Bandon Grammar School, Cork.

Art By Solus Street Art


You press tight against by back like hot iron,
Your whining and half hearted insults are not those of a lion,
They are those of a dog, wet and starved.
You are blue in the face; your is punishment deserved.
I let you feed from me for as long as you see fit,
I do not fight or yell or spit.
I hope that you will grow from how I treat you,
That you will now treat anyone else, I let you stew.
Fester in your mistakes, in your never ending need.
Burn in shame yet grow like a weed.
I am like a tutor, I give you all of my patience, like a mother.
I hope you will wake up, you will stop to suffer.

You are

You are your pain
You are another vessel cruising the river of life, love and death
You are flawed and flawless
You are ugly and you are the most beautiful to ever walk the earth
You are good and evil, the angel and the devil
You are the earth and the sea, the sky and the depths of hell
You are your scars
You are your pain
And that is beautiful


Because broken things are beautiful
Broken things can’t be fixed,
But that’s what makes us unique
In the mess and in the shattered pieces
There is beauty
So all your thoughts
Let them fall away

Just one more.

Just one more,
That’s all he says to her,
One more which will change everything,
Turn her world upside down,
Luring her in,
Telling her everything she wanted to hear,
She didn’t know it then,
but he didn’t care about her,
He only cared about one thing,
Hoping she would fall in to his trap,
She did.
Just one more.

In Life

The worst things in life
Aren’t the ones that you expect
They are the ones that seem like the best
The ones that seem like they are there to stay
And in a crazy turn of events they go away
And you are left wondering
What did i do wrong
When did I mess it all up
You blame it on yourself
And you forgive them
They are like a hyena
The scavenger takes what they want
And leave the carcass behind
And half the person they were


You are not the pain that points but the pain that stays
You have been with me from the day I tried and your memory will be with me when I die
You are not the pain that vanishes or leaves in a hurry, you’re the pain that stays with me and fills my mind with worry
You are the pain that broke me most but you’re also the pain that saved me
I’ll never forgive you for the pain you brought but that pain will be forgot
With rainy days, I’ll heal again and your pain will wash away
Like that fleeting wave that once was love it will come again and rise above
That wave will take me to my depths but dealing with all this pain will allow me to finally rest


The uncertainty.
The unsureness.
The lack of solidity.
It frightens me.
Like a pack of hyenas,
Circling my dying corpse,
I’m losing hope.
Their sickening sniggers
Keep me awake when I all want is sleep.
But even when I finally fall asleep,
Their evil laughs still haunt me.
I don’t know how to cope.
I can’t cope. I won’t cope.
They say the kingdom of heaven is within,
But I cannot find it.
Maybe it is lost.
Or am I

You Will Always

You are more than
The snake that consumes you
Wraps and crushes you
The voices that warn you
Sway you
Of nothing less than an ant
With you is all that matters
You will always be
There is beautiful in you


The demons inside of you
They are not all of you
You are your own person without them
No one sees them but everyday they grow
I feed them as i let the feelings overwhelm me
What is wrong with me,
What are these feelings,
Not sad enough to be depressed,
But not happy enough to be content
But I’m getting better
I can finally start to feel the love shine through


You are worth more than,
Your reflection.
The person who stares at you,
Who judges you at your worst,
Laughs at you at your best.
You are worth more than,
The polyester that sheaths your body.
Your facade of isolation.
You are worth more than that.

Our ears Deceive

I hear voice,
You hear noise,
You are me but we are not us,
Deceive our ears,
Talent or tainted
Make others’ opinions gold
And our facts like grass.
Pointless knowledge our our own condition

All The Thoughts

Let them go, all the pain, the hurt, the unspoken words let them go.
The anger and upset boiling inside you, closing your throat and making it hard to breathe
Let them go. All the thoughts running around your head let them go.
To live a life as best you can, all the negative thoughts let them go.


If you were to die
I don’t think I would shed a tear
Maybe just a short goodbye
Just to be clear
Forgiveness is something you earn
Even then forgiveness isn’t for you
But I doubt you will ever learn
Because in life you never grew
So while I live my life
I hope you will sit in the silence
Think about your sharpened words to me
And I will revel in my defiance.

You care too much

Why do you even care?
because that’s what’s fair,
I care for fiends,
I care for friends,
I care too much about the awful texts you sent.

Don’t Know

I don’t know what to do
to get me back to you,
i have nothing left to lose
in sadness and tears

Keep Moving

Just keep moving, don’t be sad.
I wonder from time to time where my illness comes from.
I was never abused, bullied or neglected.
I have a perfect life, perfect grades, perfect family.
So why when my jeans fit extra baggy do i find comfort.
Why does it feel like I’ve finally done something right.
But they are still just jeans, nothing more.


Everyone has wings.
Some are obvious, you see them fly every day
Some are still learning to take off
Some don’t know they have wings
Some people know they have wings and resent them
Some people refuse to acknowledge their wings
Everyone has wings
Accept them, and embrace them


We are worth more then we think
We are worth more then a grade
We are worth everything
We are known for more then we think
We are known for more then a grade
We are known for what we want to be known for


Hate will only drag you down,
Make you feel like you have drowned.
You need to let things to move
Once you’re moving, life will improve

When You

When you look at me
My heart and soul skips a beat
I become speechless from my ears down to my feet
You brought me sunshine
When I only saw rain
You brought me laughter
When I only felt pain.


Your life isn’t a book so don’t end it.
Your wrist aren’t a movie so don’t cut them.
Drawings with silver but the ink is red,
If you keep continuing you’ll end up dead.
You were put on this earth for a reason,
I need you to keep believing.
I need you to start seeing
Hearing. Feeling
Yes Its tough but


The ants crawl in my ears and get into my head.
My whole body is burning.
I only need that look, that held eye contact
goes straight into my soul,
that hand hold from the one person.
That reassurance that cools the burn
and helps my remember my worth.


How much do your grudges weigh?
The truest test spires from the mind
Yet how are we still so unkind
Selfhood is a hidden fact
Than many of us tend to lack
So how is it your grudges stay and they never seem to go away?


Take a chill pill
Let yourself go
Take your mind off it
Don’t hold your breath
Take one step
It can resolve its self
Relax bitch,
I’ll be here when your done


i will never forget the hurt i felt in the past,
however i know i will grow and the pain will not forever last.