Bandon Grammar School, Clancool More, Bandon, Co. Cork

What is Possible

To Dream, to desire, to imagine what could be possible.
To Reach, to grasp at, to stretch out towards the unattainable.
To Try, to pursue, to attempt at something thought to be impossible.
To Continue, to persevere, to push on even through the face of failure.
To Finish, to complete, to be able to look back in satisfaction.
To Share, to give, to enlighten others to what is possible.

Harry Sutton


Scratching through the lines,
Such a familiar sound.
Scratching a noise I knew since I was a child.
Scratching circles, lines, waves and shapes.
Scratching words, tears, fears and sad faces.
Scratching colours, dark and light.
Scratching through my swollen fingers.
Scratching through blisters and tired eyes.
Scratching through frustration.
Scratching through the loud noises of obnoxious students.
Scratching through the pain.
Scratching to make a perfect masterpiece.
Scratching to draw faces of the strongest emotions.
Scratching to make me happy.
Scratching to make a living on what I love.

Hannah McCarthy

I Feel Free

I feel free when the wind brushes against my cheeks,
And the ground shakes beneath me.
I feel free as his pounding hoofs shake the earth as he gallops across the world,
I feel free when I grasp hold of his flowing mane,
And smell the sweet fresh summer air.
I feel free when I look into his deep brown eyes,
And hear his heart beat with every breath.
I feel free when we work together,
And just forget everything bad.
I feel free when the trust between us makes everything possible,
And the word impossible no longer exists because everything becomes possible.
I feel free when my horse and I ride into the sunset.
I feel free when we become one.


I Don’t Believe

I don’t believe in an all-powerful being,
That gives our horror show some meaning,
Or risen corpses, sacred virgins, magic tricks,
I think they’re just unbelievable outfits,
But people get terribly upset if I question their sacred texts,
Written by homophobes and epileptics.

I’m saying this now as later in the game,
You’ll realise we leave as clueless as we came.

Philip Walsh


I decided to grow a rose one night
I planted the seeds in the soil
I cared for it and kept it clean
And once it had grown and was ready to be seen
I gave it to her.

I saw the look she gave me,
The annoyance and the disdain
I watched as she threw the rose in the bin
Something I had tried so hard to make, was now nothing

I move towards her, she moves back
I turn to face her, she turns away
I try to speak to her, she is silent

She does not see me
She does want to see me

I wanted to be the white knight,
Instead, I am a jester

I wanted to be the Romeo
Instead, I am but a fool

I wanted to do it right, but it turned out so wrong
I thought it would be sweet, but it was bitter and spoiled
I’ll try to grow a better rose.



Dripping down the knife.
Shiny, crimson.
There’s a puddle on the floor
Filled with smiles

Suddenly, the weapon falls
From the bloody hands stained
With unnameable crimes
To the puddle.
Smiles splashing
Fear takes over, spreads
A dark mass covering up the once
Restful smiles and
It becomes a franctic war.
Stressful. Frustrating
Dead silence. Fear
Has taken and won the

Can’t drip


Am I?

Am I short?
Am I tall?
Am I fat?
Or a doll?

Am I pretty?
Am I ugly?
Do people think
That I’m a druggy?

Am I sporty?
Am I smart?
Do they know
I fall apart?

Am I a joke?
Am I a failure?
Do I have
The right behaviour?

You are funny!
You kind!
You are pretty!

Am I fun?
Am I lazy?
Have I gone
Completely crazy!!

Am I different?
Am I unique?
Is there something,
Wrong with me?

Maybe so
I don’t know
Truth be it,
I couldn’t give a ….

Because I know,
That’s just how it goes,
When you’re a teenager.



Expectations are followed,
People are followed,
You follow the crowd,
What else are you allowed,
You make a mistake,
You’re called a fake,
Be yourself,
Or fall like everyone else.



It makes me feel confident and feel free.
It is enjoyable, fun, hard work and all about fighting for something.
It is something I am proud of.
It is help in every situation.
It is hard work to get success, but it is different from working for school.
It is work, that I enjoy and that I look forward to.
It is not just the result of my work that I enjoy, I enjoy everything about it.
The pain of trying to get better and even when you don’t get the results you wanted to get.
You might give everything for it but you still are not successful, yet
I still enjoy it and I doubt that I shouldn’t have given that much for it.

