Christian Brothers College, Montenotte, Co. Cork

Predetermined Fate

Predetermined fate, the story of this world.
The toil and the trouble, inevitably in vain.
Whirled into the abyss, unaccompanied by tools.
Pain and pleasure, utterly meaningless.
For those who know their value are the true fools.


Society is screwed, all starts off when I go to school.
Already being made choose what career I want for life.
Learning stuff that will never apply to me.
Working my ass off for a good leaving cert grade to get me to college
Where I work more on the course that my parents picked for me.
Don’t even want to do it.
Suddenly working my typical 9-5 job,
Where I spend my time looking forward to the weekend
And hating Mondays meaning I spend all that time wasted wishing I was somewhere else.
Suddenly I’m in my 50’s wondering what has happened to the last 30 years
And I haven’t lived the life I wanted to live.
I’m only a teenager and I already see this.
I see it in my parents, their friends and the strangers in the street.
Depression has become the middle-aged disease for working people
And I know this from all the adults I know taking antidepressants,
Trying to seem like it’s all ok because that is what the media makes it out to be.
But there’s no need to worry because I have my degree.
Celebrities walk the red carpet in a dress that cost too much to show off occasionally
There are homeless people struggling to carry on living.
That egotistical snobbiness between neighbours to have a better car or a better house.
The race for them to have more toys than their neighbour before they die.
That same mass consumerism that is ruining our environment.
This is the future I fear for me, this is the future I see for ye.


Complaining, shouting people line the streets,
Of all the nations of the world,
Issues range from big to small,
All blamed on those who cheat and deplete.

Climate change, Homelessness, health and money
So many issues it’s hard to remember,
All of these issues: none are funny
They all burn so bright, flames engulfing us all.

Hope is not there in the hearts of the young people,
Destined to live in a life of dystopia,
A world with nothing to live for, a broken world,
Seems to be the world we are heading toward.

But what is the world we all want?
What is the world the protestors are screaming for?
Privilege for all? Money for all?
If money doesn’t buy happiness then how does that world ensure roses and rainbows.

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
That, my friend, is a reality.
Roses are indeed red
Violets are indeed blue.

Utopia is great
Dystopia is bad
But if money doesn’t buy happiness how do we ensure utopia

What is our vision for the future,
How do we know we are destined for joy,
How do we answer the pleas of the screamers,
When we cannot even an answer on the question of life from the dreamers?


Being in a private school, I feel judged as if my life is great or I have everything I want
And there’s no problems or I’m not stressed.
Most of the time in school I am stressed,
Even if I have the homework done, I still feel like I did it wrong.

Even if I’m prepared for a test I feel like I don’t know anything.
When I’m in school most of the time I feel panicked,
As if, there’s something bad waiting for me in one of the classes.
The crazy thing is there’s nothing, I don’t have anything waiting for me.

I’m shy and people think I don’t have anything going on in my life because I don’t talk.
In sixth my best friend got deported back to Romania
And I felt so sad I didn’t talk to anyone except my parents and my friends.
That was probably the saddest time in my life.
I didn’t have any contact with him for the whole time,
Me and my friends just kept talking to each other
And we started to accept the fact that he wasn’t going to come back.

First year was the only year that I really accepted it.
But in second year he came back and I realised you can’t take anything for granted
You can’t be scared of something that you can’t control
And to just be appreciative of your family
And your friends because they can be gone in the morning at any time.

People Say

People say you can’t be rich and complain, they say look at all who have it worse!.
People say you have to be gay, female or black to fight for equal rights,
They say straight white men have no place in this discussion.
People say you have to be yourself but when you express yourself
They say yourself they say you need to make a better impression.
People say that trying your best is always good enough
But they remind you daily of your flaws while ignoring your efforts and improvements.
People say nobody is perfect but they continue to expect perfection from everyone.
I say feel what you want nobody should tell you how to feel.
I say tell your story, everyone deserves to speak.
I say be who you want, live your life for you.
I say your best is good enough, you are good enough and I mean it when I say it.

The Ghost

I see the boys outside the window,
Their laughs penetrate;
Even into the classroom,
Their smiles cause sweat to fall from my brow,
And I feel that feeling of regret and powerlessness falling over me.

I remember the smiles, laughs and jokes we once shared,
The days, and months of happiness and joy,
How lucky I was;
If only I had realised it then.

