Edmund Rice College, Carrigaline, Co. Cork


Bitter treason shows flaws in the great master plan,
Thawing concern deceives certainty of truth,
Light aglow has to drown in the cold black sea,
Crippling thoughts have place over proof,
I find myself in this dark place with this light plea.


Broken Dreams

The skies turns to grey
The sun fades away
The heat in your veins turn to ice
Your life begins to change
And where kids played their games
Unaware of the struggles
They are soon about to face
Kids grow to teens
Their imaginations soaring
Far, far away
From their superhuman dreams
They fight for acceptance
From those who never quite escaped
Their freedom disappears
As they learn their fate
Little kids hearts hardened,
And their mother’s eyes are dry
And the eyes who once watched them play
Are a long time gone
Overwhelmed by fear
For the fear that they have failed
They could not save them from the evil
Where their golden path ends
In the arms of corruption
But those who kept their dreams
Found their faith in their own


I’m Fine

I’m fine.

Take another selfie from a different angle,
Pout to believe you are perfect and tell yourself.

I’m fine.

Fake that smile to avoid the question – are you okay?

Navigate the corridors keep your head down, observe your friends.
Envy them. Tell yourself.

I’m fine.

Know that other people’s problems are like a broken paper bag,
While you yourself are stuck in a bag that will not break.

Change yourselves to fit in with those who change you for the worse.

Clone yourself. Become a sheep and tell the wolf.

I’m fine.



I hide from my plastic problems and run from haunted past
Because if I don’t they will tear me apart
I lie to the people I love the most
To protect them from the truth
I have to smoke or drink to be accepted
Because without friends we are half the person we can be
I need to do well on paper to be known as smart
For if I don’t succeed me and my dreams will be far, far apart



Sadness reaches you even in the dark
Joy stretches your cheeks
Fear traps u in your own mind
I feel all alone
In an unstable and unknown world
We must let go of our impossible dreams
Streams of lost hopes
We must decide shoot for the covered unknown skies
And risk plummeting back to the stone cold ground
It feels like I’m bound, bound to a brick preventing me from taking flight
We must decide is it best to only reach for the top of a low door frame?
Never make myself a name, might as well disappear into a flame
I look straight up at the empty sky
Being drawn to it like prey to the bait, pondering were it might go
I look at my grounded feet with my head hanging low
Being blinded by my fear to try and fly, I stay grounded
Feeling cast aside never having learned how to fly.


This Place

The delinquents wander, broken smiles and broken homes.
Glass bottles scattered or shattered on the floor
As they search so desperately for at least one more.
One more drink to escape their past,
One more drink to ease the pain.

We say our last goodbye,
Weary smiles and teary eyes.
One last hug and one last laugh
As two good friends part way at last.

The elephants stamp and this is where the lions roar,
The circus crowds cheer on as yet another bear is forced to twirl
And the tigers prowl on the dusty floor.
Welcome to the circus, we’re born to make you laugh.
Each animals suffering is hidden behind a mask.

And children choke as black smoke snakes down their throat.
The looming factories line the streets like hulking creatures from your worst dreams.
Is this it, are you happy?
The world is decaying and nobody’ can hear its screams.

I come here to think,
About my problems on the brink.
The grass fluttering nervously underneath my feet
Cars racing past on the busy street.
What happens now is up to fate,
My mental state will have to wait.



The locals wake up
Hear the chirping of the impossible birds
The gunfire of the militia mix in complete incompatibility
The poor farmers cowering under the extreme hostility,
The relentless leaders not showing responsibility (Yaounde)

Children are brainwashed into remembering pointless information
That is inevitably crushing their dreams
For the image of school portrayed is not what it seems
Because the relentless regime known as the education system
Continues to turn us into lifeless machines (school)

The ancient ruins slowly crumbling under the hand of Mother Nature
Which slowly eats away at something which stood over an empire (Rome)


Dented Dusty World

I’m standing at the edge of the crowded room looking out at everyone,
The world becomes too loud and bright for me to breathe.
I try not to make it obvious, because no one needs to know.
There’s no point in causing a scene

People who dreamed of a better life for themselves
End up right back where they started, with nothing left to hope for,
And it’s terrifying knowing everybody here in front of me
Will end up back here remembering their hours on the dented dusty floor

I spend most of my time in my mind, trying to make sense of how I feel,
To get it down on paper in a way that that takes the edge off of it.
I try not to make it obvious, because no one needs to know.
They’ll only pick at me and to try to find the cause of it.

