Ardee Community School, Stonylane, Ardee, Co. Louth


I saw the unseemly discourtesy of my generation destroyed,
How I mourned the derogation.
A derogation is indecorous. A derogation is unbecoming,
A derogation is indecent, however.

Pay attention to the end,
The end is the most dead point of all.
Now utter is just the thing,
To get me wondering if the end is cold.

The day of rest that’s really zany,
Above all others is the sun.
Down, down, down into the darkness of the sun,
Gently it goes – the fool, the cockamamie, the cuckoo.



When I’m with you, I feel life
When you are away from me, I feel empty, lost and unloved
There is no greater pain then to see you crying, closed up and upset
Or to think that you may possibly be unhappy

When I see you, I can’t help but smile because you have that effect on me

I always end up laughing and feeling happier as every minute goes by,
Content with life and seeing the world at its greatest
But I just wish that someday
On our journey of life together
I could do the same for you.

Tamara Crawly

Our So Called Life

I must be slim,
I must be tall,
But not as tall as a sail.
I must have long straight hair,
That is light as air and fair.
I must have make up on,
Have designer shoes,
Just to scrap a bit of respect.
The truth is no one has any of these things
Because I am me and you are you.
You are who you are,
You look like what you want to.
You get the respect you deserve,
With your own persona of life
Be you or some misperception of life.

Leah Glass

Due Process

Due process is never like
Federal Gains and to uphold
Transparency and equity
Is never as sweet as pleasure
Of the gains from constituency
Allocation to tyrants of back
I want to be a representative
Of share and keep quiet
To travel with pleasurable
National incentives
I want to be a politician so that
I can sit in the parlour of few
Pot belly and native attire
Wearers who have the guts
To share the unending national
Cake like their family assets
I want to be an honourable
To insure my seeds with
Unquenchable monetary figures
To speak about patriotism
And good legislation
As to win the favour and fingers
Of the electorates with guilty
Singers as my campaign singers

Keith McCloskey

Queen of Teenage Lies

She walked along the corridors
Everyone stopped and stared,
The boys all fanned around her
She looked like she did not care.
She stood powerful as a Goddess
That all the girls wanted to be
But underneath her surface
Were things you could not see.
You could not see her short brown hair
Under all the bleached extensions,
Her natural freckles caked in make-up
The centre of attention.
The countless hours that she had cried,
She was not good enough,
She planted rumours about herself
The seeds of vicious stuff
As she strutted down the hall
Flicking her hair and batting her eyes,
A plastic smile upon her face,
The a queen of teenage lies.

Jasmine Carroll


Different is a hard word for most people to understand
I believe that everyone is different in their own way
But some people are afraid to show it
Because they think they will be judged by their own friends,
Fellow student’s teachers or even family
I believe that everyone needs something to take their mind off this,
To take time to be you
Being different isn’t a bad thing
It means you’re brave enough to be you

Leah Halpenny

One Fine Summer’s Day

One fine summer’s day,
I wandered the pitch much like a stray,
Separated from the rest of the team
Gathering my thoughts and starting to daydream

Nervous but ready to go
Ready to put on a great show
For all who watch from the stand and banks

We wish them many thanks

Páraic McKenny

Out of Reach

You work so hard to become better
So that maybe one day you will be noticed in the way you want to,
Your dream that seemed so far away is now becoming closer and more realistic
That person that you wanted to be closer to it starting to care
You get attached to the things that you never thought you could
And all seams perfect
The one thing that you didn’t want to go wrong does
And everything once again becomes out of reach


My Life

My life it revolves around football
Train about three times a week and that is all

It’s the start of the game I fear the most
There is nothing worse than the nerves building up

It all matters about the results that we end up with when the final whistle is blown
And my heart starts shaking as if it’s about to blow

But also about the performance and my presence is enormous

Amy Farrell


We were born for a reason,
Yet were standing here bleeding.
Our thoughts are our demons,
And they never stop screaming.
The words that they say,
Could never ever go away.
Go away, don’t stay, go away,
I wonder do they realise what they say.
When it all gets too much, and you don’t want to stay,
You cry and you scream,
Wishing it was all a dream.
But now you’re starting to see,
You’re worth more than they could ever see.
A while has passed you’re on your way,
You feel like life is a highway.
You meet him one day,
And now you don’t want to get away,
All you want to do is stay.

