
Teachers thinking I’m a fool
Filling up cars for fuel
My favourite hobby is hurling

Luke Buckley

Every Day

Every day I see different people all trying to be the same
Teachers giving out to students for not getting the grades someone else gets
Being told your lazy and immature
When they know nothing about you or what’s going on in your life
The struggle, the want, the need, loneliness
Lost in this world where nothing makes sense
Having your future decided by people you hate more than anything.
Parents telling you to work harder or be like your siblings
Makes you want to screammmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!
Freedom, peace and tranquillity putting everything behind
Finding that place without pressure and stress just to be yourself



What should I write now?
I cannot make up my mind.
Maybe a haiku…

Arthur Gray


I head to the mats because training is my drug
This is my addiction; and my trainer is my plug.
Stay there for 2 hours, leaving my sweat in the gym,
Then I head on home, no longer feeling dim.

I look over Blackpool, Ballyvolane and The Glen,
I like to stop do this every now and then,
Just stand atop the hillside and take in the view
Just breathe, keep walking and tomorrow I’ll feel brand new.

James Flavin

Flock Up

Flock up to Blackrock
Where the trophies and shields are revealed
To the appeal of the locals.
Although hurling isn’t global,
The totals that arrive to the matches
Makes the game thrive among the masses.



From brutes as big as a bear in the pack
To the wingers as fast as cheatas in the back
We put our souls and body’s on the line
Every time we step on that pitch
From Lansdowne to Tomand Park
From the biggest of hits to the smoothest steps
We are divided by country
We are divided by team
But the one thing that unites us is the love
The love for the sport
The love for the pain
The love of pride playing for you club school country
The love of the game
The love of rugby

David O’Connell

Turn of the Tide

A turn of the tide
A switch of sides
A competition
Which is throw wide open
A team sees some hope
Takes the opportunity
And with their unity
The chance is taken
Success is in the making

Charlie Dwyer

Forgotten Heroes

The young boy fighting meal to meal
Daring not to steal

Starving for his brother
Trying to keep his mother

From falling through a hole
And selling out her soul

He lies forgotten

The soldier dying in the field
Ordered not to yield

Choking on his blood
Sunken deep in mud

Abandoned all alone
Stranded far from home

He lies forgotten

The old man captured in his bed
Memories draining from his head

The work that he had done
Now dust beneath the Sun

The lifetime now gone past
Escaping from his grasp

He lies forgotten

These heroes all above
Stand abandoned without love

Their deeds and will forgot
As sure as their bodies rot

They lie forgotten

Seán O’Connell

Wake Up

Wake up every day, back to the grind
Leaving the security of my home behind
In school, I try my best to pretend
This tedious act it never ends
You might just wonder what this act could be
It is the constant act of being manly
It’s really difficult in adolescence
Sex, drugs, alcohol and antidepressants
I can’t wait to leave school
Becuase right now I feel miniscule

Olan Griffin

In Every

In every tackle,
In every pass,
In every kick,
In every scrum,
In every victory,
In every defeat,
Fifteen as one

Euan Gallagher

Every Morning

I go to school every morning
Only to get a warning about being late
The day passes by until I walk out the gate
With nothing left to dictate the day, I get into my dressing gown
I let myself shutdown
As I retreat to my bed
I continue to look ahead

Rían Doyle

Staring at the Ceiling

Staring at the ceiling in my bedroom
Days bleed into each other
Wake up at seven and bed at eleven
Every day
I feel like I should be doing more
Learning languages, winning competitions, anything
But no
I’m here

Fantasizing about what I could be through
Various podcasts and books
Telling me the steps to success
While broken lamps and street lights dance around me

There’s a devil in this town
And I’ve gotta jump the rail of life

Luke Fitzpatrick

The Game

The ball was in flight
Yet he still had it in his sight
He grabbed it out of the air
Ran past the first man without a care
Next came the big man
But there was a plan
A swift dummy and that was all
And still his eyes concentrated on the ball
The try line was within his sight
But the last man was willing to use his might
To stop the man from making the score
But he just ended up on the floor
Under the post the player went
A try to remember was his intent.