When we’re younger we’re told we can be whatever we want.
But now kids who dreamed of being superheroes,
Sit in class pretending not to know what they want to be;
I was one of those kids, and I still am, all I want to be is anybody other than me.

It all ends on a bleak landscape, no familiar faces,
Just the burning feeling of a thousand stars beating down on our backs.
Literal or metaphorical, things will end alone in this dented dusty world,
Made of chalkboards and torn shirts and thumbtacks.


The Concrete Walls

I come home to hug you
After a long day
Telling you about my grinding day,
Grateful that you are listening to my withering stories

I escape to my own world
Journey to a place of love and sadness.

My dog greets me, lifting my mood

I grip your toothbrush in my hand
Out past the concrete walls I try to find you…
I don’t feel you,
I used to.

I call your name,
But no voice
Returns my call.



She runs away, back to the shadows of doubt,
They go about their busy lives, caught up in the now.
She hides all day, not wanting to face them all,
He wants to help, but can’t seem to break down the wall.

She dries her tears, lost in her insecurities,
They are oblivious, as to what she hears from her thoughts,
She’s felt alone for years, hating what she feels are impurities.
It takes only one person, to make her feel that she is loved.

She finally listens to him, hears what he has to say,
He has been by her side for years, every single day.
She begins to smile, for the first time in ages,
He is always there for her, to help her break out of her cages.


Coal Black Tar

Nothing really happens,
Just coal black and dead silence,
But I only take the bad, not it in its whole,
I wait to be laughed at,
I try to finish but I’m stuck on the first draft,
I live, unable to escape,
Tied down by red tape,
“But it’s where you are”,
And that’s the line that keeps me trapped
In this sticky black hardening tar.


Tell Me

Tell me about the handsome jock
The Hollywood type
With the blue eyes
And the beautiful cheerleader
With the perfect smile
Tell me how they first met.
And the sunset when she said yes
To the best wedding proposal yet.
Tell me about when the child said its first word,
How everyone’s mind was blown.
But leave out the part about
When the man broke his wedding vows.
Look, there’s a magic mirror on the wall
And an old fragile lady who fell asleep
For the last time all alone.


The Swallowing Dark

The late night darkness swallows me whole
The deep dark pool wallows below
My teeth gritting thoughts turn into brain thumping actions
These things are fitting in my mind
My joyful bright lyrics turn into deathly dark quotes
These metaphysics circle in my brain
Tears of joy shape shift to sobs of sorrow
These drift down the edge of my cheek
My deepest, darkest thoughts become a reality of remorse


The Hunger

The hunger starves the people into madness.
The sky caves in beneath the weight of all the sadness,
Drives the city downward into shadows of addiction.
The affliction strikes fear within the hearts.
The horror spirals nightmares out of control.



Feels like
I’ve strayed,
I’ve been played,
Love cut deep
Like a razor blade.



History is made
Walls get painted
As long as we don’t let
Inspiration die
We also let
Insightful and enlightening conversation
Become to be less sad
Sadness makes
Children’s dreams die
We can resolve any past issues
And carry on our lives like adults
Repairing our lives and improving
The lives of others



I hide at the break of day,
The abandoned house is where I come to Stay,

I go there to hide the Pain,
I do that to try stay Sane,

I do know the darkness Hurts,
But the shadows is where the truth is told,

We go there when we’ve had enough,
You go there when life’s a pain.


Beyond Repair

I never thought here would be where I broke
Beyond repair beyond all hope.

I lost everything that meant anything
Disgust glared from a dark corner

I couldn’t bare the pain anymore
Anger snapped it chattering jaws

I made that foolish choice I now regret
Hatred seethed and could not forget.

The air burnt as the sun turned to rust.


She Hides

She hides from the exciting happy memories
That float throughout her empty mind.

She lives the perfect life in a hollow world
Where the flowers of her friends’ minds blossom before her

She covers the insecurities behind a cold shallow canvas
And listens to the echoes

Of when she saw him leave in a temper
Out of our family home
With his wedding ring long since removed.


Fake Laugh

My thoughts come to mess with my head once again
My brain whispers words
Behind my turned back
I put on the fake smile
And the fakest of laughs,
But everyone believes,
Because no one needs facts
I come to think about life,
What’s the point?
What’s the meaning?
My life comes to an end.
All because of this reason.


Buried in the Past

I left you, abandoned all alone. In the desolate, wilderness you hear the wolf howl.
Hoping the wolf will not strike a growl.

