Loreto Secondary School, Granges Rd, Gardens, Co. Kilkenny

Imperfect Square

Light meets darkness and horizons collide,
Rules are created which we must abide,

Dreams are made fragile, fears cluttered and stored,
In cold isolation, completely ignored.

Nobody has ever been seen here, not really,
Silence echoes, sharp and so steely.

Walls talk and boxes filled with old memories, bitter and sweet,
Speckled spot carpet, soft cotton sheet.

One visits when full of hope, when at rock bottom, learning to cope,
With life’s unknown, known too well, here we sit, an empty shell.

Here we hide in shades of regret, in the past,
Afraid of the future when the present won’t last,

Time travels slowly and each moment is frozen,
In dark murky waters we dip our old toes in.

We all share, yet none of us have been there,
Four white walls, an imperfect square.

Hannah Moore


Different times, different scenes,
Each with individual memories.
Flicking through my entire life,
A mesh of colour, a beautiful sky.
Every image a memento of my journey,
Competing in our universe’s nonsensical tourney.
Enjoying myself, or doing my best to,
It’s never as easy as everyone tells you.

But looking at these beautiful photos
I can feel the sun rays, and smell the roses
The gust of wind, the laughing faces,
The wonderful people and wonderful places
It makes me very glad to know
That everything is preserved and kept for my future self
In the photo album sitting there, high up on my shelf.

Aoibheann Smyth

Cherished Moments

When the light summer breeze drifts in through an open window,
This is where I feel carefree,
When the bright summer sun sheds its warm rays
Down through the whispering leaves,
Where all my problems seem distant,
And no worries linger over me,
I can express my personality and my feelings,
By doing the things that I love,
Spending time out in the open,
This is where my most cherished moments are made,
Where the earth is at its peak,
Fields filled with lush green grass
Flowers emerging from the undergrowth.
I hear my favourite sounds,
The sound of a whistling stream rusting by,
Birds perched high above in the unfathomable trees,
Singing their favourite anthem,
This is where I feel free.

Hannah Murphy

Never Forget

Things are just things they don’t make you who you are
Still have my family my life and my car
Even though they won’t get me too far
We’ll all forget how we looked when we were small
Our baby pictures lost in it all
And to this day I come to regret
All the shopping I did without a fret
But the memories in my home are things I will never forget
Things are just things they don’t make you who you are

Laoise Fennelly


I love my life, but in my heart
I’ve seen that love can fall apart
I’ve seen it in my scheming head
And felt it burning in my legs
It vanishes before my very eyes
I’ve heard it spoken in your lies
In words that tumble from the mouth
I’ve seen it burning down this house

Mollie Southgate

Teenage Blues

We drink all our anxieties away and smoke away our fears.
We drown the deafening silence in oceans of our tears
The whispering voice of loneliness we drown out with bass drum beats
We tan, prep and squeeze into dresses for the approval of the streets.
We cry and fight and puke and slap
We lie and drink and cheat
Then we do it all over again and again
So I’ll see you all next week.

Rachel O’Sullivan


Life comes from choices, opportunities, people and emotions.
The never-ending search for love and devotion.
Raw, unmasked and colourful happiness sparks
From the most unexpected, unlikely moments.
Misfortune, a dice that offers no condolence.
Anxiety buds, digs his roots in, curling his claw around your joy.
The world is playing with your life, like a puppet, a toy.
Loneliness will creep in, flatten all else,
Slowly paint the world
Here comes the realisation, the key, the answer.
There are things from which one can never come back.

Mollie Williams


Shivers tremble up and down my spine
All my problems underlined
The things I think will never go away
That haunt my mind and haunt the days
Questions to which there are no answers
A music box that has no dancers
A poison rose in full bud
Whispers… will I ever be loved?

Patricija Ane

Bundles Burst

Happiness bursts in bundles of laughter
We wait for what follows always come after
Those shadows of rejection trigger our fears
That lurk in that place awash with our tears
Our dreams don’t come true, but our fragile hearts break
The thought of death lingers
Where sorrow’s heart aches.

Ruth Walshe


Pity from
The clockwork sky.
Spanish Point.
Midnight’s eye.

Unspoken, lost
In what I’ve told.
It’s fate. We all grow old

Sighing land,
Fading waves.
Expect the
Best. Forget the days.

