Chanel College, Coolock, Co. Dublin

All Our Lives

All our lives we’re expected to fit in
And become part of the classroom we sit in
Some teachers only fear our fuss
And not the passionate story behind every one of us

People make unfair assumptions about everyone’s actions
Calling them as much as overreactions
When in reality every action is an effect
People don’t consider the hate or neglect

People wouldn’t be bad without the bad people before them
And nobody to restore them
There’s a story before every set of eyes
That most people don’t bother to visualize

Alex Doyle

My Dad

He comes to mind again
This can happen either very rarely or very often
I can never help it
All those memories starting to fade
Someone I cared so much about
And I barely remember his face
I can’t help but miss him
It was such a shame, what happened
I just wish he was still here

I miss my dad


Just to Say

Constantly slagged cause I’m 5 foot 4
Called names cause I study when I step through the door
Called bench warmer for an obvious reason
Hoping no one notices my cockeyed eyes every season
But usually this doesn’t stop me being free
Cause I have a got a family who loves me
And friends who brighten me up every day
I wrote this poem just to say
Don’t allow the darkness outshine your bright light

Conor Crowley

One Goal

The blood rushing through my veins,
The sweat pouring, I’m so focused on scoring,
That winning goal that wins it all, it grants us victory,
It means so much more than a goal should mean,
But yet it feels rights, it’s this one goal that shows
Our pride, our diligence, our everything, this one goal
Can win us it all.

Gavin Ryan

The World

The world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows.
All the days that just go by with us thinking about our lives and what we see inside.
It is the eyes that deceives the mind, which then we project into our lives.
The masks of lies only brings comfort to those flies that spreads hate which infect our souls.
Our souls were never meant to be broke.
Nothing ever defines us as who we are.
But these rhymes keep floating deep inside waiting to burst outside.
But we should STOP!
As this is inbred in our brains which will go on for days, months, lifetimes.
But instead we should show our brighter selves,
Because they might never change unless you change.
These false personas and perceptions that bring about legends
Are only visions they should never be.
You should be you and only you,
For you are the only one which can shine and rise to show
That those very little lies are never defined.

Razvan Gorea

My Friend

It is so rare that I see
A friend like you that is truly rare
You are there in my every prayer
I think of you when I am happy
You are the reason for that cheer
In this chaotic life my friend
You are the solace
With you I feel so free
Thanks for being a part of my destiny

Kyle Whelan

As I Wait

As I wait for the school bell
Having sat through 40 minutes of hell
And when I heard the call
I slowly entered the hall
My problems seeming so small
Looking at the walls
I decided it was time to leave

Dylan Byrne

Cup Final

We were ready to go and to show our worth out on the pitch in the mud and dirt.
I walked out and looked in the sky it felt like I could fly.
As my studs dug into the ground I felt as if I was walking on a cloud.
We all lined up and as the ref walked on, time was up.
The ref said ready as he looked at the goalie and we were coming for that trophy.

Jack O Rourke


Sitting alone at home, he hears the phone ring,
He pick the phone up, amiably speaking to the friend.
They talk about many things; the weather, relationships and life.
He says everything is fine, he has no issues with anything at all.
That is when the phone call ends and he goes back to his bed,
Again, sitting there alone and by himself, he goes right back to thinking,
Never admitting to what he himself knows is wrong,
And how he’s thinking of quitting everything at that very moment.

Slavik Sobchyshyn

Sport War

Competitive sport is like a war
Relationships and friendships tore
Just because of the colour of your shirt
You’re treated like a piece of dirt.

Many people adore the same sports
But are disrespected for whom they support?
Violence, abuse and names are shouted after games
Putting passionate people into shame.

People should be free to support their team
But are hit by insults like a laser beam
There should be freedom to represent your club
And celebrate their victories in a local pub.

Jack Caffrey

Ask for It

The world can be harsh and cruel and turn on anything that is different.
The only thing people need to remember is that nobody is better than you
And you are better than nobody
No matter where you are from you can always be what you want to be
Nobody can tell you otherwise.
So if you want help, don’t be afraid to ask for it, nobody will say no.
There are always people out there to talk to if you want
And never be afraid to show any signs of emotion.
If people do slag you about it then they have their own problems to figure out.

