Christian Brothers College, Wellington Rd, Co. Cork

The Cracks in the Wall


Staring at the cracks in the wall,

The segmented bricks look as though they are parts of my fragmented life,

Concealed by a patchy coat of white paint,

Covering the blemishes.


Staring at the cracks in the wall,

The partition between different lives,

Unaware of what lurks behind, passed by passer-by,

Oblivious to the twisty darkness behind.


Staring at the cracks in the wall,

But who is to blame them,

The wall displays a convincing facade,

Deceitful to the blissfully ignorant,

Those too ignorant to see those cracks,

Those too ignorant to see the cracks within themselves.




Early in an April morning,

I feel the weight of clothes on my chest,

The silence of the house,

The silence of emotion,

The silence of the car journey.


The weight feels heavier now,

The air is dead.

The immense weight of the coffin strikes me,

I feel the weight on my shoulder,

The weight of the dirt as it encases the coffin,

The weight of silence.




They say our love is a sin

And rule us by their sacred book

So how will we ever win?

If when we hold hands in public

They always give us that look


Do they not realise we were born this way?

And that we have tried to pray it away

But of course it doesn’t work

And that’s when the shame begins to lurk


I simply wish to be free

From the hatred that’s being put upon me

Therefore i promise to fight

for those who cannot say “i do”

to the love of their life


My Gift, My Curse


You are the light in an apocrypha of darkness,

You are the end of the endless horizon.

You are the grace that dispels the mist.

You are the hope, my God given gift.


You are the excess to my delight.

The thought of your loss is my soul’s plight.

You are the love, or so a phantasm.

A single crack births a hellish chasm.

You are the gift, the relief of all woe,

You are the curse, mankind’s foe.


The Door was Closed


The door was closed and the pain

Just won’t go away.

I’ll miss you every single day


May is the month of summer and light

But this day just doesn’t feel right


Days and nights will fly by

But you will always be with me

And you never flee my heart.


Number 1 Supporter


There are many things I could say

To these Ty students on their half day

Your youth is important and supposed to be fun

But that goes hand in hand with your education

If life’s getting you down and you’re sick of taking crap

Latch onto your mates through the comfort of WhatsApp

Despite what you think, the teachers are in your corner

And start close to your family as they will always be your number 1 supporter




Where’s the line between an emotion and personality?

At what point does sadness take control,

Make your choices for you,

Isolate you,

Hold you back?


I have become a sad person,

Not a person who is sad,

I don’t know what a happy version of me would be,

All I have is an escape,

Watch a film,

Play a game.


It is what I decide to do that will bring me back,

To the person that my mother knows,

Every now and again, I have to leave my comfort zone,

It’s a process that I’m willing to try,

Help someone,



The fall down the well has lasted years,

But the longer I fall the further down I go,

Now I have to grab a wall,

Not even on my own,

Just put a hand out,

Maybe I can be happy,

Maybe I am good,

Maybe there is a way back up,

I just need a little push.




I don’t feel part of this world

Where humans just forget their own?

Teens walking by, glued to their phones

Never caring, Never thinking of the people beyond


Their life is just Facebook likes

And their days spent on pages of girls

While there is a father out there, crying too

But not about girls, his own daughter

Snatched by those men, who call themselves rebels

Only hearing her voice, “Help….”


Her mother moves, in her grave

Her mind’s eye full of tears

Everyday families are ripped apart

But people don’t care, and that is that

“Just give ’em some food” and leave them be

And forgetting everything for that party tonight


Reminded only on that funeral night

When no one is there, no one alive







What you’d really miss,

Is the hug and the kiss,

That tiny piece of love you feel,

That tiny piece of bliss.


Lockdown has affected us all,

No matter who you are,

We’ll get through this together,

We’re the strongest by far


Workshop Rap


The world is so damaged, we’re all so clueless

All these politicians debating on matters

It’s useless,


The people across the world show so much hate,

We got people protesting in street on top of crates,

We’re single handily responsible for animals going extinct,

Children are seeing their favourite animal fade away with a single blink,


People are being blamed for the colour of their skin,

Peoples heart are looking really thin,


We are disgracing the beautiful planet that we have been blessed with,

We are so blinded by our problems with grit.


