Carrigtwohill Community College, Cork


What to do,
what to do,
Daughters bisexual,
daughters a fool,

Daughters not getting good grades in school,
Daughter is not the sharpest tool.

She ain’t pretty,
She’s too fat
She’s too this,
She’s too that

She’s so sad
And has no friends
She’s not sciocal
She’s a jez

What to do
What to do
When you tried you’re best
Nobody knew
What to do…..



Lies; broken truths, covered up with faux silver veil
Sugarcoated with words, so sweet it’s diabetic
Swept under the carpet
Hidden from sunlight
Yet I stayed, masochism taking over like a tsunami
When will it be over?
Can anyone hear me?
Was anyone ever paying attention to me,
like they were to you?



In Dark Nights,
Beamed the lights,
That lead our way,
To where the title lay.
Amid our fears,
Our inner titanium appeared,
Which brought us to glory,
Of which we cherished,
For evermore.


Social Butterfly

She who spreads her wings is seen as beautiful
She glitters in the light of the sun rays
Her colour and beauty like no other
Tho with Various of broad Strokes
To from unique patterns and shapes
Many types like monarch, empire blue
All so different, yet all similar too
Imperfection adds lots to their beauty
As every little scar tells a story
Though she is not a social butterfly
That’s doesn’t mean she would be opposed to try
Like all people she hides behind a mask, sometimes
And yet she will always try to deny
That’s she is not a social butterfly.


Why do we do things

Why do we do things?
Anything at all.
For joy,
For love,
For money, it all
For fame,
For happiness,
Revenge, it calls.
So why do we do things?
Anything at all.
Why do we do things?
To rise or to fall.


Cartoon Brooms

From the lure of cartoons to the witches on brooms,
Fed into our minds since we were in wombs,
Are ideas of what we are supposed to do.
At the ripe age of 5 our parents told us
Go on off to school, do it, you owe us
And along we went on our merry way
Not knowing our lives were changing that day
Irish, English, Maths and French,
All forcefed to the young kids that were sitting on a bench
Implanted to our minds once again was a system
Uncaring of the kids that weren’t that way, it missed them
We all know the people like that the outsiders
Society and the schools, they burned them with their fire
As they only learned a certain way
The teachers they told them they were throwing their lives away
Now these kids they could’ve been smarter than most
But weren’t designed for the topics shoved down their throats
And at age 14 those outsiders turned away
Off once again on their merry way
Off out on the street went the smart outsider
Nobody believed in her nobody beside her
She could’ve been smart, she could’ve broke out
But the system wasn’t for her, and all she knew was doubt.
And with that her life was thrown away,
But they weren’t surprised as their rules she didn’t obey.



The rainy hailey days of spring ,
the lush open fields of grass , the mass birth of all the calves,
the smell of daisies and the sight of daffodils sprouting up from your lawn.
The warm months of summer , the swarm of bees in your garden,
the sunny days at the beach using your money to buy ice cream,
the shorts and tan legs , the bugs and spending time with your friends,
the walks and talks and water fights and the flights to places far and wide.
The colours and sound of crunching leaves,
picking conkers and going for walks in the breeze,
Halloween and sweet treats and the arrival back to school.
The sharp crisp air of Winter , the festive feeling
and smell of Cinnamon and cheer,
the time for spending time with your loved ones is here.


The Quiet one

Never on time to go places because my room is the safest.
Spend all night online with lads and all day loathing in self pity in bed
Countless sleepless nights revisiting every awkward exchange

I’ve been a part of and why she doesn’t like me back
My mind is constantly racing yet I’m lazy
The more I grow up the more I don’t want to
and I see the deterioration of every situation
and every time it’s only myself to blame.



You may say I’m a lot to take in
You can say I’m too loud
You can shame me behind my back
You can say I’m “passed around”

No matter who you are
Someone’s always got something to say
People are so insecure
They’ll say anything to be praised

The only person that knows the truth is you
Let people think what they want
They don’t know the real you
They’ll never know how it is
To be proud and true.



The dictators, terrorists and warlords
Of all the people of the world
Why is it me that I direct my hatred towards

Winston Churchill, the Black and Tans ruling by fear
Atrocities and war crimes
We have replaced terror with cheers
I’m worse I cry

I’m fat, lasy, stupid a bloody disgrace
I wish I could, vanish without a trace
I feel someone is drowning me without breathing space
And when I survey above me I see my own face.



Women they are seen
as a bubble of insecurity
too much emotion
too many problems
an over reactor
a drama queen
but under this layer of depression and self pity
there is a strong independent intelligent women
who can conquer anything who can take on the world
like it’s a walk in the park
so, to the people to drag them down or slut shame,
objectify them take a look at yourself a
nd think to your self do I really want to be the person
to drag and shame this women when I could become them



look in the mirror
What do you see,

Well for me that’s easy,
I see a girl who has been persuaded that
She is beneath what this world calls ‘pretty’,

She lies in tears,
As she cries Over her appearance,
But she can’t see she’s only lived 14 years,

Nobody knows as she lives in disguise,
Covering her sadness with the biggest smile,
Her laugh so loud to hide her grey cloud.