Livia Kadgien

Nobody Teaches

Nobody teaches you to be strong
But they force you
Nobody ever wanted a weak
To trust
Nobody teaches you the steps in a world
That forces you every day
To be able to get up and walk
Where were you so happy
You will always come back
Even if you confuse pain
With happiness
And I hope they never embrace you
For the last time

There are static and dynamic people, the first looks and keeps silence
To the second he breaks it simply to not realize how broken they are


Cherry Blossoms

Sunlight filters down,
Through the soft blush petals,
Swaying lightly in the wind,
Filling the air with their sweet scent,

Alas, the season is coming to an end,
As the wind blows harder
And the sunlight fades away.
The blossoms fall,
Dancing in the wind,
And line the paths below.


You Are

You are brave, you are strong
You are mostly right but sometimes wrong
You can be as smart as Einstein or as thick as lead
But you are worth every hair on your head
You are you and no one can change that,
So stop trying to be a copycat
If you remember anything, remember this part
You are nothing less than a masterpiece of art

Amy O’Reilly and Rachel O Sullivan


There’s war everywhere
In the past, present and definitely the future
It affects everyone and everything
And although many dont see it
The world most certainly feels the sting
War does not have to exist
Leaders say there is always an alternative
So why does it persist?
Fathers, sons, uncles, brothers
I don’t see the point in fighting
So it’s time we as world should enlighten


Now or Never

Five steps back, three to the side
Two looks at the post through exhausted eyes,
It’s now or never, do or die.
Slot this kick or go out to the hosts,
The gap begins to narrow between the posts.
As the tension peaks, the crowd starts to hiss,
But I am not afraid as this is a kick
I do not miss.


Show No Mercy

Tight fit jersey
Wind and rain
Show no mercy
Fight through the pain
Adrenaline pumping
Try lines near
Ruck is forming
Feel no fear
Ball in hand
White line fever
Cries from the stand
Just one more meter
Fall over the line
Touch down
It’s try time
That whistle sound

Chris Walton


One in six now one in eight
Not enough, can’t compete
Up and down
Anxious but chilled
Love myself
But not enough



The frosty bite of a Monday morning
And the chance of a red weather warning
I slip my way slowly out of bed
To get ready for the torture ahead
The shirt the socks the tights the tie
I’m just about ready to lay down and die
I grab my bag and head of to school
Why do I live in a world so cruel



I am blonde hair and glasses,
I get judged in my classes,
People see my the glasses, neat skirt
And suddenly i’m on the outskirt,
People i’m uptight and boring,
But if you stopped you’re snoring,
And really got to know me
You’d know I just wanna be free



Bad friends
Need a cleanse
They hate school
Think they’re cool
Don’t follow the rules
A bunch of fools
They think their big
But can’t take a dig
They go with the flow
And they’re a bit slow
They’re a bit insane
But I can’t complain
They’re a bit of craic
And they’ve got my back


Who is She?

Who is she?
If you ask around,
You will hear;
She’s been passed around,
Walks around with her face like hard steel,
Is anything you hear about Her real?
They say she’ll amount to nothing

Instead of making her the topic of discussion
Just ask her.


Cell One

We are all
Just a billion cells
Joined together
As one.

Lauren McCourt

She’s the One

She’s the one, I thought as I kissed her for the first time.
But I was young, and very wrong.
A day later we were over.

She’s the one, I thought when I held her hand.
Not as young and stupid as I was last time but still very wrong.
Not this time.

She’s the one, I thought when I introduced her to my parents.
But I was desperate at this point.
Wrong again

She’s the one, I thought as I told her my feelings
And gave her my heart.

She’s the one, I thought when I lay by her side, on a sunny beach,
staring with love into her eyes.
Her ex came back. Heartbreak.

She’s the one, I think. An amazing girl and I have fallen for her.
This is the one.



The kid that earned his name
The children run and walk about
Chat snigger and laugh about
The guys are chatting about their sport
And the girls are gossiping about that boy

But there’s always one all alone
He knows what he is
The whole school knows of the name that must be said
So he stands behind the others doesn’t say a word.
But no one speaks to him because everyone knows that he’s the invisible kid

So he stands alone and keeps down his head
The bell rings and students walk on and he stands still

Colm Lynch


When you’re average
It’s acceptable
But when you’re good
You could be better.
“There is no limit
Reach higher and higher,
Go faster and faster”
Expectations are high,
Unbelievably so
The pressure unbelievable
Because there’s no such thing
As being good enough.


Paper Plane

If you throw a paper plane hard enough
It could break through the wall of regret
If you throw a paper plane far enough
It could fly past all the fears
If you throw a paper plane smooth enough
It could float past all the worries
If you throw a paper plane
It could reach great heights.

Lauren McCourt

I’m Running Out of Time

If you walked into my classroom,
And looked around the room,
I’m just another teen that you’d be leaving pretty soon
I’m just another face….
Another kid….
Another smile…
And sometimes I wonder if the effort of school is worth it half the time

I have only two years left
Of this happy clappy school,
Don”t get me wrong I love it….
But I’ll be leaving pretty soon.
I’ve got the grades,
I do the work,
I never get in trouble,
Succeeding and believing in this easy going bubble

But then I stop and wonder….
It really makes me swoon
To think that the world I live in will be changing pretty soon
Will I get the big dream job
Will college waste my time
Will I have the perfect friends and sports and hobbies all the while
I know I’m not alone
I’m not an isolated moon
But all these friends I have are ones I’ll be leaving pretty soon
Will I earn enough money….
Will I actually get the guy…
Is there something that I’ll be missing or something that I’ll never try

I hope that I’m remembered not just as a great sound little girl,
I hope I get the chance to see this great big crazy world,
And even though it’s true that I’ll be leaving pretty soon
It will all turn out fine and I’ll have this poem finished by noon.

Ava O Donnell

People Think

People think I don’t have problems,
But yes I do.
Everyone has problems so do you.
Yes we have problems but we also have a heart,
A heart that keeps you alive everyday
That keeps pumping no matter what.
It works hard every second of every day. Give it a reward.
Love is powerful.


Going Nowhere

The walls seem bigger than before.
My bed seems wider than before.
I think my feet could touch the ground but I’m really not sure anymore.
Everything is so loud but I don’t think they’re supposed to be.
Was breathing always this hard? Did tears always flow this easy?

I want to call for help but calling seems scary, help seems scary,
I want to stay silent, but staying is scary, being silent is scary.

I know I’m thinking in circles.
Circles are scary. Thinking is scary.

I should get a tissue.


Behind the Scenes

They don’t see behind the scenes,
The hours of hard, thankless work,
The hours of thoughts wrecking my head.

They don’t understand the passion,
The hunger,
The effort,
The dedication, determination, belief.

They don’t stop,
To listen,
To acknowledge,
To congratulate,
To understand,
To recognise.

People only see the outcome, that unbelievable win, the shocking loss.
No one stops to think.
To give credit where it’s due.
To appreciate the hard work that is put in.
They dismiss things too easily.


Take it or Leave It

You can take it or leave it
But you won’t believe it
I just want you to see this
No matter the reason

You can take it down
It’s all on you right now

So make it count



I don’t know what I’m doing,
I don’t know how to make a poem,
If it doesn’t rhyme is it just a story?
How is this a constructive way to express oneself,
Poetry allows anonymity that prevents depressed people from getting help,
It prevents a crush turning into a lover,
It encourages people to just write down their problems
Instead of getting through them,
Is it art or just pointless?

David Harte

Blissful Times

Running through the fields, the wind in our hair
Blissful times
Without pressure, without care,
Weaving the grass in your gentle hands
As I bound the daisies,
Into wrist length strands.
You took my wrist as I took yours,
Sealing our friendship
Through love and through wars.

They sit inside, absorbed in their phones,
Across from each other,
In completely different zones
They both post online
No words are shared,
Two fates intertwine
They both reload,
Looking for likes,
A strain in their eyes
They are yet so young ,
To carry this load.

Ashleigh Wood

Tear me Down

Tear me down
Build me up
One more word
I’ll tell ya to shut up.

I’ll smile for awhile
At least while I’m on trial
Because I helped six year old Kyle
Yet you accuse me of being a paedophile.

I only wanted to help
When he let out a yelp
“Get off me”.

All I could do was plea that it wasn’t me
For helping poor Kyle
With his injured knee.

Katelyn and H.K


Aight it’s ya boi,
I’m here to destory,
The cheese,
Im the best mc get on your knees.
When I get on the mic,
Imma rob your bike.
Imma branch out,
You better watch out.

Robert Sweetnam and Charlie Barton

Devil in Miami

I’m The Devil In Miami I’m SAD, I’m BAD,
But I’m Take a Step Back and LOOK AT ME blasting tune from Mercury,
Those are the songs I sing the ones I punch the walls to,
But they’re the ones I feel and relate to the ones that help push through.
Some see me and say Who Dat BOY, I’m Mr. Brightside but just yesterday I was Jocelyn Flores.
This poem has no meaning but maybe it helped find yours,
Through the beauty of songs and story’s.

Adam Hurley