I Say


I say I will but I don’t, I say I am going somewhere but I won’t,

I am still, stopped, not sure what to do.

I say I’ll put in the work but I never do.

I want to become this something great and do well in the world,

Give back, that’s all I want to do;

But the pressure, the amount of work that I must do is like a fear;

One that I can’t seem to conquer, one that cannot be ignored.

As you read this poem you will realise that I never said can’t or that I am strong enough

But my fears have a fear off their own and that’s me conquering them.


I Am


I am big, I am strong yet I feel so small.

My voice is loud and proud though I feel I make others queasy.

The knowledge I possess and the words I finesse in my head sounds gold

but within pen and paper my words are a mumble, a fumble, a stumble, a heavy thought stutter.

I think myself great but greatness is far.

Through the outwards speech may my dream of confidence be achieved.


Glimmer of Light


I see that glimmer of light

But this tortuous tunnel engulfs me,

I tell myself that I won’t stop and will try to fight

But they yearn for failure which they hope to see


Against those odds I finally succeed

Now they yearn to be my friend,

I talk to them and say follow my lead

And you will find success in the end.




Life is horrible.

That just a fact

Normal is being different

That just the truth

Be book smart doesn’t mean your intelligent

That just hard work

Every day is different because it is new day

That just choice

Being stuck inside is the new normal

That just horrible for everybody

Every person in the world is selfish

That just truth that people don’t want to hear

Life is filled good thing and bad things

That just focus good is a lie

The bad just as important

Shapes who we’re are a human is flawed.

Which is the greatest weapon we have is our mistake

It shows learning and we are changing


The Hurlers Grip


Love will grab you with a hurlers grip,

Using the hurley of pain,

It is only when you accept to love,

Can you be free from the hurlers grip,

And start to feel the touch of freedom,

But live with the knowledge of knowing how you can be a victim,

Once again,

Of the infamous hurlers grip,

For what is love without the wrath of pain.




Life is currently devastating.

All it’s doing is demonstrating the struggles of being all alone and locked up at home

All I’ve got to do is spend time on my phone, trying to take myself back to times that are gone.

Wondering if they are gone for good or done for now.

Hoping that this all goes away somehow.


Every Day


Every day in lockdown is an endless blur

Streets empty and a drive in my mams car is pathetically the highlight of my week

Too cold to go out, but too damaging to stay in

But hey what would a white middle class 16 year old male have to complain about

My mind, my issue


Bobby Sands


Bobby Sands the king of kings,

He’d wear no convicts uniform,

Nor meekly serve his time,

He lasted 66 days on hunger strike,

Gone at the age of 27,

A former poet and legend to all,

He left a legacy, Bobby Sands


Get Out


Get out of my head,

Listen to what I’ve said.

Get out of my life,

I’m alone with no strife.

We used to be close but

I don’t know who you are anymore

And dancing with a broken heart,

Is the best form of musical art




Wake up, wishing that I didn’t

Going through the motions, acting like I’m flippant

People always tell me how I got everything

I ever need

That I can’t be sad or depressed

But I ain’t ever near my best

I’m trapped

But it’s not physical it’s emotional

Every day I’m told how to act

I’m told I’ve got to display tact

But every day I’m more and more feeling like I’m attacked

I’m trapped.




Lonely world working on your own,

You don’t meet many friends on your path,

To success, to victory ,to greatness,

Keep working in silence,

Let your actions be your voice ,

To conquer what lies in front of you




God is dead. But I swear it wasn’t me, he just kicked the bucket.

There was nothing I could do.


I want to have an omnipotent cosmic daddy.

Where can I find one?

If I stand on a mountaintop, and scream to the sky, will he call out,

“My god your loud, what do you want, a candy bar? Here you go.”


That would be nice.




The Say


They say we’ve got it easy

That everything is just nice and breezy

Because when someone says things are fine

That isn’t true all the time

If someone tells you how they feel

The words aren’t always real


And that is just fine

Because in this day and age

Its not always in a straight line

Its not that simple


So be nice to everyone

Because no matter how they look

Inside they might not be having fun


The Zoo


Life still goes on,

Staying home,

No sport,

No school,

No life.


