Loreto Catholic Girl’s Secondary School, Bray, Co. Wicklow.

Art By Pat Byrne: https://jamartprints.com/artist/pat-byrne/

Feminine Urge

The feminine urge to wish upon the moon
Paint your nails red
Light candles and listen to records
Mindlessly gossip
Wear lip gloss for yourself
Wear pearl earrings and watch thought provoking movies
Make fashion mood boards and find your favourite bands
The feminine urge to exist beautiful

About  Existing

To think about the male gaze
The man on the moon
A dissociation
The law of attraction
First loves and the scar they leave
What happens after we die
About circles
The butterfly effect
About philosophy
About lying
To think about existing

Sometimes I Wonder

Sometimes I wonder.
Am I a bad person
Sometimes I wonder
I should think before I speak
Be more empathetic
Sometimes I catch myself and feel bad
sometimes I try to justify it
I’ve never gone a day without thinking this
Sometimes I make up my mind to change
It never lasts
Am I getting worse?
How do I stop it?
Am I too harsh?
Am I too loud?
Am I too brash?
Do my friends realize I don’t mean it?
That I don’t want to hurt them?
Sometimes I wonder.


Sounds of laughter echoing in this room
But no sounds flows from me
Sat dazed, blank.
What just happened?
I thought you promised?
Promised to be with me til death do us apart?
You’ve stolen the good things
Leaving me with demons that haunted you.
Every bit of you can be traced
Through glitter stuck on the walls
Fingerprints stained on the glass
Recipe books abandoned on the kitchen counter
After… after you
I’m empty


Cowards, in the dark
Hold candles
Which melt, drip, burn and spark
Taught by their mothers
Produce flickering light
They use to cast shadows on others
It is wiser to wait for your eyes to adjust
And watch the darkness sprawl
Ask, if you see something
Is it anywhere at all?
Their fears whisper things to you
That you already know
What we see is what we are
And what we see will always grow
Reality is grim
But what we are is what we owe
Your wick burnt out a while ago
Yet you still grip the wax
Knees shake,
Beads form
You don’t believe in facts

Fly or Fall

If I was a bird,
Would I fly to close to the sun,
So the wax in my wings melt,
Would I fall like Icarus?
Or would i continue to fly,
High above the clouds,
Away from all the pain,
And damage and suffering,
Would I fly or would I fall

What Do They Know

But what do they know?
Feeling so strongly within
Yet i stand still, no longer having the capability to move
Floating, yes that’s the word
Although I sink into my own tears
I still grow comparably to honor my family and my peers
But what does she know?
I appear so calmly
Seeing the world through art
I accept my minds idea of “beautiful” in that moments despite
Feeling no longer that way
But what do I know?
Not a poet
Not a writer
But only seen as a young girl

The One That Excelled.

The day I felt like I wasn’t enough for the first time,
I was only a child,
Always told that I was the perfect child and ending up not even reaching
My own expectations,
Always good at everything,
But never excelling at anything.
Then that is what I became,
Someone that disappointed others and myself
Just because I wasn’t THE best.
I always knew I could be the best
But I just couldn’t put myself up for it, I felt like
So there was always someone above me, and I was the second option,
The leftover the unappreciated, j
Just because I wasn’t put in a pedestal
Like the person that exceeded in
A way I have never felt like I could


I am a women not an object
I’m no animal, mammal nor insect
Women are internally sexist because of the men they face
Women are not judged by their intelligence but by their body and face
Women face problems everyday
Women are not a game for men to play
People should not have to fear being harassed in the street
Men should not look at women like they are meat


I always thought that i was a bad person
Always thought how i was nothing
But looking at you, falling for you it made me realize that I’m even worse
You’re too good, so much, too much for me to handle
And I’m nothing.
Nothing without you
Nothing without your hands
Nothing without your eyes
nothing without your everything
I watch you go and i feel my heart ache
I watch you and think how i can ever meet you and know that I’m yours

Women I Love

The women I love all have the same smile
They all have that sparkling gaze in their eyes
They write you love letters signed off with a kiss
Their presence in your life is just pure bliss
They wrap you in their loving arms
You wonder where they get their charm
A woman’s presence is never cold
The women I love are beautiful souls


Christmas is an undoubtedly wonderful part of the year.
Tinsel that shines and carols that rhyme and presents from aunts you’ve met only twice
But many others do not know of this kind of cheer
For those who need more help than just the holy words of Jesus Christ
For those with no home, no family no star topped tree.
Dublin town during Christmas is the worst possible place to be.
And maybe if this national holiday accomplished all you claim.
The joy and forgiveness, just a few to name.
Then maybe the souls won’t get lost in the fray
And suicide rates will decrease on Christmas Day


There is a ‘Van Gogh’ in math’s class
An ‘Einstein’ in French
Doing whatever they should do to pass
In P.E. they sit by the Bench
An Olympian by the science labs
A Politician in home etc
An unfit shell to a hermit crab
Keeping grades in check
Boxes are for books not people
Do what you want , not what you must
Stuck a god among lay-people
Sweep yourself out of the dust


I am me, and that’s all I can be
The person who’s feet never stop moving
When music comes on I keep on grooving
Tackling and running up and down the pitch
When studying comes along I get a twitch
I have excepted that there is only one me
So I will be the best me
I can be .

My Bird

Oh my bird
He lingers
And then bites my fingers
What a silly boy
My fingers are not a toy
Please leave them alone
It’s okay though
Because he’s nice sometimes
He likes to sleep on my shoulder
I love him, and he loves me
He’s fluffy and small
But something so tiny is overall

Red Lippy

Today I wore red lipstick,
Comments from strangers trickle by me
As I walk down that same road I take everyday to school
I get called different synonyms for beautiful,
But I feel nothing of the sort.
Today I wore a hoodie, sweatpants and no makeup at all,
I step outside my home into the open air
Feel immediately judged and scrutinised by the strangers surrounding me.
I hear howls and whistles as well as glaring eyes that scream ‘try harder’
Simply because I am a woman,
That invites you to judge me and voice your opinions on my appearance.
I cannot change my anatomy
So I simply have to accept the judgement of humanity.

Waking Up

Waking up in the morning
Tired of everything repeating
Every day is the same
It’s driving me insane
Waking up , going to school,
Coming back
Eating , Watching movies.
Going to bed under the warmth of the sheets
Then the next day it repeats.

Bad Cat

Sometimes my cat is bad,
He scratches my eyes which makes me sad,
Every night he bites my feet,
So maybe i should just accept defeat,
I lose my temper and throw him out,
Sometimes i even shout,
But he keeps me warm when he sleeps on my head,
I’ll love him even when he’s dead,
He’s always there when I’m feeling down,
In fact he’s the best cat in town,
So even though sometimes we fight,
His love is worth the bite


“I’m fine”
That’s what I say
If I don’t the questions come
But I never have the answers
I do well in school but yet this is a question that stumps me
How do you explain something you don’t even understand


Roses are red
Violets are blue
If you are an elephant
You belong in a zoo
Sugar is sweet
Lemons are sour
I’ll jump on a bus
I’ll be at the zoo in an hour