Charlie Dwyer


They run our lives
Dictate our decisions
But how can we get better
When change and creativity is discouraged
By those who require order
And if pro is the opposite of con
Then what’s the opposite of progress

James Gibson

Everyone Says

Everyone says your teen years
Are the ones that you should treasure
But recently all I’ve been feeling is pressure
From parents making you study
Or what sport to play
Hurling or rugby
I don’t want my life to be boring
Working for someone else at 9 in the morning

Daire Burke

Fall in Line

It’s ok to fall in line
Just don’t look back
That’s a long ass line that I’m not in
I never found the time, or had the chance
I asked my teacher
Can I eat my roll
He stopped the movie
And asked for my journal
And said it was
An inappropriate question
I don’t see why
We were watching a movie
He stopped the movie
For no reason
And said it was my fault
This made me mad
He made me feel bad
Never been one to bow down
Never been one to air out



Moving like a snail
Cause I am out on bail
Snakes in the court
Thinking they’re a force
Taking a new course
Cause I’m not listening to their hoarse
The verdict’s unfair
Ready to fight a bear
One day I might understand

Jack Nolan


Hair’s too short
Get a report

Stupid detentions
Despite my best intentions

Extremely long days
Living for Saturdays

Fionn Corkery


I’m not great at sports
Well I’m not very fast
I’m not great at sports
So I get picked last
I’m not great at school
So I get called a fool
I’m not good at school
And I think it’s cruel

Sean Buckley


He arrives home sad
Ready to stop
He thinks they’ll be glad
If he takes a pop

Nobody notices the pain
The voices inside him
Drowning in the insults like rain
Chipping away like a trim

But all is forgiven
As he shares his thought
His family is driven
To help this idea be fought

It is only now
He realizes the love
His family shall vow
To free him like a dove

Brook Davis


TY is bad
It makes me mad
We don’t do much
We only eat lunch
It’s to strict
I do not like it
Hair to short
You get a report



Running around we had no worries.
But something had arrived
Which caused some flurries

Only some survived
What they were told would be
The pinnacle of their lives.

Our walks turned into more of a shuffle
Whereby not even the strongest
Would stifle a muffle

But we all powered through
This endless avenue
Only to return to our lives.

Luí Cummins


I can’t do these quadratic equations
These teachers act like I’m meant to be God’s one and only creation
I’m ment to get all A’s
For a job that barely pays
A 9 to 5 is boring
Even though I could be performing
My dream jobs are frowned upon and “unrelistic”
They expect me just to be a normal statistic in a flawed system


Listen Here

I absolutely don’t like school.
What’s there to like
It’s most certainly not cool
The teachers make you out
To be some sort of fool

The teachers are barely educated
And try to tell us that we will be hated
But that’s ok i’ll show the unstated
Over and out that was long waited

Tom Casey

The Boy Upstairs

To the boy upstairs
To whom everything is expected of
Under waves of judgement
He tries his best at every challenge
That obstructs his path to success
His mind full of deadlines
Has no room for childish imagination
The school he goes to
Rewards him for memory
All the while it destroys his identity
His grades are more interesting than him
He has no problems as he has food
But all the little things are problems to him
Every percent he doesn’t get
Is a dent on his self esteem
He is told, “keep it up”
But he has no motivation to go on
But he keeps going
For no known reason
When he does well he cannot say
As people will get offended
But he doesn’t want to do good
Rather he’d prefer to feel good
By spending his day doing what he loves
But that is not the case
As he is asked
“Any girl?” Or “have you a job?”
It’s not enough being on top
He must be better in all that he does and more
But all this does is drill him down this hole
Of constant depression hoping of being perfect
It’s this perfection that he strives for
Of hoping of being more
That is his ultimate downfall

James Barry

I’ve Grown Up

I’ve grown up with eyes watching my every move
I’ve grown up with pressure I’ve always wanted to lose
I’ve grown up with expectations I’ve always had to prove
It’s always been hard, never been a cruise
I feel I’ll have to perform to the day I die
Try to prove the rumours aren’t a lie
All because of my second name
Trying to show I can play the game

Jack Cahalane


There’s times that are tough, there’s times that are easy,
But nothing is worse when someone is sleazy,

They will slag you until you frown,
But never ever let people bring you down,
You will find times hard and sad, but always know that you can bombard,

Fight for you, have self-confidence,
Because you are unique and you can solve all the problems,

School is crap when you think about it,
And people are scared to show their true colours in front of their peers,

Their scared of difference and change, but you need to understand that it’s all just an age,
Things will move on and it’ll come to an end of an era, but never forget that you are superior.

Rian Notley


The Greek tragedies
The lover of dawn,
Grew old forever.
The maker of music,
Was ripped apart.
The flame of force,
Was drowned for love.
The boy of beauty,
Fell in love with himself
The gossip,
Was forced to repeat herself forever.