One day I woke up,
But they wouldn’t shut up.
I knew it was there day,
That everything would become my way.
I finally had the confidence,
That I would find a prince,
Today would be the day,
I’d come out as gay.



I can smile at the memories
cause she’s in my heart,
But when we’re not together
it’s like we’re apart.
Where there is love
there is compassion,
Trust my instinct
and we’ll make it happen.


Cardigan Blue

Dressed in her oversized sweater
She stares herself down in the mirror
Her eyes empty yet filled with disdain
Hoping to cover the pain
By hiding behind baggy garments



All I want in life is her
Her beautiful eyes and curly hair
The way her hair swirls in the air
Just gives me butterflies every time

She is the most beautiful person ever
But the chances of me getting her , never
Everyone would love for her to be theirs
But she leaves them all on air

Instead she talks to me everyday
Even though some would say
That I’m not good enough for her
But all she wants to be in is my sweater

She makes me happy and I hope to have a good life
With love and no grief
She truly is the best thing
To ever happen to me , my heart is truly shining


Cold Fade

As he leaned over my shoulder ,
His last breath got colder.
I knew it was his time to go.
I faded, faded.
There was nothing left but only my face to show.
The air turned bitter as the sky grew darker.
My one true love , lost forever.


Stadium Battleground

As I walk out the dressing room,
I hear the studs of the boots go boom.
As I walk down the steps with my teammates,
I see the enemies next to me, where both teams want the same fate.

Winning is everything in rivalry games,
It chooses whose face goes on newspapers either in glory or disgrace.
“Come on boys!” Yells the coach.
“Show the supporters what we’re made of and fill them with hope”

I guess that’s easy for him to say,
But now there’s no time to lay,
As my shoes feel the texture of the grass,
I realise at the end there will be some scraps.


Ahead of the Pack

Being underestimated
Getting the looks of different girls and boys
Making you feel small and ignored
Pressure if grades and cliques galore
Felling like you don’t belong anymore
One day in school when they’re all picking teams your the last one left because everyone underestimated me.
Feeling like you feel lost and alone
but then you jump up and shout “not me anymore”
Finding a loophole in everything you do
people start turning heads toward you.
Being underestimated isn’t so bad
once you know how to get ahead of the pack.



it us unlucky to be smTall or a midget ,
but you could at least say you dont look like st bridget.
roses are red , violets are blue ,
there is many toddlers that are TaLLeR then you .
i know this might of hurt you ,
but it could be worse
you could live in a zoo.



The colour of the ocean
Something peaceful

and calming
The colour of sadness
Something representing

the struggle
The colour of life



This lockdown is getting old
I’m about to fold
I can’t take this anymore
I have reached the bore
It needs to end soon
It’s ruined my afternoon
Now once this all ends
I’ll go see all my friends.



Emotions come like waves in the ocean,
Changing without any plan,
Tears,fears to much at hand,
Don’t even get me started on the media,
Influence our young minds,
To change the way we live our lives,
It’s to much to handle,
With a lot of us giving up,
without even having a good start at
The thing that we call,


The Outer Shell

The eldest of three,
the same number worn on my back
a prop,
but never the main character.
known by many,
but known well by few.
An engineer ,a sportsman,
A good friend too.



Taking steroids is bad
It makes u big but sad
If u don’t have good genetics
Just work very hard
And you will come out looking like the shard
Don’t take steroids it is illegal.
If you do your just a seagul
Have a good diet and workout plan
And u will be built
Like DTS
At the end of the day
Don’t take steroids.



You start a sport because your parents want you to
Then you continue because you’ve made new friends
After a while you begin to love the sport
It starts to effect what you do more and more
Now everything you do revolves around sport
And then one day you can’t go no more
Day after day people forget about you
You have a family and you put your kids back into the same cycle again
That is sport.


Oval Ball

From the numbers 1-15
We fight with our hearts
We fight for our team
When we fight together we have no weak parts
I hope we can grind out this win
For our season will be in the bin
Red is the color we wear on our backs
For when you play rugby there’s no going back


Pre Match Syndrome

As i went into the dressing room everyone was tense
This match meant it all to us , the coach , the spectators , town.
Win our loose the would still congratulate us
But a loss wasnt enough
We stood out there
Played with our hearts
We didnt win for us
We won for everyone


Dream Car

The car of your dream,
that makes you so keen,
Oh how you wish it was yours,
but it’s just because of the tours,

The detours, the roads and the noises,
just look how it makes you poise.

At the end of the day,
you need to wake up,
just like you made it up.


This Race

I may be late to the sport
but now it’s my time to be on the court
I took a lot of time off but that was to get what I want
There’s a lot at stake ino but I’ll be first to finish this race
They say I ain’t ready but I’ve been steady
and ready since I stepped on the court
It be seeming like I’m the one they don’t wanna see win