Abbey Community College, Ferrybank, Abbeylands, Co. Waterford



The beautiful Sunset

Everyone talks about the beautiful sunset

It happens once a day and ‘what’s seldom is wonderful’ that’s what they say

It’s a different pattern everyday



Photogenic, displayed on social media for the world to see

Because it’s worth it

But why does nobody talk about the beautiful people?

Not one person is the same



Photogenic, but not displayed for the world to see

Because it’s not worth it?

Because society has taught us that if you have hair to prevent Infection

Or a layer of fat to protect vital organs, you don’t look the part

And if you’re proud of you’re body and want to show the world


Don’t unless you eat twice a week

Exercise twice a day

And most important


Because you have to be happy all the time

Well at least pretend you are

Otherwise you are vulnerable

We don’t talk about beautiful people

Because in today’s society all we do is tear each other down

It’s true

But realistically

Most people don’t even know themselves

So why does it matter what they think about you?


Hope in the Future


Across the schoolyard, I see the groups gather

Independent I am, it doesn’t matter


I know who I am, I don’t need a group

It’s to their master that they all stoop


Behind their brash words, I see their pain

Their lost and floundering in a world of disdain


Forget them though and focus on my day

Just hope in the future, they find their way



The Bonds of Time


Friends are the family you can choose

Pick them well you don’t want to lose

They make you laugh when you want to cry

And always find a way to fill your heart with joy

The highs the lows the ups and downs

In the end, there may always be a frown

But the bond of friendship is too strong

To ever do anybody in the wrong


A Lockdown Way of Life


I gaze out my window and I see the tree unclimbed for generations

I relate to their loneliness as they sit unable to move

Similar to me stuck at home unable to move and connect

Like the trees to their seeds who have drifted away in the wind

Or others who have been knocked like conkers

I relate to the friends and family I’ve lost along the way

But understanding that this is necessary for new beginnings

Remembering even if a person disconnects like seeds from the bigger tree

That the sun will still rise over those mountains

I see beyond the Horse chestnut tree.


Behind the Pines


It lay behind the tall pine trees,

Looking out on the valley below,

The old granite house in the twilight grey,

The flicker of the fire calling a warm welcome id say.


Corluddy castle next door did history remind,

Of time gone by and people gone before,

The stone wall did surround its acre of grass,

The lane passing by where most went to mass.


After many cups of tea and slices of cake fed,

The family’s days stories having already been said,

The need to sleep did slowly call,

In front of the fire, my dreams did fall…


The Sun is Rising…


The sun is rising over a world that dosen’t see it.

The sun is rising over a world that fears “it”,

The plague…

The reason everyone is locked indoors for months and months,

Staring into computer screens trying to make sense of 12 different courses

While our brain is screaming ’till it’s hoarse, all we want is a break,

Even though it’ll come too late.

We are trapped in our homes and we are trapped in a world of hate.

There’s a pandemic outside and there’s still riots, and violence,

We’re at war and the enemy is our own.

The world is a mess and we have the way to clean it up,

People just aren’t willing to step it up.

You look at the news and there is nothing good anymore.

You look at the news and nobody is safe anymore.

Stabbings and shootings, terrorism and threats,

Thousands day every day, from the virus and civil unrest…

The sun is rising, but the world is too in pain to see it.




In the scattered distance is another life.

One where were older.

Where we’re in charge.

Where we can live.

But for now,

We listen and learn,

We don’t speak up or stand out

because that means you’re disrespectful.

We stay hidden under the shadow of adults

They are in charge

And we cant change anything.

Until we can.

We will.

So we wait.

For whatever the horizon holds.