So when the teacher says,
“You look like you’ve just seen a ghost”.
I reply “I am the ghost; and I look as I’ve just seen my former self”


Spirituality is key in life,
It is the answer to humanities questions and the ying to our yang,
It is the key to our unconditional happiness in life and success.
It is the nameless lover, the lifelong companion,
The friend who never leaves, the guide that never dies,
The beauty that never fades, the guardian angel that’s always there


I met some of my lifelong friends
I have made bonds that will never be broken
I have prepared for my future life
I have thought about everything under the sun
I have smelt the staunch of sweat in these heated rooms
I have gained new skills
I roasted many people in soccer in PE


Where dreams come to die
Where freedom and creativity is stripped from you
Beaten down in any attempt of fun
Forced to follow ancient rules
Controlled by strangers
Two class systems
Those in charge and those not

These Walls

The blood that was splattered on them
Draining from the mouth of the man that lay on the floor
The aggressor standing with diced knuckles and fearful eyes
The nearby sirens that blared as they approached him
The panicked state as the aggressor escaped
The silence which he left behind
The discovering of the body
These walls remember


Remember you,
Remember your first days,
Remember, but you only remember few,
Remember those new environments,
Remember those mistakes ,
Remember those taken chances,
But those walls don’t remember those missed opportunities.


The times I tried forgetting the alter ego
Deep inside I tried to hold it under water
But it always survives
It comes back to tell me millions of lies
The shadows whisper a knot
That would not slip a person I had become
But what I did was done
And now it’s time to run lies are told
People are cold
But yet it’s all the same
We carry in with our daily lives
And never hear the cries


I came to school
All nervous in first year
Where I made new friends
And had some fun
Also sat in classes bored
And just wanted to go home
Where I ate a lot of sandwiches
And got criticised for it


Desks are vandalised
Pencils, pens and markers of all
Students enjoy sketching the cock and balls,
Vandals can vary from year one to year six


Even if you have moved on the walls still remember.
Prison sentences expire.
But the walls remember.
People forgive but forgetting doesn’t exist.
They say they forget but do they really.
The walls remember.

I Miss You

Leavin’ bread crumbs for when I stray
Staring at my thoughts floating up to the ceiling
While I’m in reverse drowning to the floor
You be trippin’ with no destination
It don’t feel the same when you’re not around
Music is a dampener, for my thoughts as loud as sirens
Find me at the point where I lost you

Water of Blue

I come from water of blue,
That turns red when there’s passion,
Where the strong flew,
To evade the fashion,
Because only they knew,
What really mattered,
To go your own way,
Most had there dreams shattered,
But some prevailed,
And those who did that,
Where the ones with the courage

Two Sides

A storm of anger,
A war of words,
Two sides we stand on,
Both raised on the same world,
Two friends we were,
No man’s land is filled with craters,
From both valid views,
A screen of smoke stops our understanding,
We are like statues stuck to our mark,
Two friends we were, together,
Now enemies we face each other

Stay True

You’re the junkie, you’re the homeboy
You’re the A+, or the killjoy
You’re a gangsta, or a doormat
You’re too thin, or too fat

Either too dumb, or too smart
Or too shy, or too tart
Or too soft, or too crude
Always in a bad mood!

You’ll try and you’ll try
To pinpoint just why
But try as you might
You’re never just right

They wanted to change you
As always they do
But you never let them
Instead you stayed true

Tick Tock

I stay in my bed in fear,
The fear of the sound of the clock,
The clock that strikes the never-ending time
That beats at the rate of my heart.

The gas comes onward,
Seeming unable of stopping,
I can do nothing,
But say to myself,
‘The world will keep going
Even after your coming
But I might be all but gone’

I reach out to the clock,
Hearing its lovely tick-tock,
And give it a subtle knock.

Tick-tock, tick-tock goes the clock,
But the beat from my heart has stopped.

Go to War

From the smallest bogs,
To the largest arenas,

The warriors religion,
The faith many follow,

It is on these bogs,
Where men go to war,
Where some achieve glory,
Where many will open the door,
It is here where I will write my story

A foot soldier of the army of 15


I go to school
I learned all sorts of things mostly pointless
I met all my current friends and some of my least favourite people
I supported my fellow students on the pitch and got suspended for my efforts
I met the devil and her mates

The Clash

The clash of heads
The blood on the ground
The fear of another hit
Another tackle, another stud
In the face
Concussion after concussion
Gotta keep up the pace
When the whistle blows, it’s great
To say it’s done
Bring on the next one


The shadows murmur,
Where rumours are spread and read.
Where lies are told and very old.
The shadows murmur down the hall,
There is no escape from them at all.
Some whispers are tall and some are small but you will always hear them all.
The shadows lurk the halls, whispering and wailing along the walls.
They follow you everywhere like a ball and make you feel so small.
They follow you through the corridors until you let out a big roar.
Shadows are shadows and whispers are only lies. But in the end somebody dies.