Ellie Mullane Carroll


My life is a story,
A story never read,
A story never seen,
And a story never known.

My life is a mystery,
A mystery for me alone,
A mystery to be forgotten,
And a mystery to be hidden.

Alan Durnin


Sometimes I forget about myself
My mind is clouded with fear and anxiety
Thinking in the perspective of others
I ask
What do they think of me?
Are they laughing at me?
Are they judging me?
Is it what I wear do or say?
Is it because I said something?
Then I ask myself why
Why do I care about their perspective?
I hardly think to myself anymore
Wasting hours and hours worrying over nothing
I then ask myself the worst question of them all
What am I doing wrong?
The truth is



I don’t really belong to anywhere
Showing my emotions is difficult
How do I show it without seeming strange
I don’t know what I am doing


Enjoy, and relax they say
But don’t understand how difficult that is
You’re weird, different
Your are a stranger

You fear the reactions,
Even the good ones
Cause what do they expect?
Kindness? Courage?

Happy living is complicated
Decisions you take,
Friend you make,
And reactions they fake…

Enjoy and relax?!
What kind of life this could be?
Sounds a bit boring to me
Because I live both sides of life
The bright but also the dark one

I don’t just relax and enjoy
And I am not strange
I am realistic not sadistic

I see the life how it is for me
And the dark sectors are getting less important
Step by step…
I am honest with myself

I am still learning
And there is still so much
I didn’t life long enough for to see

Don’t judge ME!
Rather judge more yourself!

Are you realising everything around you?
Are you happy or just not brave enough to address it
Cause I do..
And this was the best decision I ever did in my past!

Inga van Uden

People Say

People say she’s a beauty
She hears it all the time
But when she thinks about herself
She just cant see why

She doesn’t talk to many boys
She’s not popular at school
She’s hoping for attention
And wishes she was cool

You think she’s very happy
But that’s really just a lie
Her insecurities and pain
Are hidden in disguise

Sometimes its tough to be a teen
She looks at herself in the mirror and sees
She’s a broken girl in a broken world
Forced to fake a smile.


Where is It?

Where is it?
I can’t seem to find it,
Everyone else can,
The way they look, the way they act,
They all found it,
I’ve tried and tried but I can’t seem to find it,
It seems so easy yet so hard to find,
Where is it?



The rings on our finger mean nothing,
The badges we have on our jumpers
Make us pretend we aren’t lonely,
The designer shoes, the thick makeup means nothing
It’s the scars on our wrists,
The comments that scar our hearts,
The things that make US the bumps in the night.
You made us this way,
Knowingly, unknowingly.

Leah Glass


We are kids who live in a world
Who think that our dream world could be the real world
But society doesn’t think that no
They want us to go into a system
That grades us by how smart and dumb we are
And by how we look
If we’re fat skinny tall all of them judge
But none of them care no
They think we if use our brains to think and express our opinion
That the world will go to chaos
We are kids who wish to live in a dream world


The Burning Fire

A warm and bright summer,
Ice-creams melted in the twenty degree heat,
Shorts and sunglasses were the current trend,
Children laughed and played as she sat at home,
The heat hit her face like a burning fire,
But she didn’t feel like a burning fire,
She felt cold and useless like she was nothing,
She looked up to the birds flying above and wondered,
“Will I ever be free?”

Zoe Marrinan



Thrown up,
Pulled down by a mystical force,
Contents spilled on the floor.
Someone else’s actions cause this tragedy.
A game they thought,
“It’s only a bit of fun”,
So drawn to attention,
Their actions cause doubt.
Never knowing the pain they’ve caused.

Leah Glass


These rumours come from losers,
Who think they have good humour
You think they are your friends,
But sometimes they pretend
You start to think it will all end?
Or will it just suspend?
The truth finally comes out,
In only one shout.

