CBS Dungarvan, Waterford

Blank X

I feel like a empty room waiting for my door to unlock
a plain room with no colour waiting for someone I can open it for.
I feel everyone has big Xs on their faces
closing me off and having no face that wants to know me
and I don’t know if I can take the X off mine
because no one wants a plain room with no colour
and an X as big as mine.
i want to be able to fill my room with colour
and pictures like everyone else
but I feel like I cant let people in to fill it.
I feel I need to shut my door
and never let them change my room to what they want
and I that need to find the right key to help me open it.

The Comeraghs to the Falls

From the comeraghs to to the falls
from the greenway to clonea beech
surely some fun cant be far
out of reach

take your runners to the greenway
or your bike to the lands a’hilly
take a dip in clonea
although it can get quite chilly

take a stroll down the harbour
and past the look-out
and then in to the moorings
for a cold pint of stout

theres so much to do
and much fun to be had
so come to dungarvan
im sure youll be glad.

Dark Light

There will be dark days,
when you feel alone
with a aching heart
but that doesn’t mean
you will always be
The sun will always
peer through the clouds.
Let its light show you
the love you have forgotten.

My Harshest Critic

Through the years i’ve had fault-finding peers
Tho the worst critic was myself
You can shut out your adversaries
And push away loved ones
But still have to deal with the voices
These voices cut deep
even when you sleep
Hard not to weep at your own choices.

Covid Haze

Covid 19 has left everything in a haze,
trying to develop a vaccine was like escaping a maze.
Everyone is under so much stress and feels like their life is a mess.
With Trump Boris and Brexit.
it appears there is no exit.
And while everyone is trying to survive
some people feel no matter how they struggle and strive
they’ll never get out of this world alive.


Rise Up

Give the power to the people.
the Government can no longer be trusted,
for the needs and rights of people have been thrusted away,
so again i say give the power to the people,
for the governments feed on corruption and greed,
no longer are they here to fulfill a need,
instead they spread the seed of lies, hate and discrimination
to divide and conquer
so i must concur
get rid of the government and give power to the people.

Covid Howl

Covid-19 and lockdown everybody is stuck inside
nurses and doctors are stressed out
driving to work taking 12 hour shifts
trying to help but unfortunatly watching people die everyday,
nurses and doctors have died
but people just do not care
they go outside break the rules
but wonder where these number of cases are coming from
people are going broke
smaller buisneses are dying
multi national companys are wining
but what about the people who work everyday
that have now no jobs
people are to pay there bills
but big companys do not care less
i say to people support local
and maybe people will keep there jobs
and please stop breaking the rules.

My Best Shot

I started off my teenage years with vaping and acting hard,
But nowadays all I want is to be surrounded by bikes and cars,
I’m not the type of person who wants to be doing nothing but slugging pints,
I’d much prefer to focus on getting 550 points,
Im not the best at everything, but I’ll give it my best shot,
Back then all I worried about was “what if we get caught”,
I’ve always been a bit worrisome, about doing good in life,
But being cool and popular nearly pushed me to carrying a knife,
Now opinions are meaningless to me, I could not care less,
All I expect from myself nowadays, is to be the very best.


Cold Air, Boiling Blood 

The air is cold but my bloods boiling
Three langers looking to end a mans life
They got nothin’ for a future so they tryna end mine
But they dont realise i aint goin without a fight
Shattered ribs broken bones i dont feel a thing
The only thing carrying me is the adrenaline
They hit me with their knuckles hard as rock from all that salve labour
But my will is stronger so after the struggle the im the only one left standing
They aint breathing but couldn’t give less of a damn
Cause these these scumbags picked the wrong man
Theyll surely come looking for another scrap
But thats fine because next time i wont hold back.


Tale of Woe

Whose knife is that? I think I know.
Its owner is quite sad though.
It really is a tale of woe,
I watch him frown. I cry hello.

He gives his knife a shake,
And sobs until the tears make.
The only other sounds the break,
Of distant waves and birds awake.

The knife is sharp, stained and deep,
But he has promises to keep,
Until then he shall not sleep.
He lies in bed with ducts that weep.

He rises from his bitter bed,
With thoughts of sadness in his head,
He idolises being dead.
Facing the day with never ending dread.

Wheel of Lockdown

People have been going through alot
were are given some hope
then not alot one lock down ends
then another starts
not seeing my family really breaks my heart
people need to stay inside
so we can come out on the better side
lockdown puses people to there limits
when covid ends the skys the limit.