You fall in love with her,
But life is a crap sandwich.
Her heart means the world,
Her head is filled with anguish.

It kills you everyday,
Her pain is yours.
Your emotionally drained


You’ve turned up here, therefore you think you’re relevant.
The presence you provide is the antithesis of eloquent.
I am the man, you heard? Come out and fight me.
The petty little hard-man is scared to dive in blindly.
Go on son take a leap of faith.
Or bask in your weakness and make your sweet escape.

Day in, Day Out

It’s the 10th of February,
But it feels like any other day.
It’s the second week of February,
But it feels like any other week.
Day in day out, the same routine,
Everything feeling unremarkable.
Another number in the system,
A slave to society.


Why would you have anything to say
You’ve had everything handed to you at the end of the day
Who are you to have issues
The only use you have is wearing designer shoes
Why would I ever complain
I don’t have any pain
I’m happy you think I’m different
Continue with your indifference.

What to Write

24/7 365 I don’t know what to write
Oh oh I think I caught
Na I ain’t got it
Damn that bars hot

Quickly the clocks tickin
Times up I’m kickin ouch
Better luck next time
Try to come up with at least half a rhyme.

Grew Up

I grew up in a wholesome family what every child would dream
But like a dream it crumbled and my family gone downstream
The house crumbled and I’m alone
Left standing in the breeze like drifting stone
Drink and smoke tore it down
And my perfect life turned upside down
I come from a house of torn up souls left with nothing at an all time low
All because of drink and smoke


The rich get richer and the poor get poorer

They deny this to avoid the horror

Staying on the streets of night

As they look down from their great height

But the people are wising

And soon they will be uprising

God made us all the same

It will happen with the pen or with flame


All of them talking loud, I’m surprised
Not bothered sit and listen to my reply.
About time little man let me talk to ya
Let me paint for you the large picture.

Because I’m happy this is what you choose
Everyday you got is a bunch of jewels
And a bunch of shoes
Dis your bunch of fake friends not judging you
Sit back let me show you what’s true.

The Same

Everyday is the same
Going to school
To play some pool
Being a fool
Wearing some Jewell’s


Everyday is the same day
From when the sun surfaces to
When the moon rises.
We’re told it’s great

Day to day pens in our hand,
Copies in the other
And stress by our side.
Waiting for the next day
Half a dozen years go by and
It’s over we’re free


People outside Glanmire always thought they were higher
But the truth is that our youth vary from fighters to even writers
The wealthy always talking about the unhealthy
From people in black rock were always in shock or even people who lived round the block
Not knowing the inner struggles of our people and their broken knuckles.

The Badge

The badge means more than student
That wears it
The expectations are too much for the child that bares it

What’s the Point

What’s the point in caring
What’s the point in comparing,
What’s the point in trying too hard
What’s the point in crying in the courtyard,

What’s the point in giving my time
What’s the point in every rhyme,
What’s the point in opening up
I don’t ever want to grow up

Lie to You

When they lie to you
About transition year being a doss
About how you always need to floss
When they lie to you about
About where they are going
About when it will be snowing
When they lie to you
And say you don’t have a clue


Every day, every night
Nothing but repeats
Day in, day out
It’s all the same
Up, Go, Stop, Do Nothing, Down
Sleep to get away
Green to be free
White to feel excitement
Red to feel nothing
Off Switch is tempting
On Switch is terrifying.


The kirbzone on the ball
He jumps so high even higher then
The Chinese wall.
He is and underdog
As ozone is the top dog
No one compares to the god
He’s got kirbzone on a rod
Ozone is Strong and no one compares
Not even kirbzone even tho there weight
Is the same they have the same hair 5 all round
But one is a bear and the other can’t compare
This is the end and ozone is godly.


Things to do in cork.
Have a burrito,
Talk about your burrito,
Want another burrito,
Get another burrito.

The Greatest Poem

The Greatest poem
We eat chow men,
We vote Sinn Fein,
Please help me,
I’m in terrible pain.

In order to walk,
I need a cane,
Batman’s real name,
Is Bruce Wayne!


