CBS Nenagh, Summerhill, Nenagh, Co. Tipperary


Rugby is a game for all shapes and sizes
The big the small
All shapes and sizes
The fast the slow the strong the weak
Rugby is the game for me
You may get hurt
But its all for the game
You win you lose but that’s ok
You’ve got a team that’s there for you



If your not happy then you must be sad,
You can’t be depressed, disappointed or mad
And as time goes on I soon realise
That when my friends told me this,
I should have known it was lies
You should be allowed feel any emotion you want
You are your own person, don’t let anyone tell you you’re not
Don’t let it cloud your judgement and don’t rise to the bait
So if you’re sad, upset or depressed
Find someone to talk to, express yourself



Bones and muscles are broken
The crowd cheers with anger and joy
Sweat glistens off your own back
Tears are shed and laughs are shared
Opportunities are visible and awake
Battles are fought and consequences are given
The sun shines upon the humble and rain upon the dull


Epic Battles

We come to show what we are made of,
To show what we can do,
To play the sport that we adore,
To see our teammates through
The strong hearted and the cocky,
The powerful and the brave,
Epic battles won and lost,
Until the final time is played
The devastating sorrow,
The prices that were paid,
The hard work that pays,
Where our hard game was played.

Kieran Tinkler


He thought of the snow they used to play in together
He thought back to a to time when he thought he’d be there forever

He knew that some things aren’t meant to last
And he tried so hard
To put him in the past

But he couldn’t help but think of the snow
They used to play in
He knew that the snow would melt
And soon it would be gone

Even when he’s old and his hair turns grey
He’ll wonder to himself why his father couldn’t stay
Then he like the snow would slowly melt away

Dylan Noonan Kelly


These walls remember
The cold frost of December
During the showering days of November
These walls appear stone and grey
Colourful drawing by today’s youth
They give a wall it’s story to tell
One doesn’t say a wall is strong as a man,
But during the showery days of November
A raindrop falls, like a tear slides down a man’s cheek

Dawid Kucharski

Hollow Sun

The sun goes empty and darkness fills it,
My mind-set switches and the voices visit,
It all comes back, the good and bad,
A feeling of numbness, not angry or sad,
As for the shadows, they whisper a sin,
A war with my mind I cannot win,
It all hits too hard, what do I do,
With this thing we call time,
We can never start anew.



A child becomes a man,
A man becomes a farmer and provides for all
The cows graze and fodder,
New calves are born and old cows die,
Generation lived and grown,
Pasted down from generation to generation,
This is where boys become men and men become boys.

Jack Grace


This is where work is done in quiet corners
Where stress is born in bullying corridors
Teachers give up at the end of their tether
Homework is rushed, copied, marked
Rules are broken, secrets unspoken
The lads are losing their minds.

Sam Dight

This Land

This land is a rich land,
A place where crops grow and animals graze,
It is a dear land, a native land of mine.

Noel Gleeson


Land through thick and thin,
Through stomping hooves,
Galloping cavalries,
Roaring engines of farm machinery,
The rolling plough on the hallowed soil.

Olek Siennicki

Sunday Morning

A sunny morning it was
A day of harvest
A day of freedom
Until a shape broke the horizon
In the blink of an eye he was on me
Get in the boat
Now there is no more days of harvest
No more days of freedom



The way to the school
Thinking not again
Only one day more,
Till it comes to an end
Everyone looking,
Everyone judging
And they only turn away,
When someone starts pushing
All fun and games
Till someone gets hurt
Then everyone turns away
And leaves you in the dirt


This Land

From this land
We heard the band
I remember walking through the sand
Fell down got up with my hand
Turns out I was grand
Just some dirt around my gland
Ended up walking on the strand



The cows were calved in the middle of the night,
The bales were baled and the silage was cut at the crack of dawn,
The land was grazed and the sheep were lambed,
The tractor roared and the silver fish leapt from the glistening river,
I milked my first cow and was in awe of the rugged fields.


The Gun

The gun wants to be merciless to its opponents,
Drive it’s bullets deep into the dark dungeons of the body in its enemies,
The gun wants to be remembered as the winner of the scrap.
But does the gun want to remembered like this
Or is it that the gun wants to be still and silent and never be shot?

