Bandon Grammar School, Co. Cork.


Everyday you wake up as something new
Sometimes you’re the ocean, crashing into the shore,
Uncontrollable, as dangerous and breaking stones
Sometimes you are a fawn, standing frozen,
Staring helpless down a the barrel of a hunters gun
Sometimes you’re a dandelion, growing strong through the concrete,
Stubborn and stupid because someone will pull you up eventually
But sometimes you’re a tree heavily rooted where you are
Where you belong, surrounded by the other old scarred trees
Sometimes you’re an old dog, sitting in front of the fire,
But sometimes you’re the new puppy, loved at first, but not for long
Everyday you wake up as something new
You just have to remember you’ll wake up again tomorrow

The Messenger

Feel the energy of life fill your smile
and shine through your eyes
Like a winter sunrise
And a warm summer shower
Shoot the Messenger
Watch the cruel, hook toothed bat retract into the shadows
And it’s gnarled tusks turn to dust
Close it’s yellow squints of eyes
As it’s black heart ceases to beat
Shoot the messenger
Don’t let the cursed memories dampen your spirit
Or the recollection of a bitter war scar your future
Shoot the internal messenger who serves only to hamper your better judgement
And the jealous voice that casts yellow shadows of doubt into clear thoughts
Shoot him Dead

Time Wasted

Do you still think of me at all?
A single temptation to text or call?
Or was my time wasted?
There was nothing there yet I still chased it
I must have been deceived
As result I grieved and grieved
When realisation hit me
That you lost interest too quickly
It was then I knew
You never felt for me as I did for you
When I most needed your help
You left me to fend for myself
To this day I feel betrayed
You left when you could have stayed
I was alone in the dark
Without a flame or single spark
I gave up that night
With no more energy left to fight
I had relied on you too much
Now all I craved was your voice or your touch
But you were gone


Take a breath
Stop, think
Take a breath and reflect
Remember the stab of hurt
The burn of an icy fire
The humiliation
Recall the feeling
Like being submerged in deep water
The heated cheeks and nervous looks
The hunched shoulders and shrunken looks
Take a breath
Move on
Remember the burning guilt
The regret
Recall the expression on their face
The hurt in their eyes
The regret
Feel it
Embrace it
Take a breath
Move on
Look forward
For the long nights
The early mornings
The hand holds
Beach walks under sparkling skies
Dew drops and downpours
Sun shine and snow fall
Seasons and years yet to come
Take a breath
And move on

Walk On

Take a walk
Take a walk and listen to the sounds that are present every morning
The birds who work so simply
We can learn from them
If you are about to reach your limits
Take a walk
If you feel as if you are collapsing internally
Take a walk
Walk and admire what is there, existing so peacefully
What is there every day, without fail
Nothing is for sure
But this is


Start now, open your eyes
Quit moaning about fate, and change
Stand up on your feet, and rise
Start now, open your eyes
A cursed bottom feeder, what sins must you confess?
If you channel your hate to productive, you won’t find it hard to impress
with every fall, you get closer to the prize
Start now, open your eyes
Rolls of flesh fill your field of vision
The simple solution is incision
Stand up on your feet, and rise
Start now, open your eyes
A wretched imp lingers in the minds gloom
Whispering chants of ruin and doom
The one who doesn’t move, shrivels and dies
Start now, open your eyes
Two faced is the one who accuses
Then pulls them to the dark and abuses
A profane beast, you can see through his lies
Start now, open your eyes
Acid burns your throat
Searing bile of your own design
In the bottom of a bowl, you won’t reach the skies
Start now
Open your eyes

Fight It

Fight it.
When your mind erodes and you
Begin to tell yourself you aren’t good enough,
Stand against it. fight it.
When you are thrown to the wolves by those you trusted
Don’t just give in. Fight it.
When the world expects you to bend to its every command,
Do Not
Fight it.

Powerful Voice

If the world went silent, who would be there for those who need a voice?
Fear and hatred all felt by those who need the gentle voice from somewhere.
A voice is so powerful to change a mood inside of you
That needs to be felt for a kinder world.
But you choose the words you want to hold onto and learn from them.
It’ll be ok.

Could You

If you died tomorrow
Could you say you lived a life
True and just
Could you say you found your limits
And went beyond them
Could you say that you played hard andnot safe
And that you were free


Life is like a game
It can be unfair
It can be infuriating
But if you need a break
You can press pause
And can always come back

Non Slip

No slipping for me
I put on my hiking boots
No more slipping for me
Protected love don’t let it slip
No more slipping for me
The ice has melted
No more slipping for me
Don’t want another son
No more slipping for me
I don’t want any little lip
No more slipping for me
Stay away from my drink, old man
No more slipping for me

My Own Way

My way,
To stay,
At least I did it my way
My way,
To stay,
But in my heart I understand
I made,
My move,
And it was all about you
Now I feel,
So far abused.

