Wesley College Ballinteer, Co. Dublin


We stand unaware of the impassable future
Sitting all day in front of the computer
Love buds in the most unlikely of places
Among the old broken things and dusty bookcases
Retracing our steps to the very beginning
We go where the half-light seems to be thinning
But we have to remember not to be afraid
There is peaceful serendipity for those in the shade

Mia Leddy

Changing Nature

Blinding light seeping through enveloping darkness
Brightening and highlighting refreshing starkness.
Giggling children playing excitedly amongst the swaying trees,
That now sit on their haunches at rest, at ease.
Harsh blackness like night time consumes all delightful colour,
The crisp, crumbling leaves never appeared duller.
Those once lively trees now lie desolate, replaced by addictive screens,
But we humans can’t help it, it’s formed in our genes.

Ceri Arnott


Crazy thoughts flowing, like a million giant explosions, simultaneously, never ending,
Becoming more and more intense, the insanity ascending.
I run, run, and run some more, to clear my mind, erase those thoughts.
When I run and run, I believe I can fly, an astronaut.
I am calm, there are no people, no worries, no problems.
This tranquillity is what others call boredom.
I can do what I want and just be me,
It’s almost okay
I’ve been set free.

Nicki Bond

Peaceful with Myself

In my clover home I am at ease with myself
It sits on the top of a craggy grass shelf
I can practise my music without the cruel eyes of others
Overbearing relations, and invisible brothers
I don’t have to care about my appearance or weight
My self-doubt is silenced, believe I am great
I can be my nerdy self with no walls to cave in
And I can throw my stories away in the bin


A Child Sits Alone

A child sits alone throughout the treacherous night
His tiny frail hands forge dreams so bright
The night bears down, his thoughts take flight
Wings of ink spread like a blinding light
For the world to see a child’s true delight
Of brighter warm days and the glorious night

Sean Liu

Secondary School

We slowly drift off into broken tormented sleep,
Like shadows, dreams begin to creep.
We die from boredom in disgust,
The last thing we want is to talk and discuss.
The demons lurk around every corner
Chucking out detentions with wanton horror.
We are forced to learn useless things we won’t need
Where pain and sorrow interbreed.

Victor Shi


The English tourist in their massive boats
Beside the local’s fisherman who barely stays afloat
I wake up in this every single morn,
Put on my mask of confidence
Put on my uniform
Say my number before leave
Keep my mouth closed
For another day in Dublin
I should be grateful, I suppose


Poison Enemy

I spent three weeks with a poison enemy
Of all the people I hate at school he is just a parody
We are cloned here at our sheltered school
Where they shape our minds with a cutting tool
I wish I could go back to there
Where the west wind blows the cold clean air
Failure is a constant whisper you can never pass
I fill my half full bottle to skip another useless class

Colm Breslin


The wonder of it all began
The tales and sorrows of a working man
You travelled to the worlds beyond and above
As you were filled with pieces that fit like a glove
Your worst nightmare will now begin
Your pieces will crumble from within
Your only guide has passed on the flame
You now must teach the next last name

Kotaro Thomas Boyce

This is Where

I met my closest and trustworthy friend,
We laughed and cried together and found golden time to spend.
Those unforgotten memories they shimmered and they bloomed
Like a flower that expanded with boundless gratitude.
I mastered that which I could grasp but couldn’t bite the bit.
I was tireless, relentless and possessed a high spirit.
This cool, fantastic, magical place played a major part.
Now each approaching checkpoint feels like a brand new start.

Vitaly Ivanov

I Learned

I learned how to sew with my Nana in her house,
I loved the silence it created, like a safe mouse.

Spending quality time with my family,
The love is precious, I smile happily.

My beautiful baby cousin was born,
To gaze at her or to eat, I have never been so torn.

I realised I can’t rely on people to make me happy
And I shouldn’t act rudely, curt or snappy.

I realised I need to be nice to everyone
Because I’m in my life for the long hard run

Sarah Mullins

Best of Friends

We used to have the best of times,
The tree stands tall, that we used to climb,
I fell down hard and broke my leg,
My bones are as fragile as an egg,
My innocent life would certainly change,
When everything started to become strange,
Those golden days came to an end,
I learned the true meaning of being a friend,
We enjoyed the smell of the fresh clean air,
We danced on the dark and did not care.

Rhoslyn Kirwan