Scoil Mhuire, Patrick St, Trim, Co. Meath

Dream Big

Being told dream big and strive to achieve,
But some dreams are too big and then you’re forced to grieve
It’s okay to be confused, you’re only sixteen.
But write your whole life out on this paper,
Do it now or you won’t get anywhere later.
But how are we supposed to decide what we want to be,
When all we want to do is live our lives and be carefree.
Relax, calm down, don’t get stressed,
But remember try hard and try better than your best.

Emma Clohisey


They’ve always said “you’ve gotta find yourself kid”
And we tried our best to, never realising we already did
Because the simple fact of life, we were never told
It’s the people you surround yourself with that are gold
You have a real bond that celebrates
The secret of finding yourself is clear
It’s about who you chose to keep near
In life we find ourselves in others
In those who become our sisters and our brothers

Roisin Broe


I pick up my pace
My stomach knots and heart races
At the sound of distant catcalls
Walking alone – a fatal mistake
Just like a skirt too short
Or one drink too many.
I should be more careful,
But it doesn’t matter the length of my skirt
Or how well I compose myself
Or how loud I shout.
I am not a piece of meat.
I’m asking for it.

Beau Comiskey

The Aim?

Isn’t it crap to be told
You’re not good enough?
That, “you can’t do that,
It might be too tough.”
Doesn’t it hurt to think that
You are not beautiful?
You stand out with your
Lumps and bumps,
But yet people say you are
But, don’t we live in a world
Where not everybody is the same?
Why do we all have to be perfect?
Is that really the aim?

Emma Coloe

Take a Stand

We hand our bodies to the ‘owners’
But we still make that flight as loners.
We give up our rights to suit the others.
The choice taken, we just have to be mothers.
We let men dictate our lives.
Some of which won’t even stay with their wives.
This is where well take a stand.
And discontinue the stupidity of our land.

Aleisha Brady


Little drops of water
Little grains of sand
Make the mighty ocean
And the pleasant land.

Little deeds of kindness
Little words of love
Help to make the earth happy
Like the Heaven above.


Unanswered Questions

“What more could I have done?”
I had no answer to give him
As he downed another
A young man once so,
Hopeful and ambitious
Masked by guilt and the sensation of liquor
A spark in his eyes as he waited
For a response he would never
He turned back to the bar and asked himself
“Why did he leave me?”

Eimear Boyle

Social Media

You begin to forget about the world outside
Social skills have died
Likability is measured by likes
We need to set up social media strikes
Social interactions become digitally
They used to be in person originally
You show happiness online
In reality your life has gone into decline.

Andrea Hiney


Everyone’s candle slowly burning
Some quicker than others
Every day the tables are turning
Reminiscing over your grandmother

Everyone’s days are getting shorter
So live life to the fullest
Don’t think that it’s the last quarter
And be the one to bite the bullet

I stare outside my window
Wishing I was at the disco
Tightly clutching my pillow
Why does everyone think I’m a weirdo

I sit at the empty table
Not knowing if I’ll be able
To keep my life safe and stable
Why does everyone have a label

Lauren McDaniel


Family is love unconditionally,
Happy, safe and together, well traditionally
One summer day, whilst the temperatures soared
I felt more sadness and hardship than I could afford.

Tears streamed as a fight started.
The morning my parents decided their love parted.
A bitter pill was hard to swallow,
Hugs, best wishes and sympathy was to follow.

I never got over the fact
My parents broke their marriage pact.
It’ not just their hearts that broke
The impact of this on their children is something
That’s never spoke

They tried make things better
By getting back together
Things are awkward
Please God things are better going forward


A Quiet Place

There’s a quiet place far, far away,
Where my imagination runs wild beyond compare.
A place where I feel free, loved and happy
As if I’m floating around in the cool, tropic air.

There’s a quiet place far, far away,
Here, the demon in me lay at rest.
It makes me feel pain, insecure and hateful
A side of me which is hidden for the best.

