Cabinteely Community School, Johnstown Rd, Kilbogget, Cabinteely, Co. Dublin


When things go wrong, as they sometimes will,
When the road you’re trudging seems all uphill,
When the funds are low the debts are high,
But you want to smile but you have to sigh,
When in care is pressing you down a bit,
Rest if you must but don’t you quit.

Life is wild with its twist and turns,
As everyone of us sometimes learns,
And many failure turns about,
When they might had won had they checked it out
Don’t give up though the pace seems slow
You may succeed with a month ago.

Often the goal is nearer then,
It seems to a fault and faulting man,
And then my heart fills,
And dances with the daffodils.

Lea Brennan

Thunder Clap

Here we are and it’s a thunder clap
My heartstrings come unstrung
Being yours is the second best thing I’ve ever done
Second only to living in a wonderful place
So long ago I saw his face
And he smiled and started whispering to my soul
Telling it unbeknownst to me
That I was yours to hold

Jason O Reilly

Labelled and Branded

Teachers chatting curricular trash
Learning junk we don’t need
Learn to be sheep not be freed
Coming home to study and waste a day
Robots doing it the same way
Classes split by intelligence
Ability to memorise irrelevance
Expect us to do hard work first thing in the morning
Labelled and branded for under performing

Ciaran, Charlie, Jamie and Stephen


Lump in my throat,
Just read what I wrote
Why’s it so hard?
It’s just a few lines.
All eyes are on me
I just want to hide, to cower, to flee.

Friends going out
Not a care in the world
Laughing and shouting and having the crack
They want me here but I want to turn back.
Sweaty palms
Racing heart
I’m with them but really I’m apart.

“It’s all in your head”
“Why are you so quiet?”
“Talk a little more.”
“You don’t need to diet.”
“You’re pretty”
“You’re smart”
“At least you tried”
I just want to hide.
All these people want to help
But I won’t listen.
I don’t believe them.

It’s hard being shy
I want to speak up
I want to get involved
I’m not too shy to be cool
I don’t want to go to school.


Your Life

They tell you it’s your life, your choices, your education
You get a C and they see you as a waste
They tell you to study, write, dictated the notes off by heart
When your heart is breaking with disappointment
As all you wanted was their approval and graces
But you never got any.
So you pull an all-nighter, reading, writing
So that you get that a to prove them wrong
That you’re not a waste, not a disappointment

They report card comes, they smile, they praise you
You take a breath and the weight is gone

Dominika Dacus


There’s a lot of thing running through my mind
It just feels like I’m falling behind
With no sense of time
But is there ever any time?
Big smiles and giant lifestyles
Yet no one has anything to hide
It’s all lies
It’s not so easy to trust mankind


Free your Mind

Putting my pictograms on Instagram
I am working for hours
Sitting in a chair
Scratching my hair
For hours building towers
Images that nobody sees
Ideas. Youth.
Artists use lies to tell the truth
Scrutinize the official stories
Do you believe the official version?
Maybe it’s all lies artists use lies to tell the truth
Revolt is in youth
Free your mind

James Cody


Friends forever
Or so they say
New friends come
Old friends go
We were friends for so long
Was it all a show
We’re just having fun
Go with the flow


Her Whole Life

1 year old already facing lives toughest problems
It happened in autumn watching the crocus blossom
Fight, fight, fight, was all that she witnessed
Both parents thought they were right
3 years later her Da left
She moved in with the parent the judge thought was best
She starts school at age 4
After one year in the door
No friends she had
They found out she had one parent
The students weren’t so kind
8 years on she starts secondary school hoping it would be different
These students didn’t have the same ignorance
They were kind the kind of people who are hard to find
Her life began badly
That didn’t mean she would be sad for her whole life

Jade Redmond, Erin Gallagher and Rhys Mcdarby

Two Paths

There are two paths you can go by, but in the long run
There’s still time to change the road you’re on
And it makes me wonder