Numbers gone up,

Life on pause,

No sport,

No school,

No life.


Opening up,

Then closing down,

No sport,

No school,

No life.


Lockdown Life


When will it stop?

Or rather when will it start?

No sport, no shops, no restaurants, no noise, no life

No children in the street, no friends in the backseat

And the news. The NEWS.

Covid, Covid, numbers, Covid, Deaths, Covid

“It’s the new normal”, “Cocooning”, “Wet pub”, “Contract tracing”.

All these phrases created for these “Unprecedented” times.

When will it stop?

Or rather when will it start?




Lazing day today

Logging into google classrooms

Leaving early and joining late

Learning the habits and curious mannerisms of my parents, siblings


From welcoming the first lockdown, a welcome break from a year of growing pressures to

Fearing what public health measures that will further curtail our Winter, Spring, Summer?


Wasting time, stuck on trains of thought without a terminus

Wishing to return to the boring rhythm

Wanting life to fall back into a monotony, heretofore unappreciated even detested

Wanting an end dreading this isolation




Why are you, the way that you are?

Why don’t you smile when others laugh?

Why you laugh when others cry?

Why you control everything around you?

How you feel? How you think?

But thinking’s harder, but feelings easier,

So you take control of what you feel.



My Thoughts


Happy she the reason I be losing all my stress

I feel sometimes I just needa take a rest

Cuz this world we living ain’t right

Only half of us is blessed


Some live in poverty and some live in embarrassment

Some got a perfect life but they always the most arrogant

Looking down on others like how you don’t have what I got

Maybe it’s cuz you grew up in rich house and you had a lot of education and encouragement, everybody would be the equal if we all got the same love and nourishment

And this coming from someone who’s had an easy life

But at least I recognise the pain some people goin through

They stuck in a broke cycle like their feet are glue and we expect em to get out as if we knew

My bars make so much sense they make euros please don’t hate I’m just tryna share my thoughts And illustrate how my brain connects the dots and if you listen to this it means a lot




I’m sitting at home,

As if I’m stuck in a dome.

What happened to normality?

We’re stuck in abnormality.

Of all the dimensions,

We are stuck with the most tensions.

Imagine the luck,

We’re stuck.




Life is horrible

But you treat people is important

Don’t Judge people

On Race,



Judge people on them with treat people and personality

That just a fact.


Here I Am


Here I am, watching TV,

Listening to Varadkar’s speeches in Dublin City,

Banging on about how we should all get along,

And how things will get better,

And how we should all just stick together,

But how can we stick together when we are all so far apart,

When will I get a say in all this,

When will I get to play my part,

When COVID is gone everyone will be relieved,

But when politicians are gone everyone will be at ease


I Want


I want to leave,

Escape and go overseas


Feeling trapped in my own mind,

Seems like everyone is blind.


Shut myself off so words can’t affect me,

In my head a screaming banshee


My opinions fall on deaf ears,

Generations saying were supposed to be pioneers.


The World


The world is locked up,

Everyone’s cooked up,

Boredom is everywhere,

Depression is always there,

Online school isnt cutting it,

And no one’s discussing it.


Glimmer of Light


I see that glimmer of light

But this tortuous tunnel engulfs me,

I tell myself that I won’t stop and will try to fight

But they yearn for failure which they hope to see


Against those odds I finally succeed

Now they yearn to be my friend


1 out of 200


Hours upon hours everyday for what?

A tiny chance at success.

Up at dawn, going to the pitch by yourself,

Back home before heading to school.

Going to bed early while your friends are out partying,

You ask yourself “Is it even worth it?”.

They say only 1 out of 200 your academy players make it professionally,

Well make sure you are that 1.


When I’m Free


When I’m free

On a day soon to come,

I’ll grab all my things

And I’ll up and leave.


I’ll head for the hills

I’ll travel far and wide

To where no one can find me

And I have all of life’s thrills


Once I thought I was there

In the land of Golden Shine

Where the sun split the stones

ANd the sand filled my hair


A fleeting thought in a muddled fantasy

The moment faded from my mind

Soon Ill be there and soon I’ll be free

but for now all I do

Is dream


Wake Up


Chase your dream.