I hear you, crying and all alone. In the dim and dull of the night,
I am wishing everything would just be alright

I dream of you, anticipating you and all alone.
Longing to be with you, imagining every little thing is untrue.

I find you, no longer all alone, patiently waiting for the light at the end of the tunnel
To approach so then nobody will be in trouble.

I needed you, now you are there for me,
We have now buried the past and are waiting the better future.



Clear reality fades out into shimmering clouds of the imagination.
Colours wash like fresh paint over the nation.
Dreams take flight and soar through the rickety wooden beams at the top,
Loneliness and sadness lurk; they never consume, but never stop.
Different compartments take care of different things in this place,
Some are dark and lifeless, but most overflow with colour and grace.



All that is gold does not glitter,
Not all those who wander are lost;
The old that is strong does not wither,
Deep roots are not reached by the frost.


Everlasting Life

The never-ending love comes from within, from there it flows throughout.
Where it goes, nobody knows, though no one can go without.
The great wind blows, blowing through every nook and cranny.
Always weeping, always seeping but never going away.
The lonely heart fails, from lasting for too long,
Working round the slowing clock, always on the never stop.
I go to be alone it helps me never wane, I relax, I listen till I, at last become one.
I’d live my everlasting life, never waning, never leaving but also having fun.



Here they send the troubled kids with no one left to love
With no one left here or any hope above.

They sent their dreams of joy to die
And stuck a needle in their eye

The children used to play till the bombs fell all around
Here is now a fairground for all that is hell bound

The laughter turns to tears
As the giggles turn to fears

The mothers contort in pain
Everything seemed in vain


Final Score

I try to sleep at night excited thoughts running through my energetic mind.
Thinking of everything that has happened in the whole of mankind.
I eat the same lunch everyday alone in my thoughts and my worries.
Hoping that in the future these memories will be blurry.
I wander through the empty corridors looking for the right class.
Gazing through the windows that are always made of reinforced glass.
I sit every day in class bored and apprehensive for lunch.
Wondering who is going to throw the first punch.
I play my matches anxious about the final score.
Thinking of the past and the matches we have played and won before.



These shoes glide across the hallway with more grip and drag
Than the zombies dragging their heavy feet,
I stroll I ponder
My eyes glaze over
Like I’m decorating a sugary cake with mirror icing.
A sugar addiction gone too far,
The monotonous drone of a teacher
Not worth fighting.
I write with blue pen until the tacky blue ink washes over me,
The bell rings, draining the hallways
Like fish following the receding tide,
I flee.
Into dreams of tie dyed hair
A cold metal piercing
Is looked at as being just as bad as
The wrong shade of orange on a prisoner in Alcatraz


My Mind

I truly feel like I have no authority.
My thoughts overwhelm my common sense.
They tell me how I should act,
How to be accepted.
When the lights are out I get lost.
Darkness falls
And I can be myself without being judged.
I live my dreams.
This is my mind.
The theatre of my imagination.


Buttercup Lane

He got his head smashed on Buttercup Lane in with a half broke brick
The sight of her son’s dead lifeless body made her broken heart so sick

She found her father hanging from a tree
Soon all fingers pointed at me

He saw his father with needles in his arms
His child, every night self harms

The people go here when they lost all hope
They go when they just can’t cope

The psychopaths go when they have done something bad
Cause Buttercup Lane is the land of the sad



Are you ready for it kids?
It’s been a long day without you,
But here is how it is.
I go to school.
I have to
I get bullied.
Things happen
That’s the way these things are.
I do my best at rugby
I do my best at school
We work at school but don’t paid
And I don’t think that’s cool.


My Big Day

A robotic ref destroyed my big day
In a heartbreaking minute
I beat everyone and shouted loud
I’m the best, I’m the best
Determined I would win it.
I ran so hard, so fast, so straight
I could beat my guardsman
Back out the gate
I went and lived and lived to play
For this is my friend is life


Nou Camp Wizard

Every referee indicates penalty to the enemy in the last minute
Which can make the difference, the whistle blows
The crowd roars
Every referee’s decisions make a team to fade off from the match
Or just make you go away from that perfect catch
All the followers of that team follow their club’s players
To celebrate the conquer of a title
After that amazing and incredible recital
All footballers start to feel nervous about what can happen
The whistle blows, the crowd roars
But his fans clapping loud applause
Any football players try to ran away from
When the victory is about to come


A Version of Me

I sit sadly every Friday, Tired and depressed for the boring math class that follows
I then write these numbers while counting up my sorrows
I am becoming a depressed version of me, as skinny as a goat
I wake up from my daydream with a burning in my throat
The teachers delight at the torture and the students suffer the pain
I sit doing monotonous work while they keep hurting my brain
The polluted air chokes the fish and the dirty water drowns the humans
While we watch the world crumble slowly and listen from the ruins
I sit most days slowly typing up slides for a cba that I don’t know anything about
While we all are sat here, sad and bored, drowning in riddles of doubt.



