Beaufort College, Navan.


I see all your flaws,
And I’ll love them forever,
We can just hit pause,
And we’ll stay here alone together,
Even with your flaws,
We can just hit pause,
Stay forever, I’ll wait right here,
Don’t you worry I’ll never disappear

Happy Place

When I’m home I feel alone,
Not alone but alone,
I’m free to think clearly,
Not to be judged freely,
I have the power to do as I please,
No one’s watching me or questioning me because
I’m home alone at home in my happy quiet space.

The Peak

l climbed to the peak of a mountain is what they say but what they say is nay
I climbed no mountain in my life no fully not on my own
I followed the path of climbers took cable cars to skip past the hardest climbs until I got up the mountain.
I climbed a mountain is what they say
But I didn’t hit the peak all I reached was a lodge near the top
A lodge full of other people
Some who reached the top
Some break their back patting themselves
Some work to help others climb
But they all climbed the mountain
They say I climbed a mountain but what if I jumped off would they say the same all they would say is he fell Off they say I fell of a mountain they failed to remember I jumped


Life isn’t easy if you think it is well done
You just passed what others hide from we coward away in are own blood sweat and tears
So what does that say for me well I’m not a working man but I work on myself
I’m not a religious man but I pray it gets easier I don’t drink but yet I let water touch my lips so I don’t die Don’t feel but yet a touch is cold I’m me not some big celebrity
So if I hold the red carpet in my hands know I’m serious

The Kush Bush:

The Kush bush is like a forest,
I must tell you it’s not for any novice.
On the weekend the boys gather there,
And I won’t lie some of them make me want to pull out my hair.
Some people look at us and say “what scumbags”,
But if you get to know us you’ll see we’re not that bad.
On the days where I might be sad,
I go to the Kush bush because when your in the Kush bush, you never feel bad.


Pretty little butterfly flew into a wall,
A bird made fun of him because he was very small,
So butterfly bought an ice cream off the ice cream man,
To show the naughty birdie that she didn’t give a dam,
So birdie went home crying and he told his said shut up birdie your a big grown man.
Butterfly went home with his head held high,
Then he hit another wall and then he frickin died

Tall as a Tree

My name is John
I’m as tall as a tree
Listening to jimmy Buckley
Makes me feel free
Playing the Fortnite
Mams waffling about shite
My dads making dinner
Onto a winner