The people who don’t believe headed downstream.

Build yourself and your self-esteem.

All for all and one for me.

Never give in.

Always get up.

This one is for you.

Where you will be on top.


Something Switched


Confident, outspoken, kind that’s how I was,

Something switched inside of me and I still don’t know the cause.

Its like every day I wake up with a warm bed and a family,

But that doesn’t even help, I have a screw loose or maybe one fell out of me.

I cut people off, I stopped being a sheep,

Realized bad influences, it really wasn’t that deep.

If you hurt me, I cut our ties,

This seemed like the right move but it’s wrong so I apologise.




I hate this,

It’s boring, crap, intimidating,

I feel as if with each passing day

My attention span is diminishing.

To light the furious flames of freedom,

I must first get through this.

But how can I?

Each day feels like a new reason to say goodbye.

But I persevere.

I get up, I do my work, I do what I do to get by,

In the hopes, the promise of freedom isn’t a lie.


New Chapter


It’s been tough these last few years, Gathering new thoughts and conquering fears.

Messing about in the school halls and chatting teachers back, I don’t believe I was like that way back.

But that horseplay had stopped, a new chapter has came, now I have a chance at my desired fame.


I Wonder


I wonder how somebody so young can know the means of nothing

Why the pain and suffering of an overthinking mind can be so numbing

Why full of potential and life open for opportunity does a kid bow down to depression

Everything lies in front of him blinded by oblivion, he doesn’t seek for liberation


Destiny is not a thing

Just a series of decisions

An over thinkers best friend

Next to his enemy oppression


Every outcome accounted for, who knows maybe one day “nothing” can be fully explored.


As I Sit


As I sit and think about the fun times we could be having,

And all the time we could spend laughing,

But instead we sit at home with nothing to do feeling like we are all alone.

When we all feel crap the least we could do is pick up the phone and call a friend

Because we all can’t wait for this to end.


On My Own


Doing it on my own,

Ideas and hard work,

I’ll be on top soon,

Whatever it takes,

While it may seem strange

It’s what I want to do,

Agreeing with ideas,

Keeping my own bottled up,



The Pandemic


I’m scrolling aimlessly through my phone in bed,

I peer up at the alarm clock and its 4am again,

This whole pandemic is making my life feel hollow,

The riots, the deaths the world is getting hard to swallow.

I think about my situation lying here in my room,

It’s the one part of life that isn’t doom and gloom,

Maybe the reason its late isn’t that I’m a disgrace,

It might because it’s the only place I feel truly safe.


Man Up


Your family member has a heart attack, man up

Your mental health is slowly deteriorating, man up

You miss having a father figure in the home, man up

What is “man” about not feeling


Teenage Life


Young love,

It all seems good,

Until she leaves you,

And you don’t have a clue why,

Your friends laugh, they all laugh,

Just a bit of craic,

However deep down,

It’s the broke life not the good life.




Carrig is a place where dreams are made,

Carrig is a place where dreams could fade,

Carrig is a place that I call home,

Carrig is a place quite similar to Rome,

Carrig is a place where things can happen,

Carrig is a place that doesn’t require a caption,

Carrig is a place where love can occur,

Carrig is a place where it can be all a blur.




Laying in my bed,

Wondering if she thinks about me,

She’s all I think about.

When her name pops up on my phone

I want to be with her alone,

That cheeky smile of yours,

Thinking about you while I do my chores,

When I see you you blow my mind,

You deserve to be wined and dined


My Life


My life’s path has been set by people in my past

Always saying I would have a blast

My life is being tracked by the Big Brother

I hope I do well for my mother

My life has been set in stone

And I must do it alone

My life must be perfect on social media

Always above the median

My life is obsessed with video games

Escaping the reality and escaping the blame

My teenage life is supposed to be the best

However I don’t feel blessed




Pouring sweat

Aching muscles

Gasping lungs

Broken bones


Sleepless nights

Endless responsibilities

The harsh reality of sport


Friday Night


Friday night has come along, me and the boys about to go off.

Got the crisps, got the chocolate got the confidence to win.