Orla Browne

Anxiety Resides

Screenshots haunt you
Snapchats flaunt you
Thoughts converge, collide in space
Where insecurity resides
Where filters hide
Anxiety isolates you
Bitching bites and envy blinds you
Binds you to barbed pointed words
Anger consumes you
Updates annoy you
People in masks deploy you
With words that dethrone you
The bigger the streak
The lesser the freak
The stronger the strong
And the weaker the weak
Stories unite you when shared
It’s true
The loneliest people are too often scared
Of the regret that haunts you
The shame that taunts you
Of judgement,
Of pain
Of themselves

Ellen and Tara

My Breath

I lie here in this broken bed
Old and grey and sick in the head
I’ve see my children grow up and leave
Found loneliness that you would not believe
Now the rats have come
To steal my breath
My broken body waits
For death



Fear controls you
This feeling is new
Disgust crawls beneath your skin
You do not know what is happening
Isolation rattling around your head
Thoughts like nettles sting
The tender parts of you

Jade Hackett

Uncharted Destinations

Adrenaline runs through me like a train
Muscles rejoicing in the coolness of the rain

The past survives in glass isolation
Suffering the gazes of strained concentration

Knowledge escapes me and panic thrives
Difficult questions stabbing like knives

Roads lead to uncharted destinations
And pictures are drawn in weak condensation

Aisling Newing

The Digital Age

The chattering excitement of digital children
Amplified through Bluetooth speakers.
The elderly gather in steel wire cobwebs,
Forgotten, they rot and decay, like spoiled food.
The air thins, the real world surrounds you,
Like a fire blanket in a furnace.
The truth fills your lungs,
Leaves you desperate for air.
No matter how hard these digital children try,
They too will not escape their fate,
Of steel wire cobwebs.

Caoimhe O’Brien


I watched the sun roll over the hills
In the evenings when I was young
Till the rain soaked the stony streets
And the grey blocked out the sun
I walked a while to dreaded school
On sleepy winter mornings
Past sleeping bags in doorways
Of those bustling street corners
I sat, chatting with friends on the castle grounds
Drunks congregate in doors of pubs, the craic is all around
As dizzy as the night is dark when the sun has had its way
Children gather by the river on a hot summer’s day
The countryside houses old men, who shiver in their homes
And grumble in the darkness about their trembling lonely bones

Caoimhe and Eva

We Were Friends

I thought we were friends, obviously not,
By the end, my heart was a knot,
Let’s start from the top.

At first it was great, there was no hate,
I called you my best friend, I never thought it would end.

She thought she was better, but the thing is I let her,
Although it hurt, she treated us like dirt.

It was hard to let go.

Sinéad and Emma

The Sun Shines Brighter

The sun shines brighter than ever
So that the smiles last forever
Families come together and make memories to last a lifetime
Children will tell you their stories for less than a dime
Thrill seekers come to be daring
The place is filled with nothing but happiness and sharing
Lines are over a mile long
And people burst out into song
The sky has never been so blue
This is where all your dreams come true



Anxiety ripples through my blood
Like a rogue wave in the ocean
Loneliness hits you like one, clean slap in the face
Excitement bursts out of a speaker
Blaring a summer song
Romance lays on a sandy beach
Towel under the warm evening sun
Nostalgia creeps up on you and pulls your memory strings
Back to the times you love
You lie on your back on the midnight sand
And gaze at the stars above

Lucy Thompson


The bright sun warms my skin, the glistening water caresses my hand,
I lie there sleeping softly thinking; ‘This is my dreamland’.
Happiness possesses me, the days are long and warm,
I gaze upon the forest, spellbound by its charm.
The summer fruits in blossom, the sadness turns to dust,
My body relaxes, succumbed to wanderlust.
Pounding, pattering paw prints, prancing in the dewy grass,
The scene goes silent, the shimmering water still as glass.

Leah Kenrick and Emma Nolan

Clockwork Prison

I come and go everyday like clockwork
In again to collect another round of homework
I spend all my time taking in information
Taking pointless tests without preparation
I occasionally leave having learned something useful
All the while never feeling truly youthful
Watching the clock from the corner of my eye
I’d like to tell you that it makes the hands tick faster
But that, like education, would be a lie.



Fear claws at you, like a dead crow
Holding you back from doing what you love
Embarrassment rises inside you,
Like a sick clown
Making you regret the decisions you’ve made
Doubt creeps in, stops you from being who you are
Bitterness sharpens its blade

Sarah Holohan

A Golden Place

I grew up in a happy family made of joyful memories
I laughed and sang and danced and jumped and climbed the tallest trees
I learned to ride a bike for the first time without a single care
The wind that was in my face ran its hands through my hair
I learned how to face this world and be the best person I could be
I grew up with adventure imagining the mountains to the sea
I made friends for life, we played together every golden day
Until light turned into dark, I always wanted to stay
It’s a place I long to go to when shadows are closing in on me
It is a place where I can be myself, unapologetically.

Aoife Bergin


Whispers echo
Down lonely school corridors
Rebounding off the clattering lockers
Jealousy seethes in small corners
But the whispers bring you down

Lainey Gilsenan


It holds your mind prisoner
Changes your personality
Into a darker version of yourself
It riddles you with doubt
Questioning your ability

Hannah Murphy


Real champions are made out of sterner stuff
Out of light that shines in the shade.
They work for results that they might not get even get,
Driven to the limits of a cold hard sweat,
Working through the burning of the agonising pain,
It’s a long hard slog, no pain no gain
I am sprinting to the distance to the beating of my heart
I am focused on the finish from the long before the start
I am staring at the water
I am diving off the block,
There just is myself and the pool racing
Against the ticking of the clock.

