Ardscoil Na Mara, Tramore, Co. Waterford.

A Different take on Roses are Red and Violets are Blue

Roses are red, violets are blue,
This reality shows all that you should do,
You can’t step outside the mold. show an ounce of freedom
Because the ugly red tells you your heart, the glaring blue your mind.
But your roses are green, your violets are done wrong
Your mind mismatched and your heart all gone
Because difference is the only constant between us all
For while the rose may be red, we only see the thorns.

Until The End

I look up in the sky in a dazzling daze
How space is so big, it must be a maze.
The bright white dots are glistening bright
In 3, 2, 1 i start my flight
The rocket moves fast through out time and space
I see a form of life and start a chase
The from of life becomes my best friend
We will be friends until the end

Coffee Pot

That’s an awfully hot coffee pot
Takes ten minutes to boil
I’ll tell you what, this pot is not
Our coffee pot ain’t loyal.
Our coffee pot forgot what mattered
And filled itself with tea
We left it on the ground broken and shattered
Loyalty ain’t no guarantee

My Dad

My dad has been dead for ages
He used to smoke cigs like no tomorrow.
He stopped when I was 3 though
Because he broke a rib.
But he still died.
Sometimes I forget that
And then I look at his picture on my bedside table
Cry and wish he would come back.
But he’s still dead.


In a world without wonder
It is truly to ponder
In a world without nature
Would earth lose its features
Without the sea
A human its hard to be
Without clean soil
A life is easy foil
It is truly to ponder
In a world without people
Would life flourish
Without humans
Would life thrive
Instead of the feeble attempt
Of humans ironically
Trying being one with nature
Being the one who destroys its features and future


All i do is sit at home and play doom
Wrecking my mind, making my brain go boom
Listening to a song
About smoking from a bong
My mam thinks its nasty, she thinks that its wrong
People give out about my mood
Making me feel like I’m coming unglued
Re-watching movies that I’ve constantly binged
Making me question, am i coming unhinged


Society says we have to be big and fight
In reality most men cry at night
So I’m sat here listening to Tupac and X
Not a want or need for a big fancy Rolex
Don’t sit there and wait for the chance to pass you by
Take the opportunity
Success on the big stage will make u happy
So even when your day is crappy
There’s no pressure take your time and make yourself happy

The Cross

It starts with a thought, a doubt about me.
That I am wrong.
That I am the problem that is the spawn of all problems.
That no one can help me or understand me.
That I am alone.
The urge to take my anger out on the world.
To think of all the problems and to ignore the perfect.
The sunsets He has created the beautiful minds He has filled.
The beauty that overshadows the pain.
That all pain leaves through Him that he will carry it
Just as He carried the cross.

Two people walk down the Street

Two people walk down the street,
One walking swiftly behind the other,
Listening to music, his mind not there
Immersed in the song, his mind, not aware
Of the terror of the person ahead,
Scanning, quickly as he catches up to her
Mentally saying goodbye, praying for a God she doesn’t even know is there,
Feeling the fear immerse her lungs, stifling a scream, breaking into a run
Two people walk down the street unaware
Different realities, every single day.

Worst Part

The worst part about losing someone
The worst part is not being able to talk to them
The worst part is feeling you have lost interest in them
The worst part is you start to realise that they are not good of a person
The worst part is you start to realise that they caused more harm then good
The worst is that they are still there
Just you have no interest in talking to them anymore


As i watch this rap,
All that comes to my head is crap
Trying to think of something to write
Is almost like trying to win a fight
I get put down everyday
But when i should turn around and say hey
They can turn their backs to me
Or shall i just turn and flee

All Will Be Well

All things must pass away
Nothing good can ever stay
Autumn, winter, springtime too
Even the morning dew
The golden sun always sets
Like our thoughts and regrets
So do not be anxious, do not dwell
And all will be well

Boy Racer

The beautiful boy racer car
The beautiful blue freshly painted Honda
Oh how it glistens in the sun light
Fits neatly into the car space the N plates showing it is a new driver on the road
It drives away the popcorn exhaust is music to my ears

Having  A Laugh

My best mates name is Lucy May
I see her everyday
We always have a laugh
In her gaff
Her dads name is Bopedro
He is a legend so
We listen to Tupac
Return of the Mack
We are legends lethal you could say
Havin a laugh everyday

My Didgeridoo

My only love forever true between me and my didgeridoo
My lonely morning, my face turned blue for what happened to my didgeridoo
My tireless search for a clue, I cry at night missing my didgeridoo
My life has no meaning what shall I do, should i give up the search for my beloved didgeridoo
My money spent for a new, no longer can I mourn my forgotten didgeridoo

One Day

When all the problems of my world collide
Ill take a football and go outside
Find a wall or go to the GAA
Kick the ball for a while the problems go away
Football is my favorite thing
Its more then a hobby
Football is everything
One day ill be playing on TV

Sea Town

I live in a sea town
Where thousands of people come down
To watch the waves
And surf for days
Or climb some dunes
And play some tunes


They told me poetry
the class at nine would be
I thought to myself good nap time
But we shall see
I grabbed a Chromebook
And tapped my desk to the beat
Of a somber song playing as i sat in my seat
I’ve never even put word of meaning down on a sheet
Guess ill have to think of something
To get  through this poetry.


Overbite , not overly right ,
Wanna fit in to take the win
To take on the task i wear a mask
In worlds with perfect pearls
I first hand do not understand ,
How we ignore the beauty standards
Only on roads we take in the hazards

The Boys

Carpo , spaghetti Bolognese , whopper sipicebag sandwich
Downin wheatys , workin in the o neills gaff
Gettin that Dublin merch , flat out, buddy cup
Me and the boys
On the way to Ryan Tubridy and the boys for the toy show
Making bare banks

Another Shot

Life is like a camera ,
Just focus what’s important and capture the good times
develop from the negative
If things don’t work out
Just take another shot


Going through the halls
Every single day
Looking at the clock
Wishing the minutes away
Sitting and listening
Time is going slowly
Scribbling on my paper
Waiting to leave.


The colour of the grass
A mix of blue and yellow
I could never harass
Many different shades
Like sage and chartreuse
Ask me to pick
Girl i cant choose!
All the other colours
They’re green with envy
Green was the favourite colour

Loved You

I loved you
But you cheated with the guy from church
I’m gonna run up
And spray him
And leave him in the church

Must Write

I must write
A poem which is a fright
But to write a poem
I must think of home
Because home is where
The fun is and there
Is a poem

Live Once

Runs in
My family
But I still go
On the sesh
Every week
Because you only
Live once

School Direction

Stay in secondary school
Longer than Zayn Malik stayed in One Direction