Anna Savage


What is happiness?
Happiness is:
Drinking tea in bed
Eating popcorn during a movie
Getting that A you worked hard for
Warm summer evenings
Winter days spent in front of the fire
Days you can press snooze on your alarm
That feeling on the last day of school
Wearing that outfit that makes you feel confident
Try something new
That, is happiness

Leanne Burke

Why Would You Do It?

All I want is to laugh and play,
All you want is to take away,
You see me smiling,
You want me whining.

Was it even considered?
No matter what you still walked over my plot.
Well that was very bitter,
Now you’ve left me in a knot.


Freckled Children

Early morning the freckled children rise,
Their muddy steps, over a marsh,
Shrill laughter screams, joy so bright
That the birds take up their tune.
Their hands are stained both pink and blue.
And when it meets makes purple too.
The thorns are hidden in the bush,
And the children hide with them.

Aoife Ward


It started in first year
We were all nuclear
New school and places
Trying to make out new faces

We eventually moved up the years
And were accepted by our peers.

We had good times and bad
But the memories we made were mad.

We finish TY this week
And by god has it been our peak.


Pressure or Guidance

What are you going to do with your life?
Don’t drink, don’t smoke, and don’t get high
Don’t think, just study and
Put more on your mind,
Be pretty, be nice, and most importantly be quiet.
Do what you’re told, clean up, be organised,
Don’t go out, dot stay in, be polite, and sit up straight.
Don’t be lazy, trust me I’m always right.
It’s to pressure, its guidance,
I’m just trying to make you a better child.



I’m sad about what happened to you,
I’m sorry it happened that way,
I’m sorry I didn’t come see you,
Just the other day

I’m sorry I rarely went to see you,
I hope you know I cared,
I will remember all the laughter,
And memories we shared

I hope you know I loved you,
I hope you know I cared
I hope you know I miss you,
But I thought you’d always be there.



Like a mouse in the house
Oblivious and unknown
With the glares and stares
While you’re standing there alone
But with a friend by my side
Who is on the same stride
I know that life’s gonna be just right.



Fears can be quite scary,
They can eat out up inside
Forget about it they all say
“Just take it in your stride.”
Scared of heights
Scared of spiders
Scared of what hides
In the darkness of the night.
You can’t quite explain,
The feeling of fear
But everyone has them
And that should be made clear.



We lie, we cheat, we break trust
Even when we say were in lust,
We drink, we smoke, but at the end of the
Day life’s just a joke,
We laugh, we cry, we want to die,
The days never seem to fly by,
The anxiety, the depression is all
Forgotten with a session,
We die.

Charli Kiely and Lauren Clohisey

This Path

Being the daughter of two foster parents
Can be rewarding, I’ll admit.
But I’m not here to talk about how easy it is
It’s hard to sit down at the kitchen table
With your parents
And have to listen to
“Look how well they’re doing”
“They saw their parents today”.

I’m not angry at my parents for choosing this path,
I’m actually very proud
I just miss them.
And the way they used to be
And the way they used to talk
And get along

I do love my foster siblings.
I just had to get all this off my chest
But I love my parents
And my sisters
And my dog
And I am very grateful for the house I have.


That Girl

All alone she sits,
Thinking about how she wants to commit.
All she hears is the chatter
But does any of this even matter?
All her friends have left,
That girl is now beyond stressed.
That girl has never felt so depressed

Aoife Hegarty


Don’t comment on my match
Why do you think you’re such a catch?
You have no right to judge me,
Go sit down and leave me be.

You have her,
So you shouldn’t even care
All you want to do is stir,
I’m happy now- don’t you even dare



The colours that blend me,
The people that represent me,
Maybe if your opinions weren’t so hurtful
I could finally reach out and be a shade of purple


She Said

She said it’s okay,
She said it’ll be fine,
But that was all crap,
You could see it in her eyes

They called her a bitch,
She was crying, in pain,
With blood on the floor

She throws up in the toilet,
Trying to get thin,
Why can’t people see,
That behind that grin,
Is a victim, is a girl
Trying to hide her pain,
She can’t eat anymore, that means weight
To gain.