Paige Gillespie

The Real Life of Teenagers

We live in a society,
That consists of anxiety,
Every look they give,
Makes us not want to live,
We cry to sleep,
Because some words cut too deep,

Sometimes our worst critics is the one that live inside,
It comes out with things like “they’d be better off if you died”,
We listen to the negative it’s very effective,
It echoes in our heads,
And our feelings turn into threads,
Easy to tear and it’s so hard to bear,

We fake a smile and say I’m fine,
But inside we’re slowly dying,

Chloe Russell


You’re the bullet in my gun, something I can’t out run
You’re the blade on my sword, someone I can’t afford
We are cursed to stay apart, your my forgotten counterpart
You’re the atom to my bomb, a drug to keep me calm
You’re the handle to my axe, with you I can relax
You’re cursed to miss my point, I am cursed to disappoint
You’re the reason to my rhyme, a mountain I can’t climb
You’re the bomb on my chest, with you I am at rest
I can never break away, my heart is heading for doomsday


In a Society

We live in a society where we can do nothing right,
Always being judged for being stupid or being too bright.
We are too confident or way too shy,
It is shameful to allow yourself to cry.
We are either too fat or too thin,
We must always have perfect skin.
It’s hard growing up in the society today,
Where our deep insecurities must be hidden away.
It’s time to change the way we think
Before the population of the world begins to shrink

Eireann Titley


My inward eye is non-existent,
I sit here feeling distant,
The computer feels miles away
And my creativity isn’t with me today.


I Am

I am the person who always talks,
The person who never walks.

I am the person, who thinks outside the box,
And the passion inside of me unlocks.

I am the person, who never sees,
The other people trying to tease.

I am the person, who tries to help,
The person who then ends up uttering a yelp.

I am the person,
Who gets let down.

I am the person,
Who always ends up with a frown.



Walking on egg shells
His mood you just cant tell
Sitting there waiting for him to walk out
While your mam sits with you throughout
He is never there
And you’re left wondering does he even care
You know deep down that he’s a cheat
While he walks around town being discreet
You know wishing him to go is not okay
But you still sit there wishing day to day

Aimee Carrie

First Day

On the first day of school,
I felt like a tool
I was told people can be cruel,
I found out that’s not always true,
There was someone I knew,
It wasn’t so scary
He name was Mary
I thought everyone would be full of hate
But it was great



You don’t have to pay
You’re just a cliché
I just wish you could feel what you say

I can’t even sleep
I count
Every tear down my cheek
Instead of sheep

You are to me
Just a curiosity
Can you not ever see the

Pain you leave in me

Evan Duffy

This Feeling

This feeling is in my bones,
There is no need for anyone to tell me.
I know that this life will not always be smooth,
And I know that I would feel pain that this body could never handle to hold.
I know this all is in me,
And all I can ask is for is along the way that you will fall in love with my pieces.



Everyday it’s the same thing,
You wake up,
you don’t want to go in.
You get to the school door.
You think ‘Here we go again’.
You make your way through the hall,
You feel like every ones looking at you,
Judging you as you walk past them.


My Yellow Rose

My yellow rose was soft and gentle
My yellow rose was unforgettable
The sound of her words were like no other
But alas, the wind has blown and her petals have scattered
The light that was once a comfort, has now been taken so unjustly from my life
No colour just grey
My yellow rose is gone and life must go on
My yellow rose will always have a place in the garden that is my heart.

Paula Doyle

I Know

I know I am strong but they say I am weak
They say I am meek when I give them cheek
They said my future was bleak
That I was a freak
Here we all are the weak and the meek


This is It

This is the place where death hangs, waiting
To sink its wretched fangs
Into the necks of men, women and children alike,
Where the isolating Hallways make
Men 10-foot-tall feel 1-foot small
Where women become mothers
And mothers become widows
This is the place where people come to try
To cling so desperately to their past lives
This is the place where mothers lie
To try to keep their child from tears at the sight
Of the man they once called father
Still, cold and grey

This is the place I’m all too familiar with
Where people come to when they know
“This is it”

Jaydon O Brien


Where I am from
There isn’t much around
And not a lot to be found
Outside can be boring
I look out my window and
In Summer, I wonder why is it
Still pouring
Meanwhile everyone in my
House is snoring

Tomás Walsh


Going to school
So excited to be cool
I wanna eat
So I can yeet
I feel amazing
People be praising
Cant wait for lunch
So I can have a munch


My House

I live in Collon in a wee small house,
Sometimes catch a glimpse of a mouse,
The ceilings are low bright and white,
But they keep the heat in to my delight,
We done up the kitchen not that long ago,
It’s a great spot to stand and look out at the snow,
On a cold winter’s day the stove will be lit,
Won’t be cold not even a bit,
But this is my house at the end of the day,
And in this house I will remain to stay.

