Borrisokane Community College, Borrisokane, Co. Tipperary


Lost in the ever expanding universe,
A swathe of blue and green,
Tiny figures, running around,
Their developing home

But it is not maturing,
To a thing of beauty,
Like it rightly should

But it is instead succumbing,
To a choking mask,
That has only begun,
But is threatening to end everything

The smallest of the figures,
Have enormous pressure,
From their elders, to fix the problem,
Which they did not create

Did they start it?
It doesn’t matter,
They must solve it,
Or die forever

Ruairi O’Brolchain


We as humans forever on a phone,
Everyone stuck nose deep in a screen.
Behind all those intricate lines of code,
Is a world full of green.
But nobody wants to experience that.

They just care about the latest trend.
The media controls the minds of everyone
Over and over to no end.
The whole world passes us by.

We as humans forever on a phone,
Don’t care for our beautiful world.
We as robots, isolated and alone…


I Want

I want to get lost
In a world of my own
Throughout the pages
Words, authors sewn

In supposed to learn
To fill my brain
To leave my book
Is too much a strain

But alas
I cannot resist
These authors’ words, and epic journey
I must persist

Lauren Bates


Anger is like a thousand waves rolling around immersing every rational thought
Clawing at any sense of calm,
Trying to subdue your anger is like putting down a dying dog
All it leaves is shame and sadness
From a minor comment about someone’s intelligence
Can leave you swinging and spitting
I am part of an average family so I have no reason to complain
But yet having no reason why do I feel this way
Which leaves me to bottle it up until I’m full
And everyone watches it erupts and wonders why I act like I do
And the known fact that other people experience the same under harsher conditions
Leaves me feeling empty and feeling like a tool
Part of a bigger act that doesn’t want me to play any role
And the cycle continues but it eventually stops
Either a false happiness or at the end of a most sinister object.

Donncha Speight Burns


I feel bored.
Overall restless.
Days go by either busy as ever or they drag.

Mood swings between what I want and what I don’t.
Mood swings between what to say and what not to.

Days go fast when I spend time with friends.
But I’m still thinking.
Always thinking about situations that haven’t even happened.

Amy Clarke

Our Generation

My name is Laura
I think everyone thinks they are going through stuff
Until they hear other people’s problems
Our generation is so obsessed with ourselves
We don’t realise what other people are going through
If we were to all put our problems in a pile
We wouldn’t be long taking ours back
That is what’s wrong with the world

Laura Cleary


I walk the halls of my ‘accepting’ school,
Hearing the boys who think they’re cool,
Shouting and roaring homophobic slang,
Laughing and giggling to the words they just sang.

I walk the halls of my ‘accepting’ school,
Listening to the girls who think they’re cool,
Judging everyone by their body and hair,
I wonder why they think that’s fair.

Aine Milner


Get up go to school
I actually sometimes think it’s cruel
Look your best wear your best
But compared to other stories were blessed

Everyone is fighting their own battle
So try to walk in their shoes
Everyone’s in the same boat
So be careful of the words you choose

Caoimhe O Meara

I Try

I try to be kinder to myself.
The moment I realised that even if I did drench the walls and floors in my blood
Then that would mean that I would die the version of myself that I loathe most of all
Why care about being beautiful anyway?
Why stand on the outside looking in, trying to manifest good feelings
To look in the mirror and hope that maybe
The human looking back won’t look so bad if you keep staring
When you could just experience existing?
Worship the very concept that you are a sentient being, existing in this universe
Feeling everything, even if it hurts
Because if it hurts
At least that means you are alive

Alison Ryan

Heart on my Sleeve

To wear my heart on my sleeve I’d have to remove my hands from covering my mouth.
Stopping all emotion from pouring out.
Remove them from hiding the tears welling up in the corner of my eyes
but to my surprise they do not move.
How do I tell you what’s wrong when all you do is laugh
And say “That’s nothing compared to…”

Rebecca O’Dwyer

The Person

The person you barely see in the hall
The one in the corner you never call
I am the one that you ignore
The person you hate cause she’s a “slut”
I am the one you look up and down
You snarl and laugh till I’m on the ground
I am the one who can not be seen
The one who has all these hopes and dreams
I will be the one who will be on top
I can be the one who make people stop
You will look up to me at some stage
I am the phoenix who rose from the ashes of rage

Saoirse Murphy

Never Understand

I often find myself under pressure when I’m asked to write a poem.
My thoughts become like waves crashing against a calm shore.
My thoughts about things in life that make me feel anxious
Or upsetting are like the waves that come racing towards the calm shore.
My thoughts about things in life that give me joy
Or simply put a smile on my face are like the peaceful waves
That retreat slowly and fade into the sea.
My fingertips begin to race against the keyboard like the fingertips of a pianist.
Then, I hold the backspace button as the words in front of me disappear like a bolt of lightning.
I look around and see the other poets typing away as they have been doing this for years.
It doesn’t make sense to me.
How is it so easy for them to write?
I will never understand how they can do such a thing,
For I can never find it that easy to gather my thoughts.
Waves are always out of everyone’s control just as my thoughts are out of my control.