The old man grew up, a large manor
Surrounded by gardens teeming with exotic flowers
You would think he would be happy to see it but he only glowered

The end times began, not with a bang but with a crack
The ground erupted and then everything went black

They come when they die, an Eden within hell, an oasis in the desert
Everyone around them in agony while they remained unhurt

It all began, empty space soon to erupt with a force strong enough to create the universe
Hopefully things went well this time and what was made wouldn’t be worse

They came to, a concrete jungle covered by a thick black smog
The new people in the city, each an underdog



I go and play tug of war,
Entering like a hungry boar.
I roar like a lion with the wildest mane,
I am a bug being washed down a drain.
I am strong as a bull seeing blood red,
A speeding bullet coming straight for my head.
I’m as fast as a cheetah running away,
I am a hawk swooping in for its prey.
I am part thunder, I come with a bang,
The other half lightning sharp as a fang.
I feel the break of each and every bone,
Like shattering raindrops on the cold heartless stone.


Running Out

We were inspired to do a greater thing,
Ignoring the people, all we hear is a ring.
People need to strengthen up rather than wither down.
We can be happy and not frown.
I am running out of ideas,
But I will always like pizzerias.
The world needs to take action on Global warming,
Before we’re too late to recall the warning.



All my memories of my childhood shimmer
Playing house with cousins in Cork
Princess dreams
And stewed apple and custard with granny

Then school happened
We learned things we might never need
We slowly change to suit those who wouldn’t accept us
The way we are

Happiness started for so many people
In a far off place
Life begins and ends
And changes people’s lives

All my memories of childhood shimmer
But the present remains the same



I whinge to my friends about going to maths class
Even though it’s ordinary level,
Mr. Bowen your sound
But I really hate maths
No offends but maths is so boring
It’s like watching Rory Mcllroy trying to play golf.

I like English, French is grand
But seriously you had to teach maths
You’re our favourite teacher
You never give out
But I wish you thought another subject that I would be better at…

Mr. Bowen your own favourite teacher
You always make us laugh
If only you could it in maths class
But seriously that class!
It’s nearly worse than dance class

I’m down the back of the class
Sitting next to Zac
And across from Jack
So that’s loss
But you’re the boss



When I catch the guy that took her away,
He will be sorry you see.

When the wedding music started
She is absolutely everything to me.

I was waiting at the top of the altar
There was no sign of her there.

I could not hear her darling voice
Or see her golden hair

I started getting very worried
I searched everywhere.

I called out “Sarah where are you?”
But she just wasn’t there.


I’m Back

So I’m back to the velvet, underground
Dancing in the disco bumper to bumper
Wait a minute where’s my jumper

Are you looking at me from taxi driver?
I had a farm in Africa from out of Africa

FBI lives in Canada.
“Knock, knock” FBI OPEN UP “massive shooting”
Charmx lives in… Oh wait, he’s dead…never mind



The ref lost us the Feile semi final
Some of the lads got homicidal
The house I will spend most of my life
Hopefully I’ll soon share it with my wife
Here i was born and where I will die
Spending all of my life trying to be a good guy
I trained for this final which we are about to win
And through the other team in the bin
I broke most of my young strong bones
And let out a chorus of all of the groans


Take Off

I met Anthony Nash and Patrick Horgan
Down by the old school field
There are good hurlers
All Ireland Hurling Finals are played
Concerts are also played here
Where the trucks are parked
I might learn how to drive one
One day
If I get good marks
Airplanes are landed
Airplanes take off
You can go on holidays
But for me I must take off



He brutally murdered the one he loved,
Took a knife to her pretty neck.
He burnt down the town and locked all of his enemies
Down by the old school wreck.
The grave of his love is marked in red
Where a statue of swans used to be
Flowers grow thorny and blossom in pink
Over the old ERC
Here is the house of the one he loved,
This is the house of the witch.
Here is the place where he left his heart,
Here in the lonely ditch.



I made a dramatic sentence boring.
And then.
I hid my very legal stash of money.
Among odd old things.
Stashed my dark depressing thoughts.
Beneath shady meddling crimes.
Watching in the comfort of my home.