Laura Fidgeon

No One Chooses

No one chooses to live on the streets
We all face rough rocky times in life
But some cannot fight it
But unfortunately people turn drink or drugs
Every homeless person has a heart
There somebody child, aunt, uncle, father, mother, or cousin
But unfortunately our government does not give a damn
They talk crap in the Dail but never take action
All the TDs care about is their paycheck for doing nothing
Us as citizen of Ireland need to stand up
To fight poverty and homeless in Ireland

Evan Rowe

Living In Hope

Days, weeks, months, even years go by
Family’s left wondering whether they will be left homeless or not.
All they want is a house they can call their own.
Every morning waking up hoping to find out they are on the road to a new, fresh beginning,
Only to find one stuck up asshole councillor has put another stupid obstacle in the way.
People are starting to lose hope
Wondering why certain people in the council are preventing them from a fresh beginning.
One question I have for him:
“How would you feel if I was to stand in the way of a fresh beginning for you and your family?
Constantly knocking you down just as you’re getting back on your feet
Do you enjoy seeing family’s struggle and suffer over and over?”

Rian Kelly

I Am

I am a storm not a rain drop
I am a blizzard not a flurry
I am a beehive not a bee
I am an earth quake not a crack the concert
I am forest not a lone tree
I am me



Its sucks to be the one that’s “normal”.
The one that isn’t wearing clothes made of polyester and rough wool.
The only one out of all of us without a broken family,
Being to one that should have the least worries is the thing that’s always damming me.
My problems are still problems, I’m allowed to be insecure,
But maybe one day somewhere in the future I’ll find the cure,
I’ll just make friends with people who are even more normal
Then maybe it’ll be MY problems that won’t bore them.
But with all of the good things that happen to me
I still have problems too that most people don’t see
Like I don’t really know if I ever will be
The thing that I’ve always wanted to be
And it’s me
But I can’t. Not really.
Sometimes my life feels like a teen drama show
And I know
That no matter where in my neighbourhood I go
There is always some junkie that’s whacked off his tits on some blow

Because Bray’s a kip
But my house is just fine
So just because I have a normal life
I still have Problems
And you should accept mine.

Sure I might have good parents
But maybe there’s toxic people around me,
It’s like I’m drowning in an ocean full of dickheads.
“You’re not allowed to have problems, my life’s way worse than yours”
Well you wouldn’t be saying that if I was pale and lying on a bathroom floor.
My biggest inspirations brains were left splattered on cement
After a car crash
So when I say he’s always with me you better believe I won’t forget.
I’ve heard so many amazing stories about what a great guy he really was,
He gave more gifts to his kids than Santa Claus.
He was my mother’s father, and I don’t need to have met him,
And my chances of ever living up to his standards are quite slim
But dammit if i don’t try I’ll never try for anything,
His legacy will live on in me, I’m gonna let his greatness in.

My Granny’s been alone for so many years,
But my house is just fine,
So even though I have a “normal” life
I still have problems,
And now you’ve heard mine.


In School

In school they say we fail and we’re the ones to blame
The teachers see us as failures that can’t play their game
They tell us all to be different but we all know the same stuff,
And if we fall into place, by the other students we get hit.
They say we won’t get jobs if we don’t get this crap into our brains
But it gets to the point you’re driven insane
In the end life is just a game we all have played,
And if we lose once those that look down on you say we’ve paid.

Adam John Quinn


Nobody ever told me life would be this hard
Going into school at the age of 10
And being handed a card saying happy Valentine’s Day fatty,
Nobody ever told me life was different at this age
Whether you are bigger or smaller,
You’re told to enjoy your childhood
If your way of enjoyment is making others feel bad
You do that but just don’t ruin other people’s lives,
At this point being called fat stopped being a pain
I just choose to accept kids at this age don’t change,
It’s taken me to the age of 16 to realize
That only I can change how people treat me



I play the Playstation
Playing nothing but Fortnite
Jumping out the bus to a certain location
Playing through the dark night
The only time I stop is when I go on vacation
The people I come up against are crap

Adam Kenny