Gulan Wahid


Mi poema/ trabajo va ha tratar sobre Ireland.
Me he dado cuenta de que irlanda es un pais precioso.
AquI todo es verde.
Hay un monton de campo y de animales.
La gente es muy maja conmigo y por ahora me esta gustando mucho.
Tan solo llevo en irlanda 2 dias pero es alucinante.
Claramente me esta costando un poco adaptarme a la situacion.
Y al no hablar spanish en ningun momento del dia.
Irlanda es muy bonito.

Irene Camacho


My names Kelly
I’m not a lover of jelly
I have a pair of wellies
I love jumbo breakfast rolls from the deli
I feel happy when its in my belly.
I wear Victoria Secret perfume so I’m not smelly
I bet ye are all jelly
Sorry not sorry

Kelly Watson


Kids all around think they have to be this perfect person,
It’s what they believe its what the world has thought them.
Being compared by their size and the makeup on their face,
Society has this feeling all over the place.
People need to realise beauty is skin deep.
They’re only young and are influenced alot,
Are unsure about everything they’ve got.
They keep fighting and got their friends to keep going,
Thanks to the world for absolutely nothing.



I have an Xbox that gives me joy
It also fills me with regret
As I play, I waste a day
A day of summer
A day of sun and fun
I didnt know what to say



The name is Sean, I like racing
I practice at the Karting track near me
Formula 4 is the goal
Me racing number is 88
I love Formula 1
It is lots of fun
I don’t really know how to rhyme
Hope this didn’t waste your time



Power is something we
Overthink, so we can be the most powerful, but
What we do with it is more important that the amount we have.
Everyone wants it but,
Rarely knows what to do with it.




My names Jake Adler I play golf
I hope to play professional
I am going to America to see can I make it as a pro for half of TY
My father lives in Florida.
I sometimes struggle in school with my dyslexia
But it doesn’t bother me anymore
I love sport

Jake Adler


Enter school at thirteen,
With not a person a know,
This place is so big,
And days go so slow.
Enter school at thirteen,
What do I do,
So many teachers and student,
And there is more than one classroom,
Three years on,
And all is great,
I have met lots of friends,
By luck or by fate,
This place isn’t so bad,
it isn’t the worst,
With time, it became smaller,
Than it was at first.


My Friends

Just sitting here in this computer class,
Looking out the window at the lovely green grass,
It feels like I’ve been waiting years for the bell,
Edging to get out of this room of hell,
Can’t wait for lunch to get some food,
Hopefully it will snap me out of this mood,
Buzzed to be reunited with the crew,
Myself and my friends are stuck like glue.


Follow Your Rules

Be a you in TY not what everyone wants you to do
Just be you and follow your rules and don’t be a fool just be you.



Women are mean women are bad
Some are good some are a drag
Tomboys are weird I have to say
I don’t like them where ever they stay
Don’t get me wrong women are class
But when they’re in a mood they rot
Most of the problems are put on me
Drama, gossip are always a gaurentee

Buts it’s not all that bad
Cause in the end women are

Luke Quigley


Be a you in ty not what everyone wants you to be just be a you
Don’t do what everyone tells you to do in ty just be a you
Don’t listen to people who tell you to do certain work experience juts be a you in TY

Cian White


Girls have pressure to be cool in school,
Sometimes they may look like a tool,
To wear makeup until it’s thick to make you seem like a fool,
This is known to seemingly makes the boys come across cruel,
But its true because they can act like mules


I Miss Her

I’m in TY now, a bit different from what I expected
Miss my closest friend to me
I’m lost in between those rooms and pages
I’m worried and stressed at the same time
Everything seems harder, not the same
I want her back beside me again
Chatting laughing and having some craic
I just miss her


I Felt Free

I felt free the second I was able to drop my pen on the page in front of me.
Like a physical weight lifted off my shoulders.
It almost felt like when my dad used to take my schoolbag from me in first class as I told him about my day.
I gave my exam up to the examiner with no regret and glanced at my friend beside me with impatience.
The second we were given permission to go I jumped up and walked out of there as fast as I could.
I smiled like it was going out of fashion.
I was ready for the warmth of the sun and fun with my friends ahead of me.
For finally it was summer.