Rachel Vaughan


The pain is released
To a place where everything feels numb
It all goes silent
Waiting for harsh noise to stun me back to reality
My heart gets a startle
My subtle soul looks beyond the heights of all compare
It all goes wrong
Words take their toll
I hold back from what has been done.
The moment is no longer any fun

Maddy and Ciara

My House

We grow up here
From a babbling baby to a complex adult
Love and security offers its cup
We are kept safe and warm, always secure
Where the best roast dinners are constantly served.
With friends for life where memories are made
Shining forever in brightest of shades

Eva Carroll

A Struggle

It’s always a struggle to get out of bed
When all you want to do is rest your head
I keep stalling
Mom keeps calling
She’s waiting if I don’t get down I’ll get a baiting
I yawn as I put my uniform on
It’s a disaster that summer can’t come faster


This is Where

This is where judgement’s fog clouds the clear air
This is where people feel despair
People continue not to care although everyone feels emotions
And that’s something we all share
People shouldn’t be in despair
And think as though people don’t care
We all only have one life and we should live that life and be fair

Sianna Ni Chaoimh

Golden Memories

I make my golden memories out of broken things
With friends whose laughter echoes forever
We go in fields of summer, talk about what if and whatever
Being as silly and as stupid as we can without a care
Feel the wind blow through our hair
Singing along to songs that make no sense to the setting sun
Stay up all night beneath the stars having invincible, everlasting fun

Saoirse Smith


I got my first grey gelding standing so tall
As proud as any monarch he made me feel so small
We trotted around the green grasses in the big wide open fields
I struggle for my balance I felt the earth beneath my heels
I was happiest back then learning how to love and to care
I rode upon Apollo and the wind was in my hair
I escaped there with him when there was nowhere else to go
We galloped in the wind where the water lilies grow

Rebecca Hayde

My Chocolate Bar

I have my chocolate bar
It won’t get very far
I take a big bite
Of milk, dark or white
It goes in a lot
Like cake, brownies and what not
My friends are approaching
Because they love poaching
My chocolate bar
Like I said it won’t get very far

Siobhan Hennessy

Learning to Write a Poem

I am sitting in a poetry workshop
With a funny man named Steve
He always seems to have a one-liner
That he pulls from up his sleeve

I am surrounded in a school
With 800 screaming girls
A strange and quite unnatural place
An odd one-gendered world

Rain droplets are sticking on the windows
And rooftops are all that I see
When you look down from a height like this
You can see the world through the trees

Emma Cunneen


This is where I grew up
Where I was the baby of the family
This is where I call home
The people I call family,
I have the best of memories
Saddest times of my life
Learned life lesson from the people around me
Best of games played on the summer evening
The place is Springmount
The one and only place
I will ever call my real home.



I feel happiness and love when I am with my family
Don’t let the TV screen turn it into a reality
I feel happiest at home and feel safe
Therefore I have no reason to feel unsafe
I love to follow dreams because they make me happy
Some of my dreams can be crappy and make me feel unhappy
I found my first love my dog Austin
I would never send him away to Boston

Natasha Curran


Just one day
Just 24 hours
Just 60 minutes each hour
Just 60 seconds each minute

Just a whole life of counting
For just to do something
Just to think how much
How much time you can live
How much time you can be happy
How much time you can be sad
Just these question
Just these things
Can form part of our day
And how much time
We lose thinking in these



Everyday is a new day
Listen to yourself and do it your way
Everyday is a day of change
So be insane
You can change the person you were yesterday
To become a new person today
Good, bad, doesn’t matter as long as you’re you
So be creative and make all your dreams come true


Rule Number 2

Finding toilet paper is like winning the lottery
There’s plenty of plops in the porcelain pottery
You’re lucky if you find a towel less wet than your hands
It smells like one too many baked bean cans
Being able to flush the toilet is rarer than the Irish sun
All that shines in here in here is a big bare bum
The canteen food gives out a bad auld whiff
So you hold your nose too afraid to sniff.

Caithlin, Emma, Anna, and Clodagh

It all Started

It all started back in September of ’17
In the Fourth year social area, where we lay our scene
Missing most classes every single day
Making the school days feel a lot less grey
Moviemaker, Wassa Wassa, Carlingford and Soar
We loved every minute, not one bit felt like a chore
Laughing crying we have done the lot
Going into Fifth year, hope we won’t lose the plot

Aoibhinn O’Connell

Summer’s Day

We will jump into the cold dirty river on a hot and sticky summer’s day
And watch the hurling or the ducks, little children all at play
A creamy 99 with a chocolate flake after training
On the hottest day of the year.
See the lads outside The Pumphouse Bar
Drinking pints of beer
Sleeping till it’s far too late on my few days off
Hear the shouting from the streets, people get so cross
Cycling all the way from Rockfield to Black abbey
There’ll be sleepovers at your house and the lads from out the valley

Laura Langton