A family tree
Is one’s basic need,
As we grow our roots
We never forget the love from mother goose.



I hate boys
They treat us like toys
They think it’s okay
Learn to walk away


The Image

Ah Daisy’s
The roses
The tulips
The daffodils
The sunflowers
The snow drops
All so pretty
But rotten underneath
So don’t be fooled by image

Alanna Maguire


This is where me and my family go to spend time
Where it’s quiet and peaceful,
No worries in the air.
With my Gran who lives down the road,
She’s a bit old but doesn’t like to be told.



Life could change in a blink
But when my life begins to sink
There to help me think
Sometimes we fight with all our might
But in the end were alright



Sit down, be quiet,
Stand up, speak out,
I’ll give you something to scream about.

Don’t you dare back talk to me,
And how does that make you feel.

Speak about your feelings,
Don’t make such a big deal.

I’m your teacher I’m your friend,
I demand your respect,
Well you broke the rules,
What else did you expect?



This is where your life begins and ends,
Where the bitching starts and the friendship end
Where the expectations are high and the results low
This whole school is a show

Where any decent memories begin to fade,
Because it is clouded with judgement
And hate

So now you know it all,
This is what I feel when I am walking through the hall

Lorraine Schilder


It’s not because you’re sexiest, or discriminate,
Or your double standards and the liberties you take.

It’s no because you’re inconsiderate or because you are unkind,
It’s because beauty isn’t just in the flesh,
It’s also in the mind.


The End

Two years down and I’m happy
It appears I’m in the clear
I never really thought the end was so near
Together since fourteen
They say the grass is green
But the further I get
To the other side
Finally realizing I’ll never be his bride
Realizing I’d rather die
Asking myself where do I go from here
I turn to bear
To make me feel numb
Day after day
Just wishing he’d come
My future feels so dumb without him
I never saw my life being this grim
How could it end so fast?
When once we both “knew” it would last
How could he throw it all away?
I’d give anything for one more day
I must be at fault, all my self-assault
I must have lead him here
With all my insecurity and fear
Was it me?
Was it him?
Was it doomed since the start?
The only answer I can conjure is that he has no heart


On the Outside Looking In

From a distance it’s all at peace
No hate, no fear, they’re all at ease
But behind the screen, what people don’t see
A sad teen wishing to be free
Marching to obey, despite what they say.

Emily O’ Brien


I am so sick of being hurt
Of being cut down and spat on
I do it to myself
I never learned self-worth
I need to be surrounded by people
I have never been good at choosing, correctly

I placed my love on someone
The ‘cocky’ guy, a player
I got hurt. I couldn’t try any longer

My head constantly spins all the bad things into good

But now I’m raw, sobbing and a mess
Broken, cheated, bleeding less and less
With an education like mine
‘This moment’ and how to solve a problem using sin, cos and tan

One thing I never learned, I can live without a man

Laoise Mccluskey

A Shield

I’m sit down at my school desk
Pen in my hand wait, what’s the command?
On front of me there’s a timber bookshelf
Books, folders “today’s world” I read
On the top shelf I see the world globe
I try to reach out but it’s too far to hold
Sudan, Iraq, Pakistan, I can see
To my right there’s a window
But I can’t see out
It’s like there’s a shield blocking me

Hazel O’Brien

No Clue

From when I was young,
All cuddled up with my mum,
I always wondered what I would be,
Or where life would take me.

Now I am older,
No longer sober,
With no clue where I’m going
Or the path to strive for.

Maria Boyle

Our Generation

Our generation is silenced
Taught not to be violent but told to
Abide by laws we don’t agree
With but still remain quiet.
A country where abortion is not
Yet legal because of our regal
A country supposed to be free
To others but not to me.