Why did you do it
Why did you put me through it,
needless to say
The pain won’t go away
Yet everytime, I see those eyes
I realise why I was with you
You tore me apart
Left a broken heart
that can’t be mended
It’s made me offended
By the love I needed
When I was with YOU.

Grandad’s Cards

I come from old cod lobbies
With controller in hand and headset on head
Having on 1v1 on nuke town
Back in the old days when things were good
When all u had to worry about
was if your friends would come outside
or hop on the game
Back when u didn’t have to worry about school
or doing homework all night.
Before the sickness.
Back when I would stay at my nans
and have tea and eat biscuits all day
and chill with the granddad playing cards.

Fame is the game

I sit here,
Thinking of fame,
How some have got it,
By playing a game,
They laugh and cry,
Do they wonder,
What happens when you die,
They are seen by all,
But do they get hurt,
When they fall,
I sometimes wonder,
What is it like to be known,
To stand in a street,
And be treated like a statue,
Made of stone,
I wonder do they think like we do.


My Demon

I’m afraid to go outside because I don’t want people seeing my true side.
I’m fighting my demons but lately I’ve been retreating
If I had a scar or a bruise to prove too you that I ain’t doing so good
I’ve been reaching out too god but he ain’t listen
I’m afraid that the war inside my head isn’t coming to a end
I’m afraid that I’m becoming my demon
I hate to hide it but I’m afraid of being exclude from those around me.


The Beautiful Game

The beautiful game is its name to fame,
scoring goals is the main aim,
loads of men running around,
while crouds around make some sound

men being pair lots of money,
while they kick a ball in rain or sunny,
no matter how many bruises they get on their head,
to them its football born and bred.


Cold Sickness

My name is A, and I am fifteen years old,
I can’t ever go for a run,
Because it has become so cold,
COVID is causing a load of stress,
I can’t meet my friends,
Everyone is getting sick and tired ,
The world has become a huge mess.


I play all the Games,

And the sequel electrical boogaloo,
I take all the names,
And live in a igloo,
The games be fighting ,
And watching anime,
And do a lot of Flyting,
Now i filled women’s head with me.


Small Seaside Town

I come from a small sea side town on the south cost of ireland
that always has a cold breeze with loads of different types of people, There are the law makers and some law breakers ,
also family’s trying to live in peace
or there’s young fellas in there cars who give the crossroads
plenty when it’s empty,
they there are the nannies and grandad’s
rushing into mass on a Sunday morning to get a seat ,
then there are us,
the school students who go to school
and live our lives but we are all part of one of the groups listed above. That’s my town by the sea.


My Name is H

My name is Hugh Lenihan, I was born in January 2005.
I am a very funny person and I like the company of my friends.
I live in the estate, number 28.
I enjoy art, painting and Drawing.
when I pick up my pencil I put in my heart.
I enjoy the sun and going outside.
happy feeling get amplified in the world outside.
That is a quick fact, of the things I love and try.


Dungarvan, Born and Bred

On a farm I live where animals must be fed.
I like to play sports, from basketball courts
to the GAA pitches and match reports.
At home I relax playing Fifa opening packs,
But work must be done,
sometimes I rise before the sun,
but once I get my pay,
I can game all day,
Dungarvan born and bred,
Where all the girls leave you hanging
on a thread.

The Crest

From being the first one on the pitch, to the last one off
To doing the extra sprints that no one else will
Pushing yourself further when you want to give up
Going the extra mile to fight for the crest
To be willing to die for the jersey
Fighting for every last ball
That’s what the GAA is all about.

The Audacity of Stephen

I’m sick of this school,
Listening to this fool,
Only joking,
Stephen is a sick man,
I’m in the back of a random van.


Roses are red

Violets are blue,
Stephen Murray will help you,
Stephen is a God,
And he eats Cod,
Stephen the King,
You are my hero 🙌


South Side

South side is the best side
Its where the messers hide
One wrong move and you’ll be seeing a better side
No rats no scraps just aload of laughs
South side is the best side
The craic here would give you the best laugh.


Me, Chelsea and My Dogs

I like watching and playing sports,
I like hurling and soccer.
My team in soccer that I support,
is Chelsea FC.
I would like to make it pro one day

I am very nice and kind,
The thing that I find
most enjoyable is my dogs.


A is my name

And my passion is soccer
Everything about it
Playing supporting watching
There is not anything that brings out more emotions in me sometimes happy sometimes frustrated sometimes I blame myself sometimes I don’t but one thing I always know is that there will always be another game to live on for