All their pain combined,
Doesn’t match the pain I felt
When you rejected me.

Ben Cudmore


Depression is a serious topic
Would be discussed more if
Depression were to pick
Politicians who are too sick
To recognize the flaws
In the corrupt system that pours
Order in and imagination out
Of the future of ours
All they want is complete obedience
And for people to stand in complete silence
But we must stand tall
To inspire all
To follow our cause
And to support us through applause
So all that I ask you on this day
Is the current system really the right way?

James Barry


Trying to get your point across is something very real
Trying to make the other person see and hear what they can never feel
The lifelessness in their eyes expresses such a lack of interest
And makes you feel like no one wants hear your point of view
That’s nothing new
Especially when it comes from the people you care about
And at least you’d like to think cares about you too
Reminiscing about the things that happened in the past
When the only thing that matters are the things that happen way too fast
Like sitting down beside a bed looking out the window at the sky
And being told the only person that understood you is gonna die

Marcus Corcoran

For What They Want

For what they want is order and formality
For what they want is obedience and respect
For what they want is us to ignore this tragedy
For what they want are workers elect
For what they want is black and white
For what they want is a neat straight line
For what they want is us to give up our fight
For what they want is no dream of mine

Andrew Cremin

Wake Up

Wake up,
Brush teeth,
Have breakfast,
Look busy in school,
Go to a sport you hate.
So much for the best years of your life.

If this is living than what’s the point.



Some say “your lazy you don’t work hard”
Many say “sh’up your life’s perfect”
They say “here’s a few cans come be popular”
Others say “don’t drink don’t be part of that culture”
Teachers say “your stupid you won’t even work a trade”
Coaches say “you haven’t played well in a decade”
But what do I say?
I feel like I’ve gone astray

Charlie Cronin

My Heart Pounds

Lacing up my boots while my heart pounds
Stepping out into the frosty air
Kicking off the match on the muddy ground
I see the space and run like a hare
Their right back tries a slide tackle
But a simple ball roll gets me clear
He grabs my ankle like a shackle
Our coach on the sideline jeers
A free kick is given
And I aim it for the upright
Their right back won’t be forgiven
As a smash it into the top right.

Conor Carroll

Everyone Says

Everyone says your teen years
Are the ones that you should treasure
But recently all I’ve been feeling is pressure
From parents making you study
Or what sport to play
Hurling or rugby
I don’t want my life to be boring
Working for someone else at 9 in the morning

Daire Burke

Waking Up

Waking up
Eyes all blurry,
Decide to lie in
Now we’re in a hurry.

In the car
But I forgot my phone,
Check my pockets
Leave out a moan.

As usual
Traffic is manic,
My brother
He begins to panic.

He is late for his lecture,
I’m late for school,
A regular occurrence
In my family carpool.

Brian Boylan


I got venom bumping through my veins,
Not the super drug, I’m not bane,
They all got terrified when I came,
The demon is the one to blame,
But me and you are the same,
A monster is not my name.

Alan Kavanagh


Life is short
Some people wanna abort
Others got no choice
Too weak to use their voice
Leave behind four
And many more who’s counting the score
Leaves everyone sore

Denis Mcsweeney


As a towel gets wetter the more it dries,
A man becomes stronger the more he cries,
We are obsessed with being tough,
Toxic tradition, we’ve had enough

Don’t follow the blind hate of your peers
Calling lads who don’t fit in gays or queers
Be a real man, stand up for others
Eight billion on this world, we are all brothers.


The Crimes of Advertising

Why are you so loud
You shout in our faces
And demand that we listen
Your seen by all
Your motivation is our money
You try to trick
To deceive
You fail to feel
To understand
We try to escape
To ignore
But we can’t
We are all a slave to advertising

James MacCarthy

Cup Final Day

As we sit in the dressing room,
The manager’s voice is still ringing.
All our heads are bowed,
Quiet and still amidst the crowd’s singing.
We emerge on to the pitch, our boots gracing the dewy turf,
Our minds race, solely transfixed on winning.

We converge into a huddle, the excitement is tangible,
Fully convinced that today will be magical.
As our formation assembles, we’re ordered to be rational,
But as the game commences, we all become radical.

The game is tough, a contest to the last,
The midfield battle is unforgiving, brutal and fast.
We concede two goals, it appears the die has been cast,
Twenty minutes later, the enemy has been outclassed.

As I approach the podium, parading a gold medal on my chest,
I hoist the silver trophy up high, screaming: “we are the best!”