Over the Horizon


The world is turning to dust

Everything you do is a bust

But what do the say

Everything left Pandora’s box but hope

So hope

Hope for a better day

Hope for a better way

A way for life to be great

All you have to do is wait

Because here comes a new day

In a better way

Over the horizon it is coming

So you better start running

And keep on hoping




The horizon is like our hopes and dreams,

The horizon seems so distant

And it appears always out if reach

We try to chase the horizon when we’re young

And as we grow older, we believe we’ll never get there

We believe we can’t achieve our dreams while we’re older

Why can’t we think like we did when we we’re young

Why can’t people believe they can reach the horizon

They always believe it’s impossible

Until they finally achieve their dreams


I Must Replace You


I still see your shadows in my room

Can’t take back the love that I gave you

It’s to the point where I love and I hate you

And I cannot change you so I must replace you, oh

Easier said than done

I thought you were the one

Listening to my heart instead of my head


Over the Mountains


In the scattered distance

Above the roof tops

In the world outside

The sun is rising

Over the mountains

As the frost melts away

I listen to the sound coming from my phone

And thinking about everything and nothing at the same time


In a World Outside


In the world outside, I see a society where it’s seen as weak if you’re stuck in your head

In a world outside, it’s embarrassing for a man to have a tear to shed

In the world outside, I am always told that feeling upset is wrong

Where you can’t tell people you feel you don’t belong.

In the world outside, people when they’re asked are you okay?

They all nod and feel the need to say yes without delay




I come here,

When the world closes in and I feel as though I’m drowning,

I look out at this vastness expanse and think,

There is so much world out there,

And I will explore it soon.


The Hill


As Jesus passed by, he saw a man blind from birth.

And his disciples asked him,

Rabbi, who sinned, is this a curse?

But Jesus said it was not that, but a plan God had for him.

He spit on the ground and made mud with the dirt,

And put it on the man’s face.

Go wash your face and wipe off your shirt.


The man came back with sight, no longer blind.

The people did not believe it, and were disinclined.

The people questioned him, “Is this not the man who used to sit and beg?”

It was Jesus, he said, who gave back my sight.

The people didn’t believe him and began to fight.

“The man called Jesus made mud and anointed my eyes and said to me,”

“‘Go to Siloam and wash.’ So I went and washed and received my sight.”


He took man’s darkness and turned it into light.

Our physical and spiritual eyes were blinded in spite,

But Jesus came to save mankind

He died on the cross to save us from our sins

And gave us sight and hope in Him.

Jesus came to this world so the blind can see.

And for those who do not see may see,

But those who do see may become blind.

Jesus came to save mankind.

Jesus died on the cross to save us from our sins

So life can be lived on to the next kin.


Out My Window


Out my window I see

The green of a big bushy tree

The grey of a vast dull sky

The black of rooftops high


Out my window I see

Cars on a narrow black road

That car is as green as a toad!

That car has three different modes


Out my window I see

Birds chirping “One, Two, Three”

I think they are speaking to me

They talk about a big deep sea


Out my window I see

Trees that are without a leaf

A cat that is black almost brown

My window never lets me down


The Rising Sun


But who’s there to see it?

If we can’t be there

Then we can’t be it

There’s good in the world

But we can’t see it

We need to be there

The Horizon is the future

But It isn’t set in stone

It can change

We can change


New Horizons


The sun is rising each morning,

Reminding me of the things I’ve done,

Things I’ve failed even before I’ve begun.

School making me feel so stressed,

Feeling like i’ll never be the best,

Living for my dreams,

But all I get is Teams,



Things we’ve never used before

Things so repetitive they bore you to the core,


Over the horizon,

Where the sun is always rising,

My dreams are comprising,

Of rising above the average,

But now working like I’m on a ridge,

Of the Gornergrat,

Feeling like I could make it to the top,

Things like school the government should drop,


Over the horizon,

Things are always rising.