Owen Bradley


Though, I try not to show it
I know that you know it
You read my emotions
A children’s book of notions.

And though you may think it no bother
This children’s book has much more to offer
And your narrow-minded assumptions
Have led to not but destruction.

Though I try to keep it quiet
There is no point to even try it
No matter what I tell you,
You insist that you’re right.

You get upset. What do you even want me to do?

Erik Larkin

The Clash of the Kings

The clash of the kings
Battles fought and battles won
Bringing out the best in the best
Fighting for the right to rule
The captain stands on the foreground
Back against the firing line, bravely facing his fears
Bringing glory to his family,
Earned the name of champion.

Séamus Birch


I see the signs but it makes me feel stupid
To even imagine what it would be like with you
I think about you way too often
And even when I try to forget
I can’t help but think that maybe one day something will happen
Sometimes I think that I am being too obsessive but
Whenever I think of you words can’t describe how I feel


Liking Someone

When you say you like a lad it means you’re obsessed with the idea
Of you and him in the perfect situations you only hear in books,
When I say I like a lad it means I begin to view myself differently,
As if I’m not good enough,
As if I have to change myself just to prove that maybe just maybe he’ll like me back,
Like the idea of him just liking me back is too crazy to even imagine,
The “what if” is what keeps me awake,
What if he did like me back,
What if he would’ve liked me back if some small detail
That doesn’t even exist in anyone else’s mind but mine was different.
The what ifs of the world start to hold us back and begin to change us for what we think is better
But in reality is changing us into someone that’s unrecognisable,
We start to hate yourself because when you like someone
It changes the way you think people see you,
You catch yourself glancing at them constantly,
What if this new person that we think is the best person we could be,
Is the reason that the stopped liking us,
We tried too hard to be something,
And just ended up being something completely different.


I Come From

I come from a loveable family
There over protective and caring
I love them with all my heart

Sometimes it’s rough as my mam has MS
But we get through the rough times by our loving family and friends
I have twin brothers who love me but I love them more.

My brothers are younger then me but they,
Are the best as they make me laugh if I’m down.
My mam is the best she works the hours she can
And is all my cousins favourite auntie as she loves kids.

Mam said me and my brothers were the best thing in her life,
As the doctor once told her, she wouldn’t be able to have children because she had MS.
My Dad is at work from 9 am till 8 pm so I really only see my dad for an hour and then go to bed
So every weekend we do something as a family
Like go to see a movie or stay at home and spend time together.
On a Sunday, my dad brings my brothers swimming
And I get to spend time with my mam alone
And its great as we watch a movie on Netflix or talk.

On a Sunday it’s the worst day when it comes to an end as I don’t really like school,
I would rather stay at home with my mam and work.
Then the week starts at school and it drags on
With people talking and bitching about people
I sometimes ignore them
As I’m not interested in that kind of stuff
And one of my friends was so mean back in 2nd year
So I just left her to talk about other people and hung around with my other friends.

Emily Brooks


I feel like I can’t change anything
I want to do so many things
I want to help so many people
When I think about the world
I just feel so small
I hate acting like everything is ok
Innocent people are dying everyday
Fleeing from their countries
I just hate the feeling that I’m not doing anything
I would love to help
It would make me so happy feel that I’m making someone else happy
And it makes so sad
Feel that I have everything that I want
And know that there’s people that don’t have the same luck as me.



Thamos the man
Hes always has a plan
He has a lot of fans
If were in trouble
He always helps
Even when you’re miserable



I go to school everyday,
Even though the sky is grey.
All the different forms of travel,
I hear bikes and cars along the gravel.

The bell goes ding- dong,
I walk to class and try to be strong.
I sit down and hold up my head,
Wishing I was in bed.

Thinking of all the homework adding up
And thinking of giving up.

Its finally break
And I’m fully awake.
I see my friends,
Hoping that lunch never ends.


Walking Down

Walking down the country lane
Even though it’s pouring rain
Along the way my head’s held high
Watching the birds flying by

I can see flowers on the green, green grass
And the tall, tall trees as I slowly pass
Making my way down the country lane
Even in the pouring rain

Amy Moynagh


From the wars gruesome graphics,
To the all-time classics,
From animated cartoons,
To musical Broadway tunes,
From hilarious characters,
To the sad romances,
From the epic sci-fI thrillers,
To the western cowboys motion pictures,
In the cinema or on the couch,
I laugh and I cry,
And as I watch the credits roll,
I see the bottom of the popcorn bowl.