Alex Lynch


There is a girl I love
But she don’t know it
Guess it’s hard
For me to show it.
All these feeling
Trapped inside
It is just easier
For me to hide.


The Good and Bad Days

There are good and bad days when I’m with you
I love the good days
The days when we’re on the same page
When we laugh at the same stupid things
When we both think of the same stupid joke
The days when we just enjoy each other’s company
Those are the days I look forward to

Then there are the bad days
The days when it feels like my existence disgusts you
The days when it feels like I’m treading on thin ice
You’re angry at me but I don’t know why
I can see it in the way you look at me and talk to me
Those are the days when I want to disappear

Sometimes you’re a complete mystery to me
But then again maybe the reverse is also true
Think all the same things about me
I suppose I’ll never know
But no matter what kind of day we’re having
Or how much we confuse each other
I’m glad you’re in my life
Because the good days make the bad ones worth it

Ronan McCarthy


Where I am from,
The leaves are green,
The trees are tall,
The water is clear,

Where I am from,
The birds chirp,
The fish jump,
The ducks quack,

Where I am from,
The sun shines,
The wind whistles,
The water cracks

Barra O’Mahony


So much pressure to succeed,
Sport, school, life,
Exams around the corner, county final in a few weeks,
High expectations from everyone around you,
Parents, teachers, coaches, teammates
Yet this is what I love,
No goal is too high, no expectation that can’t be met,
No dream too farfetched,
People crumble under this pressure,
I thrive.

David Varma


White socks, black shoes
Hallowed halls,
Don’t know what to do,
Bored out of my mind sitting here,
The fella next door is an obsolete mule,
Acapella I can sing,
Skid a bop bop ding a ling ding,
Just kidding I don’t know a thing.

Shane Williams

Blind Authority

Constant pressure
Little pleasure
Bad methods
Wrong ideas
Yet authority is never questioned
And an adults word apparently should be law

Constant boredom
Little life skills
Bad experiences
Wrong influences
Yet no change is made
And the students suffer as a result

Yet “your school years are the greatest years of your life”?
Where everyone is expected to be someone they’re not
And teachers reign supreme
While everyone else suffers
Because our blind obedience to authority
Will always be present

Why aren’t we involved
Why do us students never get a say
Why do we suffer
Why do the people the subject of discussion is about
Never get a say?

Colm O’Sullivan

Leaders of ’16

Out seven leaders,
Oh how proud we are,
They paid the biggest price,
For us to come so far,

Connolly, Ceannt, Pearse and all the rest are gone,
Our fallen heroes will never be forgotten,
Until our days are done



Early life was easy, good school and good friends,
However there were some negative people, but I didn’t let them get to me.

Parents always there for me, helping me out anytime and everywhere,
How grateful I am and hope the best for the future.

Alex Pranger

We Are

We are the ones who make the hits
The ones who take the hits
We are the ones who get back up
And do it again

We are the ones who show up
No matter the weather
No matter the conditions
We don’t complain

It doesn’t matter
Your race size or age
We are rugby players
All the same

Craig O’Mahony

The Final Push

Thirty down the hall ready for war,
The unforgettable base of support and excitement
Bounced from the open aired pitch and around the concrete wall.
Tension and anxiety cut the air,
As we wait for the call to run on with arms to bare.
Six months of preparation of training and pain,
These eighty minutes it could go down the drain.
We are told to run out, here comes that rush,
This is it the final push.

Mathieu Stapleton


Is it easy? is it simple? is this life?
This lesson was as sharp as a knife
It could have been swift
Instead it got dismissed
Is it easy? Is it simple? is this life?
Too quick, no thought
I’m constantly in a knot
The hardest lessons are learnt
Through pain
This was something I fought


Sitting in Class

Sitting in class is no extra task,
The boredom creeeps in,
As your head sinks further and further into the comfort of the desk,
When you awake from your slumber, you see the teachers terrifying mask

Sean Sinclair

I Am

You are the person people can relate to
Even nobody really knows you.
You do things nobody really knows
But if I enjoy the things nobody’s know
Then it makes it more enjoyable.
I am the helper that’s helps the helpers
Even though I don’t want to.


My Life

Spotify playlists with Biggie and 2pac
Netflix accounts with prison break back to back
Broken Hurley’s and 6 o clock training
Rugby matches sunny or raining
Skin fades with a bit off the top
Trying to down a naggin outside the shop
Jumping in quarry’s can’t even swim
Arm curls every day in the gym



Every time I think
I need to blink.
People are working
When I’m searching.