Conor Reidy

An Echo

A loving, understandable environment
A media of shame
An unstoppable force
A single sided force
An echo of hidden ignorance

Martin Ryan

Old Silhouettes

The silhouettes of the friends once had,
The laughs with a group in which you belonged,
Then the incident that followed after,
The pain that was sent through your body, but,
Can’t remember what she looked like,
Can’t remember the faces on the silhouettes, just,
Only the feeling of sadness and alone.
My mind won’t let them through,
It will break me.

Oisin Keating


These walls remember
What everyone does
These walls remember
Everything about you
These walls remember
Everything forever

Brian Flaherty


The cattle get feed
Barley is cut
The silage is loaded
Onto the truck
The tractors are drive
The slurry is spread
The bales are baled
This gives mad in the head

John Brislane


The grass is cut
The cows strut
The 6080 slowly purrs
And she ye winter nights a hazy blur
The cows eat
We harvest wheat
You warm your hand
To farm the land

Jack Gleeson

Early Mornings

I start my early morning in the parlour.
Starting the tractor on the cold morning
Can feel the goosebumps rise on my arms.
Motoring through the boggy fields
Till the end light of day

Patrick Fogarty


Somebody once told me that comedy
Was about making people laugh
But yikes, that ain’t it.
It’s about making me laugh,
Cause I always laugh at my own jokes.
People say stop laughing at your own jokes,
But I say I don’t care.
If it makes me laugh,
It’s funny to me
And that’s all I care about.

Sam Dight


I’m very passionate about farm at home
I’m very passionate about women
I’m very passionate having a good time in life
I really get cross really quick
I lost two uncles and aunt
I lost my grandfather
But this doesn’t bother me too much
Because there is no point in keeping it all inside of you
You are better off getting it out

Paul Seymour


At school in class is when all boys get bored
Until people start messing
Then everything gets better
Eventually the class gets too violent and loud
So the teacher stops everything
And returns to teaching the boring class
Then everyone gets annoyed and doesn’t like the teacher



It’s the work on Tuesdays and Fridays
And the weights in the gym
Putting on your runners and hitting the pavements

The biggest and strongest
The fittest the fastest
These are the warriors that define the battlefield

Our parents drive us into Limerick
Where we meet the bigger stronger and more skilled teams
We lose well but are not disheartened

I’ll be back in the gym tomorrow
I’ll be back in training on Tuesday
And I will most certainly be back for our next match

Paddy Griffin


School can be a tough one,
It can be some pain
The work, the writing and the projects,
You wish they could be gone

But focus on the good stuff,
Like catching up with friends,
Or doing fun activities, both inside and outside of school,
I’m sure everyone wouldn’t find it as ruff

So next time you come into school,
Think only of the positives,
Keep a steady and healthy mindset,
So just don’t be a fool.

Kieran Tinkler


I am very passionate about farming
I love being with my friends
I love going for a few drinks with the lads
I love my family
I hate being expected to perform so hard in school
I hate being expected to work so hard
I want to buy a car so I work
I like my life

Jack Gleeson

My Passion

I’m passionate about farming
I’m passionate about having a good time with mates
I love to have a few drinks with the lads
I hate when I mess up on the farm
And when I’m relied on to clean up after other workers
I get really stressed when working with people that aren’t that good at the job
But I like to live the rest of my life to the fullest as life is way too short
I hate school and I mean I really hate it
I find it difficult and hate that my parents make it worse
By making me do loads at school

Patrick Fogarty

Spanish Night

It was a warm Spanish night,
None of us were thinking about when we had to train.
The festival only comes around once a year,
And for most it was the time for beer.
It was an unforgettable day,
And we talked all night,
While we looked out over the bay.



These walls remember
Every member
From the month September
All the members
They were clever
They wore leather
Even though they were regular
They would never surrender

Cian Mcloughlin

The Gun

The gun wants to
To see your gravestone
To hear a widows cry
To feel your blood
To make a hole in your head
And leave you on your death bead
To splatter your blood on the walls
And make you crash to the ground



These walls remember the scream of a screamer.
The bang of a banger.
The colour of a bomb.
The height of a sky bolt.
The bang of a megaton.
The spray of a fountain.

Joe Shanahan

Doesn’t Matter

What the shadows whisper is often dark
Just like the figures that say the words
Often saying you’re not good enough,
That you won’t make it, that you should end it.