Sophie Kerr

I Love

I’d love to play for my favourite team
To play for my country would be the dream
I train hard throughout the year
And finish off the year with a beer

I go to the park
To walk the dog which always barks
I see my friends keeping possession
Pursuing their dreams to be a professional

Jamie Ward

After the Show

After the show
To the pub we go
As the pints go down
I start to feel like a clown

I had such a ball
I punched a wall
Kinda regret it
But it was lit
As I had my last pint
I noticed it was such a good night

Connor Geraghty

My Hamster and Me

I came home one day
All excited and ready to play
Oh so sad I am
It was such a shame
Now replaced
No more black and white face
Jim bob, gone
But life goes on

Frank makes me glad
I am no longer sad
Out in the sun
We have so much fun

Nicole Quinn


I hate the rain
It’s such a pain
And it drives me insane,
When I walk to school
I feel like a fool
My hair gets wet
And I feel very upset
But all the sadness away
Because sunshine is on the way

Hannah Kerr


Today is Thursday
My second name is Fay
I need a holiday
Somewhere far away
I wouldn’t mind if I had to stay
With Zac Effron all day
That’s all I have to say

Alicia Fay


Every morning I go to school
The days are very long and cruel
The teachers in here drive me insane
It is like being hit by a train
All the classes are so boring
I would much rather be in bed snoring
It is so bad it puts me in a mood
All I want to do is go home and get some food

Sam O’Callaghan

My Life

My life Is good but can be bad,
But when I’m happy I’m never mad,
I can be mad because I’m a lad,
But that’s the story my dude.

Monday morning brings the pain,
On the m50 on the slow lane.
By the time you’ve reached the fast fast lane,
I’m sure you’d be drove insane.

O’Connell’s street is where I meet,
The only girl I greet.
With a coffee and a scone in the belly,
We go home and watch the telly.

Luke Matthews

Lets’s just be Friends

“Let’s just be friends”
The four words the mess up your life
So happy when you’re around them,
So happy they are alive
They’ve liked you before,
It doesn’t make sense and you wonder why
Full of emotion, full of happiness
But they say one thing to make it all end
The worst sentence of all is
“Let’s just be friends”


We are Born

We’re born, young, free, doing nothing but sitting around and laughing.
3 years later we’re in the middle of 4 stone walls
With a door between us and the outside.
Being told these ideas, being moulded by the adult,
Who owns the walls and floor we walk on,
While we can’t do anything about it,
While everyone knows, we’ve done nothing wrong.
Two years later, we’re thrown into a different building,
Slowly being told that if we do well then we can be “free” and “independent”,
But we’re still having these “lessons” drilled into our helpless minds,
Only to be once again put into a different place where the exact same things happen,
Where the only difference is that we’re introduced to 2 people called Stress and Anxiety
Who we’re forced to play with, being told that “it toughens us up”.
Being told that it’s “for our own good”,
Even though the only thing it does
Is increase the amount of kids who jump from buildings and cliffs,
Expecting something better when they end the pain.



Life is boring, it’s meant be good but is crap
When u go to school or work for a person
Life should be everything good and free
And can be the person you love and you want to be
Not having a place to go from early morning to evening
You should have your day to do your own little things
Not sit in a dump
Getting lectured by teachers
With Maths questions and Irish stories and English speeches
Or having to work in a boring old job
For some annoying boss whose name is Bob
If could the world to what I’d like it to be
Everyone could live their life they would love to be
No school no jobs no money and all just free

Odhran Kelly


What is family?
Family is people who stay together through the really hard times,
Family isn’t just blood,
Family can be anyone, not all families are perfect,
That’s why we have friends that we see as family,
Some people have no family and rely on close friends as their family,
Some families have huge arguments and sort it out,
Some families unfortunately don’t sort things out,
They are constantly fighting and make any excuse for people to hate them,
So what I’m basically trying to say is no one is perfect and no family is perfect,
There isn’t much you can do to try fix it,
But you can get through it by finding things that make you happy.