Pandemic? Pfffff that won’t stop us from hanging out.

Got the party going, although not physically with each other

We enjoy each other’s company on the PS4.

People say it’s a waste of time

But I don’t think having good times with your friends is a waste of time.


The Sweet Summer Vibes


The wet hair

The darker skin

The drink till we can’t walk

The no worries

The freedom

The late nights

The long cycles

The friendships

The heartbreak

The adventures




I’d like to go to sleep

And if I sleep it will be deep

While fast asleep I’ll surely creep

In and out of dreams


And in my dream

I’d probably scream

Cause it would seam

That those who deem

A scream to be a scheme




Porridge is being microwaved, get my phone

Watch tv for a rushed 10 minutes, bring my phone

‘Camera’s on please’, press the button, hide my phone

Teacher’s talking, textbook pg.167, put down the phone

Half the questions done? Check the phone

It’s too quiet, get some music on, use the phone

Small lunch, 15 minutes of nothing, stare at the phone

Next class, repeat, next class, repeat

Big break, what’s for lunch, google it on the phone

Two more classes to freedom, being able to use my phone downstairs, that is

Pick from a selection of the following activities: watch tv with the phone, play piano with the phone, play chess on the phone.

What time is the start tomorrow, timetables on the phone

At last, put it in to charge, the phone

Repeat these steps each day for the month of February, please.




Lockdown is here,

We all have to disappear,

All go home.

And log onto Google Chrome,

Homework all day,

Having no Birthday,

Overall we don’t have t that bad,

Can’t be angry at the few lockdown months I’ve had


The Whistle Blows


The whistle blows

And is like a gun

Signalling the beginning of war

With warrior against warrior

To fight till the last minute

To fight for every ball

Hoping to get the winning goal

When the ball hits the net

The game isn’t over yet

We fight till the last breath


All a Hoax


Some go drinking, some do drugs,

Some on the sesh and some in pubs,

The want for attention and the need for fame,

Image, status, all the same


So after class, go on the social stage,

And load up your profile page,

Count your followers, likes on posts,

But after all, it’s all a hoax


The Home of Munster Rugby


The east and west stands peep over the houses

As I walk towards the ground

The smell of burgers and chips fill the crisp air

As the buzz of the match builds and builds

The roars of chatter, and chants and also get your programs ‘ start to get louder

The clicks of turnstiles churning

The ques for the pubs

The east terrace getting the songs going

Mrsc starting stand up and fight

As the fields starting coming from the east terrace up the stands,

You realise this is what a proper European day feels like




Its like a rollercoaster. It’s full of emotions regret and then a huge thrill then more regret.

Feeling lonely then you get a text from the girl you’d die for

And it’s made your day but then you start to over think,

You get so nervous you nearly forget to blink.

Then when you’re finally allowed out,

You have to distance yourself from the bros

And it doesn’t feel the same and you mentally feel way better.

Feeling down missing your sports.

You have to try and pick up your crown cuz you’re a king

Even though you may not play on the wing,

You still do your own thing.

You may not be a superstar but your better than any car


I Picked Up


I picked up the ball,

After we lost the maul,

I picked up my dads belt,

He left because of my mental health,

I picked up the hurley,

The ball went over, surely,

I picked up a penny,

Then I sip on my henney,

I dropped my weapon,

Then I ascended to heaven.


Same Routine


Same routine everyday,

Wanting to go out and enjoy the day,

Alas we are kept at bay,

By the virus ruining our way


The Game


The balls thrown in

The clash of the ash

As The players crash

The crowd roars

As the forwards scores

A full Croke Park

In the dark

A dirty shoulder

He falls like a boulder

It keeps getting colder




Lockdown is pain

Coronavirus is pain

Not being able to see people I care about is pain

Almost everything in my life right now is pain

All that can be done is wait

Waiting is key and waiting is all we can do

Don’t worry all will be fine

That’s what people tell me


A Hit


Bet I could still make a hit

Be better than most of these pop songs

Flashy cars and trashy girls in thongs


It all sounds the same nowadays

Autotune choruses and catchy melodies

Money in your face, creates a fake chase

For that happiness that’ll fill

The pain you try to kill.