So Be It

Times may be tough,
So be it.
We may see ourselves to be different,
But we are all beautiful,
Some of us will do amazing in our exams and others won’t,
So be it.
We may be sporty or not,
So be it.
Some houses holds are tough and other not but we are all equal,
Stress is a temporary thing that will always change,
If you are stressed so be it.

Shut Up

Man try say he’s better than me
Tell my man,
Mention my name in your tweets oh rude boy
Better than me
Best in the scene
Tell my man
Couple men called me,
A backup dancer
Onstage at the brits,
I’m a backup dancer
If that makes me a backup dancer,
The man in your vids
Backup dancer
The man in your pics
Backup Dancer

No Cheese

Pick her up
Lower my golf
Black out my windows
Go to McDonald’s
Get cheeseburger no cheese
Drink my Red  Bull
No drink and drive
That’s how I thrive

Stop and go

When about to explode just stop and go
When some one provokes and calls you dumb just stop and go
When going get tough just stop and go
When someone pulls you back just stop and go

Something Stupid

When someone says something stupid, Lace them and move on
When someone calls you  reduce them to tears and move on
When someone says you’re a sule cop yourself on and move on
When your dozy teacher says something that annoys you lace them and move on

Stop Digging

When you get given out to you may as well not argue back
Because it’ll end up worse in the finish
So throw away the shovel and stop digging


When you try to fit in but keep getting pushed away.
When you feel like home is where to stay.
But you keep on going at what you like to do.
Some day someone will like what your doing.


Be your own
Walk with pride
Feel the flow
March in the dark
Struggle all your life
Feel the flow
Move back
Move forward
Feel the flow
Open up
Carry on
Feel the flow
Never surrender
Never say die
Feel the flow

Just Keep

When your getting it from your teacher and you want to scream back
Just keep walking
When you left the antibiotic cows milk into the bulk tank
You know your going to be eaten alive by your dad
Just keep walking
When you walk you stairs with dirty shoes on the carpet
Mom just hoovered and you hear her steps coming up the stairs
You are psyching yourself up for the screaming she’s gonna give you
Just keep walking


I love meeting people who make me want to be them
Not for their style or jokes
Not for their popularity or family life
But For their love for others
For their passion for the simple aspect of living

Stand Tall

Stand up tall
When the stress of life tears you down
Strips you of your pride
Stand up tall


You got this
Life doesn’t stay like this forever
Life isn’t forever

Let it Go

When you feel you are drowning pull yourself up let go the weight of the world
When people tell you your not good enough beat them
Be a better person
Let go of the fear of failure
Let it go

Next To Me

Sitting in a room full of people,
Never felt so alone
All you want to do
Is to go home
But you don’t want to go home
You want to be here
Right now, with everybody
Everybody who loves you
Do they love me?
I want to be here,
I have to face my fear
I need to fight the tears
Why do I have to be here
But I can hear the voices,
They are coming back now,
All the noises
I’m not alone
Everyone is here
Next to me.


We are addicted to stress and dressing and undressing for things that give us no satisfaction
We are taught to feel some things but know everything
We could be feeling emotions
Not ones conditioned to us by Monday morning assignments
But ones that are in us
Water interweaving your fingers
Your lover and you interweave legs
Physical emotions.

Good days will come

One day the weight of the world pushes on your chest,
The next day, someone tells you that you are beautiful,
The good days will come,
The dark miserable clouds could cover the sky
But a bright light could shine in your eyes,
The good day will come

Don’t Listen

Let them go
Don’t hold onto the past
Don’t let them get into your head and put you down
You are strong and don’t need their opinion
Remember they were the ones who broke and hurt you.
Don’t listen


Enjoy it
When people tell you you’re not good enough
Enjoy it
Enjoy that they’re wrong and that you’re going to prove them wrong
Enjoy watching movies and eating breakfast with the ones you love
Enjoy morning surfs on a hot day
When you feel like a volcano about to erupt
Enjoy it
Enjoy that the feeling will pass
Enjoy it


When days feel dark and lonely, tomorrow will always come.
When you have done bad and feel guilty, tomorrow will always come.
When you’ve lost something you longed for , tomorrow will always come.
Tomorrow will always come
Make it a better day then today.