They often come at night when you’re all alone
When you feel like crap because ‘they’ don’t like you.
But that doesn’t matter because their opinions don’t matter,
As long as you’re happy.

Libor Tomesek

This Land

This land is ruled and was ruined by a man called Leo,
Thinks he’s more important than the future generations,
Doesn’t realise the responsibilities that comes with a nation

Mícheál Ryan Prendiville

Transition Year

These school walls do remember,
When we started back in 2016
Of that September.
The nerves and fear,
We had,
Before starting first year.
The first week was tough,
And by the end,
We had had enough.
We got over our fear,
Now we are here,
At the start of transition year.

Cody Ray

This House

They remember
The first day I entered this house
My communion and confirmation day
They remember everything
My newborn sister many years ago
The good and bad times
And every experience I’ve ever had

These walls do not judge.

Shane Stanley

The Gun

The gun wants you dead
It wants your head
Whether you are awake or in bed
It wants you dead
To paint a picture, blood red
Upon the walls, you’re splattered brains
To breach you from the mortal chains
When you lay down in your bed
There’s a bullet that wants you dead

Dylan O Dwyer

Prison King

When you walked in
Through the glass steel doors
Your fragile body
Trembling and innocent
Your innocence broken
The walls crowned you
King of your own prison

Philip Spillane

This Land

This land remembers the cheers and claps.
The blood sweat and tears from all the years.
The ups and downs, the wins and losses.
This is the place where I play my sports.

Adrian O Halloran

Mad Lad

He is as mad as a hatter
He likes sausage in batter
He sees the gardaI and roars scatter
He is one of the lads
He has a two dads
24/7 he wears shin pads
He’s good with the girls
He also makes hurls
He is a mad lad

Dermot Mctiernan


Some people are sporty
And some people are not
But I am
And I like it a lot
Sport is fun
Only when it’s sunny

Shane Stanley


Everything we do from sunning ourselves in summer
To the big jackets we wear in winter
From our tears to laughter

Sean Kennelly

The Whispers

They whispered to me every night
Telling me, I wasn’t good enough,
I could not block them out.

My mother would come in and tell me
Everything is going to be alright.

That did not stop the whispers that whispered,
And whispered through the long cold night.

Ben O’Connor


It is not the stuff of dreams
It is not the juice of cherries or of any fruit
It is dreams of waves crashing on sunny days
With sharks and dolphins swimming together
A dream of golden sunny weather
It is a far-fetched dream, as sharks will kill
And fish will flee
But you will find that in the ocean
Only the plastic is free.

Sean Ryan

Soft Cry

The walls remember
The soft cry of a small boy
The door remembers
The rattling and banging of a door
The air remembers
A violent roar of hate pour
And everyone remembers
They did nothing about it

Evan Rainsford

The Thoughts

The thoughts of November
Where all through the rooms
Beside all the brooms
Lay the tiny mice
Looking all nice
Who’s cousins, the rats
Were wearing nice hats

Joe Kyne


Where the long hours pay off
Having dreamed for so long
Pucking that ball
Against the wall
In the heart of money-gall

Vanston Worrell


Battles are lost and won,
Titans rise and fall,
Kids go to have fun,
We answer a sporting call,
Dreams are made,
Memories are born,
We become who we are,
We become legends.

David Ryan

Go to School

We go to school
To learn the stuff
That will tell us that we are the fool
Put down for not having skills
We won’t need for the rest of our lives
You have to do no work to be cool
Stressing about pointless tests
That have no indicator of how smart we are
One test decided your future and where you go near or far

Tom Kennedy

Down in the Deep

Down in the deep dark ocean depths
The dolphins dance
The blue whale weeps.

The vast valleys of the ocean floor
Holds much to remember
Much to explore.
This beauty cannot be forgotten
Cannot be ignored.
Man has turned the planet rotten
The ocean’s future overboard.

Darragh Kyne

What Happened Here

What happened here?
The grass was green and skies were clear.
We were young, dumb and finally free,
We had no boundaries, just like the sea.
What happened here can’t be forgotten
Out on the water, or climbing a tree
We felt that for us there was no stopping
We were young dumb and finally free.