Sarah Richardson

Woke Up

I woke up realized results are out
I dont know how I did
I think I did ok
Might go results night

Daire Slevin


As I managed to get up this morning
I got ready for school,
I did not want to go but I knew I had to.
The thought of teachers giving out all the time was going through my head.
Then after a while, I remembered I was going to see all my friends,
Biology, PE, English, Business was not my thing, I would prefer to be outside with my friends.
After I went into school it was not as bad as I thought it would be because
All the teachers were nice and I knew I had all my friends with me.

Thomas Brennan


I dragged myself out of bed this-morning
Excitedly found out my results were out today
All that rushed through my mind was going on a sesh
But then I stopped and paused
And heard a teacher call for all TY students for their JC results
I got my results and opened them
Seen I got all A’S
My alarm went off then and I realised it was all a dream



I’m on my phone too much
I eat bad
I do sports but I’m fairly shocking
School is too long
I’m fair tired
Friends all have boyfriends so I’m lonely
I want a boyfriend
Love my life though

Abigail Quinlivan

I Woke Up

I woke up and found out results are out soon
I dunno what to do
I might go for results night
I hope it will be good

Mark Burke


Up in Tyrone we want the English to be goin
They can head back to England and give us
Our land back. They don’t realise, how we despise
Of back in the plantation when they robbed us of our nation.
This left us in desperation and it ruined our reputation.
I hate how in Londonderry how the people are left so not merry.
If I was to have one wish it would be able to go catch fish in a 32 county Ireland
With the English owning none of our land.

Cillian Bergin


I am a teenager.
I am cool.
I am nice.
I am famous… almost
I am kind and caring.
I have so much to write and sooo much in my head to say but its #depressing so I cant.
And also everyone is here if I said what I was thinking id have to go to a mental home…

Rachel Goulding

What to Write

I haven’t a notion what to write
Never wrote a poem outside of English class
Its a lot harder than I thought
If I was angry, I could rant and write loads but I’m not in a bad mood today
I hope one direction get back together soon
Never liked Zayn though so its grand that he’s gone off by himself
Louis is a crap singer so maybe just Harry, Liam and Niall could get back together
I say they’ll get back together next year
God I hope so
Hope there new songs are good
I know a lad who’s related to Niall Horan actually

Molly Ryan


School is a prison
But only for children
You are forced to stay
But do not get paid
They are government run
And not very fun
The schools are so bad
They will make you so mad
So you better go home
And work for your dad

Dylan Dockery

Ennis in the Disco

A few months ago I went to queens
But i barely remember that I had been,

I drank a lot
And in trouble I got

I got arrested
But it taught me a lesson

To never be caught again

Siobhan Slattery


Hurling and what it means to me
Hurling means a lot to me
I play it a lot, if truth be told
I was brought up with a hurl in my hand
I had no choice in the matter
If im down and out about something a hurley
And sliotar brings my mood back up

Katie Sullivan

My Day

I got up from the bed
The breakfast was bad
I met my friend in school and said well lad
I went to class and studied hard
We studied PE in the yard
It was good and I went for grub
Then I went for pints in the pub
Then I went home


I Met

I met a weird man
He looked like a big fat fran
I hit him with a pan


My Name is Kevin

My name is Kevin I’m from Tipp
My Gucci be fire my watch be drip
Just got my fresh rolex we finna flex
We making bank we making cheques
My songs be fire my songs be heat
I’m always rapping when I hear the beat
My name is Kevin they call me kevdawg
When I’m on the YouTube we finna vlog



I sit in Maths and I know nothing
Algebra?? What is that??
Being honest, I really don’t care
Cause when the bell goes
I can stop pretending I give a crap about maths

Joey Flannery


I’m stuck in this workshop
Being force to write a poem
I really don’t want to be hear
Please can I go home

Eimear Fogarty

“Spud, Spud”

Spud, spud, you taste good
People pick you out of the mud
I would gobble you up if I could
Spud, spud, you taste good

Mashed potato, skinny chips and salted roasties too,
All the other countries don’t seem to have a clue
Every Irish person loves to eat the spud
You don’t have to be a genius to know that spud is good

Ewan Fox Powell