School is pointless
School ideas are a bunch of jokes
School education causes distress
And the whole school systems a hoax

I do not find the motivation
To wake up and sit in a room of despair
8 hours of frustration
Hell doesn’t compare

Conor McNamara


Constant support even when I don’t need it
Don’t want to talk about
Don’t want anyone to see it
The sixteenth of September
I will always remember the pain on everyone’s faces
She was taken and nothing can replace it

David Lynch


Why am I here now today
Why can’t I just stay at home
Why can’t I do what I want if what I want is to stay at home
Why can’t I learn from the world instead of from a book
Why can’t I just live a good life
Reading from a book all day is not a life you’ll remember

Cian Martin


Get out of my car
I am sad
Go into school
I am sad
I come home
I am sad

Get off the bus
I am happy
See the lads
I am excited

Tadhg Kennelly

Hall of Fame

Walking into the hall of fame,
Is like walking into a church,
And bursting in a ball of flames,
The only hall of fame,
I will be emitted too,
Is the comedic wall of shame.

Alan Kavanagh

Ya Boy

It’s ya boy spitting bars about this sick workshop
It was amazing and I’ve learnt a lot
I’m am so good at this
It becomes so normal
I don’t even breaks a sweat
I’m just gonna make another bet
It was fun spitting bars
But I haft to catch a car

David Jones


Two fates diverged from a cardinal cry,
Their destiny was tied, like circumference to pi,
Their names were their own yet they were forced to share,
An insult, it was too insignificant for care.
Two faces, Two personalities
Both regarded as identical
When one is treated as two, one learns not to be fickle

Two humans holding equal stakes of a common brain,
It is startling when they take different paths
Against the grain.
Animosity begins to grow between the two,
Hostility which never helped me or you.
They unknowing forced us into fierce competition
In our search for singularity, we sought each other’s demolition
Maybe one day we will forgive each other’s sins
But for now, we’re just twins

Robert Hyden


To all the teachers this is for you
This system is poo
School is exactly like a zoo
Enclosed, no freedom just judgement

Under a list of poo rules
Looking like lifeless sheep
All your friends looking like fools
Sometimes education system goes too deep

Tom Maher


We met, connected.
A spark was born
And it would continue to light the path
That we shared ahead
For many lengthy days
And sleepless nights.
With lust prevailing, clearing any obstacles,
We found our place.
A haven, a place for us to be us from dawn until dusk, on repeat
Day after day
Because as us, we’re even better than a you and a me,
To be together is special and I’m glad I met you and us was discovered.
As things are,
It was smothered in distraction by the outside world.
Now it remains tucked away in our minds,
Waiting to be discovered, when ready,
Once again.
A forever friendship,
With potential.

Matthew Kiely


Take me home
My old school
It was the best
I miss my friends
I have some here too
When school ends
I see them again

Tadhg Kennelly


I’m out here ballin at night
Making sure my craft is right
Knocking down a buzzer beater shot
All through the facts that I’m cooking with the pot
I like to lift weights
Laughing and joking with my mates
I like to get a dub
Don’t usually go to the pub.

Cian O’Callaghan


Down by the river
I get an eerie feel
I start to quiver and shiver
The coldness of the air allows my skin to peel
The sound of the ambulance siren is one of familiarity
Another mother hoping for clarity
Of whether her son her boy she raised is harm free
London a city portrayed wrongly
But the real city is full of worry and danger
Knife crime is rife and shows no sign of stopping
But what nobody sees is the city copping another youth

Ben McGarry

Call Me

Call me stupid for not studying
Call me stupid for not paying attention,
Well I don’t want to take medication.
So I challenge each and every teacher to take what I am told to take,
Than just maybe you’ll think twice before calling me stupid.

Paul Beechinor


School in the morning, the worst thing ever.
Being told what to do for hours and hours,
Only for my teacher to be getting even more sour.

Looking forward to getting home only for it to shower,
Being stuck inside yet again for the rest of the week.

Peter Fitzgerald


Tay-k lost his case
I maul off the tings face
Malaysia be my birthplace
I’m not fast so I don’t race
I go at my own pace
Bars like W.B Yeates
Drugs take me to space
Sike drugs are bad

Sean Fitzgerald


Let’s go party
I’ll go dressed smartly
I’m meeting up with all the boys
Gowan, bring some toys
It’s gonna last the night
Who knows, there might be a fight
Hopefully it won’t be me
Because I’ll be fairly loopy
When it’s over
I’ll go home with the beour
Well have a few drinks
And then off for forty winks