Castlerea Community School, Castlereagh, Castlerea, Co. Roscommon

Stand Up

You don’t have a choice
Because past generations had no voice
Against a religious institution
That rules part of our constitution
Stand up for what is right
And don’t send women on a flight
To a foreign destination
Because of fault in our nation


Underage Drinking

They drink, they smoke, they do it all,
Always reckon they have a ball.
Why do they do it? “Peer Pressure” they say,
But it’s their decision at the end of the day.
Doing drugs and getting high,
I really don’t see the reason why.
You don’t fit in if you don’t do the same,
If they do something stupid, oh, “the alcohol’s to blame”.
You’re always expected to follow the trend,
They’re not even drunk, it’s just pretend.
Underage drinking, it’s what’s done today
And chances are it’s here to stay.

Ciara, Fiona and Shannon

Grade A Sheep

We are TY students, from
40 kids wanting a doss year
To 37 kids wanting out.
We are going on tours,
Doing useless projects,
Defined by a distinction,
A merit or a pass.
When no one can define no one,
Unless they can define themselves.
We are 37 students,
In a room with 4 walls,
Competing to get a letter A.
When a letter is only a letter
And school is what u make it,
Not what you define it by…


Blood in their Eyes

The blood in their eyes
The yells that they cried
That echoed in the shadows
Of the dark

They tried to get away
For the order of the day
Is coming for us either way

When it’s done they run about
Until they calm down a bit
They can`t believe the turn
Of the crimes they commit.

Dylan Murray

On Mart Day

On mart day, Belgian Blue, Angus, Charolais
And Limousine herd together
Farmers from all race congregate
People wait to hear the auctioneers ramble.

On mart day,
If you have a Zetor you’ll never forget her.
Farmers whisper God knows what,
Lads count down to 4 to go down,
Deals are made, cattle are sold.

The next day, the cattle let go to dawn
And rise like the early morning sun
On mart day.


Teenage Life

Unfinished homework, failed exams
Late nights out, not giving a damn
Avoiding responsibilities,
Missing dinner, staying in bed
Evading football training, not getting fit
Not going to school, pretending to be sick
Doesn’t give a damn,
Too busy playing Fortnite.

Brendan Pacey

Sunday Night

On Sunday night I went out and about
I didn’t get into McGourthy’s
I was right kicked out
With a scowl and a pout
So I stopped for some chips
And garlic cheese dip
So i returned to my home
To play a first person shooter
I got a PlayStation 4 not a personal computer
That didn’t feel right in the dark of the night
So I played Fortnite
Till the bright sun light
Came bursting through my window
Like a bride in white.

Jamie Earley


Headin to the park
Having the craic
The town’s gone mad
Girls and music
Fast food traps
Chipper for a burger
On the way home
Throwing out the goujons
Walking on your own

Kevin Glancy