Christ King, Secondary School, Cork City.

Love is hope
Love will sink into your head and brain –
Love is hope in life 
Love is love it can’t change 
Love is suffering pain , it can either break you or heal  

You can’t pick it but you want it 
It fills your heart with Love And replaces Hate . 

Love love Love is painful 

lads can’t talk to each other
different when they’re just talking to me
I see his dad pressuring wants him to play county
stays out late to avoid going home
Afraid to get on a bus alone 

Find Someone
At first my heart was empty and black
Once you broke it and gave it back ,
But now I’m happy with another him
And for me happiness is no longer slim
Boys will be boys you just have to learn
breaking the hearts of girls they did not earn
Find someone who is more than a boy
Someone who doesn’t look at you as a toy
But someone who adores the ground you walk
And will always listen when you talk ,
Someone who is you’re best friend and a dream come true
And lifts you’re spirits when you feel blue
That’s the person that deserves all of you 

 We are judged
We are judged on what we do,
We are judged on what we don’t do,
We are judged on what we achieve,
We are judged on what we don’t achieve,
We are judged on what we say,
We are judged on what we don’t say,
We are judged on everything.
No matter what
We are judged. 


As Friday starts from eight in the morn, 

I walk past the trees and out pops a thorn. 

Everyone gets ready for the day ahead  

All the teachers and the year head. 

We get our books ready to start the day  

 I just remembered that its FRIDAY! 

After lunch it comes to stay
Throughout the day, won’t go away
Embarrassment creeps up on me
As my stomach speaks hungrily
Walking home the torture twists
God! My stomach is in bits
Dinner time can’t come to soon
Wolf it down with a spoon 


A place where u are told
To be someone, something
Where u are told to be on time
And get shouted at for be late
Where teachers can be 10 minutes late
And no one needs to know 

Where your day is planned
Where you are told to make the most of it
“these are the best years of your life”
Where u go from being a confident person
To being quiet and afraid of what people will say 

You can’t be yourself
Don’t have coloured hair
Don’t have more than one piercing 

School “the best years of my life” 

Lockdowns Results 

My families broken
My families breaking
Divorce is in the making
I go to school
They think they’re class
Think they’re cool
I just sit in school

Next Summer
The only thing to look forward to at the moment is next summer.
I wish to be down in west cork with my friends.
This concrete jungle has nothing to offer since covid  

all the good shops are closed down.
I don’t want to wish my life away but I’m not enjoying this stage,  

there’s nothing happening; we’re either too young to go out on the town 

Too old to just play in the park.  

I want fun and excitement in life!!!
My skin also upsets me and the masks don’t help.  

Seeing most girls in school with clear skin confuses me cause 

 I’ve had acne since I was 11.  

I can’t wait to be free of my parents worry.  

The constant texts and calls  

 Like you’re a child that can’t find their way. I want to move out and be independent.  

No curfews, no lectures! 

 I know it’s their job to worry but it’s interfering with my fun 

 And living my life because they’re too strict! 

Crossing the road 

Look left, look right
If you don’t look left you may never may be able to look right again.
Cars come and cars go but cars never stop to let you go.
Waiting for the green man wondering if he will ever come.
By the time he comes i feel done
Why is it so hard to cross the road?

Mixed Messages 

They say its freedom while breathing down my neck
They say do what you want while hoping I go into tech.
No pressure but all eyes on my grades
Sometimes I wonder if any of it matters at the end of the day. 

At this point I don’t know if I’m being pressured or pressuring myself. 

To be Seen
They don’t know the definition of feminist
But when i ask if they are one they resist
Do you think you are better because you are a man
Would you say these things about women to your gran
It’s not my job to educate you but i feel the weight on my shoulders
I fight to be seen as equal to my brothers 

Life got me like: i have no money which is bad  

But i cant get a job yet because I’m 15  

The only thing i look forward to is summer 

 I don’t want to be in the city I’m bored  

I don’t like school but the weekends are fun 

Suppose all this keeps me motivated for the future  

But time just goes so fast and i feel like  

I’m wasting the best years of my life. 

Repeat Repeat
I wake up to a repetitive morning to the dusk and gloomy morning sky .
I put on a uniform that hides peoples personalities ,

 Follow societies rules on how to look  

It make everyone look some what ordinary ,
I return to the building I have been visiting  

Almost daily for the past four years .
I am a good student who tries their hardest  

Prepare for the world that is just around the corner ,
Yet how can I make a difference in the world 

When I am brought up to look and be like everyone else. 

Being tired.
Getting 8 hours of sleep but being tired.
Laying in bed, staring at the ceiling, with thoughts running through my head.
The same thoughts that i think everyday.
The same thoughts that I’m too afraid to say. to afraid to speak out loud incase of getting hate.
Wanting to scream and yell them out but being scared instead.
So i stay tired, with the thought that always keep me awake 

Who We Are
Who am i?  

Who are you?  

Who are we?  

Are we defined by our experiences?  

Or by our date of birth? or perhaps by the way 

 Put a mask on for the public.  

Is this a show, or life?  

Are we shared experiences  

Or the ones only we have lived?  

What defines you, me, us? 

Hidden Love vol.2 

He looked up,
his eyes gazing in mine
The twinkling bright light,
reflecting my future in his eyes 

That foreign filling feeling,
would last till morn’
Till’ that dreaded expectation
would leave us torn 

My fingertips felt empty,
when away from his warmth
Passing each other in the lonely streets,
our eyes far apart.
Our hidden love kept only for us,
with no interference from passing cars.

Beginning to See
Dressed in all black , it’s slimming
Trying to go back , nothings fitting
Harder every day , food in the way
Cant feel comfortable in my skin 

Oversized hoodies 
“I’m okay”
Why cant all the fat just be packed away?
Cant feel comfortable in my skin 

Looking in the mirror
She’s crying back at me
This world has so many expectations
I’m beginning to see 

She touched me in places i didn’t even know i wanted to be touched.
I thought it’s wrong, i know now better.
I thought i was lost, but now i have her.
She saved me in places i didn’t even know i needed to be saved.
She came into my life, quiet and sweet.
I didn’t even noticed it at first, but now i have her. 

Brought up in a society,
Where no one stands beside me .
Being taught in a school
Were to be liked and accepted you’ve to be cool .
Cause you keep your head down
Not hoping you’d drown 

In this wave of emotions we feel .
We are not the less fortunate, look what we have .
When we were eight , we didn’t think life would be so deprived ,  

But just to survive we live our lives in a lie .  

its fine were a mess but we still get up everyday and get dressed 

Touch The Sky
I’m dying to reach the sky,
the space.
Going everywhere searching nothing,
but finding all.
Finding myself,
what do I need more?
I’m dying to reach the sky,
the space.
Going everywhere searching nothing,
but finding all.
Now I know myself,
what do I need more? 

Yet to meet expectations 

Pressure on teens,
Horrific scenes,
Crushes dreams,
it’s harder than it seems. 

Unsure of the future,
Because of this structure,
Wish i realized sooner,
Guess i never was “super”. 

The Guest
Day in day out keeping busy is best 

 But when do we rest. 

 Snuggled in our nest 

 Protected from the rest. 

Hiding from the guest that never knocks to leave me rest.  

He’s there beware because he is not scared. 

To be me
I just want to be me 

Told you but I’m scared of your reaction.
Told you but i feel like you would change.
I feel like you would judge me.
I still just want to be me…
I still want us to be us…
No difference because i told you  

Bad day
Everyone is just trying to find their way  

Through highs and lows it will be okay,  

Friends may go away  

 You may find yourself going astray  

But there always a way it’s not a bad life 

 It’s only a bad day.