Mollie Cunningham

My Rhymes

My rhymes enter your spine
Like waves of siren drills
I’m on a quest to seize all, my own label to call
Way before my baby is able to crawl
This pressure it motivates

All the weight I carry on my shoulder blades

Aleksa Vujovic

My Lesson

When I was out at a motorbike track
I nearly broke my back with my friend Jack,
I fell off my bike and it ended up my friend jack
Landed on my back with his bike,
Then my friend Mick came over
Found me lying on the ground
Looked like I was dying but I was just out cold,
I was taken to the hospital
Where it turned out I only had a broken arm
Good thing it was my back
That was harmed
Moral of the story is to not show off to your friends
As then, they might have to attend your funeral.

Jack McArdle


The time is upon us,
It’s the fight for pride,
The fight to make history,
It’s the lion versus the cub,
Number one versus number two.
The roar around the fight deafening,
The fight begins neck and neck,
Until the cub draws first blood crossing that boundary,
Making a statement showing its worth,
One mistake, It’s over.
Roars and cheers emerge the crowd,
Reality kicks in and both animals are in the Aviva,
November 17th 2018 the day Ireland created history,
The day the cub became the lion.

Jessica Daly


Schools boring
I keep snoring
Waking up early
I feel like hurly burly
I want to go home
So I can be alone
And go to sleep
For the week



There’s a girl called Annie
With ginger curly hair
She tells me all her problems
But I really just don’t care

Next, there’s Michael
He’s only on tier two
He only has one shoe
And his eyes are blue

Lastly, there is Sophie
She is useless
She never won a trophy
She doesn’t brush her teeth
And there’s a bad smell of her feet

Mike, Soph and Ann


As he gets up on the sixth hour
He feels weak like a leaning tower
He is constantly stuck in a rain shower
As he walks out on the half hour
All he wants to do is cower
But as he looks around,
He sees a golden sunflower
And what keeps him going is his willpower.


A Dime

My Mother once gifted me a dime,
With such an elegant shine,

A joy ran around head,
What to buy with small amount,
Should I keep it instead,
Every little coin counts,

But I soon found out the dime was no longer in possession,
Realising that I did not leave it, but had left me from my grasp,
Bring me to a depression,
So much so that I could collapse,

The sadness would end over the dime,
Although the lost coin will stand the test of time.

D. F. Rogers

Another Day

Another day in this school
Feels like I’m stuck in a clay pool
Same shit different day
All of the colours in this day
Faded to grey
In the worst possible way
But there is light down this road
Just do less talking
And keep on walking
Just remember everyday
To try improve yourself in
Every possible way


Pen and Paper

My pen and paper cause a chain reaction
And get your brain relaxin’
Take a moment,
Get ready to take this fact in.
When you get the chance you better commit
You don’t wanna’ grow old and repent
The opportunity you missed
You’ll be distressed, oppressed and maybe even depressed
And I cannot even stress how important this could be
Take this advice I gotta go now and leave this electronic device

Aleksa Vujovic

My First Day

On my first day of school
I tried make myself look cool
Until everyone else made me look like a fool
They called me a tool and I thought it was quite cruel
They were really mean so I started taking lean
At this point I didn’t know what life was supposed to mean
But was just the young me trying to be a teen
But this is not me I’ve wrote about
But he calls himself my younger brother
And this was the stuff we mention to one another
Know he’s still able to walk
All because I was there to talk

Matthew Hodgins


School is cruel
Every day is a rule
Go the right way
And your day won’t be grey
Everyone is rushing
And people are pushing
When the bell rings
It all begins


Culchie Gal

I am a culchie gal
Who likes to play ball
All day night and all day long
With ma old man who taught me well
All day night and all day long
That’s how long we played ball
I am a culchie gal
Who likes to eat meat
The meat from the east
I’m a culchie beast.

Mia Duffy

The Music Plays

The music plays
Finally a break,
Down for dinner

Too much homework
School’s from like 9 to 9,
No time for myself
Let it Shine.

Sophie McAlester

Every Morning

Wake up every morning around 7:30
I go into school that place is dirty
I can guarantee I won’t use algebra when I’m like 40
I find school very boring
In all my exams I’m always underscoring

In school I’m under a lot of pressure
While at home, I feel a lot fresher
I think school should be shorter
So that our days can seem longer

Michal Szostakowski