In came the British and took us by storm
For the Republic of Ireland had not yet been born
A famine soon followed which caused mass destruction
But the years to follow where all about construction
The efforts of past heroes deserve appreciation
As they paved the way for this great nation
Now that we have achieved freedom from the British
We have an amazing nation to embellish.
I feel great empathy for world suffering
But we’ve had our age of tyranny and scuffling
I know these people come with good intentions
But Ireland has its modern age problems being brought to its attention.
I believe we should aid the problem at source
And help the countries at war of course.
For me Ireland is of paramount importance and until we are perfect
Then we cannot offer our full supportance.


There’s a man who once played a game
This game was the best game in the wold
This game was hurling only the real men play
We are the only country that’s has it’s or simple for Ireland.
The clash of the ask makes you smile.
The sound of the crowd when a goal is scored.
The buzz you get after scoring.
This is hurling


Drinking smoking fighting ,
Scary dark lightning,
It’s all very frightening,
I need some in lightning
I want to drink every day
It’s not good but the most fun way
Smoking is killing
Vaping is chilling

I see warm lights
Happy faces
Loving people
And cherished places

With friends and family I went
I’m at home, with my folks
And I feel well, content
And we all laugh over shared jokes

The Thrill

This game will give you quite a thrill
In Summer’s heat or Autumn’s chill,
Quick hands and pounding feet
Will lead to our opponents’ defeat,
A taste of sweat, hit after hit,
The offense and defence will never quit.


Earth is our home
Our native place,
The place where we’re born
Our resting place.
We used its resources
Both on land and in sea,
Before this was ok, but now it’s not.
So we need to change this,
Here and now.
So I hope you understand,
Its been taken for granted.
Because some day, it will be too late.


Rugby, now that’s a special game
Competitive, fierce and hard
Mostly thrilling never take
Players go the extra yard

Upfront, you have the pack
They scrum, they tackle
They fight and most importantly
They fight for their team


Poem is what this is
Tome is what this is
Drone up in the sky
Phone in my pocket
Bone in my body
Scone in my belly
Lone on my own
Flown I am homegrown

The Game

The game would give you such a thrill,
In summer’s heat or winter’s chill,
Nervous now but want to play,
Just need to keep the opposition at bay,
The big day has finally come,
Breathe the atmosphere and here the drum,
All the fans have come along,
The ball is in and the game is on.

Summer Night

Feeling nice, feeling like
2am summer night
Sneaking out my bedroom window
Getting that warm breeze on my face
Riding bikes through the night
Playing Red hot chillI peppers on repeat
Feeling nice, feeling like
No regrets summer night

Teenage Adolescence

I lived in a land that was bright and happy, Ireland now seems dark and crappy.
I realize now, its not that terrible, my brain is growing into something incredible.
I sometimes fall into times of anger and depression; I blame it on my living situation.
If things hadn’t have changed, these emotions I feel wouldn’t be that strange. I miss Australia,
But I like it here, living with people who smile and cheer.


Summer is blonde hair brown skin
Throwing boring school books in the bin
Summer is swimming, sailing, singing at night
Giving the parents a wee fright
Summer is drinking on beaches doing twirls, most importantly winking at girls
Summer is letting go maybe finding the one
And before going back to prison in September having fun

I Come From

I come from the pool,
Two hours everyday,
Training before schooling,
My stress melts away.
“You smell just like chlorine!’,’
Or so everyone says,
Off to the gym later,
Haven’t rested for days.


From the field’s picket fence to the school’s steel gates.
From strength to weakness
From standing to sitting
From fresh air to a stuffy room
From sweat to tears
From focus to boredom
From blue skies to grey skies
Comes glory then misery


We’re so stuck in a bubble that
We forget something so subtle
Across the world could be so brutal
It’s almost hard to believe us buying is equal
To the people
Who are so bestial
And we’re so preoccupied with weather or no we should
We forget to ask if we should


Lions, tigers and bears galore,
The crackhead, the retard, the neighbourhood whore,
Meerkats and parrots and even cute rabbits,
Brown girls with burqas and skinny little faggots,
Wolves and foxes are all fantastic,
Trannies and chavs and dirty spastics,
Zoos may seem foreign and inhumane,
But look at your life, innit the same?

My Life

This school life ain’t right,
This social life ain’t right,
All this stuff ain’t right,
But this is my life
So I live it how I want.
Teachers say work.
My parents say study.
They try to change me.
But they don’t understand,
That it’s just.