Stephen Byrne


To be honest I’m lucky I have the parents that keep me out of daily trouble
Drugs can destroy your brain because of the substances they contain
So hard to see all those people in pain, veins popping out
They still do drugs that can destroy your brain
People take drugs for pleasure
Some people take it because of the pressure
And it’s a disgrace
All I want to say don’t to drugs and the pain will go away

Kenan Boyne


As we walk into the warzone,
We know there’s going to be some broken bones
Eleven v eleven
We have to be ready for the other team’s aggression
Of course we come out as winners
We made the opposition look like beginners
As the crowd cheered
The other team disappeared.

Ryan Boyd

The Dubs

On the way there
The match was about to start
Dedicated fans, supporting their teams
Driving north and south apart

Taking the lead was all you wanted
A fan crying behind you “Come on the red hand”
While the dubs were going to the promised land
The hill ready to celebrate
As the dubs won number twenty eight

Jack Hesnan

I Look Out the Window

I look out my window and see green
Turns out thing aren’t as I seen
I look out and only see clay
And I just hope and pray
That one day, everyone can be the same
Then I realise that life is so lame.
I get out of bed and brush my teeth
Only to realise that life is full of grief.
I’d go back to bed to think
Only to realise that everything will just sink
And the life will pass in a blink
And that all humans ultimately stink
I go to school hope to stay away
Then realise fourth year is a piece of cake.
But sometimes you just need to brake.
And realise all the mistake the humans make
I now realise people just want to get baked
And most humans are just snakes.

Taylor Dunne


When I’m writing I always feel absurd
I don’t want anyone to be disturbed
But when I speak I have to preach that the human mind can always seek.
What I want to say is I fray because in school I don’t misbehave
I’m always the good kid, i’m not the cool kid from the hood
And I feel so great when I can always relate
But when I can’t relate, I sit there and I feel irate
I don’t have an addiction
Why are we always focused on fiction
When the fact is that math doesn’t really matter
Every day the teacher is giving jibber jabber about nonsense stuff
I find it so rough every day bored
I just don’t want to give up cause I need to pass
I need to achieve with my goal, I’ll feel relieved
I’ll feel like a beast, but now I’m back to the pad
And the pen in the garden shed deciphering if I should write this verse
Instead maybe a thread
Maybe I put a beat on this listen to it on repeat
While I talk about my wonderful speech
I’m thinking to myself when I can reach
The goal from looking at the trophy shelf

Sam Scott

The Keeper

Conceding a goal is like putting me in a hole
It gets deeper and deeper and some blame the keeper
But if your team could help you to get out of that hole
And stop it from getting deeper there would be less people
To pointing the finger and blame the keeper

Alex Wilders

No Family is Perfect

It all started with a house.
My Grandad died and corruption started.
No family is perfect.
She wanted one thing, her siblings wanted another.
She lied to the press and to the public about us.
No family is perfect.
November 5th, seven years of no communication with my auntie.
This is what it lead up to.
We won.
The judge let us know that we have finally won this family matter.
No family is perfect.
I do not fear anything but fear itself because
I believe that fear is what you want it to be.
I feared for Justice and future on November 5th 2018.



I awoke at 8 o clock sharp
We went to the zoo
There was the elephant taking care of their babies
The caretakers keeping things neat and tidy
The monkeys making things hectic
And then one seal keeping to his own business
After that I thought
That reminds me of my family



I have no idea what to write.
Something about school?
Something about a fight?
Something about strife?
Something about war?
Something about the love of my life?
I really can’t pick just one,
So I just wrote this to have some fun.

Roberto Travers

Junior Cert Night

Junior Cert Results Day had finally come, my last chance to prove, I’m not that dumb.
I woke up, got dressed and said my prayers,
Hopefully someone was listening that actually cares.
Maybe my grandparents were ear wigging, I always tried to be nice.
But maybe today, I’d have to pay the price.
I waited for my Mam as she finished her work, she came home,
She gave me a little smirk. She said “Are You Ready?”
I thought to myself “oh crap.”
I then said “I’m not ready, I have to admit.”
In the car I went and I arrived to the school.
In my thoughts, I was thinking “Is the world really cruel.”
On the way up to get the result,
I knew I would never live this down until I’m an adult.
Handed an envelope with hopefully good news,
This better be good or else I’d get a new bruise.
Walked outside a bit and with a lump in my throat,
I needed to know if I have the brain of a goat.
Opened it up and I done very well, to my Mam, I don’t need to say a farewell.
With the results good enough to put on my shelf,
I now realised I need to believe in myself.