Niall O’Sullivan

It Drags

It drags helpless men down her streams
It takes away people’s hopes and dreams
Families left broken
The ocean takes so many innocent lives
The water shows no mercy
The fish still swim in the darkest depths
And it’s left with the bones and egos of many men
That are locked in the unforgiving pen

Oisin O’Connor

I Remember

I remember the country roads I grew up on in the month of September
The pubs were luring young lads with a lot of potential
They were laughing and cheering their lives away
But the only people that were cheering was the other team on the Sunday of match day

Luke O’Brien

The Days

The days we entered
The people we met
The first copy I filled
To the last
Bell of the year
The teachers we met
The punishment and fights
To when we got the upper hand
Forcing them
Out, out, out

Conor Murphy


Going through the years,
With people I thought I could trust,
They’re the people that left me in tears,
But not all were that bad,
As there were those who stayed loyal,
They’re the ones I kept close,
They helped me through the hard times,
They’re the ones I loved the most.

Conor Kirby


I was burnt
But there is one thing I learnt
That I could have died
But I should have flied
Maybe then, I would have survived
It happened when I was young
And the smoke filled my lungs
And the smell of burnt flesh was in the air
And I had to try not to cry


The Bullets Fire

If the man give the power to trust and weald a gun of much power
And it’s not the gun but it is the holder of the power to pull the trigger
To realise the bullets into the skin of the being
That is in the harm and pain of the sharpness
That kills with no end of death

Peter Armitage


What the gun wants,
To bust your brain,
Took a xanax
The reason was – to numb all my pain
To stop me jumping – from the cloud busting crane
Wake up in a cell,
My dodgy roommate – sniffing my sock
I realised the trauma of my own messy life
The thoughts of my kids and my loving wife
It drove me to insanity – no longer numb
Now I’m lying here feeling so dumb
In my dirty cell of this mental asylum


These Walls

It was a cold Thursday, windy and bright.
I was cycling into the unknown.
A boom, crash, bang, I was hit.
I was flying into the darkness of a ditch.
Saved but all alone.



These walls remember the first pig I killed and the first night I spent.
These walls remember my first home I made from wood, mud and cobblestone.
These walls remember the heat of the furnace smelting many stack of coal, iron and gold ore.
These walls remember my first encounter with the ended dragon,
One hit with the tail ended up as my first fail!

Eoin Quinn

Our National Sport

Hurling is our national sport
We love hurling because even when it pours rain
It’s all worth it when your team reigns supreme
We train in the rain and in the dark
For those summer days where you put on your jersey with pride
And say I deserve to be here
We travel near and far from motorways to country roads all for the love of the game
What happens stays on the field
We are all human after all
Giving are heart and soul for our team
Through the good times and the bad times
We keep are love and passion for the game we call GAA

Conor Tierney

Like a Glass

Like a glass under a dripping tap.
Slowly, slowly builds up.
It slowly fills.
Until finally.
It can’t hold anymore.
It overflows, creating a mess.
Sometimes hard to clean.
Just like a flood.
Like a flood of emotions.
But easier to clean than a broken glass.

Cody Ray

Match Day

I have a match today
I would like to play
If we win, I will go for a spin
And that would make my day

Adrian O’Halloran

Lunchtime Downtown

I was walking down town with the bois
And a lad who had a problem got a cup of coffee and threw it on a lad for no reason
The lads shirt got wrote off by the coffee
The lad who threw the coffee thought he was a big man
And started shaping up to a crew of school bois
So one lad says who’s up for 20 v 1 and he walks off like a big man

Eoin Ryan


Soccer is my game the game I like to play
I play for Ballymackey
We’re going all the way
I have a match today
It’s an away day
Hopefully we will win while away


On the Pitch

I was on the pitch focused as can be, the ball came.
I was ready. I rushed out in front of my man but missed it.
I thought I was going to play bad, my confidence down after 1st ball.
Then I heard my name from the crowd.
They were encouraging me. Then came the next ball.
I won it. I was delighted and played good for the rest of the game.
It shows how some encouragement can go a long way.

Cian Ryan


These walls remember my first bedroom as a young child
The same walls remember my first day at primary school, a young innocent lad.
These walls later remember my first day in secondary school,
Start of a new journey, a young 1st year, lost.
These walls remember me togging out for my new club,
First game feeling great. My favourite sport, soccer.

Davy O’Brien