I Hate You


I hate you anxiety

You fear all society

They say we all know you

But no one like I do

I’m trapped in your cell

My mind is such hell

Doctors try to silence you

With prescriptions due

But you don’t own me

And I will break free


In the Scattered Distance


In the scattered distance, peace and unity

They tell us that it’s better for us

But the guns and explosions troops on the street

Children walking out of bombings covered in dust

Kids selling coke to feed their families getting themselves beat

Paramilitary police because the system can’t control us

They say that the war is over but it’s just behind the curtains

In the scattered distance



Looked Out the Window


From the city to the countryside

From living in the city

To living in the countryside

From the loud noises of cars driving and honking

To the peaceful noise of nature


From seeing cars every time I looked out the window

To barely seeing any when I look out

From seeing people every time I looked out the window

To barely seeing any


From hearing kids play and shout and fight and scream

To the only kids I hear being my siblings and I

From living in the middle of Dublin

To living in the middle of nowhere.


My Future


My future is fast approaching

Big decisions to be made

But I can’t seem to make them

“what do you want to be when your older”

“What subjects are you doing for leaving cert?”

Are all questions I hear

But I don’t know what to say.


Spring Awakens the Spirit


The sun is rising

After a long winter, we introduce lovely spring.

The animals are out of their hidden places

And now are ready to redeem their prizes.

The days are longer,

The days are warmer,

Everybody is excited for the sun to emerge,

As everyone in the winter was submerged.




The education system fails us,

But yet we are forced to try

As I cave from all the pressure,

I start to break down and cry.

The pressure from being a teenager,

Constantly worrying about being judged, criticized, shamed, mocked,

On top of all the teachers piling on the work

And when we don’t complete it,

They still remain shocked.


Be Brave


All the thoughts in my head

All the tears in my bed

I can’t handle it anymore

Be brave they say be strong they say

Your worth keeping around

Your loved your happy

That should be enough

But how come it’s not enough for me

Be brave they said be strong they said

But now they can’t come visit me




There is no reason

No reason why

We have these classes

For our mental health

But why do that

If it never helps

We need to learn

But not this way

It is the same thing

Over and over again

Just learn the stuff

Don’t ask why.


Heading for the Horizon


Scrum hats on, gum shields in,

I look to my left at the broken down ruck,

Heart racing, I know I’m getting the ball,

My friend spins a wonderfully weighted pass to me,

And I’m running,

A flukey sidestep lands me within 30 metres of the try line,

I’m heading for the horizon,

I’m there,

It’s a try!

I did just what my coach told me,

“Keep going, and eventually you’ll get there”


I Want Change


As I lay my eyes outside for the first time

I see the birds chirp and the wind howl.

I see the grey clouds and the rain pouring down.

I think to myself about what I see and I want change.

All of a sudden, the sun comes out and the animals are singing.

The rain goes away and a rainbow takes its place.

The howling wind turns into music.


My Life


I have been bad I have been bold but I have learned what I have been told.


I lost my van and now I have no plan. I felt alone as the world went on.

My friends partied on while I was at home.


I have been told it was my fault and now I have experienced it I won’t go back.

When I was young I was told not to leave myself down and I did not I have just grown .


While this happens I was looked down on but I don’t care because I am know strong.

Now I am back and ready to party on.


Gotta Get This Game Done


I’m stuck in lockdown

No time to talk

I gotta get this game done


Go away teacher

I have to play

I gotta get this game done


Mom stop asking

I really don’t care

I gotta get this game done


All these adults are on my case

When I just want to play with my mates

Cause I gotta get this game done


The Virus


Corona Virus is fake

Got more views than drake

Social distance, from your friends you must stay away

Please stop taking my life away

And vaccines, the market, the beast, can’t put no chip in me

Government hit up Three to try track me,

Coughing and sneezing on the streets I be wheezing

Pull up your mask not a hard task

But soon I’ll have to ride the streets with a full face mask

To hide my face, the pandemic is a disgrace,

Running from the virus like it’s a chase.


I Long for the Time


I love the fact that I hate school

Sometimes I just guess

I’m too cool for school

I long for the time that school finishes

So that I can have fun with my friends

We then trek to my ends

And have fun playing with my friends


I Like


I like football

I like hurling

Yeah words words

So many words

I just can’t anymore




Somewhere far and wide

There was a boy that was outside

He saw his cat in a tree

Then he went to flee

To get his cat up so high

And then he fell and nearly died