Katie Jones


Every night we go home and dream
And dream of many, many extremes,
Sometimes we wake up screaming,
Other times we keep on dreaming.
Dreams blossom slowly but disappear quickly
Some dreams turn into nightmares
While others keep dreaming, dreaming, dreaming
Every night we go home and dream
And dream of many extremes

Niamh MacLennan

Years go By

Mam, dad, was I really that bad of
A child at the age of four?
Drinking and drinking like an alcoholic,
Dad became a workaholic.
Mam you were never really there,
How could you choose drugs over us?
All I can say is that you loved yourself
I guess that’s a plus.
Years go by and all I can think about
Is how you never called.
It hurts me to not have you close.
You will always be my birth mam
But it was my adoptive parents
Who gave me this world.

Mayerli De La Fuente


Never once took a sip
And I’m considered ‘uncultured’
Well you speak Irish to me
You tell me about our history.
Brought up in a country whereby
Not doing it brought dirty looks
I’m sorry I’m not like you
And I actually give a damn.
I’m sorry for my children who think
This is ‘okay’
No, it’s okay to be different
Trust me honey,
You’re not insignificant.
You are precious
You show them what’s ‘impressive’.



Friends are loving caring and special
They really mean a lot
I don’t know how I would survive
Without my friends being so full of life
They are full of chat and craic
I don’t know how I would survive
Without my friends being so full of life
Friends are loving caring and special



I sit in class wondering how it could be my last
Where my dreams could take off
Or this is where it could crash down and fall
This is where my life begins
A chapter ends and a new one begins.
We are brought up to be ourselves
And not follow the crowd


Love Life

The tree falls
Sea walls burst in
I drown
I frown

I love myself
No one loves me
Everybody bugs me
Love life


In a World

I live in a world where society wants you to be a teenager
In school we are compared to some random stranger
A world were you can’t be yourself
Where young people can’t be oneself



He was looking as he bay,
When he began to pray,
Begging for forgiveness
For what he had witnessed.
He looked her in the eye
And walked straight by



I love nature
I see the glaciers
In the water
There is no manslaughter
In between the plants
Might be some ants
All the crazy bees
Life’s a breeze.


There is a Wall

There is a wall
In which I fall
Spent the day in bed
Watched Riverdale on my phone still at home
Eating food



My friend, she is a greedy dog
She eats enough for three
Her belly bulges to the floor
She is the friend for me



As she walks down the aisle,
Ready to take his hand,
She thinks back to her homeland,
From the scar on her hand.

When she handed out weed,
To her little dweebs,
She realized her mistake,
She turned around,
As he kicked her to the ground,
He has a pistol to her head,
She kicked his hand in the direction of her hand.

She looked behind at her trail of memories,
As her veil is lifted she gets married.

And starts a new chapter in her life.

Eilis Brennan and Meabh Tyrrell


Walking through the streets of Madrid
Feeling the sun on your face
Laughter fills the air

Julia Melnychok

A Struggle

It’s always a struggle to get out of bed
As you turn off your alarm clock
Cause I just want to rest
We dress in our houses
In navy and blue
But things are getting better
As it is summer soon



Body draped over the toilet seat,
Listening to his heart beat.

Burnt throat,
Blood red face.

Old food on swollen lips,
It felt like we were on a battleship.

Cancer’s crap,
But he got through it.



Fags, fags, fags,
In all our handbags,
By God we’re some scumbags.

Drink, drink, drink,
All the boys wink,
We don’t double think,
Before we drink.

Drugs, drugs, drugs,
It unplugs,
We are thugs.

Abuse, abuse, abuse,
I can never let loose,
Trying to hold in my blues,
I am no use.

Help, Help, Help



Seashells upon the seashore,
The tide is full, the moon lies fair,
Fine, warm sand in the air breeze.

Running through her long hair,
Wanting to be elsewhere.


Daily Routine

Wake up at 7
Sleep at 9
Most of my day consists of crime
The best part of my day is when I get home to bed
I get into bed all snug and cosy
Watch some Netflix and relax
I get my dinner some nice veggie curry
Then go to sleep.