St Josephs Secondary School, Newfoundwell Rd, Greenbatter, Drogheda, Co. Louth


From the day you’re born,
To the day you are dead,
There will always be crap,
That will always be said.

Like the names you are called,
Or the way that you look,
Some people are different,
Just like a picture book.

Every page of the book,
Has a new, different view,
Like the boys and the girls,
Who are different from you.

You see there’s a difference,
In being wrong and being right,
Just like the difference,
In being heavy or light.

Whether you’re small or you’re tall,
If you’re bad or you’re nice,
There will always be children,
Who have seen that obstacle.

If your heart is still beating,
Or your heart is torn,
You will always have struggles,
Since the day you were born.

Jack Duff


Music is the oxygen
The beat of the rhythm
Everyone knows the feeling
Of their heart when it hits ’em
They’ll tell you ‘you can’t’
It only happens in dreams
Yet the people we idolise
Are the ones who set themselves free
We are to live in mediocrity
We’re locked up and they’ve got the key
And if you feel inspired
It just means you’re trying to copy
But it’s not like that at all
And don’t worry if you fall
Get back up and strive ahead
To prove it to them all

Dáire Sharkey


The boy sits there watching faceless beings
As he’s watching his generation fight over feelings
He sits holding on to one thing that is there reassuring him with hope
Grown generations talk never touch that green devil called dope
Going to the gates of this so called palace
Only sends him down the hole further like Alice
In a deeper place he is handed white power to replace the colour green
He want to leave this crude hole and finally be clean,
The boy falls asleep felling his body strained
As is comes to the end he feels the colour red grained

John Prendergast


How could you live a life
Most of your time,
Part of your life,
Between only house and school?
That’s not cool.

How could you live a life
Between sleeping and doing nothing,
Instead of keeping your mind busy?

How could you live a life
Without enjoying it
After work?

How can you live your life in your sleep?

I’ve been asked me many times:
“How could you live a life
Where you go out every day even on school nights?

But I’ve replied:
“Italy never fails at socialising, communicating.
Because we live for doing it despite everything.
This is why we enjoy every single moment,
Even the little ones with the family.”

That is what I would call it: Life.

Daniele Vitale


Backs aching,
Legs Shaking,
I may not be the best,
But I’ll train harder than the rest.

I am in so much pain in the lashing rain,
I am going to go as fast for as long as i can last,
People may try to put me down,
But when I win I’ll make them look like a clown.

Peter Meegan , John O’ Connell, and Sean Murphy

Searching for a Path

Sometimes the future is amusing,
Scary, incredible and confusing.

I tried to find the right path
It will take me a long time
Or only a year and a half.

People come and people go
Sadly that’s part of the show.

I hope I will find my way
Maybe I’ll go or I’ll stay.

Thies Hassmann

Talking About Congo

The DR Congo is a rich country in everything,
But also poor because of lack of good governance.
It is among the countries the greatest of the planet
And it occupies the second place in Africa after Algeria.
This country and rich in matter,
First, with these beautiful national parks.
It has one most fished lake in Africa
And second in the world.

It is a country colonized by Belgium,
At the time of King Leopold.
And it had its independence in 30/06/1960,
But it has not changed anything until now,
The people suffer because of our brother politician.
Sometimes there are deaths and deaths all over the country.

Lucien Zihalirwa


It’s a place like home
A place to be
Anfield stadium is
Where I should be

The weekend has come
3 points are needed
Liverpool FC will
Beat united

The kop is back
Ready again for
When Salah taps home
We go again