Abbey Community College, Boyle, Co. Roscommon

Going to War


This is where we come together as one

1-15 march onto the pitch like soldiers going to war

As the teams line up you could hear a pin drop

It’s the calm before the storm

2 teams same goals

Who will bring the cup home


These Long Nights


These long nights never fail

To keep me missing my true love

I do wish I could see her, touch her,

Feel her breath against my face

I’m in pain without her embrace, and it grows

And it won’t stop growing

I crave to be next to her to feel her in my arms!

But here I sit alone. In my cold dark room.

And she’s been gone.

Gone, buried deep beneath the earth.

Out of my grasp. These long nights never fail





Dave is the name,

Rhyming is the game,

All for the fame

In order to look tame


One Nation


On a bad day I watch Bateson

Unified under one nation

Blacks whites and asians

All in our stations

Ready for his creations




Ye ye

What you know about,

Boom doon doon boom boom

Bam bam

Running on water

Like Jesus

Atlantic Ocean gonna freeze us,

Climate change and dat

You is such a prat