Kevin Branagan

Life is Short

Life is short but I enjoy it
People who never leave my side
People who are there always
Friends, brother, the lads
Don’t have to know them
But I do
Cause I love it



Everybody goes through different stuff
I haven’t had a particularly bad childhood
I had a good one
Still see all of me mates since birth
But it doesn’t mean I’m perfect and have no problems
There were times in my life where I was upset and annoyed or angry
But whenever I’m upset I find myself with music or sports
With me mates I’ve always had
Support me I’ve never got told I can’t do something
My family’s always been there for me and I love them for it
And I know there will be times I’ll struggle or I’m upset
In the future but I know my family will be there for me
And the mates I have are like my family
Everyone has their own problems
But they just need people to tell them
You can get through it and they’ll be there for them

Lee Ward


I’m ready
Hop in the car
Heart is out of my chest
In the dressing room
Can’t sit still
In the huddle
Can’t stand still
Whistle goes in the zone
Can’t feel pain
Can’t feel emotion
I’m in my own world the best world



As I’m standing on the field it feels like the pressure is on me
As I’m waiting on the ball I see him fall to his knees
As the ref blows the whistle I could see it kick off
I knew he was about to blast off
He went swinging people were ducking and weaving
I could see his dad giving it, for he knew it wouldn’t end well

Conor Reddy


For a lot of people, life doesn’t come with problems but for some it happens daily
I never had a tough up bringing but that doesn’t mean my life is all sunshine and rainbows
From a young age I always had different interests and a different way of doing things
Whether it be a different way of dissing or a different taste of music
I was told that if I didn’t like football I wasn’t normal
Or if I didn’t listen to the latest rap music I was misfit
This made me think that wouldn’t be able to surround myself with people
That didn’t care how I dressed or what my interests are
But I did and I love the people I know
And I feel like I have to pinch myself to make sure
That they are actually here
Because in my opinion the worst thing you could do is surround yourself
With people that will judge you for something you do
That forces you to change the way you act and think
Because that can put you and others in a bad place
I think that there should be more of an effort in schools like mine
To show that you don’t have to be the same as everybody else

James Davis

Street Art

Street art is a stress relief for some people
And a way of dealing with things
Because you can express your emotions
And where you are in life
With what you draw or paint
With the colours or art style

Ryan Halpin


Jealousy won’t help ya
So please stop living in others shadows
Seriously it’s just a waste of your own damn time
So stand up for you and be yourself don’t keep livin’ like everybody else
So aspire to be your own unique person
You can achieve anything that you want to be
Cos’ you have the power the drive and the dedication to thrive
The spark that was lit inside your mind that you just cannot find
Do not be jealous of others
It’s not about the material belongings outside
But what matters is the heart inside

Josh Herbert

Day to Day

4th year now, school isn’t that bad first
Real time you’re able to have a laugh
No more exams or grades or tests
Look lads I got me first hair on me chest
Then I’m straight home
Straight on to me phone
Sick and tired of telling me ma to leave me alone
Then the PS4 begins to call me over
Within a few minutes I’m reaching for the controller
Day to day to there’s not much to do coming from Coolock
You know this stuff is true
Still in my heart in Coolock
Where I’m from and in my heart it will always belong

Cian Dunne


The one thing we all need is friends and family
Friends that will always be there for you
When you need to talk or talk about someone
Someone to be there if you need help with anything
The best type of friends are the ones that care about you
Spend their time helping you and stick up for you no matter what



I love the sport, so violent, so brutal, amazing
From big heavyweights to small lightweights
The fights are amazing
From Muhammad Ali to Anthony Joshua
One of the best fighters out there
Amazing fighter he is
He can destroy anybody
He has not yet lost
He is one of the greatest boxers there is
I love watching the fights
They are so exhilarating
They are amazing
From first round knockouts to the twelve round decisions
They are amazing
They have always been amazing
The greatest fighter in the history of boxing is Muhammad AlI
He was the greatest fighter in the world then after him
The most amazing fighters that have ever stepped into the ring
From Mike Tyson to Floyd Money Mayweather Jr
He never lost
He never will lose
He is 50 and 0
One of the greatest fighter there is
You can’t beat the sport of boxing
From the greatest fighters to the new born stars of the boxing world


The Match

20 minutes before the match
Nothing but nerves go through my head
Seeing the other team train puts doubt in my mind
Till the manager calls us over giving the team some inspiration
We will be victorious
The nerves leave
And all that’s on my mind is winning the match

Jack Stone

In my Garden

In my garden we have lots of green trees
And the lots of space to play around.
It is a lovely day
The weather is nice and warm
On Friday and